that's such a funny coincidence

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Oh my gosh happy birthday!! It was my birthday yesterday, actually, so that's a funny coincidence!! XD I hope you had a fantastic day, you have a wonderful AU and art style I adore :D

HEYYY So you’re taurus too????


AND aaah gosh thank you so much for the praise, i’m super happy that you think that my stuff is wonderful *blushes* even if it’s nothing compare to all of you.

Yall are the people who should be praised everyday. I can’t believe how darling and supportive yall are. Like HELL, I know that deservation is overrated, but aaaah, you all are making me feel so special, super mega special. ;u; and still, I’m just a simple person who doodle undertale stuff like a total nerd. 
 (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

I feel like I’m repeting myself so much about that, I feel sorry if you’re just seeing me screaming always the same way about how much I love yall! (I don’t mean to spam your dash, but I really wanna reply to all of you FOR ONCE, it’s important ;v;). I’m not that good in english, so I always use the same words, but I mean them so damn much, I wish I could have more vocabulary to worship yall better than how I’m doing it now!

One day, I’ll be there (I hope at least! XD).
Anyway, I’ll keep spamming you a few, even after this post! 
Sorry for the spaaaam ♥  ( ̄u ̄*)ゞ

@misscreatureist, @skullythepirate2: Thank you so much!! ♥

@thehybrid: I got an amazing time today and I hope I’ll be able to celebrate some more with some of you on drawpile!

@icefury55: ahaha nope, you’re not late! ♥ Aaaah merci beaucouuup!! *hugs*

@godfather44: You’re not either! Thanks youuu! ♥

@shitpost-almighty: YOUR USERNAME….. G.O.L.D
Thank you braaah *wiggles butt as a thank you*

@theholytoaster: ahaha MERCI!! (°◡°♡)
Tkt je te pardonne, va en paix mon ami! XD

@bluerose099: Yes yes… Feet doesnt impress me. But they were at first. I just spend too much time drawing in the subway when I was going to college… And cuz’ I’m shy af, I was just looking down while drawing, so I was mostly seeing feet and shoes… So I mostly drew feet and shoes. XD
A N Y W A Y, thank you so much blue!! You’re so sweet and amazing!
I’m so happy that you find me gurl! *hugs tight* 

Anon 01: It’s today, on the 28th. I just gived my own Bday to blublu, so ye, we share the same day as a birthday. THANK YOU FOR HIM (and for me cuz I took it for me too XD)

@angstysecurityguard, @animeplayer2336 Thank you so muchhh! ♥

@Anon 02 & 03: MERCI FRENCHIES PALS ♥ 
OH w8 w8 w8, je suis ton préféré? eeeeeh  (//ω//)

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I'm a lesbian but there's this guy I had a "thing" with in high school that I've felt bad about because I was just repressing everything. But now he's been posting these pictures with this guy on fb where they're like cuddling and just super close all the time. So I'm 90% sure they're dating. Like they use ❤️ with each other. And I'm so happy for him!!! I can't wait until he comes out so I can text him and be like wow isn't that hilarious that we dated and thought we were straight

  • Aries: Irene Adler
  • Taurus: Mycroft Holmes
  • Gemini: John Watson
  • Cancer: Molly Hooper
  • Leo: Greg Lestrade
  • Virgo: Mary Morstan
  • Libra: Anthea
  • Scorpio: James Moriarty
  • Sagittarius: Janine Hawkins/Mrs Hudson
  • Capricorn: Sally Donovan
  • Aquarius: Sherlock Holmes
  • Pisces: Philip Anderson

@diovalo HESFKJNSDCJNK THATS A COOL COINCIDENCE ACTUALLY funny it happened in that situation though… enemy stand

@soufez YEAH it would depend on multiple factors.. that, along with like.. how many letters the word has (its easier to keysmash ASS then it is to keysmash ARKANSAS), different stuff.. i’ll probably generalize it & calculate based on the assumption that the person keysmashing is doing so with the full keyboard & maybe take the number of letters in any commonly used word

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completely non related to bisexuality, i just noticed u guys are max and maddy (maddy short for madeleine??) and my names madeleine but i go by max and i just thought thats funny...

Lol that sure is a strange coincidence :)


Hahahahaa yeah, Maddie is short for Madeline.

Coincidentially, Max and I have never been seen in the same room (or even the same continent) at the same time so who knows - maybe we’re just one and the same person? Muahahahaaaaarr


sherlock: you know who’s really great?

john: irene? ahh you slick bastard! you love irene!!

sherlock: she makes jokes about dead people kind of a lot.

john: irene? yeah that irene she has a wicked sense of humor!

sherlock: I’ll give you a better hint. she’s works in a morgue.

john: i didnt know irene worked in a morgue? thats really great that she’s moving on to a more diverse range of pursuits than ball gagging royals for money and blackmail.

sherlock: last name hooper. first name molly.

john: oh is that the new name shes using to escape the terrorist that want to cut off her head? thats a funny coincidence. you know cause hooper is actually mollys last name.

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I gues the "yellow comes before red/green" doesn't really matter,the important is that yellow is /middle ground/,not red,not green,not bad,not super good. I doubt that (IF the theory is correct) Harry would lose his time posting yellow after yellow just to reach a red at the end. If things are supposed to be bad,he'd just post a red already. (I hate troll Harry)

I agree. And he is studying rainbows now too!!!! 

If things are supposed to be bad, he would not get a Harry like this:

Or this:

And let’s talk about this too:

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Fun fact from The Empty hearse. When Sherlock and Mycroft are talking about the hat, Sherlock says "There for all to see". But in Russian it was translated like "even hedgehog understands". As we all know, hedgehog is Martin Freeman. I don't think it was done on purpose. It's just coincidence. But that's funny.