that's probably the one thing i like the most of dn

DNTW conference 16/9/2017 QA:

(i tried to write as much as i can down but i probably missed a few minor details here and there, also warning for bad english :V

Answered by Lee Kyung Nam/Development PD

Q1. Future of DN? 龍之谷未來的走向

A: 2 main things they’re working on right now, a) it’s getting harder for new players that just started playing, so they’re trying to implement new contents that help new players understand and get into the game; b) they’re trying to reduce the gap between cash players and non-spending players/basically reduce elements of P2W. Also mentioned a new nest and awakening for lancea and machina

Q2. Please host costume design contests? 

A: Yes, through game publishers.

Q3. Reduce or lower the cost of getting equipments(屠殺者裝備, not too sure what this is), for now it’s 3-5 points per run and 10000 points needed to get the gear.

A: Basically: No, the gears are not the main thing they want you to get from the store… Will add more items to the store and maybe increase the points you get per run

Q4. Please improve guild system for medium-small guilds.

A: They mostly release competitive content for guilds, it might not be good for smaller guilds but they think this is the right(?) direction. Could try implementing minor adjustments? 

Q5. Option to replay old cutscenes?

A: For now, not really. Maybe next year. (time constraints) Will try to bring more and better cutscenes and videos.

Q6. Make 95L server storageable pls

A: No, this will make the player too OP and ignore other contents of the game. But will consider making them tradable (seal stamp)

Q7. When will PVP balancing come?

A: Truthfully speaking there isn’t a lot of PVP balancing done in 2017 and they know that. They’re sorry. They hope to do proper PVP balancing based on the data they’ve gathered from several servers in the second half of 2018 (Oct?) 

Q8. Raid Nests are too hard for non-FD players pls nerf

A: The difficulty of Raid Nests are designed according to the capabilities of endgame players. Instead of nerfing the nests they will try to improve player growth instead.

Q9. Implement quick play mode/more maps for minigame PVPs 

A: Instead of introducing new content in PVP, they’re hoping to improve the current meta instead, maybe in the next year. Promise. (打勾勾喔)

Q10. Bring back Nest Achievements and old Raid Nests

A: They’re planning to change Guild Nest. They feel like it’s not good to just bring back the old nests and simply change the values, so they’re adding new mechanics to the old nests. There will be a new Raid Nest coming, and currently there’s no plans to re-release old Raid Nests.

Questions/suggestions from players, answers from GF/publisher

(most of the answers to these are “we don’t have the authority to change a lot of things, please write your suggestions in the form so we can let ED know” the ones with A: are answered)

-RoB problem (Imperator buying off all the RoB, hope to set limits)

-TH gold price limit rebalance (item values are higher than the current limit of the selling price)

-More slots in the disassembler/make crafting one-click instead of having to wait (A: the devs are focusing more on making new contents and less functionality issues, but write that down and see what they can do)

-Sell epic synthesis costumes in the Cash Shop for people who want them for the looks and not stats

-Please implement more ways to obtain Spera

-Improve Hero’s Battlefield, since it’s kinda pointless now other than Darkness Cube and skill frags that don’t have much worth. Maybe implement points system and add a store for item exchange.

-Shooting Star bugs (Splash missing at point blank and Chemical Missile SAb problem)

-What’s the Dragon Jade reward for the next season Lagendia exploration (+14 Lv93 or Lv95)

-Disconnecting in NM results in losing all/a lot of your points you earned in the run, maybe let you return to the game or store your points

-Increase spectator count in PvP rooms

-What’s your solution to players mass quitting/population dropping? Also please release a lighter Kali skin color? (A: Events that attract new players, and Kali’s skin color is related to her character design but will try asking)

-Improvements to the Apprentice system?

-Allow easier Jade element change

-Bring back difficulty settings(Abyss) for lower dungeons for newer players who like a challenge (instead of challenge being an endgame thing)

-Change/add event timing (Friday night/weekends to maybe weekdays too) (A: we’re trying to conform to the majority of the players, who are usually not free on weekdays)

-Ladder queue time too long when rating high. Sometimes over half an hour. (A: devs have plans to fix this in Oct)

Additional info:

-Title improvements will come in the first half of 2018 

-No plans for wedding system :^(((((((((

-Improvements in daily mission achievements, since for now it feels very grindy and no surprises (with the addition of Gold Nest tickets)

-Plans to improve Rare/Epic Talisman crafting (too hard to get the right stat)

-Received question about male character. Currently there’s a character in development that has gender and voice option, coming in 2018

-New Raid Nest in development