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SpockFact #75

Federation Standard is the universal language for the Federation, a language without origin, created specifically with an end goal in mind by a group of several allied planets over the course of several years. As a result nearly every citizen of the Federation is bilingual, having both their native language and the universal. All members of the Bridge crew on the Enterprise speak English fluently as well as Standard and their first language (those being Russian, Swahili etc.) except for Spock. Having grown up on Vulcan he only knows a few words and phrases of English as a result of his human mother. Thankfully, Uhura and Kirk were able to assist him in making it a fully-fledged third language in time for their first trip back in time to ancient Earth.

Sometimes I
See the broken fragments of people’s dreams
They appear to me as mountains.

- Mountain A Go Go Two

Who else was emotionally compromised by that last episode with Jiraiya’s story? 


Correa: But today, it’s you I want to get~

Satoshi: Me?

Pikachu: Pika?

Alan: What is this about?!

Correa: Director’s orders.

Alan: …

Satoshi (to Alan): Do you know these guys?!
Hey, Alan!

Correa: Oh, of course he does. We are like colleagues.

Satoshi: The people who were after Puni-chan and Alan are…?
What does this mean?! Alan!

Correa: Right, right! Alan… That child* is under my(/our) men’s protection. Come with me. Director’s orders.

Satoshi: Alan! Don’t believe what that woman’s saying!

*ALRIGHT, unless I’m missing something, it’s a bit confusing: Satoshi, Manon or Hari-san?

Correa just told them she’s here for Satoshi, but she also just cut them short when they were trying to reach Manon (and were stopped by roots). Correa says [ano ko] here, which sounds a biiiiiit weird for Satoshi (could have been [kono shonen], for example) AND is expressing distance, so… really, “that child”, not “this child”. In the meantime, we saw that a grunt was trying to get “Manon-sama” because Fleurdelys had ordered it (before she was helped by Platane), so… I really think that the idea was indeed to implicitly threaten Alan with Manon? When he was already frozen in shock as soon as the “director” was mentioned.

From Popolo 2002/10

- As we talk, I’d like to hear about your first impression of each other… -

S: I met Matsujun maybe at Playzone rehearsal. I think it was Aoyama Theatre. I thought someone who looks like an insect came. Because he was thin and had big eyes.

M: Don’t say things like insect… As for me, when I saw Sho-kun I thought, “There’s a cute kid with a large forehead.” (laughs) That time, there are some  Air Force (sneaker) soles that had enamel, Sho-kun was wearing North Carolina color.

S: (laughs) Those shoes, I still have them. The other day when I was planning to wear them, they were too small so I couldn’t wear them (laughs). Around that time, during the sneaker boom, Air Max, Air Zoom Flight, and the likes were really booming.

M: After I appeared in Ai Love Junior, we came to interact a lot, huh.

S: There were times when we went back together, but from that time we got close and were together everyday, huh.

M: From around that time, I hung out with older kids. Going to Shibuya everyday…

S: Going to the game center everyday (laughs). Everyday up to the point of {making me wonder}, “Is it okay like this?” By the way, this guy once said, “I’m not going to high school.” I’m sure it was inside a taxi we rode from Dougenzaka. I still remember it even now. I said, “You have to go to high school.”

M: If I had to say, I wanted him to give me a push and say, “It’s fine even if you don’t go.” (laughs) Well, now I’m glad it happened.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! :) from what I understand, everything is energy in the astral. We only perceive it as three dimensional - like we see things in reality - because our mind can't perceive it any other way. (Hope that's correct!) Is reality the same way? Does our energy translate into a physical, three dimensional projection, and that's why we all look different? ~ Thanks for your time! I hope you're having a great week! Love and light xx

The thing that is most confusing with dimensions is that they are not places, they are merely projections of different states of mind. All dimensions coexist together and interconnect within one another. As my friend Nikola once told me if you want to understand dimensions you have to think about a staircase. 3d is merely a part of the staircase, as you rise in consciousness and understanding of the universe/yourself, your perception shifts to a different level of the same unified staircase. 

The earth is actually build on 5d and beyond, our perception since the shift of the procession is based more in a 4th dimensional perception while many still believe we are in 3d dimensional territory. It’s hard to explain, but 5d has always been here along with 4d 3d 2d and 1d and everything above 5d. It’s an infinite universe. So our perception is not limited to the dualism of 3rd dimensional perception and thinking. It WAS before when we were more karmic bound but that is entirely changing. 

Everything is energy. consciousness. form, matter. ether. All is energy. Astral is merely a different structure of energy, it is perceived in the 4th dimensional construct that is built around different subplanes based around thought, the origin of words, magic, imagination and deep levels of fear and illusion. You have to see that we are 3rd dimensional beings but now we are more 4th dimensional at heart. 4th dimension and 5th dimension carry the building blocks of how energy translates and is created within our time matrix within the multiverse. However this is a very limited view if we say the universe is only created from these dimensions. Our bodies are very multifaceted within the multiverse and we have different dimensional layers built within us that activate and change over time. These dimensional layers are connected to our subconscious membrane and within those long term memory we contain the various structures of how our bodies are created, our soul blue print, our structure, our geometry and our dna coding. It’s hard to just say we’re only 3rd dimensional when we really aren’t. And we’re more than 4th or 5th dimensional because of the way our mind works and transmutes frequencies into the multiversal plane of existence. We are unitied by spirit and cosmic planes. This layer is only one of the many constructs that we contain and understand right now, there is a multitude of perceptional value when it comes to understanding the dimensions. 

In particular the 13 dimensions that revolve around us are highly important and help shape our reality as well. We have to think of dimensions in terms of geometries which is why these higher constructs are harder to understand because we can’t see the layer patterns except with our consciousness :)

Dimensions are like this: 


The thing is our planetary frequency is changing we are moving from 3d to 5d which is why we’re experiencing all these rapid and conscious changes within our system. When we move into higher based frequencies we are starting to move away from the lower 2nd-3d and into the higher triad of 5d-6d-7d. So when you think in terms of geometry and dimensions you have to see that they are still there, it’s just a matter of perceiving them within your consciousness and form. It’s all very interconnected and that’s the beauty of it. We’re more than just 3rd dimensional creatures, we are infinite co-creators of the God molecule. 

I hope this makes more sense, I have more on dimensions here:

Much love <3


the “it was me, DIO!” meme makes me so mad because thats not even a correct translation. lmfao. all you are using a mistranslation for a meme.