that's she will never see his face again

When Daryl turns around, you can see the fear and caution in his eyes. Is it an enemy? Are we ever going to catch a break?

And then you see him register her. Carol. And his shoulders relax and his face melts into wonder, hope, happiness, and dare I say it…love.

This is someone he had thought he would never see again. A woman who had been ripped away from him by someone he calls brother.

Yet, here she is. Mud still in her hair. His crossbow swinging at her side.

And without any hesitation, he runs. A man who had been allergic to the touch of others. A man who had flinched when she first kissed his forehead. A man who used to distance himself from others, from her. This all dissolves. He has one clear path.

And that path is her.