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Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

list of OSH’s most epic English lines
  • turnback
  • shawty imma party til the sundown
  • hey doctor
  • never don’t mind about a thing
  • you know my name girl
  • now step step
  • that’s right my type
  • my queen
  • it hurts
  • she don’t love me
  • I can do this all night long baby
  • ready set oh my
  • girl you got me flying up
  • cause you are you are a transformer
  • give it to me
  • it’s dangerous girl

If Yuma was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

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i’ve been meaning to say this for ages but haven’t been on tumblr much and haven’t remembered:

granted that most high schoolers live less than 45 minutes away from their school and granted that most of y’all don’t have to do all your own cooking (things which take up a significant portion of my out-of-the-school-building time) but like

i don’t think most adults give you (overtly) enough credit for everything you do. it’s a rigorous schedule and your brains are even worse equipped than mine for handling early mornings, and you still get to first period on time most days.

and you do as much work as you can most of the time, and do art and sports and music and drama and charity work.

and the point of this is to say, i’m a teacher and i am exhausted most days. i came home and fell asleep this afternoon and now i know i have to finish grading and writing lessons for tomorrow, but that prospect is just daunting and i’d really rather go back to bed.

and i know we are hard on y’all sometimes, and we may seem like we forget you have lives outside our classrooms, but i want to take this opportunity to say that i respect you so much.

i don’t remember how i was able to sustain this schedule all day every day when i was a student, and i don’t know how y’all do it either.

keep on keepin’ on, i’m proud of you.


You are wrong to hate King Regis. Niflheim killed mother, not him. They murdered her and made you their lapdog.

For @nefaegis​. ❤

Hawkeye (2012) #11

( i drew this but couldnt bring myself to post it on my main or on daily-lisa-lisa so here you go, some good ole kirakak. im kinkshaming myself as we speak ) - @daily-lisa-lisa

// @dailykiraqueen look at this beautiful hateship we have blossomed

are you proud

Anyway, I know we are not even half way through season 4 but can we have an extra season in which we have 1 hour episodes with bloopers and behind-the-scenes  and unseen footage? PLEASE AND THANK YOU??? @\NRK @\JULIE ANDEM I mean you have to understand how hard it’s gonna be for many of us to say goodbye to such a good show, so just put yourselves in our position maybe???? 

170429 - Sehunnie’s Smile

Today’s bias is Sehun!

And his smile makes me want to adopt thirty puppies, end world hunger, and write a novel all before dinner time.

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Let’s just watch him smile and laugh.

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Whoops, how’d that one get in there?

Sehun: *whisper whisper whisper*

Lay: “Oh, yeah, I added it.  I thought it was relevant.”

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I am so fking trash for my story okay I cannot stop drawing or writing and I HAVE THE URGE TO DRAW HAPPY AMEYA OKAY

i honestly love that early 2000s fashion was a complete free for all where literally everyone was jst wearing whatever the fuck they wanted and it was more or less accepted… we could learn a lot from the early 2000s

In Pennsylvania seeing relatives I haven’t seen in 15 years on 3 hours of sleep and I feel like I’m hallucinating it all

Also first time sleeping without brad since fall 2014 tonight

Sherlock, let me in
I want to give you myself
It’s…all I have left
—  John’s haiku to Sherlock

TOP TIP: Waiting for your exam results? Worried you might not have the grades you wanted? Console yourself with the knowledge that no matter how bad things may look, you’re not a grown adult writing a letter to a newspaper calling children pathetic for feeling stress.

(with many thanks to @helloserotonin right here on Tumblr for this one!)

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How's that 12 page English comic goin?

sketched out the pages, still need to get a feel of the characters before I feel confident enough to do ink right away

I dont know if the last pages would work - honestly its a bit of a risk since its tied to the number of pages I took - but once its inked itll be apparent I guess

that was a dumb move on my part