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fun things about you and your friends all having disorders
  • your stim is making me also want to stim but i dont have anything how dare you
  • “how do you calm someone down from a panic attack” “dont you have panic attacks all the time” “yes shut up this about YOU and YOUR panic attack”
  • im bad at understanding what people mean and youre bad at understanding what people mean lets get together and have a lot of misunderstandings
  • you sound passive aggressive but i can tell you think you sound polite and nice bc i can relate
  • you spaced out while i was talking and i was about to tell you but then i spaced out
  • “im ready for death” “lmao same”
  • ive been procrastinating on this thing for three hours but youre suffering with me so its not as bad
  • “hey…. is it ok if we dont go out tonight i just. i just dont feel like i can. no spoons” “oh thank god”
  • lie down on me dont ask questions
  • “are you real” “i dont know actually”

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M!A: Have neko ears for 5 asks.

~ Le poof.~

M!A : Start. 0/5

Alfred: I’m going to Hell.



ChaBin /’Cha bean’ ‘Cha bin’/

noun: 1. Hakyeon loves Hongbin a lot, but Hongbin tends to tease him (says he doesn’t like N) 2. Both have known each other the longest since they were trainees 3. Hongbin thinks Hakyeons stage presence and affection towards members are one of his good points 4. N literally says the nicest things about Hongbin (He’s hardworking, skills are perfect like his apperance, etc.) 5. Did a dance cover of Britney Spears, “Toxic” at a concert once 6. Were in a web drama called, “얘네들 MONEY?!” (What’s up with these kids!?) 7. During trainee days, Hongbin felt he was “trapped” and quit. He managed to leave for about 2-3 months before N, personally, went and found him and convinced him to comeback. Hongbin, to this day, thanks N for making him who he is now

Synonyms: NBin

one big homestuck family


this is the first page of my bos! i finally got started on it thanks to @witches-ofcolor arranging this little event <3 thank you so much!
it’s a handmade book i bought three years ago in berlin and ive been saving it for something special like a book of shadows! 

- edit: lmfao i spelt “witch” wrong im ded i might redo this page

Karasuno First-Years as Teachers

So I made this for fun, and the other admins thought that it would be fun to post this, because why not? HAHA I hope y’all enjoy this! [Reblogs would be very helpful especially that we just started as a blog! Thank you!]

Admin LaLa 


 -he’s the teacher that everyone likes 

-the actual fluffiest teacher of all aND GIVES LOTS OF BONUSES 

-“when i was like yall i had a hard time so i hope u dont end up like me!”

 -if ever someone would have a low grade, he’d be the comforting type of teacher!!! 

-“hey, it’s okay!!! let’s work hard to get your grades higher mkay? yOSH!” “s-sIR!!!” “HEOL DONT CRY!!!”

 -dude like hinata would actually tutor his kids and monitor them 

-oh my god stab me, hinata is the actual fluffball 

-“i hope you have a great day today everyone! see yall after the weekend!" 

-honestly everyone is thankful for this teacher 

-sighs when will i ever??? 0A0 



 -exactly hinata’s opposite = nO BONUSES cri 


-will collect the homeworks one by one and youll be highkey screwed 

-"i thought that youd be responsible students and finish your homeworks, but it seems not. youll get a zero for this." 

-but irl he just really wants his students to grow and flourish on their own

 -when someone improves he’ll try to compliment them even if he’s not used to it??? man… 

-most students think he’ll never smile but when one of their classmates actually cracked up a good joke mAN HE WAS HIGHKEY LAUGHING AND EVERYONE WAS SHOOKT 

 -"jeez kids, im not that emotionless HAHA" 

-when the year ends, everyone will actually miss his rules and kags will be so happy to see them graduate 

-thank god for him ;A; 

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2AM // masterlist

Request: i was wondering if i could request a fic where kylo and the reader are dating and he wakes up in the middle of the night and the readers gone and he flips his shit but it turns out she was in the kitchens baking stuff the whole time cause she couldn’t sleep! thanks so much and i love your writing

A/N: This was a pretty cute one, it takes away from the constant angst so thank you for requesting it! Also, thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it :) Enjoy!

Warning: Kylo licks readers fingers but thats because there’s icing???

Word Count: 1.2K+

Sleepless nights were quite often for you. It wasn’t like you suffered from anything or that your bed was terrible–it was actually one of the bests and the person you got to share it with made it better–it was just the overwhelming thoughts you had. Working under the First Order was quite demanding, specially with the general you had; let alone, the disaster the organization had gone under not too long ago. So, of course, you were going to have nights where, no matter what position you were in or how your lover held you, it didn’t help at all.

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  • Liv: Feels a bit like three's a crowd.
  • Aaron: Do you want to be the flower girl?
  • Liv: No.
  • Aaron: Go on, then. We'll see you in there.
  • Robert: Hey, erm... would you mind taking care of these?
  • Liv: Aren't ring bearers usually, like, four?
  • Aaron: Go on. Scram.
  • Liv: Erm... today's totally not what you would have imagined. Er... you probably going to hate it out there, but that's Charity and Faith's fault, so... yeah, I just hope it's still special for you.
  • Aaron: Thank you. (hugs her, she leaves) You look nervous.
  • Robert: Aren't you?
  • Aaron: Not for one second.

I have a scene in my mind that i like to replay when times get tough

it includes you

it is you

its us

Its me and you. we’re doing nothing more than walking, we are holding hands and smiling at each other. Its never happened, and probably never will but the simple idea, even just the fantasy has gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life and i think thats pretty special

so thank you

for simply being you

—  L.S.

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I truely consider you as an angel or something so magical that's was put onto this world for a real powerful magically reason. Every time you post some quote with a powerful message I can relate to it and I need to hear it and it's always perfect timing, same with your videos. I don't think I felt such special energy as much and as strong as I feel about you, even through a screen ?! I feel blessed to even follow you on social media listening to your insights and mind. Thank u for the energyx

i certainly feel as though i’ve been placed on this earth to help & guide people into finding their true self & living out their best life.

it makes me so extremely happy to know that in some way I can help you feel loved or supported.

sending you so much positivity and love <3 

@taylorswift I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I have never met you, but I’ve seen you in concert nine times, and I’ve interacted with you on here multiple times, and thats what I want to say thank you for. Despite the fact that you have millions of fans, you have chosen to like some of my posts, my personal posts, and my me feel special and important. I can’t even express how much that means to me, and how happy it makes me that you take time out of your day to learn about my life, my struggles, and my accomplishments. Its so refreshing and reassuring to know that you’re aware of how much you’ve helped me recently. I love you so so much. Thank you Tay.


i hit 100 followers and am like crazy baffled right now and not really sure what to say but i guess THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL, probably works. I’m just… real super thankful for all you nice people following me and liking my writing and such! <3

Also super quick shout out to all of you who reply to my posts and my writing. I know that i hardly ever reply, i’m super bad at replying because y’all are so nice and i just hardly ever know what to say in response your kind words! So just, know that i see you! know that i love you! know that i appreciate you dearly! <3

soooo its been a year. holy heck. i know i was gone for the majority of this year that ive had this blog, but im back now so thats all that matters. most of the people before my hiatus are gone, but that doesnt mean i dont love any of the new people any less. there are many of you that mean a lot to me but all of you hold a special place in my heart for taking the time to follow me, regardless or whether we’re interacted or not. yall are fantastic and i dont think i would desire to be on this blog without yall. and now, before i go on and never stop, heres a little piece of my thanks to you guys <3 (also ignore this awful edit i was too lazy to do something fancier than that).

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I just want to personally say thanks to everyone that follow me since the beginning of my blog. One year later i have 5000 people that i can share myself, my soul and my heart. We are all sad and depressive, suicidal and damage, but that’s the thing that define us, that make us special. Scars are beautiful, no matter what kind of bruise you have. Thanks to all 5k of you, so, thats me. Love you all 🔫💔

Not So Bad

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader


Warnings: Swearing, thats it?


Requested: Yes


Special thanks to: @aftertasteofmagcon - @ouatimaginesnetwork - @mattywritessometimes thats it I think?

You were on your phone scrolling through Twitter when your manager called you, you sighed and answered

“Hey Kate.” You greeted

“Y/N!! I have something huge planned!! We need you to sing a duet with one of the newest artists around, he is around your age and-”

“Hold up Kate, I didn’t even say if I agreed or not and I don’t even know what song we’re gonna sing nor the artist.” You cut her off

“His name is Shawn Mendes, the song you will be singing is Stitches, ever heard it?” She asked you, and you might have listened to the song once or twice on the radio but you haven’t memorized it.

“Yeah I’ve heard the song once or twice, but I haven’t memorized it, and I have never seen or heard of the artist.” You said

“You’ll pick up quick its really catchy.” She said

“When’s do I meet him for our duet?” You asked sighing

“Well…Tomorrow.” She blurted out

“TOMORROW?!” You screeched into the phone

“His manager said that he is really busy! And he-”

“If he was busy, he wouldn’t have done this duet.” You said through gritted teeth

“Y/N trust me on this.” Kate told you

“Fine, but dont expect me to like it.” You told her

“Fine, you should get some rest you have to be up at 12:00AM.” She said and you sighed agreeing with her, closed your phone and went to bed, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

You woke up the next morning and went to get ready for your meeting with ‘Shawn’ you don’t like him already and you haven’t seen him.
You took a long shower, got dressed, put your makeup on and got ready to leave.
As soon as you were about to leave your hotel room your manager called.

“Y/N, we aren’t gonna come pick you up.” She said

“Then how am I gonna get to the studio?” You asked

“Shawn is picking you up.” She said, great spend more time with the Diva more than you already have to, and before you could get another word out she hung up on you, soon receiving a a picture of what his car looks like and what he looks like, and he looked a bit attractive, and he had a black Jeep.

You put your phone in your bag and waited for him, and you couldn’t wait to get this over with.

-Time Skip-

It has been two hours and this diva still hasn’t showed up, you decided to call Kate.

“Hey! How’s the recording going?” she asked

“The diva didn’t show up.” You stated

“He didn’t? I’m sure he-“

“Listen Kate, if you’re gonna make excuses for him, go ahead but I’m not gonna listen, because this kid is-“ You were cut off by a black Jeep exactly like his and honked at you.

“I gotta go.” you said, you sighed and told yourself to calm down a bit, and put on a fake smile and walked to his Jeep and got in the passenger seat.

“Hi I’m-“

“Late, we’re already two hours late and the studio called me telling me to hurry the hell up.” he cut you off, You looked at him and bit your tongue trying to keep yourself from yelling at him. And as soon as you got to the studio he left the Jeep getting into the studio leaving you behind. This was gonna be a long day.

-Time Skip-

“WHAT HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” You yelled at Shawn, removing your headphones, you had enough of this Diva, the minute you got here he has been spending one hour practicing his vocals while you only had fifteen minutes thanks to him taking too much time, and now he has been repeating the same verse over and over not giving you a chance to sing your part.

“Geez Drama queen care to give me five seconds of peace so I can record? God.” He rolled his eyes, was he being serious?

“You know what? I’m done, have fun recording on your own Diva.” You said taking your purse and leaving the room.

Andrew gave Shawn a look and he sighed rolling his eyes following your trail.

“Y/N!” Oh goody just the person you wanted to avoid, you turned around to see him jogging towards you

“If you’re here to take me back to my hotel, dont bother I’m taking an Uber—”

“I’m sorry, okay? I’ve been having a bad day and have been taking it out on you, I didn’t mean to make you mad or not comfortable I just needed—”

“You shouldn’t have taken it out on the people who work with you, I have things to do ya know?” You said crossing your arms over your chest and he sighed running his hands through his hair.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t have, so can we please just go back to recording so you dont have to ever see me again?” A look of hopefulness is his eyes thay you’ll go back in

“Fine by me.” You muttered going back inside, you didn’t look back to see this, but Shawn smiled, he smiled that you listened to him and took his apology, sort of.

Soon you two were recording, getting to the chorus, soon being interrupted by Andrew.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted Y/N to know that Kate agreed to you singing with Shawn tomorrow at his show.” He said and your eyes widned, Kate never said anything about the two of you singing live, but then rolled your eyes because this was classic Kate, you looked back to Shawn, and you saw a bit of hurt in his eyes, was he seriously upset about you not wanting to perform with him? But he couldn’t blame you, he was a pain since you’ve met him. But he did apologize sort of, you shook away your thoughts and nodded silently, noting to call Kate when they put you and Shawn on a little break later.

-Time Skip-

You and Shawn have been making progress, he let you sing your part, he didn’t argue with you nor fight with you.

“Alright you two take a little break.” Andrew said barging into the room, you immediately took your phone and left the room, and Shawn looked like he was about to say something but you left too quickly and dialed Kate’s number.

“Y/N! H—”

“Kate, did you agree to me singing live with Shawn tomorrow?!” You silently yelled into the phone.

“Y/N, I thought this would be good for you and your career!” She told you

“Well you shouldn’t agree to things I dont know about nor do things behind my back!”

“I’ll tell Andrew to cancel then.”

“Don’t bother, the word already spread so there is no way out of it.” You sighed rubbing your forehead

“Y/N, I’m so—” you stopped listening to what she had to say when you heard a light knock at the beginning of the room and you look back to see Shawn.

“Kate, I gotta go.” You said hanging up not listening to what she was saying.

“Listen, I really am sorry, I’ve been having a shitty day and I took it out on you, even though I shouldn’t have, I hate that we got off on the wrong foot because you seem like such a nice person and I’m really sorry and I hope that we can start over?” He said rubbing the back of his neck, and you smiled he really did mean it, and what did you have to lose?

“Already forgotten, and sure we can start over.” And he smiled genuinely at your answer.

“I’m gonna order some food, you want anything?” He asked reaching for his phone, you told him you could order for yourself but he insisted and after ordering he started walking back to the recording room with you.

“I heard you liked Ed Sheeran.” He said closing the door behind you

“I don’t like him…. I love him!” You said looking back at him and he chuckled, and soon one conversation lead to another, even after the food came you couldn’t stop talking, soon you were called to record again, and you began seeing Shawn in a new light, he was so nice and sweet and he would make a great friend, you got through the recording session and soon it was time to leave after finally finishing, you took your things and started walking out ready to order and Uber.

“Y/N!” You heard someone call and you look to see the goofball himself following you out.

“You need a ride? I mean I was your ride here so its only fair I give you a ride home.” He said and you smiled, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

Note: Hi!! So I’m new to writing for Shawn Mendes, I do love him to death, I just never thought I’d write about him lmao, anyway thank you for reading!! Xx
Positive- Hercules X Reader

Request: Hey could I get #34 w Herc, or even Oak himself. Also I loved your John Laurens one when he was sick it was so fluffy and cute 😊😊 from @iguanamineral
A/N: omg?? thank you so much?? finals end tomorrow so i will slowly start posting again,, implied female reader

I stared the test in between my hands and at the lines that indicated that the test was positive. God what was I going to tell Hercules? We were still so young and we had lives outside of each other and careers and dreams.

This could possibly ruin everything.

But at the same time…

“Honey are you alright in there?” Hercules yelled from the kitchen. I cursed underneath my breath and sighed.

“Yeah, I’m great.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive.” I said without missing a beat, almost laughing at the joke I had just made. Silence followed. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and then proceeded to hide the test. I opened the door to see a concerned Hercules looking at me.

“I don’t believe you.” He said quietly. He stepped closer to me and hugged me tightly.

I don’t believe myself either.“ I admitted. He didn’t ask what was wrong or anything but we just stood there for a couple of minutes.

“Thank you, I needed that.”

“Whenever you want to talk about what’s going on, I’m here for you. I always am. I love you so much”

“I know. I love you so much.”

“Thats good because I think I just burnt the pancakes I was making for us.”

“Burnt pancakes is your specialty.”

“Burnt everything and cuddling is my speciality.”

“You are also ridiculously good at hugs and knowing when something is wrong.”

“I’m basically the whole deal.” He teased and I laughed loudly. His face lit up at the sound filling our apartment with a sense of togetherness. He held my hand as we walked to the kitchen and he got some pancakes on a plate for me to eat. “I’m going to tell our grandchildren stories of how I seduced you with my horrible cooking.” He smiled.

“I will fight you, your cooking is amazing.”

“Thank you.”

“Even if you burn everything.”

“Hey! It’s not my fault I have the most beautiful woman in the world distracting me.” He pointed at me and I hid my face, blushing.

“How do you still make me blush? We’ve been dating for four years now?”

“Well when I first saw you in that bar, I asked Laurens, Lafayette and Hamilton to show me all the cool moves.”

“If I remember correctly you slipped and fell on your ass right in front of me and I took you to the hospital because your friends were laughing so hard and they were drunk.” I told him, raising my eyebrow.

“It got your attention.”


“Hey Hercules?”


“Do you think it’s possible that I… might be… pregnant?” I asked him and a beautiful smile appeared on his face.

“I’m gonna be a dad?” He asked, close to tears.

“That’s what the pregnancy test said and I know we are young still and you have dreams and-”

“Y/N, listen. Listen this is my new dream. Our family is my new dream.”

“But your clothing line…”

“Can wait. You can’t. I’m gonna be a dad, Y/N and you are going to be a mom.” He smiled and he hugged me, picking me up and twirling me around. “God I love you both so much.” He laughed and he kissed my lips and put his hands over my stomach.

“I love you both as well.”


I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I just reached 101 followers!!! I honestly appreciate all of you very much and have been very thankful for your following! I hope to be able to keep producing content for you all! Please don’t ever hesitate to shoot me a message or anything like that! =) 

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