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Portugal is on fire... again

For my followers who want to know here’s what’s going on in my country:

  • As of this Monday, 7 pm: 36 dead, one of them a pregnant 19 year-old girl and another a month old baby; 7 people are missing, 55 are injured and 15 of those are in critical state;
  • Over 300 fires started this weekend in our small country;
  • This has been declared the worst day of the year in wildfires in our country (and if you remember, in June we had the biggest tragedy in human lives due to wildfires too);
  • Schools have been closed down all over the county, classes cancelled, people aren’t able to go to work because many roads are closed;
  • It was expected rain but so far we haven’t been lucky;
  • It’s October 16 and yet we’ve been dealing with temperatures of over 30ºC (hopefully it’s going down soon);
  • It’s believed that most of those fires were started by humans and worsened by unclean forests, high temperatures, no rain and very strong winds;
  • 46 fires are still going, 3611 people are on the field;
  • People are gathering in the center of their towns, escaping the fires and looking for shelter after losing everything;
  • 20 active fires and 20 of the mortal victims are from my district so I’m currently keeping watch along with everyone in my village because a fire is closing in on us. If you could spread this I’d appreciate it. Firefighters are exhausted, we don’t have enough means to put down all these fires. If the rain doesn’t come to help we might need help from other countries so we need to spread the news;
  • EDIT: injured is now 63, 16 in critical state.

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M!A: Have neko ears for 5 asks.

~ Le poof.~

M!A : Start. 0/5

Alfred: I’m going to Hell.

Am I the only one who notices how well Panda and Ohm click well together? And Panda and Smii7y? And also Ohm and Smii7y?
Like these three seem to get mesh really well together. It might be because they’re “newer” to the friend group / don’t seem as close to the group as the rest of the guys. But if you listen for it, you can recognize just how much they interact during recording/streaming sessions and literally hear how friendly they are with each other even when they’re raging at each other.
I really love these three’s dynamic

You better get up while you can.

I’m Coming Home (From All the Places I Have Been)

As we’re waiting for tonight’s ep… here is a little post-7x02, full of fluff Peraltiago OS, because we need more domestic scenes between them :)

Title is from Shannon LaBrie’s song “Calls me Home”.

Read it on AO3 or under the cut.

It’s not the usual music of the first of her three alarm clocks that wakes Amy up that morning, but the actual voice of someone singing coming from somewhere inside her apartment.

She’s startled at first, when she hears it, still kind of stuck in that place between awake and sleep, and even a little worried – who the hell broke into her place?! – but then she turns her head, and actually sees the crumpled sheets on Jake’s side of the bed, and that’s when she remembers as she finally emerges completely from her sleeping state.

She’s dreamt of it so many times the past few months – of him being back here, with her – that it now feels a bit surreal, that this is the truth. That he is indeed in their apartment, doing whatever he is doing presently, only a few meters separating them from one another.

For a moment she doesn’t move, laying in the dark of the room with her eyes wide open staring at the ceiling, a smile growing wider and wider with each new second passing during which she just listens to his cover of a Taylor Swift song (or what she thinks she recognises as a Taylor Swift song – from where she is, she can’t quite figure out the words nor the melody) until realisation suddenly hits her, and her attitude immediately changes from relaxed to completely worried.

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This is a few weeks older than the other thing I uploaded, first time drawing most of them. Uploaded later cause /priorities/ and forgetfulness, and despite resolving not to finish I kept messing with it. Messed around with Infinite’s coloring a bit. I think I’ll redraw this at some point. Meaning I want to, though it’s not likely.

Based off this/

Got sexually harassed getting dinner with my toddler lads 🙃🙃🙃

hey its an early christmas gift for
@monotonefair @oogoobooga @pachihiro

bc these cuties deserve everything good in this world and im love them very much!!

i hope you guys enjoy and happy holidays ;3c