that's some long term dedication there

hotladypants  asked:

we're also extremely happy you're looking at it from an analytical perspective - while we adore the shippy stuff that's usually the bulk of fannish activity, it's been so rewarding to see you dissect details and character arcs that'll play in the overall season. (we're drafting some preliminary S2 stuff and Danny/SummerSoc have big plays coming up. Can't wait. Crossing fingers.)

If you’re going to get me all excited, I can’t help but share this with my followers. Expect rampant speculation between my followers and I about the Summer Society. 

I’m very happy that you’re planning long-term. (And extremely happy Danny is a permanent fixture.) I’m sure you know how dedicated your fanbase is, and we’d do just about anything to keep our little vampire show on the air. 

Though, “on the air” is a reference to airwaves, i.e. television. Since most Internet traffic is delivered through cables, maybe we should say… Oh, never mind.