that's so new york

gramander, obviously

cause i write only about those two haha

Im also drunk, and bored af. S im pulling something from my idea page and im going to roll with it for now. 

Newt is the last surviving member of the Scamander family. He useshis parents vast fortune to purchase animals in black market deals and auctions. Its not legal at all, but the trade of animals is illegal. He buys them so that he can nurse them back to health, study them for his book, and then release them back into thier natural habitats. He just has a fuck ton of money, and thats all he wants to do.

So he goes to New York to participate in this auction involving what rumors tell him is a thunderbird. But when he arrives in New York he is arrested because he uses magic in front of Jacob nd all that. Then Percival (The real one, grindelwald didnt take overhis body in this one) get wind they have scamander in custody and Graves knows hes involved in that and they talk, and he offers scamander a deal. He will let Newt go and his creatures no charge, if he gets him into the auction. So newt agrees, and they end up working together. There will be lots of UST and also they like to head butt on things, because Percy is like RULES and Newt is like, MORALITY and Percival agrees that the animals need help, and he knows that the laws are lacking when it comes to creatures, but they are still rules, how many do you want me to bend for you because this is like against what i know dammit newt i think i love you. Hes so fiery and passionate about his creatures. 

and then LOVE obv. Im going to go to bed now probably.

Astro’s reaction to you kissing their cheek~

Thank you for the request exoandbtsreactions~

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While waiting for the bus to take you two home you come up behind Jinwoo and kiss him on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

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Natasha was the person to introduce Steve to skinny jeans and Tony has not stopped thanking her since. 

The first time Steve wore them was when they went out on a team dinner and Tony almost cried tears of joy. 

All i want from life is to know how mandy patinkin reacted to finding out that the crew had finally enough of his bull and had gideon murdered and also how he reacted when he found out they kind of made light of it by having jj and garcia have an ice cream party almost smack bang on the blood pool

I don’t ask for much. 

But i want this. 



I might not have told you everything about why I left New York.


heathers meme

Day 9: Favorite non-Veronica/JD Actor

↳ Jessica Keenan Wynn


Charlie in Family Limitation

“Since when do you need permission to look at the ocean?”

just get one large popcorn and share it.