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Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.

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My sign for the March for Science! 


A few months and 400 subscribers later… I MADE A FEW MISTAKES ALONG THE WAY… 

(featuring my adorable kitten Mister Darcy.)

The Ultimate Favorite Pokemon Hunt

I’m not sure if anyone has tried a comprehensive survey like this before, at least on Tumblr, but this is an experiment with two goals: I want to know if every Pokemon is truly someone’s favorite, and I want to get a really big survey to find the most popular Pokemon of all! (At least on Tumblr.)


1. Open the spreadsheet.

2. Find your favorite Pokemon’s name. 

3. Add a * in the next column over. Please mark only one Pokemon. 

That’s it! This will allow me to have all of the data in one place so I don’t have to sort through so many reblogs to find which ones people have marked, try to count new entries, and so on. I considered just posting a list and letting people pass it around until every Pokemon had been marked as someone’s favorite, but then I thought that wouldn’t be very fun. This way everyone gets a say. Of course, please reblog to help spread it around! 

The primary goal of this experiment is to determine whether every Pokemon has someone who thinks they’re the best. My hypothesis is that some Pokemon, even if many people like them, just don’t make it to anyone’s top favorite slot. (Is there anyone whose top favorite Pokemon ever is Cryogonal?) But please–feel free to prove me wrong. :)

I will edit this post periodically with updates.

Let’s find every Pokemon their own adoring fan!
Earth is Singing Like a Whale, Says NASA — Hear it Now
Need some soothing sounds to put your Monday blues in perspective? We've got you covered.
By Chris Taylor

That’s the sound of the Earth “singing,” as recorded by the awesomely-named Storm Probe mission — a couple of satellites investigating the famous Van Allen belts, intense radiation zones that surround our planet like a doughnut. The Storm Probes, launched last month, are mapping the density of charged particles.

The whale song is an audio rendering of radio waves captured by the Probes and caused by the two Van Allen belts, inner and outer. You don’t actually hear the audio in space, of course, but the radio waves — known as “chorus” — are for real.

I really hate posts that have “there is no algebra in real life” and similar things that mention maths and it’s lack of application to reality.
I also hate the fact that they are lauded as relatable, and get a lot of notes.
If it wasn’t for algebra, calculus, statistics and all forms of maths, and science, you would absolutely not be able to do 90% or more of what you do daily.
Maths is the universal language - and it is really rather beautiful.
Without maths, you can’t have electricity, you can’t drive a car, use your computer, use the Internet, watch a movie, play a video game, use literally any program, have a house that doesn’t collapse, trains and public transport, plumbing, heating, furniture, air travel, statistics, medicines, so so so much more, and let’s not forget, that without maths, we would know nothing about space and would absolutely not be able to go there.
If we extend this to science, this list would be exponentially longer.
So please, don’t insult maths and it’s importance to our progress as humans, and its extensive application to every aspect of daily life.
Many of us do use algebra in real life and strive to make your life better through its use.


Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch (Pt. 65/?) » Iron Man 3.

Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.
—  12th Division motto

yo okay so like I’m not sure if I’m kinda into becoming a forensic scientist or something like that because of the crime shows I watch or because it suits my interests and I’m

The signs as out-of-context things I've heard at school: Part 3
  • Aries: "i'm peachy keen and ducky with a dash of tired"
  • Taurus: "i ate your souvenir. i ate everyone"
  • Gemini: "why do i have the feeling my tiny little clown car is airborne?"
  • Cancer: "oh fudge"
  • Leo: *drops pencil by accident* "uhhh... at least gravity still works!*
  • Virgo: "i already finished my homework because i'm not a lazyass like you!"
  • Libra: *synchronized moaning with the person next to them*
  • Scorpio: "so who do you think fired the first shot in the Battle of Lexington and Concord?" "HAN SHOT FIRST"
  • Sagittarius: "face-to-face, toe-to-toe, head-to-head, whatever you call it"
  • Capricorn: "i'll open up the Pit of Despair, drop you in, and let you rot in there for the next 100 years"
  • Aquarius: "oh golly gosh that's not good"
  • Pisces: "it smells like a birthday!"

u kno now that it’s not being forced down my throat christianity is actually pretty interesting


every westallen scene ever (19/?)

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“You must be the infamous princess I’ve been hearing about,” Owen grins at the blonde and offers her his hand. Most of what he had heard had come from Tex on the flight but he had heard some things in passing as well. He hadn’t heard enough to form a solid opinion of her. He would have to wait and see for himself what she was really like. 

“Owen Grady. I’m presenting at the conference,” He informs her. “I gotta say, this country’s real lovely. Nice change of pace from what I’m used to.”