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...I'm pretty sure that if that person, the one calling Jews Arabs, saw me they would not come to the conclusion that I was ethnically Jewish, even though I am--considering that I'm pretty much the spitting image of my father at my age. My Icelandic-and-British-and-Irish heritage father. Sure. That's definitely going to work out. -pocket-knife

You know what it reminds me of? The “perfect Aryan child” propaganda poster that the Nazis used.

You know, the Nazis that had their “scientific methods” to tell who was and wasn’t Jewish.

But that “perfect Aryan” was this woman, Hessy Taft:

who’s Jewish.

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you cannot separate jason and tim after a mission, doesn't happen. batfam has also given up on sending one out without the other, (jason lost it when tim came back with four broken ribs and a fractured wrist.) jason pretty much kidnaps tim after them and it's a while before anyone sees either of them. batfam bets on what they're doing. dick is the one who goes into the room. they're cuddling. or suffocating each other more like it. //jason also pulls a gun on dick but that's normal by now//

Okay this is adorable and I agree with it 150%!

But picture this:

Batman, sneaking into Jason’s safehouse at 4:45 AM. His patrol is done for the night, and all of his kids have been accounted for, except Jason and Tim.  Bruce knows they are likely both here and can handle themselves if any trouble comes up, but he sleeps better if he knows without a doubt that his children are asleep.

He barely makes it all the way in before Jason is pointing a gun at him. It irks him, but definitely doesn’t scare him. Jason is laying on his back on his bed, arm a wrapped around the bundle lying half on top of him. Bruce can make out a tuff of Tim’s hair sticking up out of the top of the bundle and his mismatched socks poking out of the bottom.

“I’ve been waiting for a good reason, B.” Jason hisses. Bruce raises a brow behind his mask. 

“That’s a nerf gun.” He replies.

“Uh yeah so? It’ll still hurt like a bitch if I manage to shoot one up your nose.”

Batman leaves them alone for the night, content in knowing that his family is safe.


*A month later*

This time it’s Dick crawling in the safe-house window, on Bruce’s orders, to make sure the missing boys are alright. He stops short, smiling at the sight of Tim reclining on the couch. Jason is laying down with his head resting on Tim’s lap, fast asleep. Tim is using one hand to play with Jason’s hair while he uses his other hand to type on his laptop.

Tim doesn’t even look over at Dick when he speaks.

“If you wake him, I’ll send the entire Justice League pictures of you in your disco suit.” He says in a deadly whisper.

Dick has never left a building faster in his life. 

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can u perhaps give me ur thoughts on fans' theory about juvia being gray's second choice. i've seen loads of posts saying that gray had feelings for lucy but stepped down bc he saw her chemistry with natsu. but i don't think that's the case, gray was attracted to lucy bc of her looks. juvia on the other hand, i am confindently positive that he is attracted to her as a whole; her personalities, her looks, her everything and her in general. juvia was never his second choice, juvia IS his choice.

Well, I have to applaud you, anon. You pretty much nailed it, and I agree with you. I’ve said this before, but Gray has always been portrayed as a normal guy who finds attractive girls attractive. If Lucy was his first choice, then what is Erza, or Virgo, or the cute waitresses at the guild? Because he clearly had an attraction to all of them and has shown at least as much “interest” in them, as he has canonically shown in Lucy. 

Gray seemed to have a crush on Erza when she entered the guild, he called Virgo cute, and he was blushing over the waitresses new uniforms when they came back from the Tower of Heaven. Lucy is a beautiful girl, so I’m sure Gray thought so, too.  

Mashima basically showed us Gray is just a character who finds attractive girls attractive. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I also feel like this headcanon is simply built off of fans love for Lucy. So, if Lucy is your favorite girl, the more guys who like her, the merrier. She still gets her choice of guy, but doesn’t it feel good to have lots of characters interested in Lucy? Doesn’t that show how awesome she is? And I get that feeling. As a Juvia fan, I loved that Lyon loved her. It was nice and fun when that actual love triangle was in play. But, the difference is, that love triangle was supported by the manga. While the Natsu, Lucy, and Gray one doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

To say Gray decided he couldn’t go for Lucy, because of Natsu’s feelings? Shounen is not that subtle. Mashima would have shown us Gray having such a revelation. Even a slight one would have sufficed. But we have NEVER seen Gray take notice of Natsu’s relationship with Lucy. Not once. Likewise, and even more importantly, we have never seen Gray fall in love with Lucy. So, you can have the headcanon, but it’s not supported by one piece of manga evidence, and that’s a fact. 

Mashima has only ever shown Gray to have romantic development with one girl. That girl was Juvia. That IS supported with manga evidence. A LOT of it. And the above headcanon is trying to undermine the importance of that fact. 

Imagine if people started saying Lucy was a second choice for Natsu because Lisanna died? If she hadn’t, he’d have probably ended up with her, because their relationship seemed very similar to his and Lucy’s before she got swept off to Edolas. And even Gildarts seemed to think she was a big deal to him. 

But, as a Nalu shipper, I don’t think that’s true, because Lisanna came back, and that didn’t alter or harm Natsu’s relationship with Lucy, and if anything, Lisanna encouraged Lucy to stick close to Natsu. 

But, saying that Lucy was Natsu’s second choice is just as undermining as saying Juvia was Gray’s. And there’s no doubt, it would piss people off royally. Especially if such a theory was tagged as nalu. 

IMO, Gray is a very strong-willed character. If he had wanted to pursue Lucy, I honestly see nothing to stop him from doing so. Many of us are still not even sure of Natsu’s feelings, but Gray knew? All that time ago? Without Mashima showing us he knew, and showing us him making that conscious decision to back off of Lucy? Please.

IMO Gray never pursued Lucy for the same reasons he never seemed to have any previous romantic relationships. Because his feelings never progressed to that point until Juvia, thanks to the development he had with her, and because of the type of person she is. She was overt in her feelings. She showed him care, and understanding, and patience, and most importantly, she helped heal him through the pain and guilt and fear that has been holding him back from embracing anyone the way he’s prepared to embrace Juvia. 

And we know the above is a fact, because we’ve been taken through that development step-by-step. Mashima took the time to show it to us, because it was important. He showed us Gray growing past things, and opening up because of Juvia. 

So, how could he have liked Lucy to the extent of needing to “back off for Natsu’s sake” when he was too closed off at that point to have those kinds of serious feelings for anyone? And not one shred of manga evidence proves otherwise. 

He LOVES Juvia. And the manga has shown us he’s never been in love before, until Juvia., because she is the only one Mashima has shown us Gray falling in love with. She was the one who made the ice mage feel WARM. She’s the one who’s NOT a friend. She was the one he died for on more than one occasion. She’s the first person he thought of when speaking of what he wanted to do when the war was over. And she’s the one he promised an answer to. 

So, it would be nice if people stopped trying desperately to undermine Gray’s feelings and development with Juvia. The manga doesn’t support those Natsu x Lucy x Gray headcanons. It’s as simple as that. 


So I’m pretty sure at this point we could replace Flug with a stool wearing a paper bag and no one would notice.

Let's face it, this is pretty much exactly how all of us Gravepainters shippers were at first:

Book of Life trailer: *Shows La Muerte and Xibabla in a scene together*

Us: I don’t really know who these two are yet, but they look super cute together, and I am going to ship them either way.

La Muerte and Xibalba: *Are a canon married couple*

Us: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

About Mary Sues

I know I already said something a couple of posts back, but I’m still mad about it. I wish people would just leave other people’s OCs alone. 

I don’t mean “the ones that are good.” If someone wants to create a character with eyes like cerulean orbs and flowers blooming where she walks -let them. Even if she make mistakes and absolutely no one calls them on it.  Even if every man and most of the women want her and she dares to have multiple partners.

And it’s always a ‘her’, because no one rides the male OCs this damn hard about the same stuff.

Leave them alone. 

They are literally hurting no one by indulging a fun fantasy where everyone loves them. I would have been a lot less afraid of writing when I was younger if I hadn’t been pulling a “not like other OCs” on myself and dreaded adding any characteristics that made my female characters unique. 

And this goes especially strongly for the PC in a video game, where she’s already pretty freaking special. If I am The Chosen One, or The Only One Who Can Wield The Power, or The Last Jedi or whatever, I’m already a special snowflake. Is changing eye colours really the thing that makes this character so unbelievable?

Let people write the stuff they want. No one’s forcing you to read it, as much I hate to draw on the old dldr. Let people have fun with their characters, that’s why they exist in the first place.


5 years ago, like many others, I went on a journey.
Not just any journey, it was a journey to the mountain with the bright shining light on the top.

Can you guys believe it? 5 years! I’ve been on this wonderful journey for 5 years now. There are no words to express how much that means to me really. It’s been so much fun and I truly love my time spent answering silly questions and making new friends from all over~

To commemorate this wonderful day, here is my very first post in this blog! Horrible isn’t it? Lolol. But nah, it’s really awesome to see how much both Scarfy and I have grown in the course of 5 years, so I thought it would be nice to redraw/update said post to pretty much show said growth.

Anywho, thank you so much to those who have stuck around with me for so long and also to all the new friendly travelers who have just recently come across this blog! I shall continue to be here for as long as I am able to so don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else any time soon~

Happy Birthday Scarfy~!  

so tonight i told someone ‘i’m going to write + illustrate children’s books’ instead of i want to or i might and that’s a pretty cool shift imo

houseteeth replied to your post “are you still able to recive spiders as gifts? I know there are rules…”

can i send u, lets say like 5 KS items thru private auction for 69t each or is that still not allowed

Friends are more or less exempt from that rule so technically yeah you could do that but doesn’t mean you should :’D


I was marked for death the moment Oliver accepted my father’s offer.

That’s for Me to Know and You to Find Out

a/n: I have this posted on ao3, if you would rather read it there!
This is just something I wrote as an exercise, and to be honest, a lot of texting fics are really hard for me because of the use of italics and the bold to differentiate the characters. I find that terribly confusing and though I would take a much easier approach. I hope you all enjoy this cute and slightly angsty fic!

(866) 907-3235: hello

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: thats for me to know and you to find out(:

Castiel: Gabriel?

(866) 907-3235: no lol

Castiel: Balthazar?

(866) 907-3235: no
(866) 907-3235: the fuck kinda name is that

Castiel: I seem to be drawing a blank then.

(866) 907-3235: figured

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: told you
(866) 907-3235: me to know, you to find out

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Shit Danita always says and does in the last 5 seasons:

1. Dracarys

2. How awesome she is

3. Asks how GreyWorm and Missandei’s love life is going

4. How she is barren

5. Burns people alive while having her orgasm face 

6. She only pets Drogon

7. She gives speeches about how she will kill all those who don’t bend the knee

8. She has the “I am better and smarter than you” face when she talks to pretty much everyone

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Hc of Uvogin, Chrollo and Hisoka as dads


•Would actually be a good dad? He just has that good dad feel. However, he’s still a Troupe member first and foremost. He’s not going to throw that away for a family, no matter how fond he might actually be of his child

•The pregnancy was most likely an accident anyway. He feels kinda bad about it, so it’s probably the uncomfortable guilt that first makes him willing to stick around for the kid (unless his baby mama starts complaining about it, that annoys him, and he’s probably going to get outta there as soon as possible)

•He comes around more often than one would think, but he honestly doesn’t have much interest in the kid when they’re younger. Babies just annoy him. He’s not going ten feet near the kid when they’re still a screaming, crying, smelly mess. He’d wait to start being a dad until they were older, when he could actually stand to be around them

•He of course expects his kid to be strong. He keeps trying to teach them how to use nen, even if they haven’t learned to unleash their aura yet. He’s so eager to teach them how to fight, but he’s not good at holding back his strength. He’s definitely given his kid a few bruises here and there, maybe even a broken arm

•Gets very excited the first time his kid actually manages to land a hit on him (if they ever do)

•He wouldn’t mind grooming them to become a Troupe member one day. But only if he thinks they’re strong enough. He’s not going to bring his kid into the spiders if they’re not worthy of it, they’d be his pride and joy at that point, they have to be strong like him, or else it’s just disappointing

•Teaches his kid to mess with Nobunaga as much as possible and Nobu hates them both for it

•If Uvo had a daughter, he’d probably be more loving. She’s pretty much the epitome of ‘daddy’s little girl’


•He’s not very loving with his kid at all. As sad as it may be, they’ll probably never be as important to Chrollo as the Troupe. Of course, there are some special circumstances where Chrollo could really love his child, but it’s just unlikely given what we see in canon

•Once he finds out he got someone pregnant, pretty much expect Chrollo to disappear for a while. He knows it’s an asshole move, but having a child is not on his agenda. And he’d much rather avoid the problem all together than quarrel with the baby mama 

•There could also be a sympathetic factor to it though. Maybe Chrollo knows his life is not one that a child should be involved in. He’s not going to burden them with his infamy. If an enemy finds out about his child, and his baby mama, who knows what lengths they’d go to to take revenge on Chrollo through them. Chrollo knows it’s possible. He just doesn’t feel like getting people he might genuinely be fond of involved in his exploits. It could be because there’s sentiment there, or because he’s just not willing to deal with all the trouble

•Maybe he comes around more often once the child is older and curious about the world. Chrollo is happy to teach them

•I like the idea of there being some drama factored into this though. Maybe Chrollo’s baby mama isn’t too keen on their child getting involved with Troupe business, or their child being infused with Chrollo’s somewhat twisted ideals. It’s a potential problem Chrollo would have with his child

•A potentially ‘intimate’ moment Chrollo might have with his child is if the kid does something bad? Kills someone, maybe? Maybe the kid was just defending themselves, but they’re still shaken up about it. Chrollo gives them the ‘it is what it is’ talk, but he’s genuine about it


•He’s such an awkward dad? He just does not understand how to be a parent. Well for one, he’s never around. Even the previous two, busy as they are traveling with the Troupe, would probably make more time for their kids than Hisoka. Clown daddy just isn’t interested in being an actual dad

•If anything, he might be interested to see how the kid grows. Will they be a good fighter? Develop strong nen? Be a capable opponent? That might be the only thing Hisoka cares about

•That being said, his child could be a source of pride for Hisoka if he believes they’ll be strong. So there could be a ‘protective’ factor to Hisoka being a father. No one is messing with his kid, that’s for sure. He just won’t allow it if he thinks they’re worth something. A slight to his child is a slight to himself, and he takes that personally

•I can see there being a point when the child is older that Hisoka doesn’t mind taking them along on one of his exploits. He wants to test their strength, maybe teach them a thing or two or about their nen. He treats them as though they’re barely a disciple, let alone his child. I can see him being in one of those situations where the kid doesn’t even know Hisoka is his dad. Just thinks he’s some crazy clown dude who came by the house one day and suddenly took him on some enlightening journey

•The trip would be meaningful, but not at all filled with anything intimate. Like, Hsioka is not gonna hesitate to abandon this kid in the middle of the woods if they start to annoy him

•He’s also 100% fine with potentially killing his own child. It doesn’t matter under what circumstance, Hisoka has no qualms about it. That pretty much encompasses how bad of a dad he is lmao

hi everyone!! in honor of reaching 1k (thank you all so much!! i love you and i don’t deserve you) i am doing my first ever fandom family!!


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if this doesn’t excite you then I have failed as the ryden cult leader

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Noraaa,,, a cute girl i live with keeps making lowkey queer jokes (at least thats what they sound like to me) and today we ended up discussing what children of wlw couples would call their parents and she said "i'd want to be mum" so as a certified lesbian would you say theres a chance shes wlw too or am i just a desparate lonely queer who reads too much into things

i mean……..she sounds like a pretty big Homo to me idk man

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the rfa draging a drunk & sentimental mc home and she starts thinking they'll leave her?

It’s been days since this was asked and I have been working on it on and off ~Madre Mod


  • He is actually is giving you a piggy back ride home
  • he blames jumin for all the wine he had at this party
  • Mc can’t even talk right, but yoosung can guess what you’re trying to say
  • but he’s not prepared for when you starts crying and nearly starts choking him because you tighting you arm hold around his neck
  • “Yoosung love me!!”
  • “I love you MC, please lossen your arms please..”
  • :Don’t leave m e! My body you want? Love???”
  • “Mc i’ll never leave you, ever. You are the only one I need.”
  • you end up a sobbing, babbling mess.
  • Yoosung loves you even more and tried to express that more often

❤Zen❤ (I swear i could make this into a fanfic)

  • you are his princess/prince and he’s gonna carry you like one
  • you are telling him your weird drunken thoughts on the way home and zen humoring you
  • “Zen….what if Jumin……and you were a couple???? Wouldn’t that be weird???”
  • “That would be very weird if me and him were a couple.”
  • “but like….hate sex is a thing.”
  • “If im not mistaken I think you want me and jumin to become a couple?”
  • at this moment zen knew
  • he fucked up
  • “Wait….you don’t love me anymore?????”
  • Zen is panicking o K
  • he doesn’t know what to DO
  • “I love you my princess/prince!”
  • “Don’t leave me for that rich bitch! I can’t function right without you!!”
  • Your crying
  • zen wants to cry because you look so heart broken
  • he comforts you though, and he brings you back to your strange drunken topics.
  • such as how you were going to bring zen the moon

❤Jaehee ❤

  • she had you over her shoulder
  • she strong
  • you were just laughing up a storm.
  • somebody could tell you the most blandest joke ever  and you would still laugh at it
  • she doesn’t know why or how but you ended up crying
  • You’re remembering the times when you were freindzoned
  • “Jaehee why don’t you love me??”
  • “Mc what are you talking about we are dating. for two months now.”
  • “Then why won’t you return my feelings??”
  • you started crying harder
  • Jaehee started panicking
  • “Mc I return your feelings..Does that make you feel better?”
  • in between sobs you managed a yes
  • when you both got home jaehee cuddled the SHIT out of you
  • just so you never forget that she loves you and only you


  • so much wine
  • you consumed soooo much wine
  • you were leaning on a somewhat sober jumin
  • you and jumin are at a rfa celebration for another successful party
  • then someone totally wasnt seven brought up the does jumin han is gay rumor, and you took that to heart
  • “JUMIN??? YOUR GAY???”
  • “What?? MC no i’m not.”
  • “Then why is there a rumor about you being gay??? Are you leaving me for some other guy??????”
  • “Mc….it’s a silly rumo-”
  • cue zen choking on his beer and seven dying of laughter
  • “Me..cheat on you…..wITH THAT THING??? That’s hilarious mc.”
  • you’re actually crying
  • Jumin doesn’t understand??? He thought you were joking???
  • “Mc please calm down..”
  • poor bean side hugs you because he doesn’t know what to do
  • he ends up taking you home with driver kim driving because jumin can’t drive for shit
  • you are still crying
  • you are also weakly hitting jumin
  • “No! You are leaving me for zen! He is everything im not!!”
  • “Mc please calm down, I love you for your commoner ways.”
  • bad move there jumin
  • “Mc please..”
  • he holds you close and softly sings to you, hoping you calm your drunk ass down (if you don’t know what song this is then im slightly dissapointed. go on soundcloud and look up Jumin Han singing. I have gone to sleep with this song)
  • it works! You’re calm and half sleep!
  • “There there mc. it’s ok, I love you.”


  • You two were celebrating one of his successes from his bullshit agency
  • he brought out the good shit that he saves for when he successfully hacks into something (he probably hacks space stations for the hell of it)
  • you both were pretty drunk
  • but seven still had his mind in tack
  • unlike you who went to bother helpless saeran
  • poor boy
  • he was being poked by you
  • after seven hauled your ass away from saeran and dragged you to yall room
  • you saw this picture of you and seven that was taken from the amusement park
  • but your drunken mind didn’t register that it was you
  • so you shoved it in his face
  • “Luceil who is this??? And why do you look so happy with them??”
  • “mc thats us, from when we went to the amusement park.”
  • “No it’s not! I’m not as pretty as she is! Look she even has mouse ears! ;-; you don’t love me anymore……”
  • as much as he wanted to record this moment who am I kidding he was as soon as you was poking saeran’s face
  • you were crying and trying to take your stuff but you were grabbing his stuff instead
  • he simply picked you up, put you on the bed and started treating you like a cat.
  • belly rubs here, a little scratch here, bopping the nose once in a while, and cute little reminders of his love for you. Until you calmed down and went to sleep.
  • Seven had some funny shit to show you in the morning
  • and he won’t let you live it down
  • ever