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Blush.. wouldn't.. hurt a fly.. would she? With those buff arms??

I’ll punch a fly idgaf 

(Today’s daily was guest drawn by @vulpixesdaily!)

Piero’s Famous Pizza, Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Florida

My girlfriend and I stopped in 2 or 3 pizza parlors on Collins Ave. in Miami Beach and in everyone of them the pizza looked terrible. Finally we came across Piero’s, which had large slices that looked edible. I ordered the Chicken Alfredo slice. It came out looking amazing, however looks are deceiving. 

First off, the slice overall was bland. I was disappointed to say the least. All the toppings on this slice made my mouth water until I actually started eating and realized that it was nothing special. 

The crust was the worst part. I could not even finish it. It was so burnt and dry my jaw hurt from chewing on it. South Florida is living up to last year’s legacy of terrible pizza.

Also all the AS Roma memorabilia was making my stomach sick. Napoli all the way baby.

~ Sweet Lou


Here’s a lesson in pizza safety for all you pizza novices from the one and only, Eric Andre. Enjoy!

There’s not many options in terms of food at the Kean University dining hall. Pizza is always available, but sadly it’s cold and disgusting.  The cheese is coagulated and the sauce tastes like ketchup. I would rather eat my own foot than ever eat this abomination again.

Rating: 0/5