that's really not subtle at all cas

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hey, i'm sorry if you've answered this before, but i was wondering if you think that the writers are going to officially make destiel canon or come out and say that dean is bi? or do you think that's all just a pipe dream and it's never going to actually happen? sometimes i get really discouraged and i don't want to watch supernatural because i feel like the writers are only going to keep queerbaiting us.

Well, I think it will probably be not quite that black and white. What I believe the question will be is *how explicitly textual* Destiel is going to be. I have no doubt that Dean and Cas are absolutely 100% each other’s endgame, but how openly romantic is it going to be? Will it be subtle enough that people can still argue they’re only best friends, or will there be no doubt that they’re in love? That’s what I’m not sure about.

I don’t believe the writers are queerbaiting us. I believe they are telling a story. I think that queerbaiting would be mocking us, leading us on with occasional hints, not literally weaving their story with countless tropes, hints, callbacks, references, and indications through set design, music choice, editing, direction… I mean, on the one hand there are BIG parts of the story that make no sense if Destiel isn’t real, and on the other, there are so many constant tiny, subtle efforts going into the background, the mentions, the set, the costumes, the editing - from the fact that Cas found his grace in Don Quixote, a story about a delusional would-be hero madly in love with someone who doesn’t love him back (this being how Metatron views Cas) to how a shot of Cas faded into Dean’s hand reaching for his beer with the label “a taste of heaven”. These things aren’t accidents. They make those beer labels on purpose, they pick their literary and pop culture references, their props, their colors, their costumes, their music, very very much on purpose. When Dean stops mentioning women and starts making his statements gender-neutral, they know what they’re doing. When it’s openly asked what Dean and Cas want in their lives, they know what they’re doing.

There’s too much for it to be nothing. There’s too much effort and thought and work for it to be a joke, a tease, or anything but an important, intentional part of the story they’re telling. What kind of stupid fuck would waste that kind of time and energy in the making of something if it didn’t mean something? Why would people intentionally antagonize, mislead, and mock the fans their livelihood depends on, ESPECIALLY when the major media has already taken notice? Big websites have already said that Supernatural needs to make it canon already, so if the show ends without them doing SOMETHING? There is going to be blood.

In short, there is no chance this is going nowhere. The question is exactly how far it’s going to go, and only time is going to tell that.