that's the doctor for you

No one will ever know the difference. 

Keep the real one hidden away. 

Nothing to worry about.

n͈͓̦̤͙͉ot̬͓̝̟̠̖h̙̻͇i̠͇̟͕ͅn̠̭g̝̫ ̹̼no̼̫̙̞̩ṯ̙͉̭͙̥̫h̠̜͚̲͖̜̭i̺̲ng ̙̯̱̹͎͓n̬o̗̝̦͈t̮͈͈͓̜͇h͚͔i̮̯̗̖̬ͅn͈̳̳̰͔̦͕g͇̮̞̫̳̱

And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

SpockFact #115

McCoy’s antagonism of Spock is so reliable that Spock is able to use it to gauge the doctor’s health. If his jabs and snide remarks are less than his best Spock advises the medbay officers that their CMO is a little under the weather and to keep an eye on him just in case.

anonymous asked:

hey shut the fuck up

Oh. My. God.

Did… Did someone open The Fuck?

The Fuck is open?

Oh shit. We’re all dead. 




Anon… are you saying it’s my mission to close The Fuck? 

So the world is not destroyed by evil forces?

But… I’ve got exams!

And papers!

And Doctor Who is starting in a week and a half, and I am not missing that!

Sorry, Anon Giles! I just can’t fit that into my schedule right now!


      your version of good is not absolute. it’s vain, arrogant and sentimental. if you’re waiting for me to become all that, I’m going to be here for a long time yet.

When Arashi spins laughter... and actual spins (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.03.2017)

└ The guests are ice-skaters and have Arashi take on the challenge of giving a ‘winning’ ending pose after taking spins in a chair.

First up…

Exuding stoicness as expected of our youngest.

And he pulls off a cool pose… albeit a little totteringly.

You didn’t only make US see stars then Jun-kun. (^_^)

Our next contestant tries to build up his inner reserves…

And his expression just speaks a thousand million words… (^_^)

Before he absolutely kills me with his ending pose!

And shipper in me tried to be more focused on Sho-kun… I tried really.

And although Masaki’s a literal blur, his hairstyle makes him look so kakkoi~~

And that ending Chinese gongfu-like pose! (^_^)

Then comes our cheater Neener.

… who while looking “nervous”, attempts to bribe / bully / kick the staff into spinning him at less than half the speed of the others. (HAHAHAHAHA~)

Though it hardly yields the desired outcome.

… as he totally feels the dizziness and nausea.

Last but DEFINITELY not the least… our sassy Riida with a helluva lot of SASS with a capital ‘S’!

You just KNOW he’s got something up his sleeve with THAT smirk on his lips…

Sasuga Onee Ohno-san~~

Did you ever really doubt the outcome?

And just a final shot of them all in their spin outfits.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.03.2017

anonymous asked:

my doctor just told me I should quit drawing if I want to keep using my hands. She was a terrible doctor, but she succeeded at making me feel terrible... art is all I know how to do. I admire you so much for following your dreams despite setbacks. Im just. How do you do it?

Eesh, well pal this is a hard one to answer because I don’t know your specific circumstances, but I’m really sorry she made you feel terrible whatever the situation is. As for me, I have had to accept that there are certain things I can no longer do/will never do again, but even if I miss those aspects of life I have to be happy with the fact that I was able to experience them when I did and cherish the memories I have. I’ve had to tailor my life according to what I am able to cope with, and will have to continue to do so; living with a condition like EDS is about compromise, and finding smarter ways to do things so that I don’t burn out. This can be as simple as using two hands (and an oven glove) to pick up and pour the kettle, and it can be as complicated as learning to draw with both my hands instead of just my right. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep drawing forever, but I will keep drawing as long as I can, and in order to do that I have to accept when I need to stop, and consider what else I can give up in order to keep drawing- even if that part is very frustrating and a little sad. It’s all give and take, but I want to keep giving, so I’ll do whatever I can to keep doing that (and anyway my brain would probably like, explode if I didn’t get these stories out of my system somehow and it would suck to have to that mess clean up).


I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart
But you came around
And you knocked me off the ground from the start

Doctor Sentence Starters
  • [ For Anon who asked for these like forever ago ]:
  • "Well, you do have a fever."
  • "What's going on today?"
  • "I'm going to shine this light in your eyes real quick."
  • "Take a deep breath."
  • "Breathe out."
  • "Any allergies?"
  • "What medications are you taking?"
  • "Where does it hurt?"
  • "Does this hurt?"
  • "How frequently do you experience this?"
  • "Your vitals are normal."
  • "Other than that, you're perfectly healthy."
  • "I'm referring you to a specialist."
  • "I'll prescribe you some antibiotics."
  • "I'm giving you some muscle relaxers."
  • "You'll be better in no time."
  • "We'll have to do an x-ray to make sure it isn't broken."
  • "Don't worry. It's just a sprain."
  • "Stay off of it for awhile, and it should heal."
  • "It'll only hurt for a second."
  • "We're just about done."
  • "You'll have to come in for blood work."
  • "Everything looks normal."
  • "What does your diet look like?"
  • "Are you getting enough sleep?"
  • "Your muscles are tense."
  • "If anything changes, call me."
  • "If this doesn't work, come back, and we'll try something else."