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I live for the concept of McCree wearing those Southern Girl shirts as a joke. You know the ones, with fifty different fonts in five different colors that say things like “Texas Princess” or “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” or “Relax, Cowboy, I was looking at your gun”. He wears them all as a joke cuz way back in the Blackwatch days, Gabe saw one and commented on how it fit McCree’s ugly ass cowboy aesthetic, and he bought them out of spite. And then it just carried on over the years so now people always try to find the ugliest ones they can to give him for his birthday or at Christmas. Hanzo hates them at first but gets used to it, because it’s funny as fuck and stupid and he’ll be damned if Jesse doesn’t actually fit them in a terrible way. Eventually Jesse buys him one (its a tank top that says “I don’t wear bows, I shoot them” and Hanzo hates it but loves it at the same time and wears it to bed each night.


[Hey guys! @1-800-pipedream​ did these absolutely AMAZING cosplays for our AU and I’m honestly so flattered! Starry and I were both freaking out earlier about how great these two looked and honestly I still am freaking out, lmao.

Thank you guys for submitting and showing your cosplays to us! Everything about this cosplay is gorgeous! 💕  If you’d like to see more of their work, you can visit their Instagram page here! ]

~ A little poster for the orbiting human circus (of the air) ~

Julian is honestly …. the sweetest boy, and he deserves the world <3

Happy #SyndullaSunday with an eversoslightly different photo!

((OOC: I did a full run-through of my Viktor cosplay last night so it’s officially comic con ready! <3)) 

Crop top yuuri cosplay (ft my friend who took the photo) ignore my derpy face. Also @zephyrine-gale who gave me the idea and made me wanna wear croptops. Ty for the crop top yuuri revolution.

couples of the Shadowhunters canon AU  // moodboard


Okay so GUESS who did a cosplay test (and a makeup test lmao) to yoosung kim and HELLA LIKED IT ((((((it’s me))))))) also yes it’s seven’s jacket lol (btw my cosplay account at Instagram is @monoiia then pls go and follow if you liked the cosplay)


“My name is Angus McDonald, that part you already know… I am - and I’m NOT being braggy, ‘cause my grandpa says not to do that - but I am the world’s greatest detective.”


My Sheikah Slate is coming together nicely! Just gotta clean up the edges and then I can paint it and add the final details :D

The gold eye pieces are just taped on for now, and the handle isn’t glued in place. That will all be glued on after painting.

Damn I’m really spoiling my nephew with this 😅 (He doesn’t get to keep it though. No way am I giving this away after all this work)

i’m actually really proud of sarah from the amazing world of gumball because even though she’s annoying loOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HER ART




(please click through for high-res)

Okay, Anime North 2017! All general photos are now up on my facebook page! (Since tumblr is being really dumb about links, please click on the source of this post, or go to the sidebar on my blog proper!)

I’m still in awe over the turnout this year, and would like to thank everyone who let me stop them for a minute or two!! ❤ ❤ ❤  Now I can focus on finishing up shoots and already start to dream about next year! ♡

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