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“He was evil, Mulder. I’m sure about that, without a doubt. But there’s one thing that I’m not sure of.”
“What’s that?”
“Who was at work in me. Or what. What made me… what made me pull the trigger.”
“You mean if it was God?”
“I mean… what if it wasn’t?”

Mulder spins to sit beside her on the bed. When he raises his arm, she hesitates for only a moment before tucking herself against him. His hand comes to rest on her shoulder, his thumb stroking lightly over flannel and taut muscles just covering bone. She melts into his side, sighing as her head tilts to lean against him.

“I think…” he says slowly, “that whatever happened, whether or not there was anything at work here beyond trauma and survival instinct, you did the right thing. And that’s what matters.”

She stays quiet, but her arm snakes around behind him, her hand finding his waist and squeezing. He holds her gently, lets her be the driver of how much contact she’s comfortable with after her harrowing ordeal. The room around them stands in evidence of the violent attack against her, broken glass and splintered wood screaming out a story of a man hell-bent on hurting her, on finishing what he started four years ago. But almost before he even finishes the thought, Mulder realizes something else: the destruction in here also testifies to how hard she fought back.

He raced over here to save her, but she had already saved herself.

“Come on, Dana,” he whispers. “Let’s get out of here.”

He feels her nod against him, and she takes another deep breath before pulling away. He stands along with her, his hand moving out of habit toward her lower back but stopping just short of touching her, hovering there instead. When she steps forward toward the dresser, he makes his way carefully behind her to walk over to the closet. He finds a medium-sized suitcase and sets it down on the bed; it goes without saying that she will stay with him for at least a few days. They work in quiet concert as she pulls clothes out of drawers and hands them over for him to pack.

He watches her while trying not to let her catch him at it. Outwardly, she appears calm, her movements methodical and unhurried. It is only because he knows her as well as he does that he can see the tension in her posture, the anxiety at war with bone-deep exhaustion. It may well be for the best that she’s going on 24 hours without sleep; fatigue has a way of dulling the edges of pain, of drawing a gauzy film over emotions that might otherwise sting so much more sharply.

He hasn’t slept either, of course. He’s been running on adrenaline and energy reserves born of necessity, the kind that only spring into being when it’s life or death. He will crash just as hard as she does, when all of this is over.

“This is enough.” She meets his eyes only briefly over a handful of socks, but in them he can see her thoughts still spinning over gods and devils.

He wants to tell her it will all be okay. To wrap her in his arms and tell her not to worry. The very notion of anything evil at work in Dana Katherine Scully is utterly inconceivable. But it will only sound like empty platitudes coming from him, the believer in everything but this.

So he buries the impulse and nods, zipping the suitcase and picking it up. He gestures toward the bedroom door, to let her lead the way out, but she shakes her head.

“I want to change out of these pajamas. I’ll be right out.”

He nods again. “Okay. I’ll make sure the officers don’t need anything else from us, and we can leave as soon as you’re ready.”


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sorry if this sounds stupid but like…

shoutout to aromantics asexuals and aroaces who absolutely hate that they cant feel romantic attraction or sexual attraction or either

it doesnt make our relationships, platonic or otherwise, less meaningful. but it still hurts, and i get that.

its hard seeing all the people in the positivity tags who are so accepting of their identities but if nothing else then thats a good sign that we’ll get there someday too.

stupid voltron headcanon from my Discord chat with @kalicofox :“ SOmeone needs to write Pidge finding that. Like a whole fucking fan base for gladiator Shiro. They start making money by selling photos of Shiro working out” well here we are

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Today in “Annoying Gideon” we present… this.


so there’s this instagram page called jackmarkfelixethan.confessions

i might be the only one, but it’s kinda bugging me. 

people are supposed to dm confessions about youtubers/their girlfriends [apparently] and whoever runs that account will post them anonymously  

and then put them in the main tags. including those that are irrelevant, which never ceases to irk me

while thats not a huge deal on instagram, i still think it’s kinda shitty

“I will DELETE and over-the-line comments.” okay so where does that start

but seriously? the marzia one was the one that put me over the line. it’s not cool, for one to [even anonymously] post insults, but then put them in the main tag for everyone searching it to see

i dont know, it might be stupid to other people, but it’s kind of pissing me off

So I’m graduating in four months

Here it is. Four years of art school ending. What does this mean for me, you guys, us?

Most of it I’m still figuring out but one thing is for sure - I’m going to work on turning what I do into a source of living. The road until now was - frankly - scary, and new, and I have to admit most of the times I had little idea about what I was doing altogether.

A lot of the business building was (and is) me and Ákos ( @daemuth​ ) pouring over articles, lines of code, weighing the pros and cons of web hosting services and the most cost-effective methods of shipping, endless conversations in coffee shops, flowcharts drawn on napkins, lists, the purchase of a whiteboard, countless sticky notes, spreadsheets, coming to understand technology and a million other things. Getting over the reluctance towards ‘shameless self-promotion’, self-doubt, time limitations, other hurdles. Finding solutions to problems, encountering more problems, the satisfaction of solving those.

I want to do it more! I enjoy painting, streaming, packaging prints for people I know will be happy upon receiving them (every order makes me smile, every comment under a free print, every excited tweet! Every exclamation mark!!!), I enjoy debating solutions and filling my calendar with to-dos because ultimately it all means I get to do what I really really love doing: Making things for others to enjoy. (Like, you know, you.)

What will this come with?

  • Since I want to build this (the shop, myself) together with you, there will be posts about process, the aforementioned articles, the sticky notes, the problems and their solutions. I will ask questions. I will offer answers whenever I can.
  • More and better marketing! I need to get over my fear of being judged/classed as a douchebag for promoting something I’ve worked hard for, and make an effort to make the most of it!
  • Patreon!! Small tier pledges with rewards that are worth it, more how-to-build-a-business talk, participating in this journey, comic sneak peeks, website building advice, talks, hangouts??? The possibilities are endless!

We have a plan - the year split into quarters, spreadsheets, multiple notebooks, Ákos is very competent in all that and I’m learning - and it will roll into motion very soon. For every one of you, all support I can get is appreciated more than anything - not necessarily financially, but every like and reblog and muscle emoji that appears in my inbox. Thank you for helping me push so far, and I hope we can keep on going even further in the future!

oh, autumn sunsets u///u

tag me in your posts with #heycubecrossing , I love seeing everyone’s pics!


I know you’re feeling like an outsider. It’s not your fault, you know. Eric and I, we’re still looked at as outsiders in a lot of ways. We’ve heard our fair share of well meaning but hilariously offensive things from some otherwise really nice men and women.
People are people. The more afraid they get, the more stupid they get. Fear shrinks the brain.


That’s when I realized I had the new start I wanted, 
and that I wasn’t regretting it one bit.


Today we face the monsters that are at our door, and bring the fight to them. Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!

(Pacific Rim + Gravity Falls)

the signs as things my friend's 6 year old brother has said
  • aries: *old guy trying to take picture for family photo and asks him to stay still, calling him a little boy* say that to my gun, old man
  • taurus: pepe is gay
  • cancer: zackscott is an a-hole
  • leo: *pretends to make let's plays while playing minecraft*
  • virgo: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA no thats stupid
  • libra: chop it down with your-... i almost said something bad... nEVERMIND AHAHA
  • scorpio: *while getting ass wiped by older sister* i dont tell you everything
  • sagittarius: o-oh and dont forget to click the subscribe button if you want to s-subscribe my channel because i love subscribers. but dont do any bad comments because they make me mad. and if you make a bad comment ill make a comment saying 'dont make bad comments, remember?'
  • capricorn: i don't care about this clown garbage
  • aquarius: he looks gay with his blood
  • pisces: mi n2craft stroy mode ( )


okay but for real now, i opened a redbubble today and it’s still a lil empty (but that’s gonna change soon i  promise ;w;)
and if you could check it out/maybe even buy something that would be incredible and you’d really help me out ;^;
oke thenks thats all, bye <3

(original photo found on Pinterest, but the link was dead.)

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I hit this milestone! Check out this post to read all my thank you’s, which actually seem to grow by the day … 

I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to celebrate by doing any activity that would involve writing, but come on. I’m a SPN blog, yes, but so much of my blog centers around the fics! SO, here’s how it’s gonna go: (That’s right I’m gonna make you keep reading. This is already more space than I care to take up on anyone’s dash.)

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