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fun things about you and your friends all having disorders
  • your stim is making me also want to stim but i dont have anything how dare you
  • “how do you calm someone down from a panic attack” “dont you have panic attacks all the time” “yes shut up this about YOU and YOUR panic attack”
  • im bad at understanding what people mean and youre bad at understanding what people mean lets get together and have a lot of misunderstandings
  • you sound passive aggressive but i can tell you think you sound polite and nice bc i can relate
  • you spaced out while i was talking and i was about to tell you but then i spaced out
  • “im ready for death” “lmao same”
  • ive been procrastinating on this thing for three hours but youre suffering with me so its not as bad
  • “hey…. is it ok if we dont go out tonight i just. i just dont feel like i can. no spoons” “oh thank god”
  • lie down on me dont ask questions
  • “are you real” “i dont know actually”



ChaBin /’Cha bean’ ‘Cha bin’/

noun: 1. Hakyeon loves Hongbin a lot, but Hongbin tends to tease him (says he doesn’t like N) 2. Both have known each other the longest since they were trainees 3. Hongbin thinks Hakyeons stage presence and affection towards members are one of his good points 4. N literally says the nicest things about Hongbin (He’s hardworking, skills are perfect like his apperance, etc.) 5. Did a dance cover of Britney Spears, “Toxic” at a concert once 6. Were in a web drama called, “얘네들 MONEY?!” (What’s up with these kids!?) 7. During trainee days, Hongbin felt he was “trapped” and quit. He managed to leave for about 2-3 months before N, personally, went and found him and convinced him to comeback. Hongbin, to this day, thanks N for making him who he is now

Synonyms: NBin

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M!A: Have neko ears for 5 asks.

~ Le poof.~

M!A : Start. 0/5

Alfred: I’m going to Hell.

Meet The Artist 2017: Sockie

In light of the fact that I just hit 6.5K here on tumblr (THAAAAAAAANK YOU AHHHHHH!!!!), I thought I’d let you know a little more about this human you’ve decided to follow. 

No one tagged me for this, but it’s the thing to do if you’re an artist - so… if you’re an artist, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED. 

Again, cheers, and thank you all SO much for following my blog - whether it be for my Overwatch arts, my older Swan Queen stuff, or just … whatever it is that tickles your fancy - here’s me, thanking you. 

Denial: Chapter 2


Her lips were so warm.

Slotted against his, Bulma’s mouth felt like his missing puzzle piece. Never could Vegeta have imagined that this single action could cause his soul to swell beyond his body. Her arms were still locked around his neck, holding fast as though he would evaporate and vanish, or worse, just keep running away from her forever. Bulma was preventing this with every ounce of her strength, but what she didn’t realize was that he couldn’t move even if he wanted to.

Though his body was frozen in place, Vegeta’s mind was a whirling dervish; torn between the primal urge to throw this beautiful creature over his shoulder and scream a victory cry, or collapse in the fetal position curled up against her and sob. It was leaning dangerously in favor of the collapse when she began to pull away from him. On their own accord, his lips helplessly trailed after her. Vegeta’s eyes opened to find Bulma looking at him, lips slightly parted and flushed, “You okay?” She breathed.

All he could do was stare at her, chest shaking with each gulp of air. Was he having a heart attack? Is that what that fluttering in his heart meant?

“Vegeta?” Bulma was starting to look nervous, “Was that too much? Oh God, I’m so sorry,” she stepped away from him, hands wringing nervously, “Damnit, I’m such an idiot.”

Wait. What?

Bulma sniffed, wiping the corner of one eye, “I’m so, so sorry. I crossed the line. God, I hope you can forgive me.”

She was gathering her shawl. Now she was putting it on. Was she leaving? No! This wasn’t what was supposed to happen!

Her back was to him, head bowed as she picked up her keys from their place on the kitchen counter, “If you never want to speak to me again, I understand.” Her well manicured fingers were on the door knob, turning it and pulling the door open.

He should move. He should be running. Why wasn’t he? He wanted her. She in some capacity wanted him. The overwhelming feelings inside him must have short circuited something. Vegeta’s brain was screaming at his useless extremities to do something, anything, but before he could his apartment door was wide open.

She was looking at him over her shoulder in the doorway, sky blue eyes filled with tears, “Sorry,” she whispered again, and then closed the door behind her.

Vegeta was still as a statue, staring in quiet disbelief at the now empty place where Bulma had stood. Gone. She was gone.

And it was his fault.

He had fucked everything up.

Why didn’t he respond? Why didn’t he stop her? All it would have taken was a word, a kiss from him, anything…

An ache started in his jaw; he realized he was grinding his teeth together. Vegeta needed something, anything to set his mind straight. Almost robotically he picked up a discarded t shirt from his floor, snatched his own keys and stormed out of the apartment and down the stairs, scrolling with near desperation through his recent calls.

A ring came through the speakers, once, twice, three times before a sleepy voice answered:

“‘Geets? What’s-”

“Kakarot, gym. Now.”

“Wha-now? It’s almost eleven…”

Vegeta hung up; he knew his sparring partner would come. He always did. The need to pound out his confused feelings was outweighing any other desire at this point, and he knew that before he faced Bulma, he had to face himself first.


The moment Goku walked into the gym he knew something was wrong.

Vegeta was throttling a punching bag, which in itself wasn’t that odd, but the blood smears across the surface of it gave the normally flippant man pause. His gym buddy always had a routine: be ten minutes early, drink a bottle of water, wrap his knuckles, and then do work. The fact that Vegeta had missed part of his ritual let Goku know that it was going to be a long night.

Instead of greeting the smaller man with a clap on the shoulder like he normally did, Goku walked to the opposite end of the bag and held it steady, giving a small nod and let Vegeta continue his assault. No words were exchanged for the rest of the session. Though Goku knew he wasn’t the smartest when it came to traditional education , he at least had the common sense to realize that whatever Vegeta was going through had him hot and bothered. And a hot and bothered Vegeta was a dangerous one. The lawyer had a reputation still, even though his teen years were long gone.

When they were younger, the two had run wild across the city together. While Goku had his grandfather to lean on and didn’t purposefully(that being the key word) get into trouble, Vegeta sought it out. Desperate, almost anxious for any kind of attention Vegeta had managed to get into more scrapes than anyone thought humanly possible. Goku had felt a certain responsibility to the older, flame-haired youth despite other people’s grumblings and curses. All had given up on Vegeta.

Except for Goku.

Or, ‘Kakarot’ as Vegeta referred to him. He’d always wondered why 'Geets never referred to him as the name he was best known by. There had always been the allusion that the smaller man knew more about Goku’s past that he let on. Maybe Kakarot was his birth name. Goku had known he was adopted from very early on and didn’t really care. His happy-go-lucky attitude had gotten him out of some tough situations and thrown into others. All the while the man on the other side of the punching bag had been by his side, either fighting alongside him or punching Goku in the face.

Friendship was complicated.

After some pretty heavy sparring and about two hours later, Goku laid back on the mat and puffed out a breath of air, “I’m throwin’ in the towel. Chichi was already mad when I left. Any longer and I’m sure I’ll be in for it.” He raised his head, only to see Vegeta leaned back against the wall looking at the floor.

“Fine. Goodnight, Kakarot.”

Odd, Goku thought. No calling him weak for going home? “Hey man, whatever is-”

“Shut up.” Vegeta interrupted, crossing his arms, “just, don’t say anything. It’s nothing.”

“Doesn’t look like nothin’,” Goku said, rolling onto his knees, “but, whatever is going on, you can figure it out, ya’ know? You’ve had worse.”

Vegeta snorted, but at least he was looking at him now, “You’re an optimistic fool.”

Chuckling, Goku rubbed the back of his neck and picked up his gym bag, “Well, better to be optimistic than sulk ya’ know? Sulking doesn’t get ya’ anything. It just makes ya’ feel worse. At least havin’ faith gives ya’ something to look forward too, instead of deciding you’ve already quit. And you’re not a quitter, 'Geets.”

“Pfft.” Shaking his head, Vegeta smirked, “Like I said, optimistic fool.”

The larger man shrugged, slinging his gym bag over his shoulder, “Well, somethin’ has gotten’ ya’ this far hasn’t it? Anyways, see ya’ Tuesday?”

Vegeta nodded, picking up his cell phone from the top of his gym bag. After a few seconds of staring at it he grunted and put it back down. Goku smiled knowingly, “It’s that girl, isn’t it? The picture on your phone you’re always lookin’ at?”

“GOODNIGHT Kakarot.”

Goku chuckled, “Alright, alright. Night.” And with a wave over his shoulder, he exited though the gym doors into the evening air, leaving Vegeta perplexed as to how someone so spacey could leave him feeling more grounded than anyone.


The apartment was dead silent when he entered, the air smelling of the food Bulma had brought over from the restaurant. He’d forgotten about it, and it sat tepid and abandoned on the coffee table. Vegeta swallowed, then turned down the hallway towards his room. He didn’t want to deal with that tonight. Maybe in the morning.

Showering with the water as cold as possible distracted his mind, but that only lasted for as long as the shower did. The moment he stepped out, the heaviness settled back into his thoughts. Maybe sleep would help.

After laying awake and staring at the ceiling for half-an-hour, he realized that it would only be her that occupied his dreams that night. And that made him uncomfortable. What were his feelings for her? Bulma was very pretty, so there was that, obviously. And she was smart. And kind to him, as he was to her. The fact that he’d never once turned her away made him realize that he was far more attached to her than previously believed.

His phone was charging on the nightstand beside him. She hadn’t text him. Not once. The two would normally text until she fell asleep. It made him feel hollow inside without that contact.

Vegeta reached for the phone and sent a quick text:

“I can’t sleep.”

Quickly, he put the phone back on the nightstand, tucking his hands behind his head. Why was his heart racing?

A minute went by.

Then two.

Then five.

He picked his phone back up, then opened his messages. It said the text had been read.

But she hadn’t responded.

Vegeta’s gut churned. Bulma always responded to his texts. Why hadn’t she? Was she angry with him? She had every right to be if he was being honest with himself. What a selfish asshole he was. She’d thrown herself at him, and what did he do? Gawked at her like some clueless, love sick teenager-

Love sick.

Oh. Oh no.

Then the incoming text bubble appeared. Vegeta inhaled loudly, sitting straight up in bed, completely transfixed at the silly gray bubbles. She was responding. Everything would be alright.

Then it disappeared.

And he waited, the minutes ticking by.

The clock on his phone hit three Am. An hour had passed.

Vegeta settled back on his pillow, eyes growing heavy, still watching that text screen.

When the sun began rising he was fast asleep, phone held tightly against his chest, just in case it vibrated against him.


After @rutbisbe
Drew me that gorgeous Chiccolo picture, I asked her, “Is there a prompt that you want me to write?” All she asked for was another chapter of 'Denial,’ so here it is ❤️ Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to keep up with this: @dulali @saiyanprincessbulma @vegetapsycho @froglady15 @thats-my-bulma @amazingmeplusone @icanthearyoumundane and so many others. And a special thanks to my gorgeous ladies @dragondancer28 and @itsmandymo for reading over this. I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey, Mimi! Sorry to bother you. First I would like to thank you for sharing so much bts knowledge with us :) It was incredibl heplful (still is) for when I started here. Could yu please explain what are fansites? (and recommend some Chim has?)

IN KPOP: A fansite or fan page is a website/account created and maintained by a fan or devotee interested in a member or more of a particular group. They are generally fans that take photos and fancams (but they can specialize in other things). They also make events and sell (the) idols merch made out of the content they create.  (for a general definition please visit HERE)

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List of Jimin’s fansites: 

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memey au jared kleinman x reader; headcannons


Written @ Writers Wednesday, special thanks to;

Flower Anon










-Everyone is born with their soulmates favorite meme on their forearm

-Its always like a very specific meme so like if your soulmate saw it they would be like ‘oh shit thats me’

-You, however, were born with a shit ton of memes

-Like, all of them

-Ones from like the MEDIEVAL times of memes yo and also brand new ones and its kind of sick??

-sick as in cool or sick as in gross only you can decide

-you frequently wake up with a new meme on your arm whenever a new one becomes popular

 -sometimes you have to go on to figure out what the fuck is on your body

-every day you look at your arm and cupcakke lyrics are there 

-its hell

-”ms. (Y/N) why is there the words ‘hump me fuck-’”


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thank you for existing. u r ver good. good artist. pat pat. u r funny and creative and i am glad u exist. follow ur dreams good artist, they wil come true if u work hard, which u have. u done a lot to be a kind person so thanks

This is so nice to hear someone say that to me and I’m really really grateful. q___q I need to do so much more work to be creative but I’m determined to continue. Thank you thank you! Thank you so much! ;; <3

one big homestuck family

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I just wanted to tell you that I love the fact that you are goth but you still fully embrace the things you like like pink and cute stuff! I’ve seen people talk so badly about “ungoth” hobbies. 🦇🖤

Haha well thanks!

Honestly anyone who bitches at others for their interests because “UM thats not even ~*GOOOTH*~” is like, a spectacularly special kind of pathetic 😂 Like, who the fuck actually cares? Why are you trying SO hard to be goth? Why is it important? I’m goth because the word fits me, not because I try to fit the word. Enjoying pink things or cheesy pop music or other fashions alongside my more gothy inclined interests doesn’t change that.

Like whatever you please, life is too short to desperately try to fit some silly label and restrict yourself to one specific set of interests.

Roman Goddesses: Bellona

Salvete mihi domo est. journalisticRoman, and today I would like to talk about one of my favorite Roman goddesses: Bellona. Bellona is the Roman goddess of War, Destruction, Conquest, Blood-lust, edgy teens, etc. and who ever told you that Mars is the god of war: DOSENTFUCKINGKNOWWHATHEISTALKINGABOUTANDWILLGOTOTARTEROUSFORLYING.

gather around kiddos because I’m about to explain why this chick is fucking boss. First off her choices of weapons, she would switch between a Sword, Spear, Shield, whip, or torch. In fact in most deceptions of her by Romans the only piece of armor she would wear would be a Officers helmet. No joke. Her method of transportation would be a four horse chariot

Tbh she’s more tough than friggen Wonder Woman!

So moving unto her holiday. If you didn’t think that she wasn’t metal enough she has a special holiday called dies sanguinis (The Day of Blood (wait what)) On this holiday, special priests called Bellonarii would cut themselves and sacrifice their blood to her.

So stone cold. I love her!

Well thats all I have on the wonderful mistress Bellona until next time Valete et habere bomun die!

(P.S. Holy crud everyone took me on surprise with the last one. I think im going to start doing this regularly, until I get bored. Thank you!!!!)

I made you guys this little picture of Bendy and Boris sleeping! ^^

I made this special for you guys! So special, I’m probably not even going to post it on my page.

I hope you guys like it. ^^


I’m going to scream- THIS IS SO CUTE! AAA

-Mod Mama

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Happy Birthday Eds

It wasn’t everyday that you turned sixteen, and Eddie Kaspbrak had been looking forward to this for months.

Richie was always teasing Eddie about how he was younger, and although he would always complain, he didn’t really mind it. But even so, Eddie was pleased that he was finally sixteen, and he was looking forward to seeing his friends and being able to share his excitement with them as well.

For each of the losers’ birthdays, the rest of the group would plan something - usually just a small party at someone’s house, or a picnic down by the quarry if the weather was nice - but no one had told Eddie how they would be celebrating his birthday yet, which made him even more eager to get to school and see his friends.


Richie Tozier could regularly be found hanging around Eddie Kaspbrak’s locker.

“Like a bad smell.” His friend Stan would say, but Richie would just flip him off. He didn’t care what the other losers’ said, not when Bev teased that he was “whipped” or when Bill told him not to worry, that he thought it was “c-cute that he always waited for Eddie”. So what if he liked walking his best friend to class? So what if those extra few minutes that they got alone would put him in a good mood for the rest of the day. Eddie was his best friend and he would damn well walk him to class if he wanted to.

And thats where Richie Tozier was this morning, leaning against a locker that was not his, when Eddie walked down the hallway.

“Hey Eds!” Richie greeted the smaller boy, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Hi,” Eddie said, and then paused “don’t call me that” he added.

“Of course, my good sir. Is there anything else I can do for you on this fine day?” Richie asked, his voice slipping into his (very bad) english butler impression.

“Yeah, you can move so I can get to my locker,” Eddie retorted, opening his locker as Richie did as he requested.

As Eddie got the books he needed out of his locker, he listened to Richie ramble on about something he had seen on tv last night, and then as they walked to class Richie switched to rambling about something ‘funny’ that he had said in his biology lesson that almost earned him a detention; Eddie didn’t listen to anything Richie said though.

Had Richie forgotten his birthday? It was like Richie to forget things, he was always forgetting to do his homework, or forgetting that they had plans that weekend and needing to be reminded several times. But when it came to Eddie’s birthday, Richie had never forgotten - well until now it seemed.

When they reached Eddie’s history class Richie turned to him, ruffled his hair and cheerily said goodbye, parting with a “later Edster!”

Maybe his birthday wasn’t gonna be so great after all.


When Eddie sees Ben in English, Ben asks him if he’s done his book report. He doesn’t wish Eddie a happy birthday, or even acknowledge that today is any different from any other day.

Similarly when he see’s Stan and Bev at lunchtime they just chat to him about what’s on at the cinema that week, and gossip about the people in their class; they don’t mention his birthday.

Even Bill, when he sits down next to him in chemistry, doesn’t say happy birthday, and Bill is always the one to remember everything about his friends, no matter how trivial.

Is it possible that all of his friends have forgotten his birthday? The thought makes Eddie slump in his chair. This sucks, he thought today was going to be great but its just going to be a regular shitty day because his friends don’t care enough to remember his birthday.


Eddie’s bad mood is still present when he and Bill meet up with the rest of their friends outside of school.

“So what’s everyone doing tonight? Wanna hang out?” Richie asks, looking around at all of his friends.

“Can’t, s-sorry. I told Georgie I w-would watch a movie with him,” Bill replies.

“Yeah sorry Rich, I can’t either. Got loads of homework to do,” Bev says, and her and Bill wave at their friends and turn around to walk home; Bill always walks the long way home so he can walk Bev home first.

Stan looks at Richie, and then at Eddie. “Me and Ben have a project to do for geography, so we can’t hang out. Right Ben?”

“Uh, yeah. Right.” Ben agrees with Stan.

“Well what about Mike?” Eddie asks.

“I spoke to him last night, he said he was busy all week” Stan replies quickly.

There’s a pause, then Richie throws his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “Looks like it’s just you and me then, don’t it Eds?”


Eddie supposed that there were worse ways to spend your birthday than to hang around by the quarry with your best friend, even if said friend had completely forgotten what day it was.

“Hey Eddie. Eddie!” Richie’s loud calling interrupted Eddie mid-thought.

Eddie looked over at the older boy as if to say 'what?’ but Richie clearly didn’t get that, and continued to say his name.

“Eddie. Eddie Spaghetti,” he crooned in a sing song voice.

“What?” Eddie snapped irritably.

“Geez, sorry. I was just gonna say, its nearly six o'clock. Do you wanna head back to mine? We could watch a movie or something. My parent’s won’t be in,” Richie asked him, and Eddie shrugged.

“Sure, I guess”

“Come on then, I’ll even let you pick the movie,” Richie smiled at him, and the two boys walked over to where their bikes were abandoned on the grass.

Richie was uncharacteristically quiet as they cycled the short distance to his home, and Eddie noted that he was frequently checking his wristwatch for the time.

“You got somewhere to be?” Eddie teased, nodding in the direction of the watch when Richie turned to look at him questioningly.

“Oh, no. Just checking the time. Don’t you worry you pretty little head about it Eds” came Richie’s reply. Eddie didn’t dignify Richie with a response, he just sped up his cycling and raced ahead of Richie.

Richie took this as a challenge however, and the two boys raced towards Richie’s house, leaving them out of breath and panting when they arrived outside.

Eddie slowly climbed off his bike, and carefully lay it down on the grass outside of Richie’s house, whereas the other boy clumsily hopped off of his bike and let it fall to the ground. They found themselves standing next to the two bikes, still red in the face and laughing from shouting to one another as they rode there. Eddie’s laughter eventually stopped, as a shy smile spread across his face. As he looked up at Richie he found a similar expression spread across his best friend’s features.

They held eye contact for what felt like minutes, but was probably only seconds, before Richie broke it to look over at his house.

“You ready to go in?” he asked, his voice quiet, quieter than he had been all night.

Eddie nodded. He would follow Richie anywhere.

Richie turned and headed for the house, Eddie walking behind him. Richie turned to look at Eddie once more, a huge grin now plastered on his face, before pushing open the door.

“Surprise!” a chorus of joyful voices rung out. Eddie’s hand flew up to his mouth in shock. There, in Richie’s living room stood Bill, Bev, Mike, Stan, Ben and even Bill’s little brother Georgie. Above their head’s there was an obviously homemade banner which “Happy Birthday Edsdie!!!” with pictures and doodles drawn all around the words.

“I…I thought that you all forgot?” Eddie asked uncertainly.

“Well we wanted you to think that so that you would be even more surprised,” Bev explained, walking over to him and giving him a hug.

“I love surprises,” Eddie said, his voice still quiet as he tried to get over the shock.

“W-we know. Thats why Richie p-planned all of this” Bill told him.

Eddie spun to face Richie. “You planned all of this?” He asked Richie, his voice filled with disbelief.

Richie’s face had turned pink and he nodded shyly, self consciously running a hand through his hair. “Yeah. I wanted to do something special,” he admitted, not meeting Eddie’s eye.

Eddie was so filled with love for the boy in that moment that he launched himself at Richie, throwing his arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug.

“Thank you,” Eddie whispered into his best friend’s ear.

“Happy Birthday Eds,” Richie replied softly, wrapping his arms around Eddie’s lower back and pulling him in closer.


Later, as Eddie and Richie stood alone, watching their friends laugh and joke fondly with each other, Eddie reached for Richie’s hand and held it in his own, their fingers tightly woven together, and Eddie knew that this was all that he would ever need.

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Hello may i request headcanons/scenarios (idk what's better for you) of Aizawa, Tokoyami, Shinsou (separately) having an innately deaf s/o? I love this blog so much please bless me with your masterpieces and take your time :D

I did headcanons bc if the s/o is innately deaf all of them would’ve known from the start so there’t not much of a scenario since they’d treat them like a hearing person unless it came to vocal communication or noise related things. if you give me a more detailed scenario of them doing something with the s/o (like a special date or situation) then I’d love to write a longer piece for this ^.^

also thank you for requesting bird boy I get no asks for him and he’s my favorite actually these are some of my top 5 fav characters so ily

and thank you thats so sweet of you to call these ramblings masterpieces lol


  • whenever you want his attention you can pull on his scarf thing
  • he’s a very quiet guy so there’s not really much adjustment to make 
  • he started learning sign language the day after he met you so he’s rlly good at it by the time the two of you are dating
  • likes the little sounds you make all the time because you have no idea you’re making them
  • you like to be near him when he has phone calls bc its so cool to hug him and feel the vibrations while he talks he likes it too


  • when he first met you he literally thought you were just a quiet person 
  • dark shadow would argue with him a lot when you hung out with tokoyami and you could never figure out why
  • it was bc dark shadow kept telling him to ask you out but he was shy
  • he learned sign language a while back bc he was bored but he never realized he’d use it so much
  • one time you asked him if he had a normal person voice or a bird voice and dark shadow thought it was hilarious 


  • absolutely confused when you walked up to him and started signing to him so he found a pen and paper and that’s how you met each other
  • hes kinda relieved bc you have no reason to be afraid of him as his quirk won’t work on you since you don’t speak to him verbally
  • not a very social guy so this whole communication thing is new to him 
  • spell stuff out on his hands and arms he loves it 
  • not much is different from a relationship with two hearing people tbh
Boy Next Door { 20&80 }; M I N G Y U

[ neighbor!kim mingyu x reader ]

word count: 828
genre: fluff
a/n: look who has tons of paperworks to do but has time to post a fic on her blog, hehe yup thats me. and thats how much i love yall. yall wth im so close to hit 300, how are you guys doin it? anyhow, thank you anonie for requesting this! i hope u like it xx

The sound of the alarm clock filled your room, waking up every cell of your body. Today is the third Friday of March, in other words, your birthday. You smiled to yourself as the thought of your very special day, and as a normal human being, you obviously don’t want your day to be ruined. Unfortunately, very loud conversations mixed with cracking ups and high pitched voices from the house next door rang into your ears. Oh poor you, your obnoxious neighbor, Kim Mingyu, had his friends come over, and they’re going to create a total chaos on your birthday.

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Six Albums I’ve Been Listening To Lately

alrighty this tag is actually kinda hard since I rarely listen to all the music on an album but here are some I recommend in no particular order

Summer Nights by Caleb Belkin: low fi music good for studying and background music

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk: ok Im really into Daft Punk like i would kill to see them live, why wasn’t I born in 1990, overall just nice jammin songs my dude

Harbor by Tomppabeats: this guy, his songs are so good, makes you feel nostalgic, also lowfi music and is basically an essential 

You Never Walk Alone by BTS: of course my babies needed to be included on here, maybe its just me but I can listen to A Supplementary Story on loop for hours

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition by Chicago Symphony Orchestra: I saw this shit in Boston Symphony Hall and it had to be one of the best moments of my time in band, just the grandeur was amazing and being with my favorite ppl and dressed all fancy it was a good time. Each movement is supposed to represent a painting and I like the imagery it creates in your head, its originally written for piano but I find the orchestra rendition to be my preference 

Run by AWOLNATION: ok another band I’m super into I just love it so much and apparently a new album is coming out soon???? Alternative music you can headbang to I guess (but thats coming from someone who headbangs to classical music so)

thank you @thedandelionfieldsx for the tag!!! I love sharing what music I listen to 

i tag @gnarlynacho @vmony @mini-myg and anyone else!!! pls i need music recommendations!!! 

Some Songs I have been listening to: 

Jazz Crusaders Beattape by more lowfi but this one holds a special place in my heart 

Ode to the Bouncer by Studio Killers: basically this song is my inner EDM and party girl lol

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Lots of talk today about sharing a video of Sam playing golf on MPC FB page. Honestly, what's the big deal? I get the not sharing of personal info stuff (not that anyone cares anyway) but pictures of Sam? I do not understand the proprietary attitude of that group when it comes to Sam. If you have to buy your way into seeing pics that only a few can view, that's pretty disturbing. It's like for the price of membership you get to own a piece of him. No thanks.

“It’s like for the price of membership you get to own a piece of him.” That is WHY they get so butt hurt. That is exactly why many of them joined in the first place, to have access to Sam that not just anyone can have. They are his special good friends and that status ain’t free or for losers. (I said many, not all, put your offended speeches away)

It’s like joining the country club so you don’t have to swim with the poor people at the community pool, but then some annoying little shits keep sneaking in over the privet hedge to swim free on your dime. It’s not about following an honor code or looking out for one another, it’s about greed. If you want more Sam, you should have to pay like the rest of his special good friends.

I am SO PSYCHED to try and get my hands on that special edition four swords comic… this has been my fave arc since I was in 6th grade. we don’t have a good book store around us for hours so I’ll have to get it online but.. I had to redraw my two faves?????? My boys???? I love them