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Undisclosed Desires

A/N: Hey, so I found this old fic I wrote in 2012-2013 sitting on my e-mail and I decided to change it a bit and post it, you guys wanted a Luke fic so here ya go, kinky Luke. I wrote most of this while listening to Muse, hence the title and the chapters names. The female character used to have a name but I changed it to y/n, that’s why she has certain aspects of her life or job so detailed I guess, hope you don’t mind that. If you want to know a little more about this AU world please read this X, in case there’s any doubts. Also, this is will have smut, this will be about a bdsm kind of relationship. If you’re not comfortable reading that sort of thing, move along. I know I need Jesus. This chapter is just the introduction, so there will be no smut, but don’t panic. It starts in the second one. Depending on how this does, I’ll see if I post the second one tonight too. Feedback is always appreciated. MASTERLIST: X // REQUESTS: X

Word count: 4,000+

Pairing: Y/N-Luke

Warnings: Alcohol use, swearing.

Song: Showbiz - Muse.

- Jule.

Chapter one: “Showbiz”

“Well, it looks like another late Friday night of work” I thought to myself as I reclined on my big leather chair, gazing at the clock that was hanging tall on the white wall of my office. The sharp black numbers already timing 10:20.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy” my job but being the head journalist of a fashion magazine is not as easy and fun as it sounds. And to be completely honest, it wasn’t the job I was aspiring when I graduated University, but as much as I hate being surrounded by tall —gigantic— beautiful people, writing about the latest trend and dressing up every day. I can’t complain, because I have a very good pay and hopefully one day this job will open the door I have been waiting since I was 18. Which is not standing next to models sipping expensive liquor, waiting for an interview with a upcoming designer.

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Nope, wasn't even there to supoort me for the graduation. She started to act up the moment i cut all contact of and blocked her on my social medias, she always plays the victim and makes you feel bad for anything you do

jesus, thats rough :( people like that honestly need to a good kick up the arse like WHAT THE FUCk