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progress from last night… it’s too big for tumblr now which is why it’s been moved to youtube

anyways fall out boy and always sunny go together better than you’d think!

(this is STILL a wip don’t worry)

Cancer / Thelma & Louise update:

(Everyone’s calling it cancer now - i.e. the endocrinologists and neurosurgeons and stuff, so I am too). (Also I’m cutting and pasting from my Facebook update because I’m  too tired to rewrite for Tumblr, apologies!) .

Yesterday I saw the neurosurgeon, and things went about as well as I expected them to go. It wasn’t a total worst case scenario, which is if they couldn’t do surgery at all, so that’s something.

But everything else is kind of shitty, so let’s talk about that.

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  • Mahiru: *picks up a crumpled sheet of paper while cleaning*
  • Mahiru: Kuro, what's this?
  • Kuro: Oh. That's my to-do list..
  • Mahiru: Huh really? That's great! It's nice to see you're finally being productive about something-
  • Mahiru: ...wait this just says my name.
  • Kuro: (´_`)

im not gonna act like the ‘ace discourse’ or whatever nerds call it doesnt bring up a good point about like cishet people trying to worm their way into lgbt spaces but i also just see like…..too many of you guys devoting too much energy to this whole discourse. there are like 20yo folk on here with urls like ‘aphobic-steven-universe’ or whatever just like….why do you really care so much about this lame internet argument that you devote so much of your identity into it. its just weird. thats why i avoid tumblr arguments and shit just cus like idk. its childish. kinda ironic cus im trying to do exactly that right now on this post


after this post is on, i will rarely be posting on this blog all summer. i WILL still be on tumblr and you can see me liking and reblogging posts and stuff but my blog will no longer have a steady queue and i doubt i will be making any edits. just a warning- anyone can feel free to unfollow, especially mutuals if you don’t like the content as this is a fairly large blog (2.9k) and it’s probably not going to be mainly harry potter anymore. more stuff why under the cut

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Perfect. Nah he didn’t text me 😂

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me and my friend today
  • friend: You know who's birthday is today?
  • me: Chris Wood from TVD?
  • friend: Yes but that is not who I meant...
  • me: Ellington Ratliff from R5?
  • firend: Yes but no...
  • me: Max Unger the football player?
  • friend: Okay yes but...
  • me: It can't be Jack Dawson because the titanic sunk over 100 years ago...
  • friend: Sara, it's not...
  • me: Isn't it Dafina Zeqiri's birthday too? You know that albanian pop singer?
  • friend: Would you just...
  • me: Ahhh, okay you mean Abigail Breslin, right?
  • friend: What the fuck?? Noo!!
  • me: Well then who is it?
  • friend: JESUS CHRIST, IT'S MINE!!!!
  • me: Oh... yeah... well... I knew that...
  • friend: *looks confused* wait... Why would Jack Dawson... *realizes the titanic sunk on 14th of April* Ohhh.... okay now I got that... yup, good one...


Even this strange 2016 is almost finished,
Despite all the ups and downs I’m generally satisfied on how I’ve improved.
A bunch of years ago I was giving up but now I feel like I’m definitively back on track, so… Thank you everyone for the support during this year ♥

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Alright so here’s that bottom!Kylo rec list that anon asked for. These are just the ones that I could remember right now but I’m pretty certain there are more lurking on ao3. I’ll update this as I find them!

Some might cross over with the other reclist but thats just because they’re too damn good to miss out.

In no particular order: 

Empty Touch by  EmpiresofExtimacy (rating: explicit)

Theres a trigger warning for dubious consent in this one so beware of that buuut theres so much sexual tension and I’m convinced this has actually happened in canon somewhere. So enjoy. 

family dinners by altilis (rating: mature)

There’s no explicit sex in this one but damn. Its based off this tumblr post and features Hux gloating about fucking Kylo. What more could you want?

Borrowed Time by eekanimp (rating: teen and up)

Again no explicit sex but implied bottom!Kylo and thats good enough for me. Kylo has a tantrum and Hux has to come and deal with him. 

broken wishbones under your bed by wolfhalls (rating: explicit)

Holy shit. If fucked up space boyfriends roleplay is your thing (and apparently, it is now mine) then you should definitely read this. And then read it again and hate yourself. 


And a bonus one that isn’t bottom!Kylo that much but you should still read it because it makes me cry

take until there is nothing left by PaperKnights (rating: explicit) 

Another trigger warning for dubcon but holy shit, this fic is written so, so beautifully and it gives me feelings. 

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Dead Mun, Oh my goodness! Please just sleep. You should really not be on tumblr if you only have 3 hours of sleep! Dude, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we can wait and that you need to sleep. I know how 3 hours of sleep feels and I will just say that you really should just sleep and not worry about tumblr. Plz just sleep and don't worry about Tumblr right now. Hope you get some rest. :) From Anon.

YA CAN SLEEP WHEN YER DEAD!     its not very late where I live and I plan on going to bed really early. please do not worry, I’m too awake right now       ヽ(°◇° )ノ

i understand a fandom trying to encourage each other to boost ratings by watching episodes through legal means (on tv, thru itunes, etc) but im kinda tired of the shaming of ppl like me who watch recordings online. not everyone can afford cable tv or spend money on itunes episodes.

im not gonna not watch a show just bc i cant pay for it. its something that makes me happy and helps me get through being poor and depressed and mixed up.

a more constructive thing to do is to ask people who cant afford cable or itunes to POST IN THE TAGS- tumblr tags, twitter tags, facebook, whatever. it still makes a difference, they pay attention to social media, and its a way ppl like me can participate and try to rally around a show thats being scrutinized right now by execs. we can all do something, just stop blaming other fans and making ppl feel bad for being poor with limited options. we love the show, too. 

SO! I wanted to do something for hitting 2000. Key criteria: that it be something I can do and finish today, because last time I hit a milestone I tried to do TA, and I still owe a lot of you promos from that…..ugh. Spectacular fail, self. (I’m still going to do them - imminently, since this has brought it back to my mind - but I’m incredibly sorry for dropping the ball so bad.) 

Anyway, what I’ve decided to do is a ff for my top 20 blogs. Picking a top 20 was obviously hard, not least because it’s such a generic category - what does ‘top’ signify? The 20 people I talk to most? The ones whose writing I like best? The ones who are friendliest or post the best edits?

In the end I’ve picked blogs that bring the happy to my dash. They’re all positive, friendly, lovely people, and I’ve picked ones that I think will make any of your dashes better. x


  • themegalosaurus ☆ Jess’ tumblr identity was the first one i kind of got to recognise when i first joined (i.e. ‘oh that’s the Sam’s hands girl’) and NOW WE ARE RL BOOZEY FRIENDS so basically we’re Anne Shirley and Diana Barry ok. She’s the giffing queen, I fucking love her writing, and she’s responsible for Hot Professor Sam. NEED I SAY MORE.
  • winchestersandwordprocessors ☆ I don’t totally get the concept of tumblr wives, but if i have one, it’s probably Chris. great writer and just a great fucking person w/ an eye-crossingly smutty mind. i LOVE her. 
  • lipglosskaz ☆ one of my original tumblr crushes and i’m still in the middle of a love affair tbh. her blog is like a glass of orange juice when you’re dying of thirst and need a sugar kick. If you follow anyone, follow kaz!!
  • marrieddorks ☆ our friendship is kind of counter-intuitive b/c I don’t really ship j2 and she really really does. but i looove her. WE’RE LIKE THE ROMEO AND JULIET OF TUMBLR, Kirsten. :)
  • baronsamediswife ☆ rarely have I witnessed, in any context, the level of devotion that Myri holds for Dean/Jensen. :) visiting her blog is like worshipping at a funny, friendly, porny altar of Dean/Jensen feels. she’s incredibly genuine and a goddess of fic - check out her fic rec blog too. 
  • buttheyrebrothers ☆ Sandy’s writing will wreck you five ways to Friday AND she might be an android b/c she is inhuman levels of nice. she’s also my porn-wife: someday we will marry and our relationship will consist largely of exchanging porny fic over breakfast.


  • hidingfrommychildren ☆the Deangirl that I’m working on bringing over to the Sam side of life (it’ll happen, Erin, gaaaaze into the rabbit hole). NICEsT PERSON and ultimate cheerleader. I live for her tags on my stuff.
  • mamapeterson ☆ kind and awesome and lots of quality posting! You will not find a friendlier person on here.
  • deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ☆ ultimate Deangirl! check out her masterlist of reader insert smut (most of it Dean, though almost our first interaction was when I won a fic from her and requested Sam smut :D AH MEMORIES)


  • allsamallthetime ☆ Samgirl extraordinaire and the creator and primary of 70s Vice Cop Sam (visit his digs at sextigersam). 
  • sunshinesamwinchester ☆ Feona is UNFAILINGLY kind and positive, just thinking of her makes me smile. She also makes lovely edits!
  • yaelstiel ☆ AH YAEL. where to start? beautiful gifs that range from episode meta to scientific (OBVS) studies of Sam’s face and hair; kind and open and intelligent and my much younger (ha!) little tumblr-sister. 


  • tipsysam ☆ Hanna is LITERALLY the friendliest person I have ever met. She is one of the first people I very nervously messaged on here and she responded so warmly that I stopped feeling shy at all. Also her tags are the best on tumblr. Really. And…memorable.
  • wellcometothedarkside ☆ Aeren’s edits will knock your socks off and she also does tons of great fic recs.
  • whoaeasytiger ☆ achingly lovely writing and the legit coolest tattoo i’ve ever seen
  • sammichgirl☆ Heather is my real-life goldilocks and basically a literal sun - she glows and casts light and warmth wherever she goes. I’M SERIOUS.
  • zest-wincest ☆ haven’t been following long but stellar posts always and edits that i love!


(couldn’t figure out where to put these, but they’re too great to leave out)

  • canoncanoff ☆ multifandom madness & my smut-writing idol - check out her 100 kinks masterlist. it will change your life. As I’ve said to Sam on more than one occasion, her writing could give me a kink for eggplants or telephone books if she wanted it to. she’s that good.
  • anotherwinchesterfangirl ☆ I don’t even know how to categorise Liz (plus i haven’t known her all that long) but I enjoy literally everything she posts. her tags are gold and i love her writing!
  • fingersinsamshair ☆ uggghhh just read her tags and wallow in her gratuitous and oh-so-bang-on appreciation of the boys. ;) she has some great s1 screencapping going on right now too.