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fandomhop  asked:

[Papyrus and Chara being good friends, no one dying, just being friendos.]

//oh look i’m being stupid again- well at least i’m like half-stupid this time.. I LOVE THIS REQUEST SO MUCH

^possible @ut-storyshift‘s true-pacifist ending scene anyone? ・◡・ 💕💕

srsly I keep making more than one drawing for a single request I feel so generous and stupid.. BUT FULL OF LOVEEE <3333

*whisper* the last pic is acctually for a comic i currently working on.. of course NOT HERE- it’s for my neko blog X’D just want to give ya all a lil’ spoiler about it~ ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ

also bonus comic; underswap edition

I know it says ‘Papyrus and Chara’, but I’m aiming for the lil cinnamon roll’s persona rather than physical appearance :9


Whenever I see Hope do a solo dance, I’m always struck by the fact that Hope could easily outshine pretty much all of the rest of BTS in a second as far as dancing goes.  IF he wanted to.  But he doesn’t want, he’s part of a team so he dances to make the team look good, he dances to show off the group not himself -  which shows so much about his personality and his maturity level. But when he’s dancing solo and he can make the team shine by letting himself go and dance as hard as he can, his abilities are just awe inspiring.  


Sunrises and sunsets … We’ll see all of them together. I’ll stay by your side and you won’t be alone … ANYMORE.” [Yoneda Kou - color]