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I hate it when americans or anyone else non german uses german without looking up how or the meaning of the words.

I’ll punch you if you use “ach” like the canadian “eh” its not even the same

The duo ignored the asker’s raucous shouting, locked in a place and time all their own it seemed.  Tord’s expression was cool, undisturbed, but his mind was racing.  Tedd on the other hand, looked disbelieving, and perhaps angry.  "So you’ve still been doing this crap?  Behind our- their backs?“

"It’s not like that, you’re just confused-”   Tord began, but was cut off immediately.

“I’m a lot of things, but this is not confusion.  I’m both of them, together, you don’t think I can tell when you’re lying? It’s an insult.”  He swept his hand to the side, gesturing at nothing but meaning far more.  "Tell me the truth, what are you doing now?!“

"FIRST of all, I don’t need to tell you anything.”  Now Tord’s tone was angry, as he raised his voice at the fusion.  "YOU were a mistake that’s going to be corrected.  Secondly,  that is my business, to share as I see fit-“

"No, it’s not!”  A dark-coloured spark flew from the fusion’s faded eyes, fizzling out before either party could really see it.  "This affects other people too you asshole!  You honestly think Tom and Edd, and hell, Matt too, would be fine with whatever you’re up to?  That’s why you’re hiding it!“  

Another spark, this time brighter, caught Tord’s eye.  He took a slight step back, startled, and remembered that the argument wasn’t quite with either of his partners, but with a very unstable combination.  “Wait a sec-“

“No!  You-you always do this, right when I-we-ugh, they think they can trust you-“  Tedd gestured at Tord, “You just prove everyone wrong again! D-do you even care?!”

“Listen, um… you just need to calm down-“

“No!”  Tedd retorted, and at that moment whatever had been holding back the amalgamation’s powers snapped in a burst of dark light from his hand, specked with bright green and whipping back those around.  Tord dodged out of the way, turning back just in time to watch the fusion collapse.  “Oh no-”

Tedd is no longer available for asks.

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tv meme: nine female characters » cj cregg [5/9]

“You know what? I’ve spent the last 14 hours being snickered at by United States Senators, being ostracized on the World Wide Web, having my own colleagues question my ability to do my job, and I let it get to me. So, I don’t think it really matters whether I’m gay or straight or just the best damn women’s basketball player in Ohio Valley history, no one should be treated this way.”


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???