that's such a good color on him

crocodile emoji ratings

Apple: a good Boy. a happy and smooth and chubby boy. v smooth but beautiful and happy. 5/5 I love u

Google: she is so happy and friendly!!! I trust her very much. good use of perspective. 5/5

Microsoft: help him… he looks like he is in pain.. put him out of his misery…. looks cute from a distance tho 3/5

Samsung: no! noooooo!! bad! bad! bad! bad! 0/5 get away!

LG: that is an alligator. attempt to recreate Apple’s. she looks very sad. I want to help her. 4/5

HTC: pain. 1/5

Facebook: a wonderful crocodile! a spiky boy! I love him. his front leg looks a little broken but thats ok because I love him so much. wonderful color. 5/5

Messenger: dead eyes. i fear for my safety. 3/5

Twitter: PERFECT! WONDERFUL! I LOVE HIM!!!! beautiful nubby legs, serene expression, adorable teeth, wonderful posture. 10000/5

Mozilla: Reminds me of HTC but not as shitty. Dull expression, good color but could use all 4 legs. 2/5

Emoji One: Zany! Wild! Out of the box! very precious. eyes freaking me out a lil tho 4/5

emojidex: a realistic boy, smiling because he loves you and he is happy to see you. reblog to give him a kiss. 4/5




Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 9
   ➸ Favourite Fight/Combat Scene(s)

official knuckles designs rating

classic knuckles

a very small and cute echidna. shapes are fun and interesting 10/10

hat knuckles

a great knuckles! hat is iconic and adds a lil pizzazz that also fits his character. shoes could use some work but thats ok we still love him. perfect boy 10/10

sonic adventure knuckles

a wonderful man. a nice and fleshed out design. love the new purple contacts 10/10

sonic riders knuckles

beautiful. love the goggles, love the shoes, love the maroon color. and what a nice art style 10/10

sonic 06 knuckles

looks very good in this cgi. love the even more ginormous gloves. a nice touch 10/10

sonic boom knuckles

a perfect man! great addition of muscles that are very characteristic of knuckles. sports tape adds something that the boxing gloves couldnt. would definitely befriend this knuckles 10/10

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Hey meabhd, do you hapen to have any tips on how i can pick colors more easily because thats just a huge problem for me. I know the basics of color but i cant actually put them to use. Im confident with my line art but the entire drawing starts looking awful when i put color in it.

So a secret. I am rubbish at colour, it’s 100% the thing I struggle most with besides backgrounds but I have learned a cheat from my good friend @magicelum who taught me about how to fuck with gradients (follow him cause holy crap his art is absolutely stunning)

So… I start off with the flat colours and some shadows

For this one I used the gradient tool in photoshop and a red colour on Screen mode.

Then used the same tool but on a different layer on Lighten mode with a blue colour.

Finally I made her hair look all glowy by using a soft brush with a reddy-orange colour over her hair, with the layer on Divide mode.

Now looks all cohesive and like I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to colour!

@awkweirdworld had basically the same question


The fear of loneliness has always been your Achilles heel.
You don’t do well losing those you love, do you?

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Have you tired drawing Fatal or anything on paper? I want to see your style on paper that's why [Colon Three]

I have, actually! I haven’t really sat down to draw something properly, so most of my traditional drawings of him are pen doodles, and none of it’s colored in.

If I find more, I’ll post them :) And I’ll have to try to do a good colored drawing of him sometime!


THIS UNI SESSION IS FINALLY OVER!!! 💕 which means i can post some of my final projects!!

i had the luck to have a class where we had a free subject so i decided to be super self-indulgent with it and made some boards about my boy 93!.. the story is a little disjointed because its a part of a bigger thing going on between him and @dinqo​‘s Junjie, but im super proud of how it all turned out still and i hope its at least enjoyable to look at!! 🤖

autistic paladins

theyre all autistic, i maade it a Rule 


- (lance voice) executive functioning? i dont know her

- his special interests were nasa and the kerberos mission so he was like “well fuck. i Have to be a Space Man now.”

- loud noises dont bother him at all! in fact, he even kinda likes them. loud machinery? children crying? battle cries from keith? “its stimmy”

- bright lights, however… A Different Story. he wore sunglasses all the time at the garrison and everyone thought he was a douche but no, hes An Autie

- fidget fidget fidget he bounces he taps he kicks and swings around 

- “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- oh sorry i just needed to yell and stomp around for a sec :)”

- tactile stims!! he loves to play with his boyfriends’ hair (especially keith’s.. Its Long) and hugs from hunk are the Best omg…




- Horrible in battles… its sensory Hell…

- (keith voice) you know what they called me back in flight school? they called me The Chewer because of how i destroy everything with my teeth

- Very prone to meltdowns. when he was younger his foster families used to scold him for all of his “temper tantrums” and then shiro’s family took him in and were like “oh my God this poor kid is burning in sensory hell we must help this child????????????” 

- ok so i know the special interest in cryptids is A Thing and yeah thats good!! but consider: geography

- one time when he was like twelve the fire alarm went off bc of burnt toast or smthn and that night he removed the fire alarm from the fucking ceiling 

- lance: yells slightly louder than usual | keith, sobbing and covering his ears: shut the fuck up!

- “hey [random paladin] i see you are not wearing the color of your lion, which is stupid and fuck you for doing that”

- doesnt know how to spell…. forgets how to spell “specifically” and also cannot pronounce it :/

- Has To Eat One Specific Safe Food… its cream of wheat

- if lance is the routine master then keith is the opposite, what is time and why does lance eat breakfast at 6:30 every morning and how come there’s a specific time to go to bed???


- the biggest hyperempathetic man youve ever met… he cries when he bumps into trash cans and greets the spiders in his room to make them feel good

- PRESSURE STIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always hugging

- flap flap flap flap

- echolalia!!!! he likes to hum too :)

- Very Wary of new people for some reason but at the same time, very touchy

- hunk, holding rolo’s hand and resting his head on nyma: i don’t trust you

- special interest in mechanics!! obviously lol 

- stims by playing with bread dough

- flashing lights, aka the Devil Himself


- unlike keith, she is Shutdown Girl

- gargoyle sits

- “pidge get off the counter” “pidge get out from under the table” “pidge get off of that shelf,” 

- a super light chewer… shes had the same necklace for years…

- one of her old special interests was languages so whenever one of the paladins says something in a different language to Be Slick And Secret she Knows;

- long hair was Bad and also Hell she feels so much better with short hair it doesnt get hot 

- temperatures are The Bad Sensory

- she really likes carbonated drinks? the fizz…

headcanon kageyama views all his friends in terms of food as in when asked to describe them he just uses weird food references. nishinoya-san is like a jalepeno, spicy and small. yamaguchi is either dark chocolate or milk chocolate depending on how much teasing went on that day. daichi is like rice, a staple food. at this point the team has stopped trying to explain to him why foods don’t work as good descriptors and just let him do it

k so

dino’s hair has a different color than his eyebrows, which means that this lil shit dyes his hair grayish

so i wanted to know what his real hair color was and by taking colors from his eyebrows i got this:

(left is the darkest i could find, right is the lightest and middle is mid tone)

and my friend @shytactician decided to edit this hair color on him and 

thats what he would look like with his real hair color


Jungkook x reader 

Inspired by Kendrick Lamar.

 Warnings: serious infatuation…

Lust was all it ever was.  

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First Aid turned out tinier than I could have ever hoped for and I’m so happy with this development. His armor straight up looks, like…too big for him. Bless this tiny medic. I love him. He’s gonna glue Megatron to a chair to give the big bastard his vaccinations. What a good smol addition to TF: The End / Crying Robots Power Hour.

((HE’S SO TINY HECK!!!!!! Megatron’s gonna get overcharged and start crying. I shouldn’t have drank all the engex. I can’t protect them……..))

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Drarry "That's a good color on you."

And it was true - red was a good colour on Draco. And the dark red jumper with a huge silver D on it that was Molly’s Christmas present for Draco would suit him very well.

Harry’s smile wavered when he noticed that Draco’s eyes had watered a bit. For one panicked moment Harry wondered what was wrong but then Draco clutched the jumper to his chest and hiccupped and Harry just knew.

“Well, put it on already!”