that's such a good color on him

crocodile emoji ratings

Apple: a good Boy. a happy and smooth and chubby boy. v smooth but beautiful and happy. 5/5 I love u

Google: she is so happy and friendly!!! I trust her very much. good use of perspective. 5/5

Microsoft: help him… he looks like he is in pain.. put him out of his misery…. looks cute from a distance tho 3/5

Samsung: no! noooooo!! bad! bad! bad! bad! 0/5 get away!

LG: that is an alligator. attempt to recreate Apple’s. she looks very sad. I want to help her. 4/5

HTC: pain. 1/5

Facebook: a wonderful crocodile! a spiky boy! I love him. his front leg looks a little broken but thats ok because I love him so much. wonderful color. 5/5

Messenger: dead eyes. i fear for my safety. 3/5

Twitter: PERFECT! WONDERFUL! I LOVE HIM!!!! beautiful nubby legs, serene expression, adorable teeth, wonderful posture. 10000/5

Mozilla: Reminds me of HTC but not as shitty. Dull expression, good color but could use all 4 legs. 2/5

Emoji One: Zany! Wild! Out of the box! very precious. eyes freaking me out a lil tho 4/5

emojidex: a realistic boy, smiling because he loves you and he is happy to see you. reblog to give him a kiss. 4/5






I´ve been working on this project for like 2 years xD But finally I finished the stand for my old Soundwave cosplay. But where do I put that? Guess he´s just decoration now
Back in 2014 I won 2 contests in Germany with this cosplay and thats pretty darn good for my first piece of armor :) Though I don´t really like him any more. The color is off and the helm looks weird. Also he was very heavy. I build much lighter and smarter now


tell me more about how we all love hunk so much!!! look at keef swoon for him!!! hanceome is real fight me


some sketches of my favorite sins~ 

my bearded dragon will NOT STOP scratching on the glass and glass surfing and I just have no clue what’s wrong??? He’s in the right size tank, his temperatures are perfect (I checked) he just pooped yesterday so he’s not constipated,his tank is clean, he’s been fed crickets today and has a salad, i’ve taken him out and let him roam around….and its not just today, he keeps scratching and bumping his nose everyday for WEEKS even though I do all of the above mentioned stuff for him EVERYDAY, and I cannot figure out whats wrong and why he’s stressed and its stressing me out 

13 Day Fire Emblem Challenge

Day Six:Favorite Support Friendship

Virion and Robin

i hate Virion, i really really do hate him, his personality is awful, he isnt a particulary good unit unless you level him up way too much, the only thing i like about him is his design and color scheme, but thats about it

that being said, my absolute favorite support convos are between him and Robin, being the tactician of the army Robin has a lot on his/her shoulders, he/she even makes a whole boardgame to try their tactics, Virion joins them and in a pretty harsh way virion makes them learn their invaluable strenghts and also keep them grounded to worry about every single unit they have and use them as best as they can in every battle, i think its brilliant and i think its a genuine bond they make by being chess buddies (and i love how much of a sore loser Robin is)

anonymous asked:

for the nct ask meme: 20, 27, 42, 47, 48, 50! -jaeminnana 💫💌

20. What hair color do you prefer on Taeyong?

bless taeyong and his ability to look good in absolutely anything but i love his natural hair the most it makes him look so soft and squishy eeeeeeee

27. First bias?

idk if it counts as a bias but the first time i watched 7th sense i saw jaehyun and was like tHATS MY BOY… but then taeil made me fall for his awkward ass… anD THEN DONGHYUCK DEBUTED and yeah whats a bias again?

42.Favorite pre-debut photo?

every picture of baby donghyuck is my fav :^)

47. If you had NCT in class, what member would you most likely sit next to?

Depends,,, if i wanted to concentrate probably taeil or TY but with the mini’s is probably where i belong,,, put me next to chenle and your hearing will be gone 😁😁😁 

48. What member are you closest to in age?

renjunnnnnnn im 27 days older than him lol

50. If you had to choose your ideal type, who would it be?

honestly nct are so sweet cant they all be my ideal type 


i think mark would be my ideal type he’s so hard working but modest but funny and jUST A PERFECT HUMAN BEING IN GENERAL I LOVE MARK LEE 

thanks for the ask !!! 😘

The Beet Kirin is finished! Or: why I never do any sort of full color drawing in one sitting. Stop pretending that shit’s not bad for your health. Tendonitis, guys. Don’t.

So while I’m resting I’ll spam again with this crazy eyed fluorescent beast. I always knew beets were good idea fodder. This guy is bigger than the other kirins, so I am offering him at $90 USD, shipping included. Since tumblr is shit for messaging, email me at if interested! Paypal only.

The usual colored pencil gang on Strathmore toned paper.


I paid Feldspar a revisit in my Moleskine recently, and used him as an excuse to try to reacquaint myself with digital. I feel sorry for the poor guy. At least the tablet still works on this new setup, even if my brain doesn’t!

Halfcanters belong to @nhyworks!

  • Little kid at the store: *staring at me*
  • Me: (who has purple hair) *smiles at him*
  • Little kid: How do people grow their hair those colors??
  • The kid's mom: Magic!
  • Little kid to me: Do you have magic like Santa?
  • Me: I have magic from santa! I'm one of his elfs keeping an eye on little kids like you to tell Santa who has been naughty and who has been nice!
  • Little kid: *with the widest eyes* I promise I'll be good!
  • Kid's mom: *mouthing* thank you!

His eyes were large, long-lashed, like Helen’s; unlike hers,his eyes were mismatched. One was Blackthorn blue, the color of water. The other was gold, hazed through with shadows. - City of Heavenly Fire, Cassandra Clare.

8K GIVEAWAY: for Cami.

“To think that it has been more than 14 years ago when this little kid arrived at Barça, at 11 years old, with his twin Brother Eric accompanied by his parents Josep and Montse, with the biggest hope a kid could have, the hope of wearing and defending the shirt and colors of the Club he loved ever since he was born. Both of us with the same dream: Playing with FC Barcelona’s first team, we thought it was far fetched, maybe even impossible, but it my case, I finally achieved it.

Little by little, not spending time with my family and friends in order to be present in training or matches each week, seeing many teammates come and go every season, and each season that it happened was more complicated and the competition and demand was tougher in training and matches.

Until you grow up without noticing that the years flew by and the bad moments and the good ones kept coming, so it was time to decide whethe to continue studying or dedicate myself 100% to football or do both at la Masia. That is where I took the great step in all meanings. I can say that being at La Masia allowed me to give my all and be able to reach the Barça B team, and two years later, the dream I had a as kid, for which I had hoped and sacrificed a lot and fought for came true: Playing for the first team of FC Barcelona, with which I had the pleasure to live great moments and successes with the best team in the world, from the inside.

These 4 years as a first team players have been incredible, intense, hard, with brutal moments and others not brutal, but most of all unique and unforgettable. Thank you to every and each teammate I had, the best in the world, who allowed me to learn the best from them as professionals and people. With direct and indirect advices that I still hold onto to always keep growing even more. To all the people surrounding the players, coaches, directors, presidents, physicians, doctors, kitmen, delegates, chefs, and security staff, heads of press, workers at La Masia, and the Ciutat Esportiva.

And I would especially like to thank each and every one of you cules, the affecting and care you have shown me all those days I have lived in this home have helped me continue to push forward, to fight and give a sense to the work I did defending our colors.

I leave with my head held high, with the feeling of doing everything possible in each of the moments I was needed and giving my all in every training session and match. I continue on my road to keep growing, with Meli, little Gala and my people, who have been unconditionally there for me. Knowing that everything I have lived and everything that has happened have made me the man I am today and gave me the privilege to continue doing what I like, to continue achieving new challenges and credits that allow me to continue dreaming more than ever. 
And mos of all, I am moving onwards with a cool head in order to coherently do what it takes, but keeping a flaming mind to continue evolving with passion and eagerness as a player and a person.

Despite the distance, I will still love and enjoy Barça as one more cule. 
Continue believing to keep growing!


What if whenever Bucky got really upset, angry, or really self-conscious about his metal arm, Steve would always come to him with a little bin full of dry erase markers, and just draw beautiful designs on Bucky’s arm. 

Just imagine him drawing elegant, swirling vines and brambles crawling up the smooth metal plates, with blooming flowers and buds branching off of the vines and twisting around Buck’s bicep and forearm in little, dainty explosions of color.


i wanna edit for myself first before i continue your requests i hope u guys dont mind (im also closed for now jesus christ i got too many haha)

anyway, i tried to change his hair color and its style and oh my god, he looks so …different? lol no not really no…i think.. and good lord this hair, uugh this hair is so cool, like it gives him the sexy wet look or something like that haha, wat. and his eyes turned to violet/indigo-ish because of all the layers i used haha .-. yes i blame those….. im actually considering this hair color too, who knows, we’ll see