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1. 5 Seconds of Summer, “She Looks So Perfect”

One of the weirdest things about music, besides “everything,” is you never know where your next favorite song is coming from. Case in point: in 2014 it’s these four Australian teen-pop punk boys yelling, “You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear.” Their breakthrough hit is a blast of big-hearted girl worship, all guitars and pheromones: “I made a mixtape straight out of ‘94/I got your ripped skinny jeans lying on my floor.” 5SoS played this at MetLife in August when they were opening for One Direction, in front of 80,000 screaming girls, the drummer wearing a Sonic Youth Confusion Is Sex T-shirt under a MIXTAPE '94 backdrop. Not a thing about that moment or this song makes sense. It’s real punk because it’s real pop, it’s real pop because it’s real punk, yet it’s real anything only because it’s faux everything. Underwear song of the year. Mixtape song of the century. Underwear-and-mixtape combo of all time. And I know now that I’m so down.

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Yes, we made it!
                This calls for a victory fanfare!

Let your education begin ! [ LISTEN ]

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01. Swing, Swing, Swing ; The All-American Rejects 02. Out On The Town (Bonus Track) ; Fun. 03. Right Here (Ft. Foxes) ; Rudimental 04. America’s Suitehearts ; Fall Out Boy 05. Reckless ; You Me At Six 06. She Looks So Perfect ; 5 Seconds of Summer 07. Weightless ; All Time Low 08. Round and Round ; Imagine Dragons 09. 400 Lux ; Lorde 10. Everybody Talks ; Neon Trees 11. Jesus Christ ; Brand New 12. Next In Line ; Walk The Moon 13. Nine In The Afternoon ; Panic! At The Disco 14. West Coast ; The Neighbourhood 15. Snap Out of It ; Arctic Monkeys 16. The City ; 1975 17. Undercover Martyn ; Two Door Cinema Club 18. Gold On the Ceiling ; The Black Keys 19. Life on the Nickel (remix) ; Foster the People 20. Home ; Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 21. Dreaming ; Smallpools 22. Millionaires ; The Script 23. Starry Eyed ; Ellie Goulding 24. Something I Need ; OneRepublic 25. California ; Phantom Planet

Can you just imagine...

If Scorpio had to narrate the Cinderella story to his kid? XDDDD


“Why do I have to read this for you?! Why can’t your mother do it?!”

- realizes MC is actually not around (at work) in the first place - 

-Sees his kid giving him the cutest giant puppy eyes - 

“…………F-F….FINE. Ugh where did you learn how to do that?” 

“The stepmother and the two step sisters made Cindrella a slave in the house after her father’s passing.” 

“What the…Those damn human *BEEP BEEP*! Just thought they could boss Cinderella around like that?!” 

Dui suddenly rushed in when he heard Scorpio cursing in front of his child, hurrying over and quickly cover both hands on the child’s ears as he anxiously look to his vice minister, “S-Scorpio! Don’t cuss in front of your child like that!” 

Scorpio glares furiously, but later turn his glare to the current page of the storybook,  This is why I hate humans. Just bullying and looking down on the weak like that and taking advantage of them–” &^&^&@*$&@*&!! 

Dui let out a nervous laughter, “S-Scorpio, that’s beside the point…” 

The child hadn’t moved a muscle but she blinked in confusion, “… Papa?” 


“Tch.” Scorpio frowned after he read to the part when the fairy godmother comes to aid Cinderella, “Are you for real, fairy lady? You could’ve at least extended it. Midnight is too short.” 

In the end: 

Scorpio shuts the book close, sighing and then look down at his child who’s just smiling brightly as though the sun could never be shielded by the gloomy clouds. After reading that fairy tale, he realized one thing… 

“You know what,” He said, carrying his kid in his arms, smirking confidently. Then, with a simple snap of his finger, a tiny glass shoe appear at the tip of his finger, floating with his magic. “I’m obviously not a fairy godmother. But if I am going to turn my little girl a princess, I’ll do it with just a snap.” 

The child giggled in delight, “Papa is the best!” 


This is not a full, well constructed fic obviously but I am planning to write these XD hehehehehe UGH I just can’t get it out of my head so might as well write away anyway. 

I’m just thinking what kind of fairytale would each god narrate to his kid. 

Maybe Karno should take ‘The Star Money’ >w< or hmmmmm~ 


Scarlett’s tattoos appreciation post!


Check out his bbrrrEEeaaaatthtHTHHTh