that's pretty much how the woman in the video says it

Make Me Not Quit

 Ahem…Well JungKook’s lastest airport fashion

… just put me through pain. 

And by that I mean … SMUT on the way.

I just decided to combine these two requests as they fit what I have in mind.

I love Ur writing so much can I request a Jungkook smut the sex in car thing when we are traveling from Seoul to busan

hiii! can I request a smut scenario based off of Ariana’s song every day w/ rapmon or jungkook 

So I hope its ok and you guys enjoy it.

(If you want you can enjoy the song too)

Dirty Talk, Thigh Riding Smuttish Something

JungKook… Your heaven and hell… Your cute yet way too stubborn boyfriend. He was away for concert and it has been two weeks. He should have been back that day but you missed him so bad.

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You’re First

You and Joe never really fought. You two bickered back and forth occasionally but that was pretty much it. Both of you were pretty chilled and would talk about something before it became a real issue.

This time however was different. This time it was a fight. There were tears and loud words being exchanged without much thought. It happened all so quickly and just snowballed into a big mess. 

“Y/N I don’t know what you want me to do. Everything has already been set up and arranged, I can’t just back out at the last minute to please you!” Joe yelled throwing his hands back up in the air. 

“You don’t have to please me Joe I just wished you actually thought before you acted. I’m sick and tired of you always making the decisions and just expecting me to be okay with everything!” You yelled back from the opposite side of the room. 

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This is the second part of that story I posted earlier in the week.

“Oh, God, Sheldon.  Your mom.  Why didn’t you wake me up?,” Amy shouted when she woke and checked her watch.  It was one and they would be back any moment if they weren’t already.  Amy threw back the blankets on her bed and started grabbing things to go shower.

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Ok no hate to anyone lol just a few thoughts i have for certain points in s4

1. Idk why john seems so ‘’obsessed’’ with the idea of sherlock and irene being a thing like??? He has seen irene drugging and beating sherlock in front of his eyes. As he said, she is dangerous and a lunatic ect ect. Why would john want sherlock to end up with someone like this? John literally says that romantic  entanglement would complete sherlock as human being ect ect and the whole point was that sherlock would be a better person if he was in a relationship with a nice woman -thats the part where i laugh- but if irene is dangerous and has nothing to give to sherlock mentally, because their characters are literally the same, then how on earth would their relationship complete sherlock? I mean, John could easily ‘’push’’ Sherlock to Molly. She is not dangerous, sherlock trusts her and everyone knows she has feelings for him. But for some reason John never mentioned her in the entire dialogue. Not even as an ‘’’’’’option’’’’’’ which could be logical in this situation. Why? Could it be because John was actually talking about he and Sherlock and not Sherlock and Irene?? And every word in that part is a fricking mirror?!

2. The lying detective is literally some kind of ‘’mirror’’ for the reichenbach fall. All these -tw- mentions of suicide, a man literally drives sherlock mad -the whole culverton smith thing, mary’s video which could be some parallel of moriarty’s  ‘Sir Boast-a-lot’, how sherlock is literally ready to die for john. At the end of trf we have Ella saying to john that there was stuff he wanted to say ect ect and john cannot say it now. Is The-Before- Hug part a parallel of john’s scene with Ella.’’ The stuff he always wanted to say but he didn’t. And his chance didn’t last forever because it was gone before he knew it’’. I can really explain it but i think you get me.

3.  At Rosie’s christening Molly asks Sherlock if he has seen John’s texts to him. Sherlock says -what a fucking ass tbh- that he deletes every text which starts with ‘hi’. So, john wasn’t texting Sherlock because he wanted something. But because he just wanted to… approach him, to talk with him. A single 'Hi’. When john meets Elizabeth-Eurus, he starts texting with her and all. But… BUT if Sherlock answered his texts, would he still text her?? Or would he just flirt with Sherlock instead. John was feeling left out. Sherlock was always with Mary, and he was pretty much ignored and we even saw that our dear Sherlock was ignoring him although john would just probably try to flirt with him because.. he was feeling bored as fuck in his marriage. But if Sherlock wasn’t a lil bitch, and actually responded to John’s texts… then what would happen?! And remember in TLD when john said 'But i wanted more. I still want more’ WAS HE ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT HOW HE WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN OR A RELATIONSHIP OR SOMETHING?! OR THAT HE WANTED MORE THAN HER?! -aka Sherlock- Idk but thinking about the whole situation and how john was always being left out in TST, it would be possible for john to use Elizabeth-Eurus to 'replace’ Sherlock to him. She was his sister after all. And they look alike. But john wanted more. And he still wants more. And he literally told to himself to 'Get the hell on with it’. So why didn’t he try to meet her and hook up with her after that? Why didn’t we see him texting her? Because the 'more’ he wanted and still wants was Sherlock.

4.  *OK NO OFFENSE WITH THIS ONE OKAY* You know, some shippers say at this point that the music that was playing behind that moment was the from the same scene in Casino Royale when James Bond comforts Vesper and this means Molly is the only woman Sherlock ever fell in love with ok so…No! At this point Sherlock wasn’t playing the role of 'James Bond’ but the role of 'Vesper’. The music is not about Molly being the only woman Sherlock ever truly loved but it is about SHERLOCK BEING THE ONLY MAN MOLLY EVER TRULY LOVED. In the film, Vesper is emotionally frustrated as she has seen men getting killed in front of her eyes and shit. The same emotions Sherlock has. He saw like 5 ?? people getting killed in front of him a few minutes ago and he thought that another person -Molly- would almost get killed in front of him. Him breaking the coffin and then sitting there exhausted, feeling tortured, can be seen as a mirror for Vesper, when Bond found her under the shower, fully clothed with a broken wine bottle and the cold water hitting her, shivering and feeling frustration after she witnessed these horrible things and saying ’ It’s like there is blood on my hands. It’s not coming off’ meaning that she feels kind responsible for what happened. The same way Sherlock smashes the coffin, because he feels responsible for Molly’s position, how close she was to death and how he made her feel and he is angry and emotionally traumatized. But who is 'James Bond’ in that moment, who will find Sherlock mentally tired and feeling guilty, and will give him strength?? I think he is the number one James Bond fan in the series, Johnathan.

6. ‘’get the hell on with it’’, ‘’ Forgive me, but you are doing yourself a disservice. I have known many people in this world but made few friends, and I can safely say … ‘’ ????!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!


After watching “Find your love in Japan” or Nobita’s video “Black women vs white women in Japan” I just feel annoyed. Its already known that darker skin is seen as apparently ugly in Asia then to continue making these “Black women in Japan” or “Can blacks date in Japan?” by not only him but also ThatmanYuta is very irritating I think because its always the same outcome “White women are seen prettier” and the walking around asking Japanese people whether they find black people attractive, it looks slightly desperate and I am unsure what the actual goal is. Maybe one video I can understand but they’re making so many of these videos… its like they’ve already proved their point so what else is there to say?

Also Nobita’s latest video just made me angry and I rarely even leave comments. How is it fair to use a small pretty white woman and then compare her with a not so pleasing black woman who doesn’t come off as calm, sweet in gesture as the white woman did and plus he had to make sure the black woman was overweight too. Then he left a not so apologetic comment in response to us all who were annoyed about the balance between these two women. He claimed he had three reasons why he chose her and none were valid. He has google at his fingertips and there were better choices. But still loves to push the idea “It isn’t the features on the black women but her skin colour” and if this is true then I am disgusted.

Its all well and good for people who are not black women telling them to not be offended because that’s how things are. But even as a biracial woman myself, I just think its insulting.

Thats the problem over there because the only foreigners which are exposed within the media are the typical blonde and blue eyed. Im not being funny but I do not see how this even represents Japan, Korean or any other Asian country. They’re hardly the same - two separate races. Not far short the same hair and skin colour they share but they are not the same.

Whenever I see black women or men over in Japan or Korea it does interest me because while being the absolute opposite of asian people - its representation and to show them that black people aren’t what negative media makes out. Thats another thing too all this stuff about ghetto and rubbish like that being assumed. So if white people can be represented over there enough then why can’t other ethnic backgrounds? It doesn’t seem fair.

I follow all these brands such as Honey mi honey, Rose marie seoir, Snidel, Maison de fleur and they use foreign models but yet again they’re always white. Why can’t a doe eyed woman of colour besides Japanese model these brands too? A part of me wonders foreigners who are not white either don’t want to or can’t fit into the brand as again things like bodytype are an issue with the clothing there being smaller. But then another part of me thinks “The agencies there just don’t want anyone other than white, half Japanese or Japanese”. That’s probably the main reason. They worry about too much difference. Nothing will ever change if baby steps aren’t made.

Another thing… I urge all these Japanese male Youtubers who are making these racial videos to start addressing white fetishism and asian fetishism because there is a high rise of this. No one says anything about it but I think they should. Also all this about marrying for visa simply for unrealistic goals like becoming idols, staying illegally then getting married. Lets bring this up on the table instead for once.

anonymous asked:

ES are pulling out all their fake receipts to prove to themselves that they didn't just imagine things. We have the Paris/ birthday twitter thing, Islay and Cait being there, Sam being jealous on twitter because a fan teased him with Cait and George Clooney, Sam tweeting Cait has stamina for everything....And everything is topped off with "that's not normal co-star behavior" and "so disrespectful if they have SO".

Oh Anon. 

If this were coming from any other group of people, I wouldn’t care. I don’t care when people want to fan the way they want, or believe what they believe even. I don’t get it, but if they want a fun fantasy ship that way, great! The problem lies where they harass or treat Sam and Cait or their SOs badly because of it, or lie to others about what’s going on. 

Lying about Sam being in Paris is not okay. And has been debunked so many times (recently again on CO’s blog).

And that was NOT Cait in the video at Islay. That is another one of their ridiculous lies. This woman is not Cait. Sure, she has the same kind of hair. But lets compare pics: short neck, shorter forehead (oh again with the forehead) different  thin lips (no, it was not Cait with her lips pursed for 60 minutes or however long the video was), different eyes, she wore and employee sweater/jacket the whole time, sat with the employees and the MC said that that those were the employees. If Sam and Cait were trying to hide a relationship, why the world would she be in plain sight at that event? Seriously, it doesn’t even fit their lies-but I guess even they have a hard time sticking to a story. 

And she didn’t have any one of Cait’s mannerisms. Look up any interview or panel with Cait; she does this cute head bob throughout, she’s constantly cracking smiles throughout…this lady did none of that. She sat there, very serious, like an EMPLOYEE. And there were fans there who took pics with Sam. Seriously not one fan took a pic with Cait? really? No mention of her being there from any of the fans? Because she wasn’t. 

And the signature. How anyone can believe that that signature is Cait’s is beyond me. I’m pretty sure it says “Carol” actually-but I could be wrong, maybe “Camron”?But again, I have pics to compare. When Cait writes her C, it expands over the other letters on a slant, much more than Carol’s. Where’s the T in the top Isley signature? There is none. Why? Because it doesn’t say “Cait” because it isn’t her signature. Whoever suggested that this is Cait is either 1-lying or 1-lazy and didn’t bother to actually look at Carol’s name with Cait’s signature to compare. Okay, to be fair, they did use the 3rd signature as a comparison and said it was the same-even though it clearly isn’t which is why they didn’t compare it side by side because they knew they’d be again called out for their lies. 

Yes, Sam and Cait tease each other and flirt with each other. And thank goodness they do because it brings me joy and I adore their banter.  But that does not mean they are secretly together. That means they they are good friends and comfortable with each other. Yes it is normal co-start behaviour. All you have to do is look at The Walking Dead cast pictures to know that actors can be very touch and intimate with each other even if they aren’t actually together. I just recently saw a pic of Kit and Sophie looking very cozy and guess what-they aren’t together! 

The fact that they think what Sam and Cait do is disrespectful to Tony and Mackenzie-but what they do is oaky tells me all I need to know about their crazy idea of respect. Sam and Cait have strong secure partners that accept them the way they are. Isn’t that something we all want?

I really wish one of their fake PR anons would have told them that all their “evidence” was actually PR. Seriously, every factual thing that they look at (tweets, pictures they post, poems) is actually PR! Sam is with Mackenzie-that is not PR. Cait is with Tony-that is not PR. All these “breadcrumbs” the shipper trolls and ES look at to “prove” Sam and Cait are together-THAT IS PR. 

anonymous asked:

If you're doing headcanons, could you please do one with RFA and the Minor trio reacting to an MC that's usually peaceful and non-confrontational, until someone threatens/hurts someone they care about. Then it's curses and threats and violence. (For example, doing serious damage to anyone who comes close to the bars when they're kidnapped by mint eye cause how dare they try to torture/kill MC's friends.) Thanks! ^w^ (sorry for the long ask)

✿ I completely lack any self-control and these asks really reminded me of Sidhe and i couldn’t resist drawing Sidhe Inverse, so she’ll be your MC for the evening. I hope you enjoy (even tho i took hella liberties with this request omg), and can forgive the length. (i’m not really sure if I like this post or not, but maybe someone will find the ideas interesting orz)

Also, spoilers ahead, as usual. Be warned if you haven’t played that character’s route! 


  • Yoosung thinks it is adorable how dedicated you are to your ‘catch-and-release insect salvation’ project, and it practically melts his heart that you tear up over small baby animals. When you bring an injured bird to him one day, begging him to help you save its life, well…
  • He was certain you were the one for him before this, but this just seals the deal. You’re so sweet! You’re so gentle! And he seriously needs to protect you, because you let yourself get bullied so easily due to how timid you are.
  • …Particularly online. God!! Why do so many weirdos approach you and harass you? You’re so nice - you’re always too awkward to tell them to go away - but all these people have an agenda, and that agenda is getting into your virtual pants. Complimenting your character model, oversharing their personal problems with you and making you feel responsible for their well-being, asking you weird questions…
  • It’s gross!!!! It’s so gross!!! Whenever it happens, Yoosung gets so salty over it and whispers the offender to back off, ur his girlfriend, ok
  • He doesn’t understand why you feel like you need to put up with it. He’s always worried that someone weird is going to hurt you, either in reality or the game. You tell him that - that really, seriously, he doesn’t need to worry about it, you are totally capable of handling yourself and nothing bad would happen to you, really… but Yoosung is thoroughly unconvinced.
  • Admittedly, you don’t fight him too hard, because he’s… he’s…
  • ……he’s so cute when he’s being all brave and defending you! And it’s really so much easier than working up the nerve to talk back to people, and - 
  • And.
  • Okay. You know it’s probably not right that you leave everything to him. Sometimes, you feel really guilty about it, actually - like you’re a parasite that’s just leeching off him - but… it just… makes you feel so nice when he protects you! And it makes him happy to feel like he’s defending you, so…
  • If it’s working out… it’s fine, right?
  • For a long while, it is fine. Yoosung never learns that, quite honestly, you don’t really need his help - like, that guy at the bar who was getting too close to you and trying to see your face? You could have decked him and axe-kicked him into the dirt. That dude who was forcibly trying to get you to come with him to some weird… antique show? You could have kicked out his knees and run. That pickle jar you got out of the fridge? u totally had that shit, ok, but yoosung was just TOO CUTE and you found yourself just… letting him take charge (and fangirling when he looked S O COOL)
  • one day, though, something weird happens, and you find that, oh, haha. it’s time for you to take care of things.
  • The two of you were taking a nice hike in the woods outside town, just… getting away from the video games and soaking in the spring air, when you noticed that a really, really weird group of people were following you. Three men, two women, and… they were all wearing the same necklace. Green, a bit shiny, and in the shape of a -
  • …you recognize that eye. You remember it from those e-mails.
  • they’re the people who hurt Yoosung.
  • It feels like a switch is flipped inside your head. Everything goes really quiet, and you get this strange feeling inside your chest. It’s like… enlightenment. Like a truth has suddenly been revealed to you, like you’ve just understood a commandment that from now on you know you must always uphold.
  • you are not going to let anyone ever touch yoosung again.
  • Yoosung notices that… something is up with you, and he gets really concerned, but you tell him to just… trust you and listen, okay?
  • There isn’t anyone else on the path besides you and your pursuers, but you know that up ahead there’s a place where there’s a sudden, pretty sharp turn, and you might have a chance to lose them if you hide just after going out of sight.
  • …Unfortunately, as you turn around the big rock, you find that the cult had the same idea, and there’s another group of people waiting for you.
  • S H I T.
  • They lunge for Yoosung, shouting something about how the savior wants to see him! and you don’t even think. You step in front of Yoosung, slamming your elbow into the man’s stomach and then throwing him over your shoulder. A woman joins the pile a few seconds later, and that makes everyone stop - including the group that’s run up to cut off your escape back the way you came.
  • You feel… weirdly calm, even as Yoosung is looking at you in horror. Without stumbling or stuttering at all, you say that unless these people go away and leave you alone forever… you’re going to rip their throats out.
  • …you probably should have expected that they wouldn’t listen to you. you’re short, after all. you act cute. you don’t swear, you bake muffins like a grandmother, and you wear a nice little cat-ear hoodie. but. as they approach you - for some reason, completely fixated on taking yoosung - you also know that you’re capable of something else.

it’s time for them to take the maximum amount of damage.

  • It’s probably a good thing Yoosung is there, because seeing him in the corner of your vision keeps you from actually killing anyone. In a way, he’s still protecting you - but it’s your morality he’s guarding now. Your sense of self. Your identity.
  • Because he’s there - because you can hear his voice, calling your name - you manage to come back from whatever weird trance you were in, and you haven’t done anything truly abhorrent by the time he snatches up your hand and absconds the hell out of there with you.
  • The two of you don’t talk until you’re at home, because you don’t stop running until you make it through the doorway to Yoosung’s apartment. It’s……. really starting to sink in what happened in the forest, and you’re terrified that he’ll think that part of you is vile. Disgusting. You’d wanted to protect him, but because of that… will he think you’re awful?
  • He’s accepted your kindness, your generosity, your love of people and love of life… but can he accept how far you’d go - and that awful feelign inside of you? You start to ask him that, but he buries you in a hug, pulling your face into his shoulder like he’s never going to let you go.
  • He was scared. For you, with you, of you… but ultimately he is thankful of your love and devotion. 
  • When he first met you, Yoosung couldn’t see you for you; he could only see the traces of Rika within you. But now? He is determined to see you for who you really are, both the parts that are pleasant and kind… and the parts that are uglier, too. Angrier. Sharper. 
  • though, of course, he doesn’t want you to have to beat people up, so he protects you in the best way he can - calming down, getting serious, and contacting Seven before anything else can happen.

(the rest are under the cut!)

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Post-12x08 fic, gen, 1561 words. For @alulaspeaks for the @bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa 2016. Also on AO3.

There’s a small slot towards the base of Dean’s cell door that’s his only point of communication with the outside world. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, a tray of food is pushed through. He can tell which is which by what they serve him: cold eggs and hash browns for breakfast, soggy tomatoes swimming in watery juice. In the evening, the menu’s more varied. Beans. Something that might be chilli. Sometimes there’s a slice or two of fruit. Either way, and however shitty the food, the moments where it arrives are usually the only events of Dean’s day; so he’s learned to anticipate them, to centre his activity on their coming.

After the first couple times, he lies on the floor when he thinks the slot might soon open, waiting for the brief opportunity it offers to peer through the opening into the corridor outside. He doesn’t know where they’re holding Sam; but he yells out anyway, “Sammy,” can’t hurt.

Sam doesn’t answer. He never answers, but Dean carries on yelling.

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Arielle Scarcella's Trans Miseducation

This is a transcript of my youtube video!

Hey guys! It’s september 3rd and this is my vlog for the day! This is going to be an opinion blog! Not all of my daily vlogs will be life updates just so you know! Lets get into it.

So there’s this youtuber named Arielle Scarcella who’s part of a collab called GirlfriendsTV! The past few weeks they’ve focused on trans people and while I appreciate the fact that there’s been some inclusion of trans people in these video projects, a lot of these videos have been problematic and offensive to the trans community.

One of her videos during trans guy week encourages trans guys to have “vagina power” and to simply disregard their gender dysphoria and just get over it. And if that weren’t bad enough her recent video asks viewers if they can tell the difference between a butch lesbian and a trans guy…


Now to be fair, I think the general point of this video was that you can’t tell from someone’s appearance that they’re transgender. This is true and needs to be said, but this is obviously triggering to many trans guys. I mean she litereally says in the video that trans men usually present as women choosing masculine gender expression…

Many trans guys were offended by this video and took to social media to call her out on her problematic language. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this situation is how she responded.

Now I wish that I had taken screenshots of what was said in the comment section of her video because there were several instances where trans men commented with a critique of her position and her response was to simply dismiss them. She has of course, at this point went through and deleted these comments.

Buuuut, of course she decided to take to facebook and rant about it and I’ve certiainly got screen shots of that! 

I think this sums of Arielle’s position on trans guys pretty well and it also exposes how much of an ally she actually is. Mistake number 1 of being an ally to the trans community is telling trans people how to feel about their gender.

There’s something distinctly sick about telling a trans guy that they should take misgendering as a compliment. And there’s something even sicker about someone who claims themselves as a trans ally willfully misgendering trans men.

This entire post is very much predicated on the idea that trans people should appreciate any speck of meat that’s tossed to them. I mean at least you were misgendered for something masculine. Seriously?

This video by the way featured a grand total of zero voices of trans men in a video about trans men.

As a woman I know what it’s like to have a group of men discuss my concerns without my voice and this is the same exact thing. She has shown in the past that she has access to trans men, but she decided to use a trans woman’s voice instead and that’s problematic.

So, I wanted to amplify the voice of one trans guy on this issue:

“i think what hurt most is your stupid “BUTCH LEZ OR TRANS GUY” video. half of my morning is spent worrying how others will see me, whether the barista will say “sir” or “miss”, how big my chest appears, how wide my hips look, if someone will laugh and try to pick me apart from afar. you have done nothing but confirm my fears, that yes, going out as a trans person in public WILL make people pick me apart! “is that a butch lesbian or a trans guy?” ah yes, thank you, you trans activist you! making videos equating trans men to masculine women, THATS making me feel better!”

When making a video about trans guys it’s probably a good idea to listen to the opinions of trans guys and not ridicule them for correcting you on your terminology. If you cared about them you’d listen because that’s what an ally does.

Now i want to make this clear. I know that not all trans guys are offended by her comments and if someone said to me that I looked like Miss J from top model or RuPaul, I would chortle and dismiss what they’re saying because I know what I look like and I know it’s not that. However, that doesn’t mean what they said wasn’t completely douchey and shouldn’t be called out.

There’s an incredible amount of self importance that someone has to have to feel like they need to verbalize that a trans guy looks like a butch lesbian. I’m making this video because I expect more out of an ally and when allies mess up they should know that they did so that they can become better allies. I don’t hate Arielle, I just expected more from her.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of something that most of our parents told us when we were very young: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Imagine a Harry Potter Love Actually movie

6 couples
Adult James and Lily, teenage Sirius and Marlene, adult Remus and male OC, Peter and female OC, little Harry and Ginny, Old Andromeda and Ted Tonks

James being a philosophy college teacher, Lily being the new student who arrives late in class and walks in like a model and James is dazzled and everytime she raises her hand and answers a question he instantly forgets what the question initially was and one day he tells her to meet him at his office after class and she thinks hes going to tell her she’s not attentive enough (because lets face it she’s been caught staring at him dreamily and making up fantasies in her mind countless times) and he actually asks her if she’d like to tell him more about the essay she wrote about whether love always triumphs or not (of course he just wants to know if she thinks there might be a chance she could see him as anything else than her college teacher and maybe he just want to spend time with her) and she says yes eventually but as they get to know each other he realizes that her heart has already been broken and she cant fall in love anymore especially with her teacher because what if he turns out being a bad guy and she cant risk failing at college too

Teenage Sirius and Marlene being best friends and partners in crime ever since kinder garden and one day he walks into her wearing only a bra and lacy panties and it hits him as hard as a rock that she has become a woman and he starts having erotic dreams about her and he finds himself thinking about her when he jerks off and no matter how hard he tries to look away from her breast when she bends over he just. Cant. Help. It. And one day as they are being chased after getting caught sneaking food from the cafeteria they end up in a cupboard and when the laughter fades away sirius realizes how close their bodies are and its dark and theyre both out of breath and they could get caught at any second if they make any noise and it just turn him on one two three and he has her pressed against the door devoring her lips and she moans and gives in because damn she couldnt deny she had wondered how it would feel like to kiss sirius black and thats how they become sex friends but as the time goes by Marlene starts acting weird and she gets mad because he sleeps with other girls too and he doesnt understand why shes so upset because it never bothered her before and it pissed him off too because she starts hanging out with other boys as well and they make her laugh whisle no matter how hard he tries to she doesnt laugh anymore and she ignores him and they fight more and more often and they split apart while she gets closer to the other boys and he cant. fucking. stand. it. And it drives him even more crazy that he doesnt know why he even cares about it all and why even when he closes his eyes all he can see is her and why his dreams about her arent erotic anymore but much sweeter and its totally not sirius blackish.

Remus being James’ best friend and room mate and never really thinking of coming out until he meets a nice costumer at the coffeeshop where he works in and once he start finding little notes on the bills the guy leaves next to the tip (“do you kiss as well as you make coffee?” “One day you’ll have to share it with me.”) He just falls madly in love. And they get to know each other and date enventually but hes so afraid that anyone figures out that hes gay because he’s kept the secret for so long so the dates have to be secret dates and no affection in public and it really starts pissing his boyfriend off and one day james walks into the same restaurant as them with lily and he starts hiding behind the menu cards but of course they get caught and remus goes eerr james this is my cousin Taylor and this time his boyfriend just cant take it and he just walks out the restaurant and they have a fight and he breaks up, leaving remus devastated and torn between losing his best friend and losing the love of his life

Peter being the awkward geek who works in a video games shop and he starts having a crush on this emo girl who buys every single game that comes out because damn is there any game she doesnt know ? And she starts liking him too and one day she just asks him out because he doesnt seem to know what a date is and she tries to be subtle but he just doesnt get it so she just says it clearly “would you like to go out sometime?” And he refuses because he is “really busy doing… things” and she walks out of the shop deeply wounded because she feels hideous and rejected when really peter was feeling even worse because he has been rejected all his life and he is afraid that she will break his heart because he really does like her but he has so many complexes it kills him and he thinks we will decieve her but one day she just storms in the shop and starts yelling that he is beautiful to her and that she has never felt attracted to anyone before him and that he is being an asshole for not giving love a chance and she walks out leaving him gaping

Little Harry telling his babysitter Remus about the badass girl called ginny weasley in his soccer club and how shes almost as pretty as his mom and how she smells better than chocolat ice cream and how he loves her more than the autograph from his favorite soccer player he got on his birthday and remus’ fond smile fades away when he realizes that harry is sad and he encourages him to talk to her but harry is so terrified he stutters everytime she walks past him and he doesnt know what to do

Old Ted Tonks walking into his first love who is divorced and getting all nostalgic and Andromeda getting upset when the woman asks him he would fancy a coffee si that they could “make up for lost time” and he tries to convince her that he doesnt care about her anymore and that he is merely confused because of all the past rising back up but one day the woman drags ted into a corner because she wants to “talk to him” but she presses her lips against his and andromeda finds them unintentionally and her whole world collapse and no matter how many times he explains to her what happeed she just wont listen because come on she saw what she saw

And in the end when the year is over James is the one who gives Lily her diploma and he has to make a speech to wish good luck to all the alumni and of course he throws away the paper and ends the speech with “i would like everyone to remember that indeed, love always triumphs and this is why i am able to do this in front of your eyes.” And he spins around and kisses lily full on the lips and grabs her by the hips and makes her bend backwards until her hair reaches the floor and at that moment she knows for sure he is true to her

Sirius and Marlene had planned to make the biggest prank ever on the prom night but since they fought sirius decided to organize everything all by himself so he arrived alone at the party (marlene had a partner but she would never admit her goal was to make sirius jealous) and he jumps on stage and the music stops and he steals the micro and says “i would like to dedicace this song to a certain brunette who i really wish is going to save me a dance tonight.” And marlene’s heart just stops when sirius grabs the guitar and starts performing Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet and in them middle of the song he makes a thousand balloons filles with sparkles fly into the ball room and everyone cheers and explodes them and tiny fireworks apmear and bubbles and at some points he gives back the guitar to its owner who finishes the song and he jumps off the stage and walks straight towards marlene and takes her hand and drags her to the dancefloor and when her partner graps his shoulder he turns around and punches him square in the face and he turns to face marlene and kisses the back of her hand and whispers “now you’re mine” and indeed she became his.

Once Remus found out about what James had done on Lily’s graduation day, he realized that indeed it wad his love for Taylor who should triumph and decided to tell his best friend the truth. When he told james that he would totally understand if he didnt want to be his room mate anymore or even his friend, james smacked up upon the head and ordered him to go find his lover and drah him in the middle of the street and shout that he loves him and want to marry him. And he did without any hesitation.

Peter called the emo girl to tell her that a new game had just come out. Of course she couldnt resist coming back to the shop. He suggested her to try it in front of him. Little did she know that he had created the game himself and that the message she was supposed to find at the end of the game was “go out with me?”

Remus was the one who took little Harry to the last soccer game of the year. He asked him to show him the girl he was in love with. With a smirk he stood up and went to talk to her, and eventually he let slip that harry had gotten an autograph from a famous soccer player, who happened to be her favorite as well. She immediatly asked to meet him.

Andromeda walking back home and finding all her favorite pictures spreaded all over the walls; wedding pictures, their honey moon, Nymphadora’s birth… and catching ted sticking the last ones up. He looks up at her and reminds her that no matter how many girlfriends he may have dated before her come back to haunt him, none of them will ever be able to steal all those beautiful moments from her, Andromeda Tonks. And she tears up and he takes her in his arms, both emotionnal as though they were teenagers again.

Oh my god somebody write a fanfic.

Interview #1: Liv
  • I took this idea from @urbanspellcraft and her interviews. Also thanks to Carmen from @magickalmenagerie for helping me out! I communicate mainly through feelings and visuals, and conversations like this are harder for me. I also want to point out that Carmen is the one who brought us together.
  • Anyway, here we go!
  • Me: So for the sake of the interview, what would you like to be called?
  • Liv: You can call me Liv. That name holds no power. If anybody is going to try to whisk me away, they'll need a lot more than just my name to do so.
  • Me: Alright and what are you? Race, I mean, so everyone else knows.
  • Liv: They call me a Gypsum Messiah. I am basically the culmination of all radiant and golden energies. My energies are alchemical in nature, I change everything around me to be stronger, higher in vibration. I am of similar lineage to ancient vampyres and marid djinn, but what we have going for us is a much longer and deeper storyline.
  • (I sort of just asked questions to Carmen so there wasn't TOO much back and forth for me, sorry!)
  • Me: How would you describe your personality?
  • Liv: I usually would not describe it. I’m acrid to some people. I’m very blunt, very honest. When people communicate with me, they usually get a truth they are not comfortable with, but I have always found the honest people to be the most attractive. I also don’t understand most of these barriers that modern humans have. My race…and those I have experienced in my existence – sexuality isn’t a question. Age doesn’t define. Gender? What even is a gender? To humans, I must be perplexing.
  • Me: I agree, us humans have a lot of weird labels that I don't think are necessary sometimes. So, what are you favorite offerings! Also, sorry I'm kind of bad at giving them!
  • Liv: -Honestly, this is going to sound pretentious of me, but insight is my favorite offering. I like seeing what your life is like. The games you play both literally and figuratively – they are so amusing. As far as items go? The items on earth are so interesting. I love gold and old relics, I love the things that grow on trees, and Cinnamon. There seems to be a season for cinnamon, but I think it should be more of a year-round thing.
  • Me: I can definitely do those! I have plenty of cinnamon. What are your favorite ways to communicate with me?
  • Liv: Through your frustration. You have these moments when you think you can escape the truth in a situation, and now you have an ever-lingering thought process screaming “no you don’t!” It is my favorite thing to do. I am a thoughts-based person, but the water scrying that is done on this plane is enchanting. Water is such an amazing medium for all things.
  • Me: (I made a comment about how we are DEFINITELY doing water scrying soon.) How long have you been with me, and how do you get along with the rest of my family?
  • Liv: I have been with you for a few Earth months now, though it feels like days. Your family has become my family even though a lot of them are more invested in the earthly things than I am. They talk a lot about boys and games and the foods you eat here, but I really love the art and the music. The rest of the family are very gracious and kind, but the golden demon girl seems to be a bit prone to waxing-poetic. She sits in the corner a lot contemplating. To get into her mind would be interesting. Not to mention the fluffy ones. They are always in a cupboard or on the stove and they don’t listen to reason. They cannot eat! Why do they linger?!
  • Me: (I couldn't help but laugh at her mention of the meebuls.) So what do you do within the family then? You're one of my main guides, but do you help with things like protection, etc?
  • Liv: -I guess you could say I’m an organizer. A hierophant. The one pouring over books in the corner at times. Other times I am consolidating their viewpoints and trying to share them with you in the most obvious way I know how. I do protect and guard you a lot, but generally there aren’t a lot of attackers in your midst. Usually I’m more concerned about boys, parents, and whoever that young one is with the eyeliner. They all seem to cause you distress without you letting on about it. I also worry about your hydration levels, but I cannot possess you and make you imbibe, something I regret to admit.
  • If I had to cut it down to a simpler statement- All of us have something to say, but I’m the one taking notes. So I slip into dreams, subconscious, and the things that pop up on your computing device and try to relay this information to you. It’s important that you understand that you are important. People are mean to you because they are scared of how important you could be.
  • Me: hey! I have drank two bottles of water over the course of the last couple hours!
  • Liv: Don’t think that was up to chance, gorgeous. The elves had a lot to do with that this week.
  • Me: (This just got really deep!) What attracted you to working with humans, and me specifically?
  • Liv: Humans have three things that other entities on other planes do not possess or at least not to the degree that humans do. These three things are Faith, Pride, and Hope. The faith keeps the wretched clinging on for dear life, even when other races would give up and move on. The pride makes warriors where you would otherwise have beggars, fools, and whiners. It also creates problems that other planes have as well. The Hope is the special one, because people on most of these other planes don’t have hope. They see what is in front of them. They know it for what it is, what it can be, what it will be. They don’t see the matrix of opportunities. They know. Hope is something that is based on the shadows, based on what you cannot see, what you cannot know. That is why hope is the most magical thing on this plane. Hope is the most alchemical and metaphysical construct this plane has to offer and it is completely undermined by all of your media and all of your popular culture. I chose you in particular because, as the moon trump, the path of qoph, and as a person who chose to incarnate into a truly important role – you embody these. You shy from pride, you also shy from hope while being dangerously in love with the concept, and your faith is buried, but strong as an ox. You are an emerald (diamonds are too simple) that is bound to shine and draw magic to it like gravity, but you don’t understand your pull yet or how to use it. An un-trained powerhouse of a person is the most impressive, because they have the most room to grow. They have not drawn the true limits on themselves yet. I am thrilled to see where you go and I hope it is somewhere that will bring you elation, and the healing to the world that you have within you.
  • Me: What was your first impression of me, and how has it changed, if at all?
  • Liv: A warrior princess who bedazzled her bow and has yet to use it, but shows it to each and every man she meets. Some women too. You have an intrinsic ability to use it, and to always hit your target, but you convince yourself that it is a prop. To the second question. Yes, that impression has changed. You are still afraid to take the shot, but you are starting to learn your gifts as a warrior, as a mother, a maiden, a wise-woman. You are straddling that line between being too aware and being blinded. You have all the wisdom of generations of crones and mothers within you, and there’s a lot of people who need your nurturing. You’re turning down the wind-chill. As Nait said (in the background) “She went from icey to nicey.” Take that as you will.
  • Me: (Again, laughing at one of my sassy Pandora Elves) Alright, last question! What are your favorite pass times or hobbies that you join me in? And do you have any last input or advice?
  • Liv: I’m entertained by most things you do. First of all, I’m quite amused that you have tall pictures of strangers in poses on your wall, so the fact that those are part of your culture is pretty interesting. I also like how you kill dolls with other dolls on the computing device. Also how many people can come around from all over the world to fight the bigger, more menacing dolls (they look like weaker versions of bane wyverns if I’m honest with you, Kaitlyn) with their dolls, and they spend dollars on their dolls. The doll business is booming it would seem. I love watching how involved you all get. The video calls where you see each other from oceans away is interesting too. I get to hear a lot of different accents, slang, and jokes. Your life is very interesting to bore you so. Your mother is also quite interesting to watch. Your outings are my favorite part, because I get to really see what you are afraid of and excited about.
  • My main advice to you, my dear, would be to live like an evening primrose. Bloom when you are ready, not when others tell you to. That primrose can be healing when taken the right way, or a little bit bad for you. That metaphor being – don’t go giving your medicine to anyone. Give it to those who need it. Take your vitamins. Love your mother. Drink water. Dress up like you are going somewhere on those days when you aren’t, and switch to the brighter lightbulbs. Nait has told me they are better for your skin. I don’t know if that is true, but those pictures you take are so dimly lit, I cannot say for sure.
  • That's it! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did- Liv is a huge part of my life, and I adore her immensely.
Interview for Kerrang, December 2004.
  • Chris: "Matt, Have you ever rejected a song for being too over the top?"
  • Matt: "(Laughs) No. Never for that reason, no. I still don't think we're even touching on the beginning of anything close to what has been done in the past in terms of what is regarded over the top."
  • Matt: "If I left the band and you could choose anybody in history to replace me, who would you have?"
  • Dom: "Jimi Hendrix. Well, he's Matt's favourite guitarist, I think. And mine. Plus, he'll fit into the three-piece vibe. It'd work."
  • Dom: "Have you ever spied me doing anything embarrassing, yet spared my blushes by not telling me?"
  • Matt: "Hmmm, Good question. I'm sure there's something. Hmmm."
  • Dom: "You saw me getting laid once."
  • Matt: "That's true, actually: I came in a room once and filmed him with a night vision camera. Ah, I know - I saw him putting on moisturiser once."
  • Chris: "What would you say, If I said I'd invented a Kiss-style image and I wanted to incorporate it onstage?"
  • Matt: "I'd say, it was about fucking time! (Laughs)About time we took it to the next level, I'd say. I've been waiting for one of these two to come up with something; I'd be very happy, yeah. But, I know these two probably wouldn't go there."
  • Chris: "I think I'd probably go there, but I don't know about Kiss."
  • Matt: "What do you think of me getting all the attention and adulation?"
  • Matt: "I don't get it all! Bollocks. Bollocks. Bollocks." (Discards question, chooses new one.)
  • Matt: "If I wanted to record a solo album, how concerned would you be?"
  • Chris: "If I could play bass on it, it'd be alright (Laughs)."
  • Dom: "Which one of us needs to see a shrink and why?"
  • Matt: "I think we've all got hidden agendas. I've never seen one, even though my girlfriend is one. Well, not yet professionally, but she probably will be."
  • Matt: "If you had to select a fancy dress outfit for me, would you choose batman, superman or wonder woman?"
  • Chris: "Batman."
  • Matt: "That's dark. I'm not a dark person, I'm the sunshine of your life."
  • Dom: "Well, I'd say Wonder Woman."
  • Matt: "That's how he'd want to see me. Ever since I saw him bend over to get an injection in his bum, there's been a strange energy between us (laughs). There's definitely suspicion."
  • Dom: "What do you get sick of me moaning on about?"
  • Matt: "Me being late."
  • Chris: "Turning the hi-hats up. Silly little things on the drums."
  • Matt: "Actually, he doesn't really moan much, does he?"
  • Dom: "Really? I thought I was a moaner."
  • Chris: "Who's the worst fighter?"
  • Matt: "If you're small like me, you've got to do other things. If you don't have the physical strength, you've got to use weapons. It's not that I fight like a girl, it's just that I'll use whatever object is at hand."
  • Dom: "I actually think I'm the worst. I smacked one guy in the face once and I thought I looked really hard, and he just turned around, looked at me, and squashed me on the floor in one go. It was quite embarrassing. So, yeah, it's most likely I'd lose, but I'd go down with my teeth in someone's leg."
  • Matt: "What do you think of my dress sense?"
  • Dom: "(Laughs) Pretty sharp these days. As opposed to... shiny pants and glitter shirts."
  • Matt: "Make-up, shiny trousers. Those were the good ol' days. I miss all that."
  • Dom: "What's the worst thing about sharing a tour bus with me?"
  • Matt: "All your faffing around. His electric toothbrush and mouthwash just winds me up. It's just annoying. For one, it reminds me how unclean I am."
  • Chris: "If a spacecraft landed in front of us and a hatch opened up - which of us would be mad enough to go onboard?"
  • Dom: "I'd be in there."
  • Chris: "I'd want to see the beings first."
  • Matt: "I wouldn't go on my own, if I knew we were all going on, I'd be happy to go first."
  • Matt: "Do you think I'm a good looking bloke?"
  • Matt: "That's ridiculous, I can't ask a question like that." (Discards question and chooses new one.)
  • Matt: "Do you two get recognised much when you're out shopping?"
  • Dom: "All the time - they think I'm Matt!"
  • Matt: "Really?"
  • Dom: "I actually did get recognised a couple of days ago at HMV in Islington."
  • Chris: "I got recognised in Co - Op once. I had to sign a little receipt."
  • Chris: "What's my most annoying habit?"
  • Matt: "Farting. I can recognise you by your farts by both smell and volume."
  • Dom: "If I'm in a hotel room, like two floors above him, I can hear him. I'm like, 'Jesus'. He's loud."
  • Matt: "If I had a hygiene problem, would you tell me?"
  • Dom: "I tell you every day (laughs). Get in the shower. Brush your teeth."
  • Matt: "That is true, that is true."
  • Dom: "Which of us has the best home movie collection?"
  • Matt: "Chris. He's got all the Bond films."
  • Chris: "On video and DVD. I try to buy about five DVDs a week."
  • Chris: "What's the worst thing about being in Muse?"
  • Matt: "..."
  • Chris: "..."
  • Dom: "..."
  • Matt: "Our legal bills. The business side. It's complicated. I wouldn't wish it on anybody."
  • Matt: "Is there any song you hate, or used to hate, playing live?"
  • Dom: "Er, no."
  • Chris: "I used to be uncomfortable with 'Blackout', because I never used to play keyboards until that song. They made me learn and I wasn't really a natural player. I was a bit on edge to start with, but I can play it a lot easier now."
  • Matt: "For me it would be a song called 'Cave'. It was on the first album, but it's probably the oldest song of anything we ever did. It was a combination of, one, it was old; and two, it had this vocal bit that had a note I had to hold for so long. It was way too long. You get the odd person still call out for it. Hardcore."
  • Chris: "Who's the biggest bitch?"
  • Dom: "Matt's the biggest and we're his bitches."
  • Dom: "If a venomous snake bit my arse, would you suck the poison out?"
  • Matt: "I'd be more than happy to. I have got medical training - I did a first-aid course. I can do resuscitation, mouth-to-mouth, all that kind of thing. If you cut an artery open, I could stop the bleeding; tie a belt around the groin, fucking do it tight and stand on it, and go, 'SHUT UP!'. Did you know when you see all that thumping of the chest stuff in films, that you can't actually bring somebody back to life by doing that? All you can do is keep them alive until someone turns up with an electrode. You're basically pumping the blood around the body to keep them alive; that's all you're doing. Drowning's a different matter, if someone's got loads of water inside their mouth, you can just blow inside their lungs and maybe they'll be able to cough and splutter it back out again. But, yeah, the venom; I'm not that advanced, but I'd give it a go."
  • Dom: "How about if it bit me on my knob?"
  • Matt: "Then I'd let you die."
  • Chris: "Who's the tightest bastard?"
  • Matt: "Dom. Although it depends what you mean (laughs). Let me think.
  • Erm... I think we're all pretty goddamn good with cash, to be honest. We're all pretty generous. And, yeah, we do charity work. But, we don't like to talk about it. We usually just give hard cash to Oxfam and that's it. We don't go around going (adopts goofy voice), 'Ooh, look at me'. The Bible says if you sing about it, you don't get recognition for it. So, I've just sung about it and blown it all (laughs)."
  • Dom: "Who's the best sportsman?"
  • Matt: "Chris."
  • Chris: "Years ago I might have accepted that, but these days I fall over and break my wrist while playing football on concrete; so I can't be that good."
  • Chris: "If I developed superpowers, would I use them for good or evil?"
  • Matt: "A bit of both."
  • Dom: "I think you'd probably take the piss."
  • Matt: "Am I in touch with my feminine side?"
  • Matt: "This actually isn't my question, I nicked it out of Dom's glass."
  • Dom: "In touch with your feminine side? Er. Yes and no. Actually, I mean, yes, but at the same time... no (laughs)."
  • Matt: "Why, what do you mean?"
  • Dom: "Well, yeah you are, because you wear women's clothes."
  • Matt: "Do I?"
  • Dom: "Yet, when I've tried to kiss you, you don't like it."
Thank you SuicideGirls

When I was like, 14 years old, my aunt bought me a magazine called Shock –a colombian magazine. On the cover was @zeta with another girl and the caption was: “@Suicidegirls”. I read the magazine and 10 minutes later I was shocked! Who were this girls? Why they were so beautiful? My grandparents raised me, so I’m kinda old school with a lot of things in my life. For me, seeing a girl covered in tattoos and so confident, was something totally new. After reading that magazine, all the time I was pretty much like “Man, they are so amazing. I wish I was a Suicide Girl, so confident and beautiful” When I turned 18, the first thing that came to my mind was: “I can apply now”. I told my boyfriend (now exboyfriend, thank God) about it; he was so possesive he said no right away, giving me a stupid discurse about how it would ruin my life, etc. After that, I told my mom and she said: “No. You are my little girl, you can’t do that”. So, I declined… A little bit. I send my application, and a few hours later I got an email from SG; it was something like: “You are so cute, we would love to have you on the site, you need to shoot a set”. I couldn’t believe it! My entire life people told me I was fat, ugly, annoying, etc. Why such an important website would say that TO ME? But I just let it there… A year later, I realize that I was talking about SG all the time, to everybody; and then, @talena wrote me something like: “Hey, I’m going to Colombia and I would love to shoot your first set. If you are interested, let me know” And then, I knew it; it was my chance; a photographer of the staff contacted me. So I said yes. One morning, we meet at @nahp’s house; she was so nice and kind, explained me what we were going to do, showed me some sets of beautiful girls to help me have an idea of what should I do, she put the lights on, told me to choose an outfit and we started. I remember that my first very thought was “Think of yourself like a super model, she is not here, you are just playing in front of the mirror, like yesterday” So I did. About an hour and a half later, my first set was done. I was naked in front of a complete stranger, with three shitty tattoos and blue hair, feeling secure, confident and ready for more. That set was “In rainbow”.

External image

We uploaded the set and two days latter it went into member review. When I saw the set I was shocked: “That’s me?”, I asked my sister. She said “Seems like, du'h” and I couldn´t believe, it was ME on SG’s website, naked, looking confident, with a big smile, with my teenager body. I thought everybody was going to say: “She is fat, she has no waist, her boobs are so small, no ass…” But no; instead, I got tons of beautiful comments, most of them about my smile. I was naked, yet, what people noticed was my smile. That made me so happy! A couple of days later, I was helping my sister with her homework when I logged in on Facebook and saw a message from Talena: “YOU ARE PINK, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A SUICIDEGIRL”. I went crazy, I started jumping, screaming and couldn’t believe it, I was a Suicide Girl. I was one of the girls I saw on that magazine many years ago. By that time I was single, so I didn’t have to explain anything to anybody. With Talena, we decide to shoot a new set; one more “elaborated” not just me being there. We shot “Pretty smile” (since everybody was so amazed about my smile); Talena picked that name. The result was amazing, something beautiful. And again, people wrote amazing things about this set.

External image

By that time, I decided it was time to talk with my mom about it. I thought it was gonna be very difficult and it was! But not full of drama. The first thing I did was to show her the pictures without saying a word. She was shocked and started crying, then said: “I don’t wanna talk to you” and I was okay with that. A few hours later, she came into my room and said: “But you are my little baby” and I told her: “I know, and I’m still your little baby” and then I started to explain her why I did those photos, how is the life of many girls from the site, why it wasn’t porn for me, etc. She agreed and hug me. After that day, she is the one who helps me to decide which picture goes into the set, which one doesn’t; with my sister, they decide my make up, they go with me to buy lingerie and I feel so lucky, because seeing how my family supports me, makes me feel that I’m at a good place. A few months later I decided it was time for college, and even if those are completely different things one of my thoughts were: “What are they gonna do if they find out I’m a Suicide Girl” because Medellín is not like a big town and I study Political Sciences, a career where everything is so serious and grey. And it happened, people fond out I was a Suicide Girl. They put my pictures in all the computers of the building but, by that time, I was a grown up woman. The only thing I said was: “Dude, you can get them in HD and more girls if you pay on the site”. Of course, several people said I was fat, I was a whore, but here comes the best part about SG: “Self-confidence” and I want to make a big enphasis on this point because is the most important thing about SG (for me). When you are a girl, all the time you are being told what to do, how to dress, how to talk; all the time you hear what you’re supposed to be and all those things are ways to control women, to opress them. Another way is with low self-esteem; if you feel ugly, fat, dumb… you will buy thing to “fix you”: a cream, a lipstick, a diet, idk… And if you ever decide to say “Yo! I’m beautiful, I’m hot” people will say you are a bitch and you need to calm down; if you decide to show someting simple as your legs (as far as I know, most of us were born with legs so I don’t understand what’s the big deal) you are looking for attention, you’re an attention whore, you’re a whore who needs sex, and a man in your life… BULLSHIT! Here, you can find girls of all shapes, all colors, all races. SG (not as a lot of people believe) never asks you to be covered in tattoos, with colored hair or piercings; they ask you for a big smile and a super confident set because that’s sexy, that’s different, and that’s radical. Tattoos don’t make you special or atractive, your personality does! Who you are and how you express yourself is what makes you hot! When I started, I had three tiny tattoos and I became a SG because of what people saw on my pictures. So when they started to say I was a bitch, a porn start, fat, etc… I was like “You know what, dude? Fuck it, I don’t even care, I’m not even sorry. That’s me, thats my body I’m proud and if offends you, there is nothing I can do” Later, @anemona came to Colombia, and of course we shot a set together, my first set on the wáter. It was kinda difficult, but I had so much fun!

External image

It was so different! Short and darker hair, sexy lingerie and since that set, I decided I wanted to grow up as a model. Plus, in that period of time I met @mindi (who is now one of my best friends ever) @ellys @nahp @fernanda and a lot of girls from Colombia who supported me. I was amazed to see how most of them were normal and, at the same time, extraordinary women. Some of them are already mothers, married, have “normal” jobs, etc. So again, like in a long distance relationship, I fell in love over and over again with Suicide Girls. I understood that I was able to study political sciences, be a daughter, a girlfriend, everything I wanted and be a Suicide Girl. And it’s so powerful! I changed, I started to take more selfies with captions like: “Today, I feel pretty” or “Today, I feel sexy”. I started to walk with more decisión, I started to respect my body more and to look at it as something beautiful. Months later, my dear friend Talena came back and we shot another set, one with a mature Kieve, a Kieve with a lot more confidence on herself. I wanted the world to know who I was.

External image

This set is called “Don’t call me at all”. Its a song from Flatsound and I picked that name because I was done with all the guys who came into my life just because I’m a Suicide Girl. It’s like they assume that you’ll be naked all the time and the only thing you do is to take your clothes off. And actually, as I wrote the the very beginning of this blog, I’m a kinda old-fashioned girl in several things; I do believe in love, as The Smiths said: “I’m a human and I need to be loved”. After that set, I was a woman with priorities, with goals and understood that the most important person in my life is me, and I don’t need any kind of toxic relationship in my life. The set again went to front page and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I was bigger inside, so I decided it was time to do some trips and I traveled to Buenos Aires.

External image

I started doing photoshoots with some friends, I was part of a video!

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

I went to some tattoo conventions

External image

But one day I had to move with my family to Ecuador

External image

There I got sick. my depression came back, and I was diagnostic with fibromyalgia. My priorities changed, I used to spend most of the time alone in my room, eating, no showers, no people, no sun, nothing. And I thought “Its over” I lost all my confidence, all my selfesteem, kieve was just a memory. But one day, I met the love of my life, my soulmate.

External image

He helped me to take the decision to come back to Colombia, so i did, I lived in his house for a few days, I got a job, and everything was okay, until I got sick again, but this time everything was much worse, several nights at E.R. days crying without moving, losing my job, my apartment, everything, and missing Kieve, that confident women.

External image

But then again, a couple months ago, suicidegirls knock my door again, and came back to my life. I started shooting again

External image

External image
and this month I had the chance to flight to Chile and shoot again, but not just that, I had the chance to prove to myself, to my fibromyalgia (and neurofibromatosis) that I’m able to do whatever I want, no matter the pain, the fatigue, anything, I will still doing what makes me happy. I’ve grow up so much after this trip, I feel like a bran new person and I’m ready to be back, I’m ready for everything. I met a lot of cute girls there,

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

I saw the most amazing places

External image

External image

All I can say is: THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH SUICIDEGIRLS! For all those years by my side, for all the support, for all the lovely comments, for giving me the best friends I could ever ask, for helping me to recover, for helping me to re-build my self-esteem and confidence. I’ll be thankful for the rest of my life because this site is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me; I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing community, I’m so proud to be a Suicide Girl. I will stay here for more years, I promise. Now, the next step is to try to fly as soon as posible to L.A. so I can personally thank every single person who has made this posible: @missy @sean @rambo and more. Thank you, guys. And of course, I will show you how hard I worked in Chile. I hope you like my new sets, you’ll see a brand new Kieve, I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m a woman.

I shoot two sets with the beautiful @anemona

External image

External image

I have the amazing oportunity of shoot with the kind and lovely @frani this set is one of my favorites so far, because she make me feel mature, sexy, confident. Something really different.

External image

And finally after two years I have the amazing pleasure to work again with my fav photographer ever, @talena

Emails and Butterflies

Pairing: Namjoon x you 

Genre: slight angst/romance

You lost someone important to you. But even after their death, you keep sending them emails to their last address; Namjoon’s new address. 

Thanks to @omo-bangtan for proofreading! 

PM 11:32 – Oct 6th

Object: Are you there


I know it’s already late… but I can’t sleep. In 28 min it will be 3 months. 3 months since the day you left.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this… This email address isn’t yours anymore and doesn’t work. I just, I need to talk to someone. Now that you left who am I supposed to talk to on restless nights like these

 Maybe this is just a bottle thrown to the sea

 Good night.

AM 00:16 – Oct 7th

Object: You’re not there

 This is me again

 I was hoping for a miracle. You didn’t magically appear or answer me… Am I an idiot? It’s hard to move on when there is constantly a hole in my chest. When I look at the mirror it’s the only thing I see

I’m pathetic

 Yet I don’t get an email saying that my message couldn’t be sent. Maybe you’re reading this from where you are now?

 I feel so lonely.

PM 06:29 – Oct 10th

Object: good news?


Mom got a new job and she smiles more than she did 1 month ago. She’s getting better, I’m happy for her. I know she’s still missing you but she’s looking ahead again.

As for me… I feel lost. We were supposed to talk about my projects for the future, so now I don’t know what to do anymore. How does one think about the future when they’ve lost their past?

 I miss you dad.

             Namjoon scrolled through his mailbox. He had got another one today. This time she was talking about her passion for astronomy. He smiled slightly while reading. It looked like she was enjoying this subject, That’s good he thought. He hoped she would be able to realise her dream one day…

Almost five months ago, Namjoon got a new email address. Since then he has regularly received emails from this girl, Y/N. He didn’t know her and he was pretty sure she didn’t know someone was actually getting her messages. At first, he thought about telling her politely that she wrote to the wrong person.

            However when he saw the sorrow and the loneliness in her words, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. This girl seemed to have lost her father and needed to talk to someone. So he took the role: he read carefully, diligently, every single email she wrote. Sometimes she simply talked about her day and sometimes she told what she really had on her mind.

Each message was a part of her heart –Namjoon felt like he was collecting the pieces of a puzzle. He didn’t know if he would get all the pieces, but he wanted to complete it.

As she had said once, she felt like there was an empty hole inside of her and nothing could make it go away.

When he reached the end of the email, his fingers froze over the mouse.

I don’t know if I can ever get better without you. I will never be able to become someone without a role model like you…

            What was she thinking? Of course she could bloom into a great woman! She was just feeling lost after her father’s death, but that didn’t reduce her to a plain soul. She held so much potential!

Maybe, maybe I should just give up…

            That almost angered him. She couldn’t give up. That would be such a waste! He couldn’t just sit there and let that happen!

So he did something he never thought he would: he answered the email.

            That is how their exchanges started.

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Various Thoughts Regarding the Past Two Weeks

At the moment my ask box is a bit flooded with people wondering about the status of my Twitter account, so I figured I’d tackle a few things from the past couple weeks while I’ve been without internet. This post will be kind of a mish mash of addressing peoples concerns and also talking about things I would have tweeted about if I was able to. Here we go.

First up, the Twitter situation. Twitter support NEVER got back to me. I’ve contacted them about the situation twice now and got no reply. I’m gonna try and see if I can get my old account back before I give up on it and make a new one, since it’d be a bit of a shame to throw out the 41k followers I had and start over from scratch. Right now one of my friends who knows people who know people who know people is looking into things for me, so we’ll see how that goes. When I have some news regarding either recovering my old Twitter or making a new one, most likely you’ll see it in a video. So don’t worry, I’ll make sure the news gets to you, you won’t have to ask me for it when I have something to report.

Secondly, I realized I for the first time mentioned in a video that Justin and I are no longer together. We actually broke up a year ago, and I never said much about it publicly because break ups suck and I really didn’t want a bunch of strangers, as much as I love my viewers, weighing in on something that was between me and him. I still don’t feel like it’s anyone’s business, especially since it involves more than just me, so I still don’t want to talk much about what happened between us. To put a few rumors to rest though, we broke up because due to certain circumstances, Justin had to move back to Las Vegas and I needed to stay here in Portland. We decided mutually that we didn’t want to go back to dating long distance, so we broke up. I still speak with Justin now and then and we’re still on good terms. Nobody cheated on anybody, and Justin certainly wasn’t the person who hacked my Twitter. I know exactly where the hacker is located and it ain’t Vegas. We had a good six years together but that chapter has closed and we’ve moved on.

Next up, to save my sanity without internet I’ve finally given some of the games I got from 99Gamers a try. Hitman Absolution, my introduction to the Hitman franchise, is surprisingly a really really good game and it baffles me that such a good game required such dumb marketing. The way the game was advertised, and a few elements in the game are huge turn offs and would have made me not want to get the game. But the gameplay itself is fun, and though the story is cliche it’s got some nice details that make it engaging. The characters are just fascinating, and I love that there are so many different ways to go through each mission. It has so much more to offer than the marketing made me think it did. I’m looking forward to the next game in the series, and I hope it doesn’t sell itself short again.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is fun. It’s about as solid a remake as I was expecting and though it seems to be a budget title it does a good job of introducing new mechanics. I grew up with the original Tomb Raider games and I’ve always thought of them as a more tolerable Legend of Zelda type game. All dungeons and no story, just the way I like it. Tomb Raider is a pretty interesting series and one that’s hard to talk about honestly without making people angry. It’s pretty hard to ignore that Lara Croft was once gaming’s most infamous sex symbol, and as much as fans love to argue otherwise it’s pretty obvious it was intentional. Though I’ve heard all the stories about Toby Gard and how he wanted Lara to be a female Indiana Jones with all the same dignity and integrity, she’s a pretty terrible person overall so there’s not much to like about her besides her body. Lara Croft, Rich Animal Murderess Extraordinaire! Gunning down humans and endangered animals alike for sport since 1996! And theres not much subtlety to the fan service in the original games either. There’s really no reason for Lara to take an extra 20 seconds to do a sexy gymnastics move if you hold R while Lara vaults up onto a ledge unless you just really like staring at Lara’s body. And please don’t feed me that story about how Lara’s chest size was an “accident” by the 3D modeling staff. Thats neither here nor there. She is what she is. I feel like it’d all bother me a lot less if there wasn’t this pressure to ignore all that and keep feeding this lie about how Lara was always this shining example of female representation. Let’s just be honest, Lara never was much more than eye candy back then.

Much like how people tend to try and remake Cinderella as a movie over and over again to try and make it more feminist, Lara has undergone redesign after redesign, almost as a challenge. How do we make people stop pointing to Lara as an example of how poorly women are represented in games? I remember they tried to sell her Legend redesign as a more “realistic” interpretation that feminists were supposed to be happy with even back then. I’m not saying this wasn’t a worthwhile endeavor in the long run. I quite like Square Enix Lara, at least for the first third of the game until she devolves back into a blood hungry murderess. She at least has other traits now besides sexy animal hater. She even shows remorse for killing animals in this one! Oh how far we’ve come. But I really doubt this character would still be with us today if it wasn’t for her past infamy. Her evolution throughout the years provides a really good bench mark of progress in representation of women in games. In the 90s it was novel that an action game starred a woman at all, even if she was basically fap material. In the 2000s she was redesigned and they put a tshirt on her and said look! She’s wearing clothes now! Now finally in the 2010s, Lara is an actual person. Let’s hope this positive trend continues. I wonder what 2020’s Lara will be like?

Sorry for such a scattered post. Just had a bunch of thoughts I felt like addressing, both to answer your questions and to share what’s been rattling around in my brain the past couple of weeks.

Modern Day!AU Texts/ Strange Magic Shitty Texting, Part 5! It gets a wee bit smutty here, so ye be warned…

Sunny: dude. monty python marathon on right now, n i got a free case of hard cider from work. u free?

Bog: tempted but can’t. mum needs yard work done, and marianne and i promised to help. probably will be all day.

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Olympic Gold Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White on the Art of Being Just Friends
  • Let's talk about the art of being just friends. I know everyone always thinks you're dating, but you've said you're not. Tell me how you've made it work for so long.
  • Meryl: Charlie and I were pretty shy around each other when we first started out around as little kids, but as the years went on, we developed a really close bond. We really spent the majority of time together since we were eight and nine years old. I think that since we’ve grown up together, and we’ve been such integral parts of each other's lives for so long, it’s really created a very close friendship.
  • Do you have any rules for staying just friends, or did it happen that way on its own?
  • Charlie: From a young age, we were so focused on advancing in our sport and doing everything we could as skating partners, that’s really where all of our energy went. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of respect, it takes a lot of patience, and having similar work ethic. Especially when we were young, we were very lucky to have our moms there at the rink every day, leading by example on how to treat each other, and we are so thankful to them. We attribute a lot of our partnership success, not just our skating success, to their dedication.
  • Do you find it hard to have romantic relationships with other people when you have such a close bond with each other?
  • Meryl: We don’t, actually. I think that because we’ve been together for so long, and it’s such a large component of our lives, that anyone who may come into our lives usually is very understanding right off the bat.
  • What differentiates a friendship between a man and a woman from a romantic relationship? Your relationship sounds so much like what a lot of couples have!
  • Meryl: That's very challenging!
  • Charlie: We’re also business partners in what we do. I think it comes from spending so much time together, that’s sort of the main reason why we read each other’s minds and finish each other’s sentences. Obviously we’re close and we definitely love each other, certainly; there’s no way we could have come this far without that. But all of that is certainly possible without getting romantically involved.
  • Do you get sick of each other? Do you fight?
  • Meryl: No! And it’s understandable how that could arise, without the amount of time and the pressure that we’re under, but I think that it’s just as simple as Charlie and I got incredibly fortunate to have similar outlooks on life. We’ve been raised similarly, and I think the level of respect that we have for one another and our understanding of one another has allowed us to really enjoy the process instead of facing any obstacles that may have happened between us.
  • Does it feel weird to have to portray the image that you have this romance between you on the ice, even though you’re platonic in person?
  • Charlie: When we were younger and first getting to the stages of ice dance where it really was important to be able to show that, it was difficult, more because we were just shy and had never really done any of that sort of acting. We work with acting coaches and we’re really lucky to have one of the greatest coaches of all time, Marina Zoueva, showing us the ropes of the movement and the way you need to look at each other, but that’s really what it comes down to: being able to act, making it believable. It’s something that we really embrace, and it was necessary for us to become a complete ice dance team, one that could really vie for an Olympic medal. Part of that is just drawing the audience in and making it believable.
  • Maybe you guys should teach actual actors about this. I feel like they’re always hooking up.
  • Meryl: (Laughing) Well, obviously they’re resorting to method acting.
  • (For more on Meryl and Charlie's partnership from their moms' perspectives, watch their "Raising an Olympian"video, in which Charlie's mom says, "Meryl and Charlie's relationship is much harder than a marriage."

show-me-something-pretty  asked:

here's the thing I don't get. we keep talking about wanting to raise louis's brand, but I honestly don't get that at all. WHY? So they're two of the most famous people when they come out? But wouldn't 1dhq want to minimize that since they've closeted them for so long? and wouldn't it raise Louis's profile a HELL of a lot more if he comes out with his famous, also male bandmate? that's like, the story of the century. i don't get this 'raise the profile before they come out'

Before I start this, this is all speculation and my opinion that has been formed after reading a ton of CO posts for almost a year now. 

I believe that before they want the news to break they’d want to “prepare” the world for that. You cannot just go from Harry who fucked 410 women and loved up Tomlinson who’s been with Eleanor for 4 years to Worldwide Exclusive: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson came out in a video released on twitter! It would be quite the level up, right? Level up to the fans who have been fed with lies for 4 years that they are archenemies, they are not dating, they are not even talking because they are sick of gay rumors etc etc. They need to reintroduce HL to the fans. Give more and more hints throughout the months leading to the CO that they are not only not on speaking terms but they are very much together. Again, this is something you cannot do overnight. Takes time and fans need time to process the “shocking” news as well. Telling them on day 1 that HL has been a couple for 5 years wouid be a splash of ice cold water in their face. So there’s more and more Larry happening, starting with small subtle looks, then maybe a touch here and there, the fond, the interactions, then some linking that they spend time together, all along the media reintrocuding Larry Stylinson to the general audience and the fans, so when they are ready to come out the entire worlds’ including the fans’ reaction would be: I knew it!!!!! This is the fan part.

Now let’s see the outsiders: it might not be quite a shock for outsiders because gays in a boyband? Shocking!! But what’s the whole point of the CO? 1) freedom for HL but that’s not the main goal of the team and record label, because they want to bank on it and 2) use it as part of the rebrand to ensure a long successful future for the band with ADULT MATURE fanbase. 

Their team would want to get their act happy so HL get their so deserved CO but the team also wants to get money from the new fans gained with the CO, win-win. They don’t necessarily want the 12 yo fan, but more like her older sister and the mom and dad!!! But 1D is for kids and who wants to do anything with them when they are still on toothpastes? You cannot gain new fans when 1D is still considered a band of 17 year old members who’s biggest hit is What Makes You Beautiful.

They needed to be rebranded. Each member reintroduced to the general public. The fans already knew them and the fans are loyal, so now we’re talking about the general public. At least kill the stigma that loving 1D is an embarrassing thing, then teach the audience the names of the members and eventually give them access to 1D’s music. (giving out Fireproof for free, playing mature songs at award shows) They need new fans who are older… but older fans are NOT receptive to bullshit and lies, and with a closeted couple which takes up 50% of the band is just not possible. That’s why the order is important. 

So how do they want to do the whole thing then? First of all, Harry needs to get rid of the womanizer rumors as of yesterday and drop a few hints that he might not give all the love to the females. That’s why a ton of news changed about him, he’s now hanging out with gal pals, and he’s no longer trying to seduce the entire female population. But wait Harry publicly dated so many females so what’s with them? Well, they played the cards by saying it was only a “rumored girlfriend”, or simply issued denials that it never happened, as well as slowly debunking all of them and untie Harry from them. These females can be protected by the backlash with the narrative: I was just helping a friend and depending on how they want to go forward with it it can go either: I was just helping a closeted friend who couldn’t come out because of M!M or I was just helping a friend who was not ready to come out. Harry’s pretty much out for outsiders, and I believe the fans have also changed their opinions, AND his image was the bigger one to dismantle, much bigger than Louis’ who was initially looked at as “the gay one”.

Louis, who has been the loved up quiet boyfriend for 4 years, needed to be introduced to the people. If he is just a no one then it would be: Harry Styles and boyfriend coming out instead of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson coming out

They have literally tried everything and I don’t think they are really failed attempts, more like mini attempts then afterwards they analyzed reactions and media presence. They tried with clubbing, record label, BITB, X factor judge rumors, Cowell connections, girls, more girls, then partying with lads only, then another girl, he went to Glasto and got papped, he held Tam’s hand at Glasto AND got papped, his charity and Rovers game was reported more in the media, he became the most papped member of 1D which is quite the achievement to be hones but maybe it was not enough? Maybe it was not the full impact they wanted? 

Babygate: So they elaborated this plan that purposefully doesn’t add up that he impregnated B and they just let it float. My initial reaction was a human sized question mark mixed with a couple of WTF’s but the more and more the media ridicules the whole thing AAAAAND they make it more about Harry, Larry than anything, I believe the LONGER it just floats around without a denial, the more their team want that.

If they deny it on day 1 they are back where they were, his name was out there for a while but they denied the story so how the fuck can they level up from a fake pregnancy? If they put it off until the world practically chants LARRY-LARRY then they managed to accomplish something. IF they don’t deny it in the next few days (WEEKS) then they can always make headlines with “new updates” about B or the pregnancy. And (maybe) squeeze in a lil’ bit of Larry. Look at the raised google searches, look at how it reached mainstream media, I got tons of people telling the that non fans told them they heard about the news.

What it looks like to me that this is again part of the elaborate plan to put his name out there and they want to do it FAST!

Your question was also: WHY FAST? Well, the entire image raising that we visibly sensed started with Thailand which was mid-March, and we’re in July now, that’s only 4 months, but we went from zero to kinda dad hero, so it looks like they WANT it fast. The thing is, this plan seems to be well thought, the ideas coming from them are new and working because the fandom just eats it all up. I refer to the hot and cold, promising us more - giving us less but giving us much more than BEFORE, the tricks with our expectations, that sometimes we don’t talk about CO for weeks and sometimes that’s all we talk about, I believe this is ALL DELIBERATE.

OMG this is becoming a monster, let me insert a read more.

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Mix- gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6
Shhh it’s ok (Josh touch Jen’s knee) - video tumblr version gifs 1 2 3 4
We’ve gotten closer (Jen puts her head on Josh’s shoulder) - video gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Is your arm around him ? Let’s all do it - video gifs 1 2
You’ve had your arm around him the whole time - video gifs

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Staring, touching, laughing
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Friendship game with German TV - video
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Wetten dass (with Jen & Liam) - video part 1 2 (with english subtitles)
Isn’t it weird you & Josh both got ill and he (Liam) is healthy? Does that mean you are like a little closer did you do anything ? - gifs 



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Me, Jen and Liam hang out a lot anyways, away from filming - video gifs 1 2 
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You just had McDonald’s yesterday. How are you already craving it? I don’t caaaaare - gifs 1 2
I don’t like watching myself in movies … know what you mean - gifs 1 2 
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If someone wants to give you a bug, let them give you a bug ! exactly - gifs
quote : What are your favorite topping for pizza? Barbeque sauce. Ugh gross, i hate that about you! thats the only thing i cant stand about you! audio

Sky movies - photos video: with all the cast only Joshifer  
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BBC 2 Radio - audio
(about the movie) It’s really dark. You could turn the brightness up on the screen. There we go. Thank you, thank you.I gotcha. I gotcha. I’m comin’ here. God. I needed you like five minutes ago (audio). Josh and I even live down the street from each other. Yeah. I will just make it clear that she bought her house second.That is true, he bought his house first. But I love yooou (audio). Who in the world would ever drink a spinach smoothie? You did this morning. I gave you a sip of one before you even knew what it was. And it wasn’t good. I trick him into vitamins. I’ve been sick; Josh gave me strep throat. Not that I’m blaming anybody, but I didn’t have strep throat before Josh gave it to me (audio). And also add something about me being pretty. I think…Jen’s beauty is really really good…has really carried me through…has my head grounded.She’s eye candy. It just helps. Exactly, yeah. It keeps my feet on the ground (audio). I hate looking at you in scenes, but when i’m doing an interview, I can’t stop! Interviews, i’m like look at me, look at me!


Playing the circle game - video gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
We played games off camera - video gifs 1 2

Mix - gifs 1 (my love, my baby, sweetie) 2 ( hun, sweetie, my baby, Joshy, honey, my love)
Thanks babies ( & touching Josh knee) - video gifs 1 2 3 4 5
Normally we have Josh here so two people would gang up on one. Remember the time that I called Josh an asshole - video gifs 1 2

Singing (mix)
Tell him about the record, Oh yeah I’m writing my own album - video gifs  I hate singing. I don’t even sing in the shower. That wasn’t the question - gifs
Liam : Jennifer that’s really great, she’s like shut up - gifs
I cried the day that I showed up and I was shaking and I was like I want my mom- video gifs
Josh (singing) I dreamed a dream … Jen: I did a lot better than her singing you know … - video gifs

Missing each others (gifs), last day of shooting, life changing
I wasn’t there for a lot of it. That was awful- video gifs 1 2 3 4 5
There’s more you than Josh I wonder how Josh feels about that ? - video gifs
Oh my god, it was really sad. Sobbing! It was really sad. There was so much sobbing - video gifs 
Sometimes my life changes. Josh used to fly to Spain a lot.Sure, sure, sure was. I used to fly to London a lot. We deal with so many changes - video gifs
I missed her so much - video gifs

You try to tell Josh to stop eating Mcdonald’s - video gifs 1 2
Jen likes to call lunch at 9am - video gifs 1 2

Sam : I don’t know if her and Josh have been kissing secretly but they’re both quite ill - video gifs
We all have herpes - video gifs
It’s easier to kiss Josh & Liam than it is like anybody else - video gifs 1 2
They are both terrible kissers - video gifs

I feel like it’s less awkward kissing you guys than when I have to kiss other people. Not at work. Different scenarios. I don’t want to get ito it. Keep going - video gifs

Love, friendship, acting like a couple
I wouldn’t have been able to go through this entire ordeal if it weren’t for them. Liam : it’s stronger than love - video gifs 1 2
Francis: She’s so attached to and loves Josh so much - video gifs
What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for each other? We don’t do nice things - video gifs 1 2  I got Josh a helicopter drone for his birthday - gifs 1 2 3
OMG we love Berlin, I just said We’d - video gifs: 1 2 3

I sat in a Berlin beer garden last summer, you seemed to be very relaxed …. yeah we were relaxed - video gifs

Making fun of them
(about Liam) He’s what I like to call a “dog supremist” - video gifs 1 2 3
(Liam to Jen) How have you been? It’s great to see ya - video gifs
Josh saw me in a dress and was where are your sweatpants and your fried chicken - video gifs
He’s a very dark and twisted person Josh, Hey - video gifs 1 2 3
Tell you what - video gifs
I’m in pain, tha’s the only way I get your attention … I don’t get it - video gifs
I can physically do Josh … you love your tangents - video gifs 1 2 3
I’ve been engaged 5 or 6 times… You don’t know how many times you’ve been pregnant? - video gifs 1 2
You’re about to get a compliment …all day, everyday is a great moment with Miss Lawrence, I’m talking about her mom of course - video gifs 1 2 3 4 5
I’ve always loved Batman and then the Dark Knight came out and I just came out going … - video gifs 1 2
Well you’ve never worn a dress in the rain Oh I have - video gifs 1 2 3 4 5
About Ghostbuster: Sequels are never as good as … But threequels are - video gifs 1 2 3

Making fun of the others
Interviewer accidentally calls Liam, Josh. I’m Liam - video gifs 1 2 3 
Lionsgate has part 2 on lockdown - video gifs
Woman to woman who’s got the biggest …trailer I was like I don’t know this info - video gifs 1 2

About Woody’s on-set farting antics - video gifs

The movie, the characters, on set, spoilers
My favourite line Peeta says is “Grrr” - video gifs 1 2
I have worn that bow tie and I can say it’s very uncomfortable - video gifs
Peeta is going through huge change … and joined Weight Watchers - video gifs 1 2 3
I had a friend on set … I ran to the AD to get on the micro and said “sir, step out of the building” - video gifs 1 2
Jen gave you a concussion … we gotta let this go man - video gifs
Josh & Jen not caring about spoilers : They’ve read the book man. It’s a book - video 1 2 gifs
You alright? I’m listening to you. No I mean from the - video gifs 1 2
The first time he strangled me I went “That’s not Snowflake” - video gifs 1 2

***NEW YORK***

PRESS CONFERENCE - video part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (full 1 2)
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portraits (HD): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (gifs video)
i kept the little locket… Awwwww - video gifs
i can’t watch my baby in pain this much! - audio gifs 1 2 3 4 5
I don’t have fake people around me and Josh and Liam - gifs 1 2
We still see each other all the time, way too much - gifs
Baking is the quality i wish i had. Me too - gifs
Jennifer being a bully Some things never change- gifs 1 2 3 4 5
Is that an answer? That is an answer - gifs
If all I had was this friendship with Josh & Liam I would be the happiest person in the world - gifs 
Josh take it away… I was like I’m gonna see where this is going … oh nowhere - gifs
How is the last part? so perfect - gifs
So we are here to announce HG 5,6 & 7 - gifs
Staring at each others - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
I like food Hungry?… Feed me pop-tarts - gifs 1 2
Katniss not a good leader: Josh! What ? - gifs
How did you lose all that weight so fast- gifs

It’s very exposed. You feel very exposed everywhere you go - gifs

Jen: Feed me pop-tarts. Josh: I missed my pop tarts - video gifs

Hearing compliments about them - gifs

GO OUT FOR DINNER - video gifs


Good Morning America - video: interview (in HQ) arrival 1 2 (high five) bts 1 2 3
Photos - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Mix - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 photoset
Pizza or Peeta ? It’s not ever a competition … Pizza - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 
Josh and I live down the street from each other - gifs 1 2 
The lights are everywhere, Oh my god you’re such an idiot - gifs
What character would you want to be other than your own? Haymitch - gifs
He pretented he lost his tooth, it was a tic tac - gifs 1 2
I felt like the movie’s took on a different tone in a dramtic and powerful way -gifs
I think she’s talking about me … Shhhh - gifs
I’d get so excited when he’d come into town but then I’d start getting anxiety like 3 days before he would leave - gifs 
I didn’t get a high five - gifs
My love you spend everyday with me - audio gifs 1 2 3 4
You’re glaring at me so cut it out - gifs 
Behind the scenes - gifs 1 2

Fandango versus game - video photo
Mix - gifs 1 2 3
Singing “Believe” - audio gifs 1 2 3 4 5
Honey, you want to be the zipline - audio gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
What’s Josh’s favorite movie? I won’t get it right because it’s gonna be so dumb. Space Jam I knew it !- gifs 1 2 3 4 
What’s Liam’s favorite drink? It’s complicated. What do you mean it’s complicated? - gifs: 1 2
If it’s not one of us, it’s gotta be Woody - gifs

Jennifer on David Letterman - video
Josh and I talked about getting a colonic together. We were like, can we get a couples colonic, but like platonic? A platonic colonic? - gifs

Saturday Night Live - video monologue ending: 1 2 photos
Singing  - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6
What’s happening? The real Taylor Swift right here - gifs 1 2 3 4
Group hug - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 campaign - video caps
gifs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
What’d happen if you got Ebola ? I’d be fine - gifs 1 2 3 The countries hit hardest are Guinea, Liberia and Sienna Leone. What they are just worse there ? gifs


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Interview with Yahoo - 1 2 (yahoo link)
mix - 1
Jen making an entrance - gifs 1 2 3
Are we doing secrets right now while I’m doing an interview? I called her an effing a-hole just now & playing the hand game - gifs 1 2 3
I’m so flustered right now, was that even an answer? - gifs
Nameste, namaste loser - gifs 1 2 3
The movie’s hilarious. It’s a real knee slapper - gifs
Josh’s scared face - gifs 1 2 3
Sam interview - video When Jen went in, Josh started making noises and she freaked out - gifs: 1 2

Interview with Access Hollywood - video 1 2 mix (photoset)
See your movie, please - gifs
About brush her teeth : not with Josh & Liam, no - gifs
You brush your teeth right before … no he didn’t - gifs 1 2
I love you both, more than anything in the entire world - mp3 gifs 1 2 3 4
About her publicist: do whatever you want - gifs 1 2
So Josh and I are going to Australia, obviously - gifs

Josh interview with ET - video
Her fashion-iconness means nothing to me. Jennifer is great as she is. I don’t need the Dior, the fashion of it all, she’s fantastic as she is - gifs 1 2 3