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hi! thank you so much for running this blog. So i'm writing a world that's very technologically/engineering based (let's say 100 years into the future). All of society is focused on coding. I'm trying to think of slang that these people would use, but the only thing I can come up with is "shiny", and that's already been used by firefly. Do you have any suggestions? Also, do you think people would use slang/profanity that's being used right now? (like, we still say "cool" and "neat" today).

Like I’ve said before, slang and profanity are very difficult to predict, but given that we say “fuck” some 700-900 years after it’s first found written down (so it was probably used earlier than that even), I’d say a lot of slang and especially profanity would stay the same.

As for new slang, perhaps do a bit of research on computers and the like and borrow words and phrases from that as metaphors or similes for other things.

For example if someone just woke up and someone was talking to them really fast they might say, “Slow down, I’m still in the boot sequence here…” 

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“No. I just have Google, like everyone else in the world.”


“Oh.” Harley sounded distinctly disappointed, and her shoulders slumped a little, like a balloon that had been deflated by Batman’s answer. “I was hopin’ y’were secretly a hyena enthusiast or somethin’. There ain’t enough’a us in the world! It’s a tragic shortage, Bats.” Also tragic: she hadn’t seen her babies in forever.

However, after a moment’s thought, Harley blinked, suddenly suspicious. “Wait. Why would’ja Google what hyenas eat?” She squinted at him, gears turning in her head.

“…Were ya plannin’ somethin’ with my babies? Back in the ol’ days?”

She might be on the path to reformation now, but Harley wouldn’t put it past Batman to have some sort of plan involving her hyenas on hand, just in case.

“Wait, why didn’t anyone tell me there’s gonna be an eclipse soon?! I want to see it! Do the special glasses come in tacky sunglasses style? DO THEY?!”

  • Me: *doesn't give a shit about gr9 comcast*
  • gr9 comcast fans: *inserts themselves into the deh fandom just to spread negativity anyway

All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.
↳ Dishonored ft. Network (best viewed with this piece of music)

Overall it’s incomplete and over a year late for High Chaos Week 2015, but I felt the design itch and thought I’d finish what I started. It was going to be part of a much larger mash-up that maybe one day I might complete, I dunno. 

80s Cyberpunk simply because it’s my favourite thing in the world.

I don’t understand when people apologize for texting, snapchatting or overall talking to me a lot.  Like no, please, I love you, please keep talking to me.  you are literally the only connection I have in this world and I like hearing from you even if you’re just telling me about your pet turtle.

  • Me: Wow the PS4 looks really promising with its upcoming exclusives
  • PC gamer: PC has many more and better exclusives
  • Me: Hey that new phone looks cool
  • PC gamer: You're wasting your money get a PC.
  • Me: That thing is nice
  • PC gamer: PC. Better.
  • Me: ....
  • PC gamer: ..... PC
NCT Reaction: You joined nct as a male but later found out to be a female (Maknae line)

A/N: this remind me alot of this one Korean drama, I can’t remember the name.  And also the anime, Ouran Highschool. Hyung line will be on its way soon!


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He wouldn’t believe it because you were such a good dancer especially since the choreographies were so hard.  He would like instantly want to tell everyone but he would ask you first, but still really, he can’t believe your a girl,” y/n….we can still be friends right?”


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He would be in deep DEEP thoughts,”I guess that was why I thought hefakdhfljkShe was kinda cute.” He would just be wondering why you kept your identity but he wouldn’t be mad.


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He would be like,”y/n I been there too” and would show you this photo of Jaehyun rejecting Jaehyun just like get away from me.  I don’t think he would have much of a reaction, he would just be shocked of how much you kept your identity well.


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“Oh really?! thats….ummmm….cool, no why………(mumbles0), well we’re still friends right?” He would be shocked like Donghyuk but would’t make it such a big deal, he would just laugh it off.


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This kid would be confused because you two were such good friends like BESTFRIENDS, he would go tell his hyung like,” But hesheheshe look like a boy, how is this possible? Johnny-hyung what type wizardly magic is this?”

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