that's so rare now a days!

Anyways what we should really be talking about is the complete lack of dedication in the RPC. Appless vs non-appless is tired like who cares when you have people out here lit joining rp’s and continuously going inactive after 1 day. I’ve literally watched an entire group of people join an established group, stay for 2 hours, and then lie to the admin in order to leave and put all of their muses in a new group. I watch groups open and then admins never log in again, or alternatively as I touched on before, people just log in once to “plot” and then never post anything IC and move onto the next group to do the same. It’s exhausting and if you really wanna act like the RPC now is better than it was before (which in a lot of ways, it is) at least don’t pretend like the dedication is better or even on par. There are ways that this comm now fucking sucks.

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


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tuafw it's been a while since you realized you were probably autistic and the number of fun autistic self-discoveries per day (the, "oh, that's why I do it" and the "so that's a sign of autism?") has been dropping rapidly and now you only rarely have those realizations. and you really like them b/c they make you feel validated and actually autistic and you require constant validation of your autism or else you feel like you're faking

After the Storm (Happy x Reader)

Who’s ready to cry? You can thank @thats-so-rhyan for that. This was her request and I’m not sure I can forgive you for making me feel all the feels! Rude, if you ask me.

Word Count: 2,003

Playlist: Red Lighter - SoMo

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A box of clothes
Some written notes
Is all I have left now
She closed the door
No turning back
This time it is clear now

It was a dreary day for California. One of those rare ones where the rain just wouldn’t stop. He wasn’t about to complain though. Rain was infrequent and he wasn’t in a position to grumble about something that didn’t hinder his riding 360 days of the year. The perks of living on the west coast. Seeing as he couldn’t go out on a ride, he’d settled in for cleaning out the garage. His OCD had been on a twinge the last while, and he couldn’t ignore the mess of the addition any longer. He propped open the inside door with an old shoe and went straight for the rolling sectional. He tugged on the yellow rope he tied around the handle and yanked it open. The wheels squealed, the bearings dry from being unused. The door rolled into the track overhead and rocked until it was settled.

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  • Clint: *excitedly telling tony about something* But like, but, like, she was COVERED in blood, it was everywhere, all over the bed, I didn't know Nat could bleed that much without dying.
  • Tony: Ew.
  • Steve: *only came into room for coffee, heard end of convo* *sigh* I know that guys now days are a lot more progressive than the guys in my era, but really, some things are still so backwards. It's called menstruation, it happens.
  • Clint: *shakes head* Nah, I'm not freaked out by that, that's NORMAL, Nat got shot last night, it made a mess in her bedroom.
  • Steve: *wtf look* You... brought her to the hospital, right?
  • Clint: Well, I brought her a medical kit...
  • Steve: *angry look*
  • Tony: Um... Clint, lets go take Nat to the medical bay, okay?
  • Clint: *a rare show of self preservation* Okay.

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The hardest part is knowing that from now on, especially after the Star Wars celebration, nobody will be talking much about Carrie anymore. I'm sure she'll come up plenty during TLJ's press tour, especially regarding Leia, but then that's it. And so far we've somehow got new stories and new quotes here and there but now it will be a rare occasion. And that is beyond sad. As hard as the past 4 months have been, reading tributes after tributes has both broke and warmed my heart.

I get you, I love the tributes but depending on the day they are very hard to watch. In the end, that’s just how life is, though. Her legacy will live on forever, don’t forget that.

I can go around all day giving each individual lapeep a name, but without any distinction to connect them to thats basically useless, and instantly forgettable.

For the most part they all have subtle physical differences. facial structure, height, feather patterns and length, and of course the pyrite fleck patterns on their gems come to mind, but If I had only a handful of lapeeps it would be enough to tell them apart. but I have a bit more than a handful, you see.

there are very few extremes that are easy to pick out. one sec, 

yep. in her cubby as usual. 

This is Borb, shes the best behaved as she does basically nothing but emit peace and harmony to every being around her. I appreciate it.

lets see.. I think any others are mostly based on behavior? it HAS to be consistent and prominent for me to always recognize who it is. if needed, its a good way to refer to individuals temporarily in small groups.

most commonly I just name them what their favorite word to say and repeat is. sometimes they even figure out how to spell their favorite if they see the markings enough. I dont think they actually know what the letters are, just that they make their word. its efficient because they’ll easily recognize their own “name” if I call for them

huh… speaking of consistent behavior…

I could probably name her… shes the one whos been pretty much living in my pocket whenever she can after she reformed. I can even take her into the rest of the house because she’ll always stay with me. she probably wont stop anytime soon, so that counts right?

I should pick something simple for now before I pull some regrettable meme name that ends up sticking. again.

shes my little peep-buddy, so… I dont know uh… Peridot… jr.? no, no, thats ridiculous she isn’t even a peridot! UGH!! I remember now, good names are hard to come up with so I rarely bother. theres your real answer.

how about just. Lapis jr. yeah thats good, I’ll take it. its only temporary anyway.

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While trolls in general are capable of growing facial hair, only the tribal chieftain is allowed to have a beard. (Vol'jin and Sul the Sandcrawler are the only trolls whose in-game models have facial hair, and Sen'jin has been depicted with a beard in TCG art.) That's why Rokhan is de facto leader of the Darkspear now, because he had a beard in WC3.

Confirmed. Additionally, this explains the long history of conflict between dwarves and trolls– its rare to find a dwarf without a beard, and since facial hair is so important to troll culture its seen as insulting to them to know that there are non-leader dwarves out there with beautiful beards. 

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Okay but imagine Kusanagi x Misaki's mom

The rarest of rare pairs. I feel like this would be so weird for Yata, seeing his real mom dating his Homra mom. Maybe something happens to Yata’s stepdad, like he dies in a car accident or something and Yata starts going home a bit more often to be supportive. One day he’s eating dinner at his house when the doorbell rings and Kusanagi’s there to pick him up, like there was some kind of Homra emergency and it was quicker for Kusanagi to grab Yata in his car than to wait for Yata to skateboard back. Yata’s mom is a bit intrigued by Yata’s friend, like despite the emergency Kusanagi’s all smooth and polite, being super charming to Yata’s mom as he apologizes and says he has to borrow her son for a bit. Yata’s mom maybe is intrigued after that and asks Yata about Kusanagi later over the phone, Yata tells her that Kusanagi’s super cool and runs a bar that Yata hangs out at a lot and helps out with odd jobs. One day Yata’s mom is out shopping in the city when she spots Bar Homra and recognizes the name, she decides to stop in and see if Yata’s there. Instead it’s just Kusanagi, who recognizes her and invites her in for a drink. They end up talking about Yata for a bit and then maybe somehow the talk shifts to her dead husband and that prompts Kusanagi to talk a bit about Mikoto and Totsuka and they bond over their significant losses. After that the two of them start talking regularly and maybe Yata’s got no idea that Kusanagi and his mom are dating until he’s invited for dinner one day and Kusanagi’s there and it is so weird for Yata, like how and why and also how. He’d probably be happy that Kusanagi’s got someone who makes him happy but on the other hand it’s Yata’s mom and she’s older than Kusanagi and she’s his mom and Yata just has no idea how to handle this.

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Jerry :( I'm sad, something really depressing happened earlier and I need your help cheering me up.

ok please enjoy this. :)



Your name is (Your First Name) Bungalow Bill… and your the sexiest mother fucker on this street. every day your just so sexy that you have to cover all your mirrors. your orbs is (your eyecolor) and your strands are (your haircolor)

One day youre just taking a swim in the lake downtown. Just swimming all around in there with your pecs and swimming down and grabbing trouts in your bare hands. You hear a little something and you look around. You don’t see anything but then you keep looking… And. You see… someone drownding…

your legs go fast and your arms to fast and you swim to them. you pick their body up out of the water noting how buff it is… and ripped. Your blushing cause well you just think thats so handsome. you pull the man out of the water and hold him above. He coughs up water and blood and he looks at you with those big sexy marbles (eyes)

His wet brown lock curls and strands are on his head. “Hi thank you” he says handsomely, his voice like a speedrun of darksouls 2. “I’m Jerry… Jerry smith. thank you for rescuing me my prince…”

Your just so embarassed and you swuirm around. “Ahhh!!!! X_X 0mg Lol… anything for you bigboy… Glad i could help baby boy.” your so sweaty and your shoes are so small on your feet. You take off your shirt cause its so hot and reveal a tattoo of vegeta.

Jerry sees this and his eyes go blind of love. “Omg… I know you… Are you by any chance BungyChungyBill62 on ao3?!” he screams. “Yes” Uou say firmly back. “Oh my god i love your vegeta fanfics so much he is just so smexy am i right?!” he says. You smile proudly. “I agree.”

Papa J stands up and brushes off his shirt. “Well i should probably get going soon i have to go back home and cook dinner for my children” he holds up a fish that he caught in the water. “Those babys are gonna love this. Just kidding they hate all my meals and I’m alone”

You both chuckle and laugh at that funny joke!

You part ways and go back to your apartment where you sigh dreamily. Jerrey….. Oh he was so epic. but now that you have tasted perfection, what does life matter? you sit on your couch and play super monkey ball until you pass out at 6 am.


The Next Morning

you wake up and take out your laptop and look at it. you have 3 new private messages. one is a continuation of your teen titans go roleplay thread. one is from your boss telling you that youre fired. and one… is from Jerry

“Hi (your name). Do you want to come camping with me this weekend, we have 6 pairs of hiking boots and there is only 5 of us in my family. I need to repay you for saving my life. Please respond. Love Jerry”

you fcking type “Yes” into the keyboard so good and you hit send. You are so excited you go to Walmart and you buy fishing line and bug spray and a whole canoe and you go home and knit yourself a sweater and it says “I LOVE JERRY” on it and you wear it.


the next day

you hear honcking of a car outside and you go out there and see Jerry waving from his car. you take your suitcase and you go out there so fast and you see him. “Hi (name)? my family is so happy to see you are coming” he says. “guys this is the man who saved my life. ”

They are all playig magikarp jump and they dont say hi or look at you

“Haha well you know how it is” he says sexily. Everything about him is so tender and strong. “Hop in the trunk sorry we have no other room” he says and he gets out of the car and helps you into the trunk. You lay down in there and he kisses your forehead and closes it down and you just play your 3ds in there for a few hours

On the way there they stop and you get out cause you are all going in to get food on the way from McDonald’s. you step out and stretch and Jerry and you all go in.

You decide to talk to his family. “hi are you jerrys wife?” you say to Beth.“ unfortunately LOL” she says. Your so mad and angry. Beth goes to the counter. “uhhh can i get a. Fucking large Coke and 3 tomattos and a cookie and a salad and crotons and just a little Oreo mcflurry yes that will be all” she says. When she isnt looking you take her Coke and you put 10 salt packets into it.

Next you talk to morty he is just sitting at a table tying his shoes. “Hi morty jerrys son? I’ve heard so much about you” you say. Jerry didn’t tell you anything about him but also I forgot you have mind reading powers and you just know. morty looks up at you and he says “yeah” and he takes off his shoelaces and throws them in the garbage and takes off his shoes and throws them in the garbage cause he does not know how to tie them.

now youre talkig to summer. she is skyping with her boyfriend. “And so then they all shoot the ancient minister and his cape catches on fire and its fucking rob!!!!!Oh hold on one second. Hi what do you want” she says. “Oh hi summer just…… well just saying hi cause we are camping together. Are you having fun” “no” she says. “Ok well… maybe i have something for you…” you reach into your suitcase and just pull out a book. it says WARRIORS volume 1. you hand it to her. “try reading this bitch.” “Ok maybe i will bitch!!!!”

You walk up to their grabdpa Rick. “Hi Rick.” you say. “Dontever talk to me again” he says and he takes a real gun out of his pocket and shoots you

You wake up in the trunk of the car and walk back into McDonald’s. They are all eating their nuggets. “Ok there you are you died for a little bit there” they say. Jerry takes your hand. (your name) please come in the play place with me" he says. “Ok” you say and you both go in the McDonald’s play place and you have a fun time on the slide playing tag

When you are done you go back in the trunk and go to the campsite. When you get there you get out and breathe in the fresh air and 4 mosquitos. “Ahh… The fresh air” you say… “Boy do I love camping” you say and you take your suitcase and open it up and just chug one of those bottles of bug spray.

Jerry comes up to you. He has a headband that says JERRY RULES on it and he is wearing a shirt with Dwayne the rock Johnson smiling and giving a thumbs up. he is wearing very short shorts and sandles with socks and fingerless gloves and eyeshadow and blue lipstick. He winks at you. “Are you ready to have some fun” he says. You do a little dance. “Oppa gangnam style yes i am Jerry!” You are wearing skinny jeans, your I love Jerry sweater, a wolf hat because your fursona is a wolf, high heels, and a ripped vest with fake plastic crystals on the back.

You and jerry help set up the tent whole beth and summer just drink mountain dew and no one knows where rick and morty are. when you have finished setting up the tent there are 2 wasp nests in there and you are very scared. “Kyaaa…” you squeal and hide behind Jerry. “oh no need to fear (YOUR NAME HERE) they dont call me Jerry for a reason” he said. he Walks in there and just rips off the wasp nests in his bare hands and eats them and you see him grow slightly larger as he does. He turns to you and winks. You fall over and faint

When you wake up you are in the tent. it’s pretty dark out. you go outside and morty is on fire and everyone is roasting marshmallows on him. “oh hi (name) you sure sleep a lot and die a lot!” says Jerry and they all kek and laugh together. You blush in embarrassment. Jerry walks over to you handsomely. “Hi motherfucker do you want to take a walk and play pokemon go” he asks. You pull your phone out of your (your area of choice) “Yes” you say. both of you hold hands and start walking down the dark streets.

You can see illuminated from the fires that people are having. And also Jerry is giving off a faint glow. “Wow Jerry… you’re so beautiul tonight” you say bash fully. He smiles. “Yeah I know” he whispers. “Want to go somewhere cool?” he asks. “Yes” you say and dab.

Jerry and you go deep into the woods. “Jerry I csnt see anything” you say. “Oh one moment.” He grunts hard and focuses. Hundreds of fireflies come flying over to him and land on him and he is glowing now. You are amazed and crying. “Jerry I have to say something…” you say. “I’m in love with you!”

Jerry gasps and puts a hand up to his face and he swallows some fireflies accidentally. “Oh (your name)! I’m in love with you too!”

you both lean in… but then suddenly… a green portal opens behind you. some ricks come out and one of them pushes Jerry off a cliff and he dies. “Ahhhhhhh my beautiful Jerry!!! you… you mother fuckers will pay…” you say and flex hard. You start transforming into your beast form. Your hands get long and your ears get wolf ears. Your teeth become sharp and your eyes are glowing red and you are shacking. But before you can do anything a tranquilizer dart is shot into your back and you can’t see and you fall asleep.


You wake up in a brightly colored room well its white. It’s space jail and you are in it and to your right is a big buff space man and he looks so mean and weird. “where am i…?” you moan and you look around. Then a tv comes down and a Rick is on the tv.

“Ok so we thought you were gonna be Beth lol” he says. “we didnt excepet jerry to be kissing some stranger in the woods but i guess thats just fucken jerry bitch!!!!! Anyways we cant let you go now cause we found a rare mineral in your body. in 2 days we will harvest it and you will die sorry.” and he hangs up

You collapse to the floor and start crying and bawling. Why does this happen to you? “Jerry…” you cry out. “I want your hot and sweet tender loins to come and hold me…”

“Oh really?” a voice says. You recognise that voice… Its Jerry. But he is not here! Then the alien to the left of you takes off its mask and it is Jerry. “Hi motherfucker” he says.

“OH JERRY!!!!!” you scream and run into his arms. “oh Jerry I thought you were DEAD!!!” you whisper loudly. and kiss his little eyelashes. “Oh I was. but I respawned then.” he says. “and now I’m gonna get you out of here bich!!!!”

He raises a hand above him and starts screaming. The entire prison you are locked in is turned into minecraft blocks. he absorbs them all and quickly crafts a spaceship for you to fly in. You both get in. “Hey you can’t do that what are you doing!!!!” Some ricks scream… But your flying just so much. And you go.


You arrive back at the campground in the morning. you both step out. “Jerry what the fuck” says everyone at once. you are so glad to be back on earth.

Then Jerry collapsed onto the ground. “J… Jerry…? what’s wrong…?” you ask and get on your knees to feel his forehead. He is getting sick.

“I can’t survive this long without… Nutrients…” he whimpers. “I need the earth and wood and grass to survive im running out of time” he says his eyes fading away.

You grab some dirt and wood chips and put them in his mouth. he eats them. “yum… thank you…” he says softly. “But. I’m afraid it’s too late…”

His body goes limp.

“Ah Jerry…! No!!!!!!!!!” you scream and you put your lips to jerrys and Kiss him. He starts to glow and you are kissing and he rises up and he is glowing and he suddenly had a Beaitiful white suit on and he is alive.

“Oh (your name) you brought me back…! To life…!” he says and he hugs you. “thank you the power of LOVE saved me” he says crying. Your also crying. “Oh Jerry I love you so much you are so ripped and handsome and muscular and stronf and desirable and underrated and underappreciated…” you both embrace and kiss.

“Honey” says jery to Beth. “I think… I need to see someone else.”

“ok” says Beth. “we have been divorced for 3 years Jerry.”

“haha lol!” you all have a good laugh and slap your knees and you and Jerry are glowing and kissing and you both combine and melt into each other and fuse into one big buff man.

——- EPILOGUE ——–

You now enjoy your life as a fusion perfectly happy and married and you go around giving warrior cat books to people to get them hooked on warriors.

summer also is a cat now cause she loves them so much she asked Rick to turn her into one.

Beth is single and she is loving her life she is strong and goes on dates and she brings horses to life.

Morty hasnt worn shoes in 7 years. That’s ok though he is working on it.

Rick is exactly the same but he wears eyeliner now.

—– THE END ——

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hey! this is super random but i just wanna say i think one of the main reasons i love ur blog is bc ur both a massive fan of camila and also 5h. lke thats super rare now and thats makes me sad but seeing ur blog im just like!!! nice

this is literally me reading this, this is the nicest thing ever thank you so much and i love you


WHOOOOAA DOUJIMA WAS GREAT i wasn’t expecting less anyway since it was its first time at Suntec~ THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERYONE WHO TURNED UP TO SUPPORT US (me, @parfaitsugar and @monsieur-scythebeef included)!! it felt really good to meet so many like-minded haikyuu fans and I LOVE IT WHEN U GUYS SHARE YOUR HEADCANONS/RARE SHIPS WITH ME pls do it more often HAHAHA i don’t mind! AND THANK U EVERY SINGLE ONE OF U WHO GIFTED ME THINGS U KNOW WHO YOU ARE OMG YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A SHOUJO ANIME PROTAGONIST AND THATS THE BIGGEST COMPLIMENT OK

AND IT WAS A SURPRISE to see some Dai Gyakuten Saiban fans LIKE YAASSS I LOVE U ALL i might be making more merch for that, now that i know there is some sort of fan base in sg at least!

the next upcoming con we’ll be at would be FAM (Funan anime matsuri) on 11-12th June, booth 12, so do come by to support/just say hi/scream at us again (we love it)

@hitsxgaya replied to your post “PSA: On this blog, Ichigo is gay, Shiro is pan, and the mun is bi. If…”

I’m sorry for putting that on your dash, Kari. </3

no dude, no worries!!! i just know who i gotta block now~ <3 so thanks caleb~

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Like you I didn't want to go tossing sex around like it didn't mean much, so I didn't end up losing my virginity until I was 25. I ended up marrying the dude but that's not important. Having a little self respect now days is a rare thing. Good for you. :)

I’m happy for you and finding the one. And i hope to have a similar story. However, me waiting for the right person to have sex with is not any indicator of having more “self respect” than those who have sex with a different person every day. How one views/enjoys sex is no indication of morals or anything like that.

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Funny Fact: I've never REALLY seen ace/aro representation in media and I've always been curious about "how does it feel like being recognised?". Well, a couple of days ago I was reading the wtnv novel [spoiler free!] and there was a little part talking about kids growing up and it said "and then they start liking boys, or girl, or they don't. And that's ok." and I understood... Because that little "or they don't" warmed my heart and made me so happy of not being left out~

I AM READING WTNV RIGHT NOW AND I REMEMBER THAT EXCERPT. I feel you anon, the representation is rare and precious. There is also the show Sirens (haven’t seen it yet) with blatant ace rep. But thanks for that shout out.

TOHOSHINKI With Tour Fukuoka Day 3 MC- 2nd MC session
  • *I re-listened to my own audio recording for this MC part so it supposed to be accurate*
  • CM: outside the wind blew really strong so i was really worried about the guests (audiences) that came here, but apparently I don't to worry about anything (t/n: implying that everyone was being high-spirited throughout the concert)
  • YH: indeed, see these sweats? it's so bad. since i totally lost to all of you here, let's rest for a bit while talking
  • CM: *telling the staff to move the bridge (in japanese: "ohashi" which has the exact same meaning with chopstick)
  • YH: This hashi? *while gesturing chopstick*
  • CM:
  • YH: but indeed (the bridge) looked like a chopstick isn't it?
  • CM: well yeah it probably is… anyway, can i say something personal?
  • YH: Sure
  • CM: When we went backstage for costume change I told the staff too, around the time when we performed "choosey lover" I became REALLY hungry…
  • BE: *laughs
  • to the point where I couldn't concentpfffttt…
  • BE: lol omg
  • YH: it's okay
  • CM: it's not okay! i'm really hungry!
  • YH: well if you're hungry you can eat later during the break. I'll arrange it.
  • -the bridge started moving-
  • YH: (looking down to the floor) anyway this bridge is transparent so i can see the all of your faces clearly
  • CM: I'm gonna say this honestly, no lies, but since this is the last day I thought ah it's too bad that it's over… but apparently among the 3 days I think today everyone is charged up the most.
  • BE: yeah!
  • CM: and then because tomorrow is monday everyone has to go to the office
  • YH: yes, have to go to work
  • BE: T.T
  • *************
  • CM: It's been 1 year since the last dome live tour, and tho it's been a while since the last dome live tour, it's different from last time, we didn't start from tokyo, but from osaka…no not osaka…
  • BE:
  • YH: THIS IS FUKUOKA (while wiping changmin's face lol)
  • CM: … here is fukuoka
  • YH: not osaka
  • CM: from fukuoka…… well i'm a foreigner here please be more understanding… thanks *hihi*
  • BE: kyaaa
  • CM: well from fukuoka, isn't it rare? not from tokyo
  • YH: yes yes… from the start i was thinking like "let's get hype up" and then because everyone here is so hype i feel like i'm lost already, so from now… oh the response is so quiet so we're going to the next song
  • BE: EEHHH!?
  • YH: yes yes, that's better, be good, don't be selfish
  • BE: lol
  • -explains about the meaning of WITH-
  • -gags-
  • *in all other days only Yunho would do the gag but today BE spontaneously asked Changmin to do gag as well*
  • YH: you hear they also want you to do it
  • BE: YEAH!!
  • CM: … what should i perform
  • YH: doesn't have to be rassen gorerai just say whatever you wanna say
  • *yunho told changmin to do it since he said whatever coming from changmin would be funny*
  • CM: ANYTHING's fine?
  • YH: But there are kids here
  • CM: i know right… but i still have to do my job right… but being told to do this… also the fact that i never do rassen gorerai… so maybe a little
  • YH: yes anything's fine
  • CM: no, i mean can i sing a song for a bit
  • *changmin starts singing and in 3 seconds yunho cuts in with rassen gorerai and two of them high-fived*
  • CM (to yunho): thank you I was saved!
  • YH: you want to hear more isn't it? so please wait a moment
  • CM: please sing it (yourself) in the karaoke
  • -end of translation-
How is this for real?

Are you telling me they are actually spending Christmas together????????? For real!!!! I can’t stop crying right now I’m so emotional! After a whole year of rarely getting anything this is just like the old days! SO OBVIOUS I JUST CAN’T!! THIS HAS TO BE THE CRAZIEST THING THATS HAPPENED!!! CHRISTMAS REALLY TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I know it’s been over a year since I’ve posted in the tag but I just can’t take it anymore!!!! This is crazy! I promise I’ve never left @madd09 has been keeping me updated everyday so I know what’s going on I’ve just been too busy to post in here. How is everyone going? I’ve missed you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've followed you for awhile now and I honestly just love who you are. You're one of the most genuine people I've ever come across, and that's so rare. You're like finding a diamond in a sea of coal, or a lighthouse that shines when the rest of the world is dark. I know you don't think highly of yourself, but I just want you to know you are literally the most amazing person I've ever had the privilege of even being aware of your existence. I love you, and I hope one day you do the same.

You cannot imagine how you made me feel. This message is so sweet. I think you deserve so much! Thank you 💗