that's she will never see his face again

It Hurts Like Hell 
                                    - Part VI
Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 521
warning : reader character’s death (be warned - this chapter was the hardest
to write because i just couldn’t stop crying)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
*not my gif

Y/N spent the next few weeks barely leaving Kai’s apartment. She couldn’t stand being around her friends right now… Every time she saw any of them , the pain of what they did crushed her heart all over again. She loved Kai still and knew that one way or another he’d be back. Either he’d find his way out of there or she’d find someone to do the spell and bring him back. Lilly Salvatore wasn’t going to give up either , she was sure of it.

Y/N woke up in Kai’s bed feeling someone’s hands around her waist.
I’m just imagining it. she thought. It hasn’t been the first time since Kai got trapped in 1903 that she felt as if someone was there with her. Everywhere around the apartment , she’d see his face , hear his voice…. but this time it felt different. It felt more real than before. Y/N rolled over and found Kai starring at her.
“K-kai ?” she said startled. “No … no … I’m imagining it again.” tears started filling her eyelids.
“Don’t cry. ” he said wiping a tear from her face.“I hate it when you cry… I am really  here. I am real.”
Kai watched as his words started sinking into Y/N’s mind , her eyes widening when she realised it was really him standing there , a smile spreading across her face melting his heart.He had missed her more than he thought possible.
“OH MY … KAI !” she said rolling over , standing on top of him. “You are back !!! How … when ?” a wide grin on her face. “You know , never mind that … You are here !!” she said leaning in to kiss him deeply.
“Wow , calm down baby.” he said grinning too.
“I can’t ! I missed you so much …” she said unable to keep her lips off of his. “I love you ! I love you!”
Kai laughed , the most beautiful sound in the whole universe filling in the room.
“I love and missed you too Y/N. More than you can imagine.” he said , resting his forehead against her before pushing her away  ,sitting on the bed with a serious look on his face.
Y/N was confused for a moment as to what was happening. She took his hand and he turned towards her , a grim smile on his face.
“What is it ?” she asked.
“Nothing… ” he said , “Thats a beautiful dress you got there…”
“Thanks .. It’s for Jo’s wedding….  which is today. They are making me go even tho I told them specifically I never wanted to see any of them ever again.” Y/N said sadly.
“Are you going to the wedding ?” Kai asked , same grim look on his face.
“I was thinking about going … All the Gemini will be here and I thought , maybe somehow I’d convince one of them to help me break you out of 1903 prison world , or at least get them to send me there.” Y/N watched as Kai’s lips turned into a smile.
“You wanted to go to 1903 just to be with me ? Stuck reliving the same day over and over again for all eternity ?” he said surprised.
“I couldn’t bare another moment being away from you.” she said as Kai wrapped his hands around her.
“Neither could I.” Kai said , kissing her forehead. “There is something I have to tell you. I am going to make them pay for what they did… but I need you to stay here , OK. Don’t go to the wedding.”
“Why not ? ” she asked confused. “Malachai Parker , what have you got planned for today ?”

Y/N sat there listening to Kai’s plan , her eyes wide with shock and fear but not because of what he wanted to do. She had learned a long time ago that when you cross Kai , things get ugly. No , she was afraid because he didn’t know her friends like she did. They’d kill him for what he was planning to do.. for what he had already done. … but there was no talking him out of it. He made her promise that she wouldn’t go and she promised , knowing very well in the end she will break that promise. It was better this way - she’d have a chance to try and get him to pull back on his plan… and she didn’t want him to put a boundary spell on the apartment to keep her in there.

*  *  *

Y/N got dressed and drove to the wedding. As she was getting out of the car , her eyes fell on Kai who was standing on the edge of the forest. He motioned for her to follow. She looked around a few times , making sure no one could see her and walked towards him following him into the forest. They walked in silence for a while until they were far away so no one can hear them.
“You shouldn’t be here.” he said. “You promised me.”
There was hurt in his voice , he wasn’t angry … he was sad.
“Where else would I be?” she asked , wrapping her hands around him. “Don’t do this Kai.” Y/N pleaded.
“I’m sorry. I have to.” he said pressing his lips against hers. “I love you so much , Y/N.” he said and suddenly dissapeared into thin air.
“Kai , please … I know you can still hear me. I can’t lose you.” she said , her voice breaking. “I love you …”
But no answer came. Y/N had no idea if Kai was still there with her or not.

Jo and Alaric’s wedding was a complete disaster. In the very beginning everything had been perfectly fine , she even felt someone holding her hand and there was no question who it was… then suddenly that someone was gone.
Kai went through with his plan , interrupting the wedding right before Jo has finished her wedding vow. All the mayhem that followed sent Y/N across the room and onto the floor , hitting her head , pieces of glass piercing in her stomach. She was badly hurt and the pain was so strong but none of it even compared to seeing Kai stab himself in the neck with a piece of glass. Y/N tried to get to him but each move caused the glass shards to move further into her body. She cried out for help but her scream was muffled by others.
A couple of times she blacked out. When she became concious again , there was someone standing over her , trying to remove the glass pieces.  Her vision was blurry but the voice she heard … she’d recognize it anywhere. In fact , she was sure his voice could bring her back from the dead , that’s how strong hold he had on her.
“Don’t move.” Kai said pulling another piece of glass out of her stomach. Y/N groaned in pain. “Damn it …” he cursed under his breath. “That one has penetrated deeper , hold on.”
A few moments later Kai had the piece pulled out , a loud scream tearing itself free from Y/N’s throat. He bit his wrist and gave her his blood to heal her. Y/N shot up straight wrapping her hands around him and cupping his face before kissing his soft lips.
“You are OK!” she said , relief in her voice. “I saw you die … I … ” suddenly tears started falling down her face.  Kai pulled her in close and kissed her deeply.
“Leave.” Kai said , suddenly serious. Y/N looked at him confused.
“Leave? What ? NO ! I am not leaving you !” she protested.
Kai grabbed her shoulders , locking eyes with her. “I love you , Y/N… and I want you out of harms way. You can’t be here for what comes next.” He kissed her forehead before continuing “If something happens to you … I … ” Kai’s eyes darted to her vervain bracelet and he took it off. “God , I hope this works … Listen to me Y/N - leave and forget you saw me today. I’ll find you when this is all over. I love you.” he said looking straight into her eyes. Without her vervain bracelet Y/N couldn’t fight the compulsion and did exactly as Kai compelled her to do.
Kai watched as the girl he loves left through the doors not turning around and his heart broke a little at the thought he had almost lost her… but he was going to make damn sure that never happened again.

*   *   * 

A few hours later , Y/N’s phone rang. It was Stefan , he wanted her to go to the Salvatore house. Something had happened. Y/N got in her car and drove over. When she got there , Damon explained to her how Kai had linked Elena’s life to Bonnie and then had tried to kill Bonnie… so he had killed him.
Y/N’s eyes widened , she shook her head refusing to believe what Damon had told her.
“No. No, you are lying.” she said , tears filling her eyes. “Kai is not dead , he can’t be dead ! ” she kept repeating , more to herself to anyone else. Stefan poured her a drink and handed it over to her. She wrapped her hands around the glass starring into nothing , tears streaming down her face. Y/N got up and threw the glass across the room , smashing it in the fireplace. Caroline tried to hug her , but Y/N pushed her away , got up and walked into the kitchen to get some water.
The prospect of living without Kai was ripping a whole straight through her chest, she couldn’t breath. None of this was supposed to happen. Kai was supposed to return to her , they were supposed to have a future together and now … everything was gone and all she saw was emptiness and pain. Y/N hadn’t even realised her hand had wrapped around one of the sharpest knifes as she made up her mind.
“What are you doing ?” Stefan asked , startling her. She hadn’t even realise she had been followed. “Put that knife down.” he said slowly taking a step towards her , his arm outstretched. “Don’t do this …”
“I can’t live without him , Stefan.” Y/N said , her voice dangerously cold. “I don’t want to go on living knowing he is gone. My life without him doesn’t exist.” she said and before Stefan had had the time to reach her , Y/N had slit her own throat , collapsing on the ground , the cut so deep she bleed out in seconds. The pain was about to go away forever and wherever Kai was at this moment , she was soon going to be with him.

Stefan tried to heal her , but it was too late. He lifted her lifeless body and took her to the living room , tears in his eyes. Caroline rushed towards Y/N , her hand on her mouth , listening to Stefan explain what had happened and how he hadn’t been able to save her. He laid her body on the couch holding her hand and glancing at Damon who poured himself another drink and just walked out of the room.

Y/N took a shallow breath. She had slit her own throat … but wherever she was , clearly her plan had failed. She grasped for air , her eyes wide with confusion. Y/N was in the Salvatore house living room alone. Where was everyone and why was her throat aching like this ? Y/N reached with her hand to rub it , her neck wet. When she looked at her hand which was now covered in blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath.
The doors opened , Stefan and Damon walked inside.
“Stefan?” Y/N asked confused , his eyes widening. “What is happening to me ?”
Stefan walked towards her confused , reaching for her face , searching for pulse. There was none. “I think … I think you died with vampire blood in your system.” he said turning to look at Damon , who just couldn’t be bothered with anything at the time.
Y/N started crying. This was not what she wanted. Becoming a vampire was never on her list. All she had wanted was to die and maybe find Kai wherever he had gone after Damon killed him.
“No , no… ” she shook her head tears streaming down her face. Memories slowly started flooding back , a highlight of her transition and her eyes widened. “Kai…” she said.
Stefan looked at confused. “What are you talki- ?”
“Kai gave me his blood , at the wedding. I was injured , he … he healed me.” she said putting a hand over her mouth. “Oh God…He compelled me to forget I ever saw him today.” she said trailing off.  "I died with his blood in my system.“
Terror flooded her , she never wanted to become a vampire and now she had to make a choice.  
“I never wanted this …” she said , her voice hollow. Stefan pulled her into a hug.
“Damon ?” he said , but when no response followed her raised his voice. “Damon ! ” finally catching his attention. “Go get a blood bag from downstairs.”
Y/N pulled away shocked shaking her head.
“Just in case …” Stefan said “It’s your choice , but whatever you decide just know I’ll be there to help you through it.” Y/N nodded as thoughts started swirling through her mind , trying to make a pro / cons list. After a few minutes she gave up. Most of her friends were vampires , she knew exactly what would happen if she made the choice to become one. Blood lust. Destruction and mayhem…
Damon dropped the blood bag next to her and quietly walked upstairs to his room.  Stefan wanted to stay with her , but Y/N told him she’d be alright alone.
“Just … call out if you need something.” he said starting to leave the room.
“Wait…” Y/N said , making him turn around. “Where… where did you bury him ? I want to go there. Now.”

Stefan and Y/N walked through the forest , not too far from the Salvatore Boarding House. It was dark and a slight chill was in the air , or maybe she felt it because technically she was dead now. A few minutes passed and finally they reached a spot where the ground had been freshly dug up.
“I’ll give you some time alone.” Stefan said quietly. Y/N only nodded and sat on the ground , dropping the blood bag next to her.  She buried her fingers in the dirt and started crying. Whatever pain she had felt before , everything was getting amplified now. Kai was right there next to her , but she couldn’t touch him or see him. He was gone forever. She felt so lost without him. All memories they had shared were swirling like a tornado in her mind - the first time she had met him , their first kiss … the last time he told her he loved her.  And the last thing he had done for her - saving her life … twice.  A small smile spread across her face at the thought that his blood is currently running through her veins , a part of him was inside her. In that moment she made her decision - if becoming a vampire would mean keeping a part of him close , then that’s what she’d do. 


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Sup some Langst and Pidge angst cuz i miss my Friends so Imma wright some annnggststtt

Can see it as Pidge x Lance if you want i wont judge, even though its not neccecarely one of my ships 0:

Tw: Suicidal thoughts, self-harm mention and homesickness so yeah

Pidge walks down the cold and lingering hallways, distracting her thoughts from the past, to the present. she doesnt want to think about the past, and, the present is the best that can exist, as you don’t know what could happen in the future, and it scares you, like the dark in a place you haven’t been in before, or a stranger taking your hand in a omnious place. And if you would’ve ever thought about the past? You get stuck, clawing through rose-thorns, hurting your entire being, feeling like you're walking on mud and never getting to a destination that doesn’t even exist.

She keeps walking down the dark castle halls, getting away from the past, although it may feel like she’s walking on mud, clawing through those painful thorns, she can take the cold.

The present may seem like its hurtful.

But its the best you can have at the moment.

* * *

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Distraction - Nate Maloley Imagine

Request :

can I get an imagine where skate decides to break up with y/n because he finds her as a distraction to his music and y/n understands it so they part ways but he later regrets it a lot and wants her back but its not that easy because y/n was seeing another guy so he tries super hard to win her back and it later paid off im sorry if its too much xo




I was sitting at the studio attempting to write a new verse for my upcoming album but I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking about Y/N. I tap my one against the hardwood desk and I am rubbing my left temple with the other hand. 

I see my phone light up and its her. I push my phone away trying to focus on the lyrics. After about a minute or two I give in and place my thumb over the sensor showing the name with small hearts next to it. I rub my face and read through her cute little messages. 

“Skate!” I hear Derek yell.

“Yeah?” I yell back already knowing what he wants to know.

“You got that new verse?” He says walking into the room. 

“No, I’m too distracted.” I say sighing lacing my head in my hands shaking my head. 

“Dude, you got to do something about that.” Derek says patting me on the shoulder. 

“I know, I will.” I say getting up and grabbing my keys. 

I drive home clenching the steering wheel and I can feel tears start to sting the corners of my eyes. I know what I have to do its the only way I can get my music flow going again. 

I walk through the door and throw the keys on the kitchen counter. Y/N comes into the living room in grey joggers and a sports bra. She comes to hug me but stops when she sees that I’ve been crying.

“Whats wrong baby?” She asks hugging my gently. 

“That.” I say moving away and going to sit on the couch. 

“What?” She says following me and sitting down across from me giving me a questioning look. 

“I think we need to break up.” I say choking back the tears. 

“Okay.” She shakily says. “Can I ask why?” 

“I love you and all but you are a distraction to my music and right now if I really want my career to take off I think I need to get rid of all distractions.” I say looking at her pale face. 

“I understand.” She says calmly. 

She gets up and walks over puts on her shoes and grabs a bag. She grabs some essentials and clothes. “Ill be back for the rest of my stuff later.” 

“Y/N, where are you going to go? You don’t want to talk about this more?” O sigh knowing how much I probably hurt her. 

“No. I don’t want to, I really just need to leave” She says sipping her stray tears and slowly closing the door. I watch her from the window and she sprints to her car. She leans her head on her steering wheel and pulls out her phone. She calls someone then drives off. I sink to the floor and hold my knees. What the hell did I just do?


The next day at the studio I write a few verses but I still think about Y/N. I push her out of my thoughts and continue to write the words flowing out of me now. I was angry. Angry at her for leaving so easily and angry at myself for letting her leave so easily. 

“Thats enough for today guys lets wrap it up.” I hear my manger say from the doorway. 

I grab my things and head home. I open up the front door and all of her things were gone.  I dropped the keys to the floor and just stared. 

– 10 months later – 


I walk around my new apartment picking up random clothes on the floor and cleaning up the mess that I call a kitchen. I hear a knock on the door and I jog over to open the door. 

I open the door to reveal Nate. “Nathan?” I ask not believing what I am seeing. 

“Hi.” He shyly says. “Can I come in?” He asks, I’m at a loss for words all I can do is nod my head and move out of the door way. 

“How are you?” He asks. 

I was about to speak when Cody came out from the master bedroom in nothing but a pair of shorts. “Who’s this?” He asks gesturing to Nate. 

“This is Nate.” I say calmly trying to breathe. 

“Oh, your the one who let this amazing girl go?” Cody says chuckling. 

Nate rubs the back of his neck and lets out a sigh. “Yup, I’m the one who let this beautiful girl go.” He says making me snap my head up to look at him. 

He gives me a smile and Cody walks over placing his arm around my waist pulling me into him making my smile fade. 

“Unfortunately for you, Im with her now. So what brings you hear today?” Cody asks his grip on my waist becoming tighter causing me to grit my teeth. 

Cody is a very aggressive boyfriend and this relationship was forced upon me while we were at a bar. I was drinking my pain that Nate left me with when Cody came stumbling a long and would not let me go after that. I was so happy when  I saw Nate at my door but I can’t get out of this relationship. I don’t know how, without getting hurt. 

Nate had been sending me little gifts here and there but Cody would never let me talk to them or even touch the items he sent me. He would do anything to keep Nate away from me. All I want to do is be with Nate again and I know thats what he wants. 

“I just wanted to see how she was doing.” Nate says looking at my pained face. “And do you mind loosening your grip on her?” Nate says clenching his fists so tight that his knuckles pop. 

“Oops my and sorry baby.” Cody says leaning in to kiss my cheek but I flinch way back. He chuckles awkwardly. “Well I think its time for you to go.” Cody says placing his hands on Nate’s shoulders.

“There is no way in hell Im leaving my girl here with you.” Nate says pushing him away. 

“What the hell are you talking about? She is perfectly safe with me.” Cody says crossing his arms looking Nate dead in the eyes blocking his view of me. 

Nate leans to the side to look at me. “Has he ever laid a hand on you Y/N?” Nate asks me. I don’t say anything and that was enough for Nate. 

Nate punched Cody straight in the jaw and I heard a crack. Nate picked me up and ran out the door with me over his shoulder. He set me in his car and I was full blown crying at this point. 

“Thank you.” I softly mumble. 

Nate pulls me into his lap and caresses my cheek. “I love you and I regret breaking up with you.” He says wiping tears from my cheeks. 

“I love you too and don’t let me go again.” I say hugging him tightly.

“I would never dream of it.” He says playing with my hair. 


Oh my god sorry if this was awful. I am sleep deprived right now. 

BUUTTTTTTTT I love you all and requests are open! 




*He is really shy about it at first but he tries to hide it because he doesn’t want it to be totally blatant to everyone that he likes you. But he does struggle after the game is over and can’t help but giggle and put his head in his hands because your faces got so close*


*Keeps the true feelings at bay whilst the game is going on, acting all confident even though he is dying inside. It’s not until after that he is clearly trying not to explode with feelings so he excuses himself from the room for a moment so he can jump for joy in the kitchen*

S: “I just need to get a drink”


*Tries to weasel his way out of it but no one is letting him do that so he reluctantly gets on with it but also enjoys the closeness at the same time. Once it is over he tries reallllyyy hard to stop from breaking out into the biggest smile*


*All of the members knew he liked you simply because it was always  “Did you see how Y/N looked today”, “Woah Y/N is really talented”, “Did you know Y/N used to have five dogs two cats and a pet chicken when she was a kid” so they purposely set him up with you to share the pepero with. He went from his usual confident self to quite shy, but cracked jokes to make it less awkward for himself anyways*


*You two were in one of those we both like each other and everyone knows it but we still haven’t gotten together kind of relationships, so he wasn’t that shy about doing the pepero game with you. It was only because other people were with the both of you that made him a bit nervous. He tried to make both himself and you forget about everyone else watching by pulling funny faces as it happened. You thought that staring at his lovely face would help keep your mind of the comments in the background*

MEMBER: “Thats not the only stick she is after”


*He decided to ignore the comments in the background mainly from Chanyeol and Baekhyun who loved nothing more than to see him squirm in embarrassment over having to do this with someone he liked. However he didn’t want to drag it out so he faced the challenge and pulled away with the reddest cheeks known to man.*

CY: “Watch out Y/N he may accidentally kiss you”

BH: “It’s not his fault he just wants his dreams to become a reality thats all”

*Buys shovel, digs hole, wacks Chanbaek on the arms and then lays inside never to be seen again*


*When you pick up the pepero someone asks who you should do it with. Another member volunteered before Chen could say anything. He was embarrassed but it didn’t mean he wanted another person barging in on his crush. A petty fight took place to see who was your partner.

MEMBER: “What are you talking about, I’ll do it with Y/N. You need to be a real man to do this kind of thing Jongdae”

C: “You a real man, I don’t think so please take a trip down the hall and  exit on the left whilst I play this game thank you”


*You were all paired before the game began and he had a while until his turn with you was up, he decided to pass the time in the other room getting a bit too excited and nervous for this game. Next to him he had someone laughing at him and also trying to get him to maintain his chill*

T: “The contact is so close..why do you all have to watch it makes it embarrassing”


*He was quite confident actually but at the same time he was thinking if he should do this with you for everyone to see because everyone knew he liked you. In fact you knew he liked you as well and whilst he was thinking about if he should go ahead with it you started teasing him*

Y/N: “Don’t you want to do it with me, do you think I have bad my face off putting?”

L: “What?! oh god no and your face is beautiful” - and here it slips out*


*Once the game had been announced the first person up was you along with the question of who you should play the game with. Literally every one shouted his name and a wave of panic came over him..but he still went along with it anyway because he didn’t wanna miss that closeness*


*Had no problem doing the challenge with you, infact as soon as his name was called he dashed over to confirm that he was in. He wasn’t going to let anybody else do this with you this was his opportunity*


*He is also quite confident it’s just the fact that everyone else is surrounding you both that kept putting him off a bit. But he did it with confidence and pulled away with confidence, feeling only slightly embarrassed but you guys actually one the game so who cares :)*

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

Different kind of MM fanfic idea- Jealousy

This fanfic idea might just be a little bit out there, leaning towards a non-legit thing, but I still cant help myself.

So what if Megamind yet again sneaks into Roxanne’s apartment for another kidnapping, but finds her in the kitchen with 4 other girls, chatting it up, having a girls night.
And at first, the girls are fucking terrified (except for Roxanne ofc) and basically screams like it will be the death of them.

And Megamind kinda enjoys it, but batts it off as he walks forward, trying to get to Roxanne.

But it ends up in Roxanne throwing stuff at him from the other side of the table, and they load off a whole chunk of wicked banter and insults at each other, meanwhile Roxanne’s girlfriends instead starts squealing and enjoying themselves, seeing it more as a fun pillowfight between two old friends. Ofcourse, Roxanne has told them many times before that indeed, Megamind just appears to be evil, but is actually a really nice person underneath it all, and he obviously cares for her.

And after a while, Roxanne gets tired of trying to push him back out so she just lets him stay instead since he aint doing any greater harm
And as the time goes, the girls become less and less uncomfortable by the fact that he’s a super villain..and that he’s a blue alien with a large head.

And as the evening continues, they all actually quite enjoy each others company.
And then theres one girl in particular who enjoys Megaminds company, thinking that she’s finally found a guy who is smart, delicate and actually seems to be respectful towards women, compared to all those other slobs she’s met throughout the years, trying to take advantage of her.
And not to talk about handsome and the way he seems to be a real gentleman. She’d known she always kinda had a thing for him- or that she atleast found him attractive, even though she’d never admit it to anyone. But today was different though.

So as they are all getting ready to watch a movie in Roxanne’s living room, The girl (lets call her Tanya or something) sneaks into the kitchen again, where Megamind and Roxanne stands, laughing and trying to pop pop-corn in the microwave. Roxanne looks alarmed when Tanya comes into view, as if she’s been caught red-handed.

Tanya asks for a private moment with Roxanne, and therefor drags her into the bedroom where she, in a rush, blurts out that she really likes Megamind because “he’s the perfect boyfriend material” And that she’s actually gonna try to make a go-for-it with him, because this is the kind of man that she’s been looking for, and she’s not going to let an oppertunity like that slip past her.

And then Tanya asks Roxanne “if thats okay with you” And Roxanne just kinda jerks into some defensive mode and snaps “why wouldnt I be?”

And Roxanne doesnt know why, but she wants to tell tanya that “No, as a matter of fact, its not okay!” And for some reason she doesnt wanna share- share? share what exactly? Share kidnapper? Perhaps she’s just afraid that he will start kidnapping Tanya instead of her. But why wouldnt she want that? She’d be glad to get out of those kidnappings and never see his blue smirking face again..right?

But Roxanne shuts up about it and just nods. Yes, yes, of course its fine, you go for it.
So after that, they join the others in the completely dark living room, except for the light shining from the large TV-screen, and megamind walks in with the popcorn bowl as Roxanne and Tanya sits down with the others in the couch.

And just as he’s about squeeze himself in beside Roxanne, Tanya grabs his hand and tells him to come sit next to her instead, which is at the other side of Roxanne.
Roxanne watches the exchange closely. She can see Megamind tensing up at the touch of Tanya’s hand in his own. He stares at their hands briefly, with an “I am amazed” expression on his face, before gently turning up a warm smile at her and squeezes himself in between Tanya and Roxanne.
And Roxanne doesnt know why, but she feels…annoyed somehow. It was her thing alone, before. To get that expression/ response out of him those few times she’d accidentally touched him or brushed against him.
It should be her he’s smiling at, not Tanya.

And as the movie plays, Roxanne cant help but to feel distracted all the time, as she can hear whispers coming from the two of them. She can clearly tell that Tanya is trying to flirt with him, which makes her wanna grit her teeth. Thankful enough though- Megamind doesnt really seem to be flirting back.

She manages to lose herself in the movie a little while, but keeps getting the sensation of someone staring at her, but each time she moves her head to look at megamind, he’s only watching the movie like everybody else.
And now and then she could’ve sworn that she felt Megaminds fingertips gently- hesitatantly brushing over her own, as if he’s trying to take her hand- just like people do in the movies when they’re on the first date.
But every time she glanced down to take a look, his hand is lying still next to his own leg.

After a while into the movie, the sensations stopped, as if he gave up on trying to make a move on her while sitting there in the dark, tightly beside her. But then again, she must have imagined it all.

And as she turns her head to smile at Megamind, because this is actually quite enjoyable after all- her smile drops in an instant when she sees Megaminds hand tangled tightly with Tanya’s hand. And not only that, Tanya seems to be nussling incredibly close to Megamind, with her other hand on his chest, and her cheek on his shoulder.

And Roxanne suddenly feels like someone has stabbed her in the chest, as if someone just betrayed her real good. Because what did she just whitness even?

And not far away from that moment, Tanya crawls into his lap instead, with her back against his chest, and her head resting just at the base of his neck. And Roxanne watches in horror as Megamind very, very slowly and hesitantly wraps his arms around her for support.

Roxanne just wants to scream and dig herself into a hole, because she’s frustrated. Frustrated at Tanya for thinking that he’s all hers. Hands off, he’s actually Roxannes kidnapper, and NO ONE elses.

Its her he always chooses, its her he always looks after- not Tanya, nor anybody else. Roxanne only.

And as the first movie ends (they’re gonna watch another one), some of the girls run to the bathroom, while Roxanne flees into the kitchen to get some more snacks and perhaps some whine, because yes- she suddenly feels like alkohol wouldnt be such a bad thing tonight after all.

And she’s so wrapped up in her thoughts that she doesnt notice when Megamind pads into the kitchen until he asks her if she needs any help.
And all out of nowhere, Roxanne lashes out on him, being all “No, I dont need any help, maybe you should ask Tanya instead? Oh yes, why dont you just nab her the next time you feel up for a kidnapping as well, because she’s just sooo perfect, isnt she!?”

And poor Megamind doesnt know whats going on, and why she’s acting so defensive all of the sudden.

And they start arguing, hissing at each other and everything.

And I dont really know where to go from there, but basically we all know that they both want each other (cuties) And yes, just to confirm, Megamind was trying to make a move on Roxanne during the whole movie, but then got wrapped up in Tanya’s clutches LOL
And well, he just got a bit amazed I guess, that he could recieve cuddles from someone and it felt amazing.
And Roxanne is being jealous af

Now I know that the whole concept might be a bit out of character, since I guess Roxanne isnt really the person to become jealous over someone? I dont know really. And I guess Megamind wouldnt let his guard down so easily, BUT STILL!!

If someone wants to make a fanfic like this then, FUCKING PLEASE BECUZ AMAGAAD

Wearing Red

A/N: Thought this was an adorable idea. I sliced my finger open pretty bad at work, so I couldn’t type for a couple days. It suuuucked. It also took a lot longer for me to finish than I would’ve liked with LoveFest and my work schedule being so hectic. But here you go! Some NaLu fluff for you!

Rating: K+ - mild language

Pairing(s): NaLu.

Prompt/Summary: “I walked into this restaurant and you thought I was your blind date and I just kind of went with it because I don’t want to eat alone.” NaLu. AU. OneShot. Complete.

Word Count: 2,645

Lucy dug her fingers into her sides, gripping at the thick strap that encircled her ribcage and held up her chest. The worst thing about having to wear a halter-neck, was the strapless bra that went with it and the countless number of times she’d have to pull it back up. 

Since she was so well endowed in the upper torso area—that was putting it nicely…pigs off the street would just ogle her ‘nice rack’—it didn’t matter how tight or thick the band was; eventually it would slide down and she would need to pull it back up.

Since work called for her to wear this specific dress today, Lucy was escaping the prying eyes of her office for lunch. Having to go out alone wasn’t her first choice—it was always nice to have company and she would’ve preferred that—but she wasn’t in the mood to deal with being objectified today. If she had to choose between being a little lonely for an hour while she ate, or filling out paperwork when Loke hit on her one too many times and ended up with a dislocated jaw…

Lonely at lunch all the way.

Or at least, thats what she thought until she walked into E.N.D..

It was a restaurant that had been getting a lot of hype lately with its delicious smoked food; they grilled everything. A lot of the usual, but apparently they’d found an interesting way to do grilled stuffed peppers just right.

And that was something Lucy had been craving for awhile.

However, what the reviews had failed to tell her, was it was the premium destination for couples, and if you were to walk inside, you wouldn’t find anyone sitting alone.

Lucy nearly turned around and walked right back out, and would’ve if the server hadn’t greeted her and pulled her in.

“Your date just got here, he’s waiting for you.” She was tall and gorgeous with silver-blonde hair. She seemed to bounce up and down as she dragged Lucy into the restaurant and sat her down at a table, ignoring the blonde’s protests the whole way.

“No, I’m not—”

“Now he’s just gone to the bathroom, but he’ll be back out in a minute—”

“No, really, I—”

She squealed. “Oh you guys will look so cute together!”

“Miss, I—”

“I’m Mira. Enjoy your meal!”

She sauntered off, leaving Lucy opposite an empty seat.

What the hell was she supposed to do? She just got sat down at a table with a random stranger who was totally expecting someone else. What was he going to think when he sat back down and saw she wasn’t who he was waiting for…

What if he was a creeper?

Lucy nearly jumped out of her seat and ran out the door and would’ve if she wasn’t stopped by a kind voice.

“Woah…Gray wasn’t kidding when he said you were gorgeous.”

Lucy blinked. 

Normally, she would’ve decked the guy who said something like that since it was often followed by a crude remark and suggestive action, but there was something about the tone of his voice that instead warmed her heart.

She turned to face her ‘date.’

The first thing she noticed was his hair.

It was pink.

It almost made her want to giggle that a guy would have pink hair, simply because it was something she’d never seen before––not because of his gender. It stuck out in all directions like it had a life of its own.

But the contrast to his eyes…

The bright pink made the black/green of the orbs below it that much more striking. With an angular shape to them, Lucy felt like he could see straight into her soul.

It made her heart race.

He was handsome…no doubt about it…

Ah screw it, he was hot.

A black jacket tucked into dark jeans with a thick belt buckle, and a white scarf loose around his neck––exposing a thick jagged scar that made her curious––fit his athletic-like frame. His hands were shoved into his pockets as he approached the table, a languid stride that made her feel like she was his prey.

But that was nothing compared to his smile.

With one side of his mouth upturned and exposing pointed canines, not only was it incredibly sexy, his smile lit up his whole aura. He emanated warmth with that grin, and Lucy found herself involuntarily returning the expression.

Crap. She was supposed to be getting out of here.

He sat down opposite her, fingers finding the zipper and undoing his jacket before draping it over the back of his chair.

“I’m Natsu by the way,” he said, offering her his hand over the table. It seemed a little awkward to shake hands, yet Lucy soon found herself taking it.

His palms and fingertips were warm and calloused, a trait that in the past had turned her off––mainly because the rough skin always tended to be peeling and scraping at the inside of her palm––but in this case she found the firm flesh comforting.

He was looking at her. expectantly

Crap! Why was he looking at her?

“Yours?” he asked.

“Huh?” She blinked at him, not sure what he was waiting for.

“What’s your name?” he laughed lightly, smile widening.

“Oh! Uh…Lucy,” she muttered, blushing.

What was up with her?

She hadn’t been this tongue tied since high school.

She never got like this around guys. She was always confident and even leading the conversation most of the time. Lucy had no problem giving guys a piece of her mind, and never did she find them to be instantly attractive or captivating as this guy in front of her was. It had been years since she’d acted like this…

She felt like a total idiot.


Her brow furrowed briefly before one raised in question.

“Your name. It means ‘light’ doesn’t it?” he asked, leaning back in his chair. His eyes were fixated on her intently.

“Yeah,” she smiled, “how’d you know?”

“I took Latin in high school.”

The blonde blinked, “Really?”

“Yep!” His grin widened goofily.

Lucy excitedly began a sentence in Latin but was quickly met with an expression of confusion, so she stopped.

“Uh…” he blushed, looking down, “I didn’t do well in Latin. The only reason I know Lucy means 'light’ is 'cause it was the only question I got right on the midterm.”

Lucy’s heart warmed as she giggled. His hair flopped into his eyes adorably as his downcast expression faintly hid his flushed face––but not well enough. Lucy could see the deepening pink, quickly becoming even darker than the locks on his head.

Not knowing what had persuaded her to do so, the blonde reached across the table for one of his hands, weaving her fingers through his. His eyes met hers and she smiled softly.

“Hey,” she laughed lightly, “I never did well in chemistry. Thats the one that always got me.”

Natsu brightened again.

“Chemistry was my best subject!”

That got the ball rolling for him. She found out that he worked at a hospital with chemical compounds and their development into remedies. Despite his somewhat dorky demeanour, Lucy was happy to realize that he was extremely intelligent and successful in his field. She was able to hold a conversation with him about topics she knew nothing about, and learn interesting facts from him.

She told him about her job as an intern for the local Fiore newspaper. It was a paid internship thankfully, but mostly consisted of research and organizing the layout. She never minded the deadlines, but once in awhile they’d all have to go in for a meeting and she wasn’t able to dress as casually as she would’ve liked.

When their food finally arrived and Lucy dug into the stuffed peppers, she thought she’d died and went straight to heaven. After a few more minutes of them shovelling in their food, she was drawn out of her food induced stupor by Natsu’s voice.

“Wanna play twenty questions?”

Lucy swallowed and raised an eyebrow, “The person, place or thing game?”

Natsu smirked and shook his head, “No. I mean we just go back and forth asking questions the other answers, and then you answer them yourself after. You just kinda alternate for awhile.”

The blonde munched on another bite, eyes wandering as she thought it over. “Sure, why not?”

Natsu jutted his chin out to her, “You go first.”

Lucy’s eyes wandered around the room as she thought about what to ask him until finally settling back to the mop of pink hair in front of her.

She grinned.

“So why pink?”

Natsu’s brow furrowed.

“Your hair,” she smirked, “why is it pink?”

The pinkette blinked blankly.

“Cause I was born with it,” he stated simply.

Lucy’s eyes widened slightly, “Really?”

Natsu nodded, “Yeah. I think my mother had it.” He brought up a free hand to run it through the wayward rose locks.

Lucy smiled at how soft it looked to be in his fingers and she found herself wanting to run her own through them.

Hiding a blush, she went back to eating.


She looked up again.

“Why is my hair blonde?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Same as you. Born blonde, lightened by the sun.” She pulled at a few long ringlets, watching the sheen from the overhead lights dance over the strands before springing back up to curl.

She watched as he chewed on his lip slightly, obviously thinking.

“Favourite hobby?” he finally asked.

“Reading and writing.”

“Awesome. I like making fireworks.”

Lucy found herself wide-eyed again, “You make fireworks!?”

Natsu beamed, “Yeah. I work at a hospital sure, but making fireworks is especially fun.”

“What kind?” 

His beaming smile turned into an evil-esque smirk, “Well, you’ll just have to come with me one day and find out.”

Lucy’s stomach sank.

He was never going to show her once he found out what she’d done…and the fireworks aspect wasn’t even the reason she was sad.

She really liked him.

He was kind, and funny, and sexy, and adorable all at the same time––which is really difficult. There was just something about him that she was completely enchanted by and she didn’t want to leave.

But the alarm on her phone told her otherwise.

“Shit, I gotta get back to work. Can’t be late for this meeting,” she muttered, shutting off the screen and shoving it back into her purse. Lucy rummaged around for her wallet but was stopped by a warm, tan hand.

“I’ve got this,” he smiled.

She shook her head, “I can’t let you––”

“You’ve been the best part of my day, Luce. Let me.”

She gawked at him as her guilt increased again.

“My last question,” she asked, standing up and swallowing hard. “How’d you know it was me who was your date?”

He was so close to her now, she found her breathing shallow. 

He opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by her phone ringing.

Lucy pulled it back out and found it to be her boss.


Natsu let go of her hand, “Go.”

She nodded and stood…

…and paused.

She looked down to the pink-haired pyromaniac that seemed to pull at her heartstrings in every way possible.

Feeling bold, she leaned down and kissed his cheek softly.

“Thank you, Natsu.”

And she left.

It was only when she got back to work that Lucy realized she had no means to contact Natsu.

He worked at a hospital, but she didn’t know which one.

He made fireworks, but she didn’t know where he set them off, if he sold them, and if he sold them then where or who he sold them to…

He was the best guy she’d met in a really long time, and there was no way for her to find him.

That was a week ago.

A smack of newspapers landing on her desk brought her out of her daze. With a hand to her chest, Lucy breathed out slowly to ease the kickstart of her heart.

“Boss wants these organized before you go to lunch.”

She wasn’t even sure who the person was who’d put the paper on her desk, but then again, it was rare for her to even see who gave her an assignment. That was just how things worked around here. At this level of the newspaper, everyone always moved fast, barked orders, and asked questions later.

Lucy was so happy to get it done before lunch.

With the major stories piling up, this week had been tougher than most for her, and she needed the fresh air. Rubbing at her face as she exited the front doors, she nearly fell over as she ran right into a wall.

“Ow,” she moaned.

Pressing the tips of her fingers into the bridge of her nose to ease the pain, Lucy peeked an eye open to see why she’d run into a wall.

“Well, thats one way to make yourself see stars.”

Lucy’s stomach churned as her heart leapt.

“Natsu,” she breathed.

And there he was. Standing right in front of her with his award-winning grin that lit up everything and everyone around him.

“How––” she muttered, “I mean why––” she struggled to form the thought, “what––”

“I had to answer your question.”

Lucy cocked her head to the side, “What question?”

“How I knew it was you who was my date.”

Lucy looked down. She had to tell him…she couldn’t lie and he deserved to know tha––

“I knew you weren’t.”


The blonde’s gaze went back to his and she just stared.

“I’d told the hostess that she was going to be wearing a red dress, so that’s why she thought you were my date,” he scratched the back of his neck, clearly nervous. “But just before you got there, Gray had texted me to tell me that she couldn’t make it and she wanted to reschedule for another day.”

He breathed out a large gust of air, “So I went to the bathroom before I was going to leave, and when I came back, you were at my table.”

The brilliance of the smile that spread over his face when he said that was nearly blinding.

“You were wearing a red dress, but I knew you weren’t her. You kept looking guilty and trying to get away. But you intrigued me and looked like you really could use a good meal and a relaxing space, so I roped you into staying…”

His cheeks matched the colour of his hair again.

“I’m really sorry about that,” he muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets, “I didn’t mean to do that…I was being really selfish because you’re so stunning, and turned out to be so smart and nice too, and––”

He was rambling. Adorably. He was adorably rambling so Lucy did the only thing she wanted to do when he looked like that.

She stood up on her tip toes and kissed him.

His lips were soft, and warm. There was a split second pause before he reacted, parting her lips with his own slowly but firmly. Her stomach flipped and clenched as her hands found the back of his neck and pulled him closer.

He was an amazing kisser.

Pulling at her lower lip, tracing it with his tongue, nibbling with his teeth before kissing her again. Lucy found herself breathless and trying her best to keep up.

She finally broke away, forehead against his as she breathed.

“Well…” she laughed, eyes closed. “That’s one way to show me fireworks.”

She felt Natsu laugh.

“Oh that’s nothing,” he chuckled huskily, lips dangerously close to hers again.

“That was just a firecracker.”

i don’t care what you say, undercover cool guy jake says coolly “hey babe” and presses a kiss to amy’s face. actual jake smiles like an idiot when he sees her again for the first time in months, stumbles over his words and has his feet cemented to the ground as his mind completely blacks out on him until she is the one who runs over to him and kisses and hugs him fiercely

michael: falling in love

“shes so beautiful” michael said, relaxing into the couch and resting his head in his hand, his eyes staring off at nothing and racking his thoughts for all the memories of tonight. a silly grin crossed his face, “she did this thing when she laughed where her nose scrunched up all cute and her cheeks were so chubby and adorable and all i wanted to do was kiss over her face” “you seem to really like her, mate” calum commented, taking a sip of his beer and eyeing the blonde sitting across from him. all calum could do was chuckle at how in love this boy seemed. “calum, all i wanted to do was see her smile like she did. forever. it was that kind of smile that was contagious, and the more i talked the more she smiled and the happier i was” “so it was just a never ending cycle of fun?” michael smiled and looked at his best friend, “thats exactly what it was” the blonde looked back off into space, remembering every detail of you, your smile, how your eyes had this certain light to them, everything. michael grinned again, letting out a silent giggle before covering his face with his hands, “god, shes so beautiful”

Guardian Angel

Post “Quiet Minds”. The birth of a baby brings a visitor to greet it. RumBelle, Swanfire/Thief. Another tribute to Baelfire/Neal Cassidy.

Guardian Angel

It’s late and the hospital corridors are quiet when he pays his visit. No one would know he was here anyway, but he likes that it’s quiet: it’s nice that he could come and say hello just now.

He doesn’t know this place that well, but he finds his way easily enough to where he needs to be. He’s drawn by the new connection he feels: a new life shares his blood and he has come to greet it.

He smiles as he sees them: mother and baby sleeping soundly. The mother is as beautiful as he remembers: chestnut curls spread across her pillow as she sleeps. There’s a smile on her face and he knows she’s happy: he smiles, glad.

The baby stirs in the hospital crib and he looks down at her: his little sister. They’re centuries apart, but he feels such a strong connection to her, a protectiveness that warms him even though he no longer has a body: she’s family.

Keep reading

Secrets - Part 3 (Cake)

Part 1

Part 2 


(not my gif)

She stood in the waiting room, feeling as though her heart was in her throat. Just a few hours ago she was kissing Luke, and now she was waiting outside Calum’s hospital room as the boys went in to see him. She didn’t know what to expect, she didn’t know if she was ready to face him.

She breathed deeply, feeling like there was hardly any air in the room. Her stomach dropped when she noticed Ashton peaking his head out of the door way waving for her to come in. She stood there frozen in place, feeling a sudden jolt of panic wave through her body.

Ashton approached her, “Cal is asking for you, y/n, hes doing a lot better, but he’s still real confused about a lot of things.. he kind of has like.. amnesia” he tried to say the word without a smile but he couldn’t. “It’s kind of ironic,” he defended letting out a small chuckle.

“Amnesia?” she said slowly, “What is he confused about?”

“Well to start he didn’t even know we’re on tour right now, or that the band is pretty popular.. he thought we were still in Sydney.. that he got hurt at futbol practice or something.”

“What?” she paused trying to understand, “Then .. how does he know about me?”

“We told him there was a beautiful girl outside waiting to see him.. he started to put it together.. kind of .. come in and talk to him.” Ash put a hand on her shoulder, begining to guide her towards the door.

She entered the hospital room hesitantly, not looking directly at Calum at first. She was so nervous, even more so when her eyes found Luke’s, he bit his lip, not letting on at all what he might be thinking.

She looked at Calum now, who was sitting up in his hospital bed. He had a black eye and a bandage covering his left temple where he hit his head and the doctors stitched him up.  

“I was wondering when the girl from the pictures would come in to see me.” Calum said sounding excited. She noticed a few picture around the room of Calum with friends and family, and a few of the two of them with his arms wrapped around her.

“Hey Cal,” she said walking over to the side of his bed. He turned to get a good look at her.

“You’re beautiful” he said and she felt her heart flutter.

“Thank you,” she said softly, blushing a bit.  

“So you’re my girlfriend, ey? An American?” he chuckled, “Its like I woke up in an alternate universe, this is amazing.”

She didn’t laugh at his joke. Instead she lifted his hand in hers, “I’m glad you’re ok Cal, It’s been a crazy couple days.. I was really worried about you.”

He watched her carefully, “I hate that I can’t remember you,” he said frustratedly, “Its like I’m trying so hard but theres nothing there, but some how I knew.. when you walked in the room.. I knew I loved you.”

Her heart sank and she swallowed hard. She could feel Lukes eyes burning holes in her back. A million thoughts rushing through her mind at once.

“I need to know everything,” he continued, “about you.. about us.” he insisted.

She shook her head, not knowing how to feel. This was the guy she fell in love with, not the guy who broke her heart.

A smile crossed her lips and she weaved her fingers into his. “You wake up from a coma and find out you’re a rockstar and you want to know everything about me?” she giggled a bit like a little girl.

“The doc says its short term memory loss, things are gonna start coming back to me in a few for now you’re my priority.. all the other crap can wait.”

“Ay man,” Michael chimmed in, “at least listen to some of our songs or something.” he laugh.

Calum didn’t take his eyes off of her, it was like there was no one else in the room. “How are you mine?” he said shaking his head, “How did I convince you to date me?” he asked laughing a bit.

She jumped when she heard the nurse come into the room, “Okay gang,” she announced, “Visiting hours are over.. you can come back tomorrow.”

Calums face fell when he realized they had to leave him, more because she would be leaving too. He girpped her hand tighter as the boys began walking out of the room. “You’ll be back in the morning?” he asked sadly, “I don’t want you to leave.” Her heart fell.

“Of course Cal, Ill be here first thing.” she assured him with a smile, “Here, give me your phone.” He handed it to her and she opened an imessage to herself, “Here..” she handed the phone back to him, “If you can figure out how to use this thing you can text me as much as you want.” She gave him a wink and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, promise.”

She left the room, meeting the rest of the guys in the lobby. She couldn’t even bring herself to look at Luke, she was so confused. As they all filed into the escalade that was taking them back to their hotel she felt her phone vibrate a couple times. Once she sat down she unlocked her phone.

C - Hey beautiful
C - girlfriend
C - I miss your smile already

She locked her phone quickly, feeling Lukes eyes on her. She looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes that had pulled her into his embrace the last few days. She had found comfort in him when she was hurting because of Cal.. but now.. what now?

Calum doesn’t even remember her.. he surely does not remember the other girl, right? He doesn’t know what he did to her, how he hurt her, how she was leaving him. Everything was different now.. if she wanted.. things could go back to the way they were.. she could have a fresh start with the guy she thought she loved .. but then theres Luke.

She typed out a quick reply before getting out of the SUV,

- I’ve been missing you for a while now

She locked her phone, shoving it back into her pocket before following the guys into the hotel.

Luke grabbed her hand once they entered the lobby. Stopping here as Mikey and Ashton got into the elevator. He pulled her along down the hall into an empty conference room where they were away from prying eyes.

Once inside, he reached around her to close the door behind them, being sure to brush his hand on her waist. There was that feeling again, it came instantly with his touch.. she wanted him.. and she knew it was fucked.

“What are we doing in here Luke?” she asked.. partly knowing what was coming next.

“We need to talk,” Luke pressed, “This is the most fucked up thing ever .. you know that?”

She knodded her head, feeling the same way.

“Thats my best friend and I couldn’t be happier that he is okay .. but fuck I hated watching that.. the way he talked to you, the way he looked at you.. like it was all new .. and you.. I saw that look in your eyes too .. and you know what? FUCK.. part of me cant wait til he realizes what a piece of shit he was to you because you know what fuck him.. I told him to stay away from her.. I reminded him how perfect you are.. told him it would be a mistake if he did anything that would hurt you .. fuck him he deserves to lose you.. not a second shot.”

She looked at Luke carefully, tilting her head a bit and looking deeply into his eyes. Her heart was torn, how did things get so complicated? There was just so many secrets, she couldn’t contain them all much longer.

“I was leaving him,” she wispered half heartedly, “Thats where I was the other night .. waiting to board a plane home.”

He looked down to the floor, tilting one of his black chucks on its side awkwardly. He raised his gaze slowly to meet hers, “I’m sorry,” he wispered, “this can’t be easy for you.”

She exhaled deeply almost laughing, she shook her head slowly, closing her eyes. “I told him I hated him, that I never wanted to see his face again .. and when I said it .. I meant it,” she paused for a moment, “He broke me, Luke, my heart was in pieces.”

He reached out for her hand, but she pulled away gently, not wanting to deny him .. but knowing his touch would only bring her closer.

“You know what the sick part of this all is?.. you’re right .. when we were in that hospital room today.. that was the guy I fell in love with.. he was charming and funny and being close to him made my heart beat faster .. it made me want everything to go back to what it once was .. before I knew…” she paused trying to hide her emotions, “before I knew there was someone else.. and now? thats a possibility now… things could go back to the way they were” She looked up at Luke, who now had a defeated expression across his face.

She bit her lip and reached up to put a hand on his cheek, “I didn’t finish,” she wispered, “The even more fucked part is I’m standing here with you and it’s taking everything in me to resist you Luke .. How did this happen?” she shook her head again, “Why can’t I stop thinking about you?”  

She felt her phone buzzing in her pocket again, she took it out and saw new texts from Calum. Luke looked down at the phone in her hand as well.

“You should probably answer him,” he said unconvincingly.

C- Soo start telling me everything I need to know beautiful
C- Whats your favorite color?
C- Your favorite song?
C- How did we meet?
C- God, I have a million questions for you beautiful

She looked up to meet Luke’s stare, “I.. I don’t know what to do, Luke.”

He shrugged his shoulders with the same defeated look on his face, “I guess you’ll figure it out soon enough.” He walked past her and through the doors out into the lobby of the hotel.

She stood there, feeling more helpless then ever.. Luke was right.. she needed to figure this out… soon. She sank to the ground, pulling her knees into her chest. Her heart had gone from broken into pieces to simply torn in two.. and she didn’t know which was worse. She pressed her forehead to her knees, “FUCKKKKKKK” she screamed into her thighs, hoping noone could hear her.

She lifted her phone, punching in her reply:
- Purple
- Choosing a single song as my favorite is impossible
- You pushed Luke and he knocked directly into me outside of a Starbucks in Manhatthan… coffee spilt all over my notes for an exam I had that day.. I freaked out .. and long story short, somehow you convinced me to skip class and come to your show instead.. that you’d make it up to me and that I wouldn’t regret it. You were very charming, cocky, but charming.

She felt herself smiling at the memory.

- I always wondered if you did it on purpose to get my attention, but you’d never tell me

Her mind wandered back to Luke.. what would things have been like if it was him that day, begging her to come to his show? Would they have ended up together?

Her chest tightened at the thought.. Could Luke have felt this way about her all along? Had Calum pushed him into her on purpose.. because he’s so shy? She shook her head trying to clear her mind of the idea.. no way.

Her phone buzzed again:
C- either i did it on purpose or im the luckiest guy in the world ;)
C- I cant wait to see you tomorrow beautiful, havent stopped thinking about you since the second you left

Part 4 (ending)

Okay soooooooo idk who she’s going to choose so if you have a preference lmk .. feel free to drop any feedback/requests in my ASK BOX love hearing from anyone .. seriously  .. as always thanks for reading and putting up with my terrible spelling and grammar and shit story lines .. hope ya liked it .. nighty peeps