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/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

Ryuji's sexual harassment

Ok I’ve seen many hate posts about Ryuji and in most of them the reasons, well lets just say I could see where they’re coming from

But recently I found more and more posts about Ryuji sexually harassing girls, hell even him abusing them! Well I guess i’m blind then, cause I’m before what seems to be final boss in a game and I never seen him being abusive and sexually harassing girls.

I will not write whole essay why is that wrong on so many levels and I’ve never said he was perfect. I just want to say, please read the freaking definitions before saying stuff like that. He is just pervy. Like really pervy but to be honest, he’s 16 yo. Most of kids are really perverted in this age and think about stuff like that. Srsly you could say Yosuke from previous game harassed girls more. I’m talking about this scene when he buys swimsuits for girls and beg them to put them on. Still it isn’t harassment but it’s closer then anything that Ryuji did in my opinion.(and my goal here isnt to hate on Yosuke. He’s one of my faves so yeah i’m just putting an example)

I guess most people take it from hawaii trip and also how game makes us believe he cares only about looks in women??? Just remember guys that being pervy doesn’t equall sexually harassing women. He’s just a kid that still learns about that stuff!

Oh and him being abusive? No. Just no. Once again google the definition of “abuse” plus his whole backstory with being abused??? Don’t change freaking victim to abuser! That’s just really not okay guys! He sometimes can act like a jerk too but he isn’t abusive! Hell I would say most of the team was more “abusive” to him then he was to others but that’s my opinion.

Please before you say things like that look up some things. By saying misguiding informations, you just sprade the hate and hate in fandom isn’t good. You don’t like this character? Cool keep it to yourself, block the tag or whatever and don’t try to make people angry or make them hate character too. Someone else likes this character? Let them enjoy it and post fanart fanfics or other things with out sending them hate ( i’m talking to you anon hate I’ve never answered cause it wasn’t just worth it) and that’s all.

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I do think that some of the push back against solo Harry is less not wanting Harry to do well, but more FEAR of him doing well. That's how I felt about the Dunkirk reaction. Larries know what a successful film and album means for the immediate band future. I think for as obtuse as they come across a lot more larries see the writing on the wall with Louis and his situation than are letting on, and adding Harry actively rebutting them as well? I think a lot of larries won't be able to handle that.

  • Tzuyu: Dubu~ Dubu~ <3
  • Dahyun: Tzuyu, can u stop that? Thats copy righted off me bro
  • Tzuyu: Ill stop, if you stop stealing Sana from me then
  • Dahyun: ...
  • Jihyo and Mina: 0.0 ...
  • Sana: *blushes* ...
  • NaMo + No jam bros: ooohhhH SHITTTTTT SONNNN

good night~

Season 1 Internal Monologue
  • Hannibal: holyyy shitt Will is hot
  • Hannibal: I'll just lowkey make him breakfast that's normal right bros make bros breakfast??
  • Hannibal: omg Will just like ttly gets me omfg
  • Hannibal: yassss my murders ARE art yass Will YASSSSS
  • Hannibal: ...
  • Hannibal: um like not to be like rude but i have a 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Hannibal: so like next time u feel like abandoning me phone 24 hrs ahead k thanks
  • Hannibal: *smells Will*
  • Hannibal: awhh yea that was hell subtle
  • Hannibal: *hi fives himself with Miriam Lass's hand*

y’know there r some ppl that uncomfortable to talk about their problems and prefer to stay silent and keep it for themselves, and the others always accuse that they don’t have problems at all.