that's something you do with your girlfriend

people always say that its okay to not find a girlfriend for a long time bc its harder for us and thats true, but the thing is: if you do find one, and it doesnt go well, its okay. being sapphic doesnt mean that our relationships have to perfect. being sapphic doesnt mean that the first girl you find is gonna be your soulmate. sometimes things go wrong, and thats okay. it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. maybe it wasnt even youre fault. maybe it just wasnt meant to be. i know a lot of wlw who recently found out they’re sapphic feel really pressured about having a girlfriend. i do too. but that doesnt mean we have to like every sapphic girl we meet. it doesnt mean we have to like every girl that likes us. even if you really want to have a girlfriend, sometimes you just dont like someone, and thats okay. and sometimes you find someone and you break up after a while, and thats also okay. i feel like a lot of wlw have to hear this, but i dont see people taking about this.

  • Armin: You want some candy?
  • Castiel: Woa, Armin, didn't took you for the sharing type.
  • Armin: Uh, ok. So... do you want some?
  • Castiel: What is your problem?
  • Armin: ?
  • Castiel: You can't just say things like that.
  • Castiel: You can't just walk around offering your girlfriend like that, she's not your ho!
  • Alexy: Did he just called Candy a ho?
  • Armin: Not my ho, tho.
  • Candy: Who's a ho?
  • Alexy: You.
  • Candy: What did I do?
  • Armin: I don't know, I just got some M&Ms and Castiel kinkshamed me.
  • Alexy: Poligamy isn't a kink.
  • Rosalya: What is happening?
  • Candy: I have no idea, something about me being morally questionable and chocolate.
  • Alexy: Now that's a kink.
  • Lysander: Why is Castiel crying on the floor?
  • Alexy: He's being crushed by the weight of his regrets.
  • Armin: This is ridiculous, when I bring cookies Kentin doesn't freak out thinking I baked his dog.
  • Kentin: Did somebody say cookies?
  • Armin: See, he gets it.
  • Armin: Why you have to be like this, Castiel?
  • Armin: Why?
The Boy Named Yoongi (Part 4)

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Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1,181 words

Summary: Valentine’s day is coming up and you had no interest in that but that was only until you realized you still liked your middle school crush; the boy who harshly rejected you.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 7

Both yours and Nana’s eyes go wide open. You slap your hand over your mouth.

“No! I don’t like him I just…. ”

“I knew it! You do like him. I called it.” She proudly flips her hair and smirks.

“Oh shut up. Let’s go.” You roll your eyes and pull her along.

You’ve been trailing behind him for the past 20 minutes and notice that Soo Mi does most of the talking but manages to drag Yoongi into a bunch of places. He seemed to be enjoying it too. Naturally you followed him but you couldn’t help feel guilty for this. Yoongi had no feelings for you and you already knew you would only get hurt again.

“Nana… Maybe we should stop.”

“Why? Did I miss something?” She looks up from her phone and looks at you in a concerned way.

“I have to stop these feelings before they go too far.”

She looks up at the sky as she taps her chin and then suddenly gasps. “Well do you want to go to a blind date too?” She grabs your arms and jumps up and down.

“I don’t-“

“Thats perfect! My boyfriend said he had a friend who has finally opened up to getting a girlfriend. Apparently he’s really shy. He’s so perfect for you!”

“It’s okay-“

“I’ll let him know! Yay Y/N, you’re finally going to have boyfriend and we can go on double dates and you can tell me about when he makes you happy and when you argue about stupid things! ” She was jumping up and down like there was no tomorrow.

“Nana. Calm down. I don’t want to go out a blind date yet. I’m not ready.” You calm her by putting your hands on her shoulders.

“But… Why? You said it yourself, you need to stop your feelings for Yoongi, isn’t the best way by finding something else to have feelings for?” She was noticeably disappointed.

“I know. I’m just not ready yet, I’ll let you know when I am.” You sigh, “And when I am then we can go on all the double dates you want to and I’ll tell you when he makes me happy or mad. Okay?”

“Fine… So are we going to keep following Yoongi or what?”

“Nah. Let’s have some best friend time.”

Hours go by without you noticing and before you know it, it’s already dark.

“Nana, I should probably go now. I never told Yoongi I was going out so as far as he knows, I’m missing right now.”

“Y/N. You know that you’re a grown woman right? You don’t need to let him know where you are.”

“I know but what if he thinks something happened to me?”

“Don’t worry. Yoongi doesn’t seem like the type to worry like that.”

“I guess. But it’s already dark. Your parents will be worried about you, what happened to your curfew?”

“As long as I don’t get home too late it’s fine. But if you really want to go first you can.” She says as she looks away.

You hug her and start to jog away until you hear her yell from behind you.

“Make sure to tell me what happens with Yoongi!”

When you get to the front door you realize you don’t have the key, so you ring the door bell.

“Yoongi. Are you home?” You knock a few times until the door bursts open.

“WHERE WERE YOU?!” Yoongi yells.

“I just went-“

"Do you know how worried I was? Where did you go?”

“I just went out.” You roll your eyes, “if you had let me finish talking you’d know.” You mumble under your breath.

“What?” Yoongi looked furious.

“I was with my friend. Don’t worry about it.”

“How can I not worry especially after what happened before?” He runs a hand through his hair and sighs.

“You left and I had nothing to do.”

“You should have at least called or texted me to let me know!”

“I don’t have your number. I’m not good enough to have your number.”

“What did you say?” He looks you straight in the eyes but you look away.

“Nothing” You push past him but he grabs your arm.

“What do you mean you’re not good enough?”

“Nothing. Stop asking.”

“No. Explain yourself. You keep saying these things but you don’t tell me what I did wrong.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my own fault for ever thinking I had a chance with you. And why is it so wrong for me to go out? You were having the best time of your life with that girl.”

His grip loosens and you pull your arm away and go into his room. It was a good thing you had already eaten with Nana or else it would be awkward going back out there and facing Yoongi.

“Y/N?” There was a light knock on the door.

“What?” Annoyance was clearly in your voice.

“Can we talk?” He peeks into the room.


“I’m sorry I don’t remember what I did and said to you that would make you feel that way. Can you just tell me so I can fix it?”

“Why would I want to remind myself of the humiliation?”

“Can you just tell me?”

“If you really want to know, think harder. I’m going to take a shower.” You grab some clothes and hurry into the bathroom before Yoongi can stop you.

Thinking back to what you were talking to about with Nana before you left made you feel slightly guilty because you did make Yoongi worried about you in the end. Who cares? No one told him to worry. It was his fault you were mad at him.

The next morning was even more awkward than you expected. Yoongi had made you breakfast again. But the second you sat down, he got up and washed his plate.

Ugh. Why did you feel so bad? It’s not like you did anything bad.


He either heard you say his name and didn’t want to talk to you or he was in a rush but he hurried into his room.

He comes out a few minutes later ready to go out.

"Are you going somewhere?” You finish up the last bit of your orange juice.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says a little too harshly and leaves.

“I was just curious. Jeez, no need to be so angry.” You say to the Yoongi that was no longer there, “Wait! Is he going to see what’s her name? Um. Soo Mi? Wow. Okay. Abandon me and go to her.” You angrily wash your plate and reach for your phone to call Nana.

“Y/N! Perfect timing I was just going to call you!”

“I’ll go on the blind date.”

“What? Really? Really??”

“Yeah. Let your boyfriend’s friend know.”

“I’m going to call him right now and then I’ll let you know when to meet up. I’m so excited now! What changed your mind?”

“Let’s meet up. I’ll explain everything.” You say and then decide to meet at a little cafe.

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can you tell us the story of how you and your girlfriend got together? like, every little thing! thats adorable!

I mean we met at a con like 8 mnths ago where i did a rwby shoot with some of her friends, and was like this person is nice. Met her briefly a couple of times at other cons, but never really got to properly chat.

Then she randomly posted a Blake picture on FB like 3 mnths ago, and i just commented something like “we should totes do a bee shoot.”

And that’s when we properly started talking and i was like fuck, is she flirting is she not flirting for the whole month before it, to the point where i was such a nervous chicken on the day of the shoot ahahah, we did the shoot (which was uber gay) and got some drinks after and then the next day i asked her out, which ended up being to go see Beauty and the Beast. Again. What trash we are.

And we’ve basically been a thing since then. What a good meme.

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Okay I know I'm being super greedy as fuck, but honestly I love your posts so much and I'm dying because you're like the first person on tumblr that's actually posted something I requested so thank you, you're amazing. I was wondering if you could do one where you text your drunk boyfriend joonie and he's so far gone that he's flipping out because he thinks some girl is hitting on him and he doesn't realize that his GIRLFRIEND is texting him so you get real confused? no rush -anon b.i.a.

omg anon b.i.a hitting me with amazing requests got me like

Just a lil Sirius Blurb :)

Word Count: 336


Y/N was a perfectionist, always had been. So when Professor Slughorn set an essay due by the end of the week, she made sure to put her best effort into it. She had been working on it for hours, and Sirius was beginning to grow impatient. “Babe,” he moved closer to her, standing behind her and placing a kiss on the top of her head. “Not now, Love,” she shook her head, not taking her eyes off the parchment she was writing her essay on. “Baby,” Sirius whined, leaning down lower to kiss her neck. “Sirius, knock it off. I have to finish this,” She chided. “You finished an hour ago,” her boyfriend countered, moving his lips to her jaw. “I’m revising. Something you’d know about if you actually did your homework,” she quirked an eyebrow. “I do my homework,” Sirius grumbled, placing his hands on Y/N’s shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze. Y/N didn’t say anything, she only continued writing furiously.

“Can you please come out of work mode and give me my girlfriend back?” Sirius pouted.

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Theory - Joe Sugg/Maynard Brothers Imagine

A/N- I’m so so glad your requests are open again, I looove your writing! just wondering if you could write an imagine where you’re jack and conor’s sister, and you’re in a secret relationship with joe. they don’t suspect anything until one day the fans create their own theory about you and joe being in a relationship, and jack and conor see it when it’s trending on twitter and ask you about it

“Jack?” Conor called out from the front room causing him to emerge.


“Come here” He groaned as he was in the middle of something but didn’t complain as he took a seat next to his brother. 

“I’ve been scrolling on twitter, i’ve been having a read and came across this” Conor turned the laptop for Jack to look and confusion filled his face.

“What’s this?” He questioned still confused with what Conor was trying to show. 

“The fans have come up with this theory about Y/N and Joe” 

“Our Y/N?” 

“Yes our little sister, they believe the two of them are in a relationship” 

“Don’t be stupid, they aren’t. This is just made up shit” 

“Bro watch this” Conor put on a video which was an edit of Joe and Y/N moments together. There were moments where it showed they were only friends but watching it more closely, you could see the chemistry. 

“How can the fans notice it but we can’t?” Jack questioned. It’s true because they all spend so much time together the chemistry between their sister and best friend isn’t as noticeable. As the fans see it from a different view hence why there are so many edits and videos with the same theory. “Surely she would have told us?” 

“I doubt it, I mean Joe’s one of our best friends. They probably think we’d be mad”

“I’m more mad at the fact they wouldn’t tell us. Instead we find out by fan theory” 

“Jack you have to remember it’s not confirmed yet, we could be looking way into this. If anything we need to witness this for ourselves” 

“Well Joe’s invited us all round Friday night im sure Y/N’s going so we can obverse then” 

Friday night soon rolled around and the Maynard brothers were on the look out. Every one was around Caspar, Mikey, Josh, Oli and Y/N. We were having a night in with food, drinks and films. We were all in the front room spaced out and it didn’t go a miss Y/N cuddled up to Joe’s side with his arm around her. 

Throughout the film Joe would glance down to look at Y/N and she would look back with a smile. At times Joe started to play with her hair twirling it around his finger or he started to run his finger(s) up and down her arm. When Y/N would get up and get a drink or go to the bathroom, Joe’s eyes would follow her with a faint smile appearing on his lips. Jack and Conor could finally see what the fans were seeing. Everyone knew that Joe and Y/N were the closest out of everyone but no one knew a relationship sprung out of it. 

The time clocked on to 2 in the morning and the boys were getting ready to go. Jack and Conor held back until everyone was gone. 

“Can we talk to you two?” Conor asked glancing around to double check everyone had left. 

“Erm sure?” Joe confusingly replied. Y/N was about to put her coat on before stopping half way and making her way to the sofa with her brothers taking a seat opposite the apparent couple. 

“Are you two a thing?” Jack asked wanting to get the conversation out the way. 

“What you mean a thing?” Y/N questioned back. 

“We never noticed anything before we looked into what the fans saw-”

“What are you on about?” Y/N continued to question. 

“They have this theory that you two are dating” Jack came out straight to the point. “We never noticed the chemistry until we watched this video online and we looked out for it tonight and pretty much saw what they saw” 

Joe and Y/N remained quiet knowing they had been caught. But on the inside they knew it was a relief not having to hide the relationship anymore. 

“So we’ll ask again… are you two dating?” Conor repeated. 

Joe sighed which caused Y/N to look at him. “Yes we are” 

“How long?”

“About 5 months” 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” 

“Because you would start becoming the over-protective brothers you are plus Joe’s one of your best mates” 

“Thats one of the reasons why you should of told us, we don’t care that your dating, well we do, but if you both like each other then there’s nothing we can do” 

“You guys can relax now” Conor chuckled after seeing them stiffen up after they found out they had been caught out. 

“Thank god, i thought i was going to be killed or something” Joe dry laughed placing his hand over his chest. 

“We will if you hurt Y/N” Jack threatened with a slight smirk. 

Joe turned to face his girlfriend kissing her temple. “I dont plan on it” Causing her to look down and blush as this was the first interaction being seen by her brothers. 

“Great now we need to get used to this soppy shit”

Shinee reaction to you being on a sugar rush.

Onew: He’d wouldn’t even question as to why you were being hyper and goofy. whatever you were doing, he’d join you.

Key: Would probably just stare at you in disbelief of your weird behavior and judge you silently. “yea thats my girlfriend…”

Jonghyun: You had put music on and started dancing around to it like a maniac, he’d join in for a bit, having fun, but when he got tired he’d watch and just let you burn yourself out.

Minho: Would also use this to his advantage and get you to play soccer with him or something sporty to burn off all the excess sugar. “did you see how fast she ran down the field?”

Taemin:  He’d think it was pretty funny watching you this hyper. When you started acting really weird he’d try to calm you down but If nothing works he’ll just sit far away and watch the chaos ensue.

- Admin X


🌼Thanks for the requests! Wow I’m really enjoying these so much! ❤💐Enjoy reading!

🌼And please check out my Boyfriend!Taeyong! /i currently cannot add links sorry/

Feel free to send me requests!

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  • Beca: Hey! I need to write Chloe back fast. She's already freaking out about how long it takes me to text her back.
  • Jesse: Listen, Beca. There's nothing I'd rather do in my life than write a sexy text for your girlfriend, but I think this is something you gotta do on your own.
  • Beca: Why? You're so good at being lame and I'm not! Look, I like her. I really like her. I don't want to screw this crap up.
  • Jesse: That's what you should say. Just take that sentiment, remove the word "crap", and then send it.
  • Beca: *sends text* Gah! I sent it. She didn't write back, so she hates it.
  • Jesse: No. Look! *takes phone* Okay, dot dot dot. It's happening. *receives text* It's a shirtless pic! We did it, we did it!
  • Beca: Thanks, Jesse. Okay, I'm gonna leave. Don't follow me. Things are about to get intense.
G/T Thought of the Morning

Okay so you know how when people have stressfull days they do something to unstress em? And some even get one of those stress balls to ease up? Imagine pocketing your tiny boyfriend/girlfriend, having them with you to talk to and stuff when bam! The stress hits and you just get super annoyed, thats when you pull out tiny partner (dont use em as a stress ball, not what this post is about xD ) and they hug your face and give you lots of sweet tiny kisses, and just reassure you overall, that everything is gonna be fine. They talk you throught your stress while rubbing your face gently and lovingly~

IKON REACTION: Having a girlfriend that's a walking disaster (aka Namjoon)

B.I: “stay away from my stuff, I got my eye on you”

Jinhwan: “Jinhwan, (y/n) is at the hospital, she broke her leg”

“oh… tell me something new, please”

Yunhyeong: “yaah, (y/n) can you stop to breaking everything you touch?”

Bobby: “oh god, what do I do with her? She is pretty, but so dangerous”

Donghyuk: “oppa… I’m so sorry…”

“sorry for what? what did you do this time?”

“your phone…”

“oh my poor phone” *dramatic*

Junhoe: “how can someone like you be alive? You break everything around you”

Chanwoo: “(y/n) stay here… I need to tell to the police that the world is in danger”

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

Characters: Giriboy x Reader

Genre: Angst + Swearing

Prompt: What happened to us?

Glancing at the clock you couldn’t help but sigh as your boyfriend had now reached a new level of lateness. 3 hours and counting. No phone calls or texts to let you know where he was or what was keeping him back.

“Typical…bloody typical”, you muttered angrily to yourself, making your way to bed. “Why do I even bother waiting up for him anymore?” Getting into the covers and turning the lights off you were suddenly surrounded by darkness. Things had been difficult lately. The two of you were busy with work and he had been travelling around promoting his latest album. As time went on the calls and dates got shorter and less frequent. Maybe it was only a matter of time before he decided he’d rather sleep in another girls bed. Quickly brushing away the tears that had crept up, you turned around and looked at the empty side of the bed. This is where he should be. Sleeping besides you with his arm around you waist, happy to be with someone he loved.

“Babe?”  You could hear the front door shut and you could already feel yourself getting ready for an argument. Where had he been for the last 3 hours?!

“Y/N, are you sleeping?” He whispered as he slowly walked in the room, dumping his phone on the bedside table. You couldn’t help but wonder how many messages and contact details he had from other girls that you didn’t know about. Maybe it was bet if you didn’t know.

“I’m still awake…I gave up waiting for you.” You knew this would spark a fight between the two of you but how many times was he going to get away with not caring enough for your relationship?

“Aish, here we go again.” He ran his fingers through his hair and started to pace around the bed, “You never fail to disappoint. Can’t you just be happy that I’m home?”

“How can I be happy when you’re 3 hours late and you didn’t both to call or text? How am I suppose to feel when my own boyfriend doesn’t communicate to me?” You were determined not to let your voice break as you stared at him with determination.

“Listen I just needed some space, y/n. I’ve been working so fucking hard and I didn’t have the energy to come home to a nagging girlfriend, are you happy with that answer?!” There we go. His first blow to kick you down. Normally at this point you’d apologise and tell him it was your mistake but you knew better now.

“A n-n-nagging girlfriend? Siyoung are you hearing yourself?” you asked in disbelief…was he joking?

“I have been there for you 100%! Who was it that helped you get through your busy schedule? I cooked meals for you, cleaned the house, drove you around when you were tired, I-“

“Exactly! I don’t want to date my mother! I’m grateful that you’re helping me but you never loosen up. We can’t even have a fucking joke anymore without you biting my head off about something.”

“Thats bullshit and you know it is! I’m just trying to look after you. I’m tired of you being late and not being there for me. I need reassurance from time to time cause I feel like you don’t love me anymore.”  

“I can’t see that when you never communicate to me about your emotions. Who do you think I am? A mind reader?” Oh so its my fault now?

“You couldn’t see? Well your glasses are big enough to see fucking outer space but you couldn’t see what’s right in front of you?! Are you stupid or something? No wonder your last girlfriend decided to kick you out cause I’m-”

“Fuck this I don’t need to listen to your shit all night. I’m going out.” You quickly jumped out of bed as he grabbed his phone and car keys again, making his way to the front door.

“You are not leaving until we’ve sorted this out, Siyoung!” You pushed yourself in front of the door, blocking his way to leave.  

 “Babe I swear get out of the way. We both need head space right now and-“

“No! You’re not leaving me, Siyoung!” Your voice finally gave in and cracked. The tears now starting to freely flow down your cheeks as he looked at you, looking just as tired and sad as you.

“Don’t…don’t cry.” He sniffed as he quickly wiped away your tears with his thumb “You know I hate seeing you cry.” This had been the closest he had been to you in weeks. His scent was suddenly surrounding you and his warm touch made you want to cry even harder. You had just missed him so much.

“Please don’t leave me. I love you too fucking much to let you walk away from me.” You choked out as your rested your head on his chest, feeling like you could collapse any second.  His arms wrapped around you tightly as he pulled you closer into his body.

“I’m not going to leave you, baby. I promise you. I’ve been a fucking idiot and I don’t blame you for being angry with me. We’ll make this work.” His was hoarse and dry, you could feel a dampness on your neck and then you knew he was crying with you. His words rang through your head as he kissed your forehead.

We’ll make this work.

This is my first proper ANGST scenario and I hope everyone could feel the tension haha I managed to write this in under an hour which is amazing for me. But I could totally see Giriboy swearing and getting frustrated during an argument, I hope you all like it! 

- Admin E

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HELLO NEW VOLLEYBALL FRIEND! Hehe ^-^ Could I request Kuroo, Bokuto, Tanaka, Noya, Hinata and Asahi (pick your favourites if that's too many! But please keep Tanaka he needs more love he's such a sweet bby) when their usually timid girlfriend stands up for them? Like some other girls are insulting them or something and she suddenly becomes 110% sass? Thank you~

 Hello Hello!! I hope you don’t mind I did a two short scenarios and then some reactions! (I do agree Tanaka needs more love that precious BBY I LOVE HiM ) (I’m also sorry I’m not good at sass but I will try my best)

 "Okay but why does he always make those weird faces?“ A girl spoke to her friend that was sitting next to her. “He’s just weird in general though. He yells a lot and it’s kind of annoying.”

 "Not to mention that (y/n) could do better than him. Their personalities don’t match at all and I just don’t know-“

  Tanaka could hear them, sure he was offended, but he wouldn’t say anything to the girls. That ws until their words were abruptly cut off by the loud squeeking of his girlfriend’s chair in the classroom.

 "Excuse me?” you got up out of your seat and marched over to the girls, fists were clenched and you were angry. “How dare you say those things about my boyfriend. You think he’s weird? Well he’s being himself and not a lot of people can do that and be comfortable with it and I give him props for that- in fact, I’m jealous that he’s able to do that. I mean, are you two being yourselves? Just being some gossiping little girls who can’t say things to people’s faces?”

 The two girls looked up at you, dumbfounded that you had come over to them. “I-we-”

 "Thought I couldn’t hear? Turns out, I have these things called ears and I can do the strangest thing!“ you exclaimed sarcastically. "I can hear! It’s so crazy! So I’m going to suggest something. If you don’t want anyone to hear you, you should probably speak a little quieter.” you leaned down to their level and spoke in a soft tone. “Like this.” you stood up straight and stared at them. “Also if you don’t want this kind of confrontation again, I also suggest not talking about my boyfriend like that again, thank you~” and with that you walked back over to Tanaka where he sat with wide eyes.

 "You- what just-??“ he looked at you now confused. "My little shy (y/n) stood up for me~!” when you sat back down next to him, he pulled you into a hug, effectivley making your cheeks flush with embarassment. “Thank you..” his voice was softer than usual-sincere.  “No one ever does that so it’s nice when you know your girlfriend will say something when you know you won’t.”

 "And I’d do it again if I have to.“


 You could hear the things they were saying about Asahi. None of them were true, not in the least. Never in a million years could you imagine your boyfriend as the leader of a gang, or taking people’s money, or he just got out of jail. Poor child would not last. You’d finally had enough of it.

 "Are you serious? Have you ever even met him?"  you turn on your heels and face the people behind you.

 "What? No of course not!” they seemed taken back by your comment. “You shouldn’t hang around him, he’s bad news..”

 Your eyes narrowed at them. “You know that’s my boyfriend, you’re talking about.” When you spoke, the suddenly looked scared. “You think he’s the leader of a gang? If you actually got to know him, then he would be the absolute last person you’d expect to be in a gang, or go to jail. I mean, way to be a judgmental asshole.”

 They stood there, mouths not moving, but you continued to talk.

 "I can’t even imagine how he must feel hearing all of this bullshit spouting from people that he doesn’t even know and don’t get to know him and are too scared to talk to him- and all because he has a beard and is tall? Have you never seen a guy with facial hair before?“

 "Uh, (Y/n)..?” a soft voice was heard behind you and you turned, already knowing that it was your boyfriend. A red tint was painted on his face and he scratched his cheek.

 "Oh, hi Asahi~“ you smile and now ignore the people you were just scolding. "I was just coming down to the gym to watch you practice.”

 "I forgot a textbook and had to come and get it when I heard you..“ his voice was faint and it was clear he was slightly embarrassed. "It’s kind of strange seeing you angry like that, you’re normally so quiet. I wouldn’t expect you to stand up for me like that.”

 The two behind you had scurried off and you rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly. “Oh.. well…I was just getting fed up with hearing those things about you and I didn’t like it anymore so-" 

 He kissed your forehead. "Thank you.”


 Kuroo would be shocked to say the least. Kuroo wouldn’t really expect it and would initially brush it off or deal with it himself, but when he sees that you stood up for him when you don’t like being confrontational, he’d feel really proud. He’s probably tease you a bit as well for telling them off and say that he likes your sassy side.

 Since Noya is a bit of a hot head, he’d for sure want to fight them and express that to them as soon as he heard them talking about him negatively. But when you step in since you didn’t want him to fight them, he’d be a bit confused at first, not knowing that his shy girlfriend could say these sort of things. And as soon as you two were alone, he would hug you and kiss your cheeks and say how cute you looked when you were upset when someone was saying something mean about him.

 Now, Bokuto and Hinata (I think) would have somewhat similar reactions and aren’t really sure what to do if they hear someone talking about then in a bad way. They might  get really sad, and always feels bad when people talk behind their back, but when you come to their rescue, you’d notice that the more you say, the better they feel knowing that someone cares enough about them to stand up for their sake.


REQUEST: a fan hacks yns phone and posts her nudes online and dan reacts in a video


You’re woken by the sound of your phone buzzing on the bedside table. Squinting at the bright screen, you make out your boyfriend’s name on the caller ID and the time- 2:13 am. “Dan?” you ask gruffly when you answer the phone. “What is it?

“Have you checked my tumblr tag recently?” he asks, sounding a bit panicked.

You wake up a bit more at the sound of his tone and sit up. “No, I’ve been asleep. Why?”

“You know those pictures you sent me while I was away for Playlist Live?”

Your money flashed back to the photos of you in lingerie and in the nude. You had sent them to Dan to help keep the spark alive while he was thousands of miles away. “Yeah…” you say, a lump forming in your throat.

“Someone hacked your phone. Because you’re my girlfriend they’re getting posted in my tag. I’m so sorry, y/n.”

You try to process the information, but you’re paralyzed. You try to think of something to say but it’s like you’re suffocating from the pressure of the shock, the horror, and the embarrassment thats crushing you.

“Y/n? Are you there?” Dan’s voice rips through your thoughts. “Alright, I have to do something quick, but I will be over there as soon as I can.”

The next few hours are agonizing. You grab your computer and pull up Dan’s tag on tumblr. Sure enough, all of the photos you had taken just for Dan- for his eyes only- were now strewn about on the internet for all the world to see. The mortification takes complete control of your body as your hands begin to shake and tears stream out of your eyes. You sit there like that, unmoving, until you hear the front door open and close.

“Y/n?” you hear Dan call, his keys jingling as he sets them down on your counter.

“In the bedroom,” you choke out, your voice hoarse from crying.

He turns on the light as he rushes in. His face is pale and full of worry as he looks at you. “I’m so sorry, baby,” he says, his voice strained. “This is all my fault. If I hadn’t told my fans about our relationship this never would have happened. It was one of them that did this.” He sits down next to you on the bed and takes you in his arms as he speaks. As much as you want to tell him he’s not responsible for the actions of some invasive creep, all you can manage to do is break down again, sobbing into his shoulder and soaking the fabric of his t-shirt. He holds you, rubbing your back and resting his cheek against the top of your head.

After awhile he kisses your head and pulls away from you, reaching for your computer. “I have something I need to show you.” He goes to Youtube, clicks on his channel, and plays the top video, titled ‘Privacy.’ You’re briefly confused as you know that that video wasn’t there when you checked his channel before bed that night.

Unlike his other videos, this video starts with Dan looking exhausted and pained. “So we need to talk,” he states, skipping his usual introduction. “Someone hacked my girlfriend’s phone, which is not in any way okay. Even worse, they stole some of her pictures that were only meant for me to see,” he pauses, taking a deep breath. “It’s honestly hard for me to talk about this because I am so fucking angry. I’m literally getting rage shakes right now,” he holds up a shaking hand as evidence. “Those photos were never meant to see the light of day. We’re in a loving, healthy, serious relationship and there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending photos to someone you trust. There’s no excuse for these being stolen and posted online. It’s an incredible invasion of privacy- of both her’s and our relationship’s. Just because I’m a youtuber and I share some aspects of my life with you doesn’t mean you have the right to everything. In fact, as you all know, I prefer to keep a lot of things about my personal life private, to try to protect the people I love and prevent anything like this from happening. It’s so unfair to y/n that just because of what I do for a living this horrible thing happened to her.” He takes another deep breath and wipes away a tear. He then looks directly at the camera and sets his jaw. “I want those pictures gone. She doesn’t deserve this. No one deserves this. I want those picture out of my tag and off the internet.”

The video ends and you wipe at the tears staining your cheeks. “Thank you,” you say meekly, leaning into his chest.

He reaches up to stroke your hair. “Anything for you love.”

Too exhausted to do anything else, you drift to sleep on his chest, soothed by his presence and lulled by the gentle stroking of your hair.

Mark Crush Profile

Day2 Mark

Did you guys like JBs profile? do you thing something is wrong or missing? let me know ^_^ 
i hope you guys are liking these ones as much as the smuttier ones :P
~ahgase Omma

He wouldn’t realise until he gets that little twinge on jealousy when he sees you getting closer to another guy. he generally keeps things with you friendly and naturally flirty, so any signals could be missed from both sides, but its not until he sees you behaving the same way to someone else does he start to realise that is may not be a special interaction. 

after he’s realised that he has a crush on you, everything in his behaviour is amplified. he’s a little more flirty, a little more possessive, a little more reliant on your support. he wants to get much closer to you, and he needs you to notice it.

During the crush phase, your alone time would mostly consist of doing something together, either quietly like watching a movie or something thats fairly low energy, like coffee dates. every so often if he had the time, would do on outings like skating or park ‘dates’ but these more ‘date’ like outings would come closer to the time where he would want to ask you out.

With the members
at first its not to different, it only changes when he wants to pursue you as his girlfriend, or if he seems his members being to friendly. he would slowly become possessive, with his private jokes, but generally other than him trying to becoming closer to you he doesn’t do much different with the members around.

Spending time together
around 80% of his free time is spent with you, its mostly in the dorm and if its possible out to the park. he wants to spend time with you as much as possible, but not always in the dorm, but even going out can be a risky thing. he would even invite you over to JYPE, its the easiest and safest way to meet up.

He would ask the members about you, ‘what do you think about her?’ ‘do you think she’s into…’ he might ask advise from the hyung line, and he would take it and keep it in the back of his mind. it would mostly be those random ‘what if’ questions that has him slightly on edge even though he has not need to be nervous. 

all the time, whenever he can! it all comes across fairly natural, but some of it is purposeful, and those would mostly be the actions that have him pulling you closer to him, ie. when you stumble. its a subliminal message that he can look after you.

Another member liking the same person
Quiet and thoughtful steps are taken by Mark, he would let the member know what the situation was, and that he has no intention to back down. this is when Mark starts to get very competitive/possessive and even a little peeved.  it may turn a into a little competition if the other member does back down quickly. but of course its all kept very quite, and it never gets to the point where the group is affected.

surprisingly… or not so surprisingly, Mark is very protective. a lot of the members have mentioned a few times, along with his slight temper. so if the two where to connect, then he’s reaction to jealousy maybe more than him just stewing in angst. it might not get as far as shoving and punching, mostly because it should be obvious that he likes you to every male in a mile radius, but he would be the type, to square off to another guy and make an excuse to walk you away from that guy.

Turn offs
the mains one could be:

  • Dragging him around places even though you both know its not something he wants to do. (even more important when he’s been working mad hours and suddenly you insist on going shopping for 3-5 hours)
  • Being overly sensitive about how you spend time together
  • insisting on going to all the celeb event with him 
  • basically generally being whiney 24/7 

once he’s sure of everything he’s feeling, then it doesn’t take long for mark to confess. it would probably take place on neutral ground, maybe even something sentimental, like your first outing place. and he would casually ask you opinion on the situation through hypotheticals and once he’s heard enough he would just tell you that he has some feelings for you. short and quick. 

well the rest of the date goes well, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell the others, if your ok with it. theres instantly quite a lot more skinship, and the dorm goes just as crazy to see it, because most of them know that today was the big day.

He keeps it together very well, and things do actually carry on as normal, maybe less single outings but things with the members doesn’t change and he just goes back to being quite mark on his phone.

gr8estwulfluvreva  asked:

Can I have a scenario where Kid and his crew have to combat their greatest foe of all: Kid's female s/o on her period. I'm not expecting much, just fluff and maybe some crew members being scared of her rage should they choose to annoy her. If you dun do this then that's okay :3

Hcs because I have no clue how I should appproach this as a scenario

  • This is really something that Kid doesn’t want to deal with at all
  • Like this redhaired idiot your poster child for getting annoyed over his girlfriends “women problems”
  • brushes all of his boyfriend responsibilities off to Killer
  • Killer is more undestanding but honestly he doesnt wanna deal with her either, help
  • Which sucks for him because everybody on the ship is pretty scared of Kid’s girl (including Kid himself) safe for Killer so hes being chosen every month to take care of her
  • Killer usually drags Kid with him or throws a “fuck you all” into the room
Sentence Meme (Secrets)
  • "I've got a secret to tell you but you have to promise you'll keep it to yourself?"
  • "Why do you smile as though you have a secret?"
  • "No one can keep a secret. That's why I'll be keeping this one to myself"
  • "You have to promise that you'll take this one to the grave with you"
  • "I know your secret"
  • "You're a terrible liar! I can tell that's you're hiding something"
  • "Stop being so secretive. I'm your boyfriend/girlfriend, you shouldn't hide things from me"
  • "You swore you would never tell anyone..."
  • "I'm never telling you my secrets again"
  • "Fuck it, I'm going to tell you something I've been keeping to myself for too long"
“Do I make you happy?” - Rebekah Mikaelson

You have always been insecure, there is no way that you will never not have a constant fear of people judging or disliking you. Also, of course the constant fear of never being good enough and never feeling beautiful.

You were in your room with your girlfriend Rebekah just lying next to each other, enjoying each other company when you started to worry.

“Rebekah?” you asked.

“Hmm?” she replied as she played with your hair.

“Do I make you happy?”

She instantly stopped playing with your hair and you sat up to face her.

“Are you insane? (Y/n), what would make you ask that?” she asked.

“You always talk about how you want to get married, have a family, and live happily ever after and I don’t feel like thats something you want with me.” you couldn’t look into her eyes, you were too embarrassed.

“You make me so incredibly happy, (Y/n). Some nights I just lie awake thinking about how lucky I am to have you. Everyday I am taken away by how beautiful and perfect you can be. I want to be with you forever, (Y/n). I love you.”

All you could do was smile and blush. “I love you too, Rebekah.“

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