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He’s got a cool head. He’s taken in the two people who insulted him the most, Carol and Daryl. He sees their insults as a defense mechanism. He can see pain in their aggression and find a way to work around it.

Hey Morgan, let me tell you about my girl Carol.

Hey Richard, I’ll kill you if you breathe near Carol.

Hey Carol you hurt me but damn ok hug me.

Hey Carol don’t cry I love you so much I’m gonna lie to you.

Hey Carol thanks for dinner here I go.. no, wait get in my arms one more time and take care of yourself.

Hey Shiva, you’re ferocious yet gentle and you nuzzle me just like Carol.

Hey Morgan you don’t know me - oh my bad you know that Carol is the most important thing in my life.

(but this is a big Carol/Ezekiel episode ohhh ok then..)

All love and respect to YNB, but here’s why I gotta disagree with that she said about Daryl being like a little boy during that moment on Carol’s doorstep (and I’m sure all this has been said before, but this is just my two cents).

From my perspective, he didn’t seem like a little boy at all, but a mature man who was secure enough in himself to be honest about his feelings. When have we ever seen Daryl be that emotionally raw and honest? Usually when he’s upset, he either goes off on his own to cry or covers it up by getting angry instead. But in that moment with Carol, he couldn’t hide what he was feeling from her - and he didn’t try to. He was hurting and he needed her to know that. He needed to talk with her about it.

After all he’s been through with the Saviors - watching his friends get brutally murdered, feeling responsible for it, being tortured and broken by Negan - he needed Carol. His confidante, his soulmate, his person. He needed her and she wasn’t there, and in that moment on Carol’s porch, he was admitting to that. That moment was Daryl being 100% open and honest and real with her about what he was feeling. It honestly felt more like a grand romantic gesture than anything else to me.

That is not the face of a little boy looking at his mom. That is the face of a broken man whose wife left him and he doesn’t understand why. (Also, little boys do not look their mothers up and down the way Daryl is doing. Just saying ;D)

As for what Chris said… come on, you guys, he’s a talk show host. He was obviously trying to get a reaction out of Yvette when he said that. On the night 7x10 aired, he said that when Daryl went back for that second hug, there was so much tension he thought Daryl was going to grab Carol and make out with her. His job is to be entertaining and most of his statements are made with the intention of getting a reaction. Don’t take it at face value and don’t get all riled up. It’s not going to change anything either way :)

So here is a thing:

  • You can ship the hell out of Caryl and still love Tobin.
  • You can ship the hell out of Caryl and still love Morgan.
  • You can ship the hell out of Caryl and still love Ezekiel.

And what’s more:

  • You can ship the hell out of Caryl and still think Tobin’s a sweet guy who did his best with the information he had about the amazing woman in front of him.
  • You can ship the hell out of Caryl and still enjoy Carol’s friendship with Morgan.
  • You can ship the hell out of Caryl and still enjoy Carol’s friendship with Ezekiel, and even revel in the fact that maybe Ezekiel has a little bit of a crush on her

I have shipped Caryl like burning from the moment I landed in this fandom and i will ship them like burning until the day I die. But from all the information we have now, none of the relationships I’ve mentioned threaten the Caryl relationship in any way. (I’m making no predictions. Gimple remains Gimple which means I trust no 1.)

The fact remains that character love and any genuine love actually is not a pie. You don’t hit the last serving and run out, ever. You don’t love Daryl less if you happen to enjoy everything about Tobin, Morgan, Ezekiel, or all three.

And I for one am delighted – after years of Carol being treated as the person who did the laundry and cooked the meals and watched the kids – to see her sitting in a house being visited by multiple men who find her smart, sexy, fascinating, clearly their equal, and someone they unquestionably trust as one of the most capable combatants in the zpoc.

I am living for the moment she puts on that Kingdom armor. Gimme it.

Once Caryl goes canon, Daryl’s gonna be unstoppable. He touches her a lot now, so can you imagine what he’ll be like once they’re actually together, together? After they’ve started kissing, when they’re in the honeymoon phase of their relationship…

Daryl is not a touchy-feely guy – except that he is when it comes to Carol. He touches her more than he touches anyone else, he talks to her in his soft voice almost all the time, he hugs her no matter who’s watching.

So just imagine what a big, fluffy dork he’s going to be when they become more than friends. Once he starts kissing Carol, he’s never gonna want to stop. He’s going to become that guy; kissing her every chance he gets and being a complete puppy in her presence because that’s already who Daryl is when he’s with Carol.

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

                                                       - A.A. Milne

She didn’t cry herself to sleep ...


What also kills me is the other scene inside the RV, after Sophia comes out of the barn, every single time, in which she literally describes him as a child when she talks about her daughter.

Daryl, who is often described as the “emotionally stunted redneck”, is the only one among all these other well-adjusted adults who has the guts to go after Carol at this most horrible time of her life, when all hope is lost, when they have seen Sophia as a walker, and have seen Rick put her down - after this loss that shapes her entire life from this point forward.

He probably thinks that she will hate or despise him now for giving her false hope for finding Sophia, for not doing enough, for not trying hard enough, for not searching long enough each day - for failing. He is very probably afraid of having lost her appreciation, because until now, he is used to only being appreciated for what he can contribute, for what he can do - and when there is nothing he can do, or when he’s failed, he gets scorned, maybe ridiculed, maybe beaten. Probably not that last, by Carol, he might think, but scorn, anger, hate even … maybe. Probably. Certainly no more appreciation for what he tried but ultimately failed to do.

But he still feels that she should not be alone at a time like this, that someone should be with her, and since nobody else is going, he decides that, just like he went out to look for Sophia, he will now try to help Carol by being there for her, by not leaving her alone.

Yet Carol is far from blaming him. She doesn’t put this on him, she doesn’t hold it against him as personal failure. Instead, being who she is, she only thinks of Sophia, and tries to put herself in her child’s place, and tries to find solace in the horrors Sophia did not have to endure:

“She didn’t cry herself to sleep. She didn’t go hungry. She didn’t try to find her way back.”

Carol doesn’t even know he was lost as a child for days and nobody ever noticed, or went out to look for him. He told that story to Andrea while they were out looking for Sophia that first night on the highway right after she was lost, and as far as we know, this died with her. He is now again the only person who knows about this.

Yet Carol empathizes with Sophia and with Daryl as a child, lost in the woods, when she describes exactly what he was doing and feeling back then, and she doesn’t make fun of a child afraid in the woods, or crying at night, alone in the dark out there, the way Merle and his dad probably would have, had they found out about it. Instead, he can see how she sees how horrible this would be for a child, how she suffers for a child going through that, he can see and feel her compassion that he never got from anyone when he himself was this lost child, and right after that, we see his face and see how deeply this moves him, how it heals some of the pain that he still feels over this.

During her worst moments, she soothes a place inside of him that has been hurting for decades.

We’re not dead.



T O G E T H E R.



Okay, so I know this is right the hell back in season 3, but I still can’t get over the exchange between Glenn and Daryl…

“What do you want us to tell Carol?”

“She’ll understand.”

This was one of the moments back then that solidified their relationship for me. And all the events afterwards when she runs to the car to look for him and sees he’s not there and she gets so worried and upset, I just don’t understand how that, along with ALL the other evidence, doesn’t point to them being a thing.

Why would Glenn even have to ask that? Why would he feel the need to ask how they were going to break it to her that he was leaving? WHY HER?

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