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some of my friends are finding out that my blog has like….a pretty large amount of followers and they’re asking if i can make them famous but they don’t seem to understand i only got here because i make posts about how much i cry over harry potter and his dead parents like


(the magicians, the show is the magicians)

gaining approval in da2: careful consideration of each dialogue response, micromanaging you party because some characters literally can’t be taken out together without losing approval, the eternal struggle of Getting Carver To Love You Back

gaining approval in dai: i stood on a hill and watched a bear fighting darkspawn on the storm coast and blackwall slightly approved three times

i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.


“If it wanted to wrap its weird arms around me, I wouldn’t say no” -New England Aquarium advertising

♚ so we all know 2016 was a hell of a year,,, but like on the bright side i made this blog back in march, i joined the marvel and dc fandom and this blog even managed to gain 1.5k followers and talk to a bunch of new an awesome people

so heres to 2017 and all those amazing people that bring life to my dash with our shared interested i love you and hope 2017 is a good one (or atleast better than 2016 yikes)  ♚

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