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Sonic Forces’ release gets closer every day, so I thought it’d be fun to make a bingo for it while we wait! Fill it with theories to your heart’s content, be they serious or silly - and please tag me if you post it, i wanna see what you guys come up with!

Here’s mine as an example:


breathes this took too damn long;; ; ; hes upset w me bc of it ik
anyway so yes this. this gigantic dress is princess inigo and hes here to kiss your enchanted teddy bears and flail when owain picks him up bridal style

also no i have no idea how to use colors who do you think i am


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co̩͍̰͓̦m̬e̵͖̭̫̤̼d̛͎̠̻͕y̖̖ ̵͍̭͇̳̹͖a̷̱n̢d͏̗͙̟̳̻̯ ̧͖̫̩̘ͅc҉͖u̙̫̭̙̩͝l̟ͅt̡͖̠̯̘̰̲̺u͓̬r͍̳͉̮e̖͍




🌙🌸🌼🌙Lunar+Floral Gems🌙🌼🌸🌙
I’m so excited to finally be able to show all of these together and finished! I worked super hard this past week or so to get all of these from flat colours to finished. I’ve never worked on so many pieces symultaniously before x_x I’m so glad I did tho they look so good together
I made these to be a matching set of mini/postcard prints. if you wanna grab a copy of one(or more) of these they’re up in my tictail shop!

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#1 rule of being a hockey fan is to remember that no matter how many diversity and inclusivity campaigns the nhl launches, the vast majority of ownership/management from the nhl level to team level are still rich white men and will always make garbage decisions that will disappoint you

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  • Me: Time to study for that test tomorrow.
  • Brain: Or you could read that book that's been on your shelf for weeks.
  • Me: I can read that after I've studied.
  • Brain: No you can't.
  • Me: your right

“Something I did which I thought was fun, was have Maia and her girlfriend, Amy, share the jacket. So you see one wearing it earlier in the episode and then the other wearing it later in the episode. I thought it would be a nice, realistic touch that two people of the same sex who are similar size who are dating and living together would share clothing.” - Dan Lawson


So i tried out that owo chrome extension on sonic related pages and i feel like i’ve transcended to another plane