that's pretty extreme even for me

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hey tell me more abt ur self insert :^)

;)))) oh giana ;;)))) ummm she’s like me??? only even more stressed bc she’s in space and she’s being caught up in a war??? has a,,,, martyr complex i guess and is pretty much willing to throw herself in to help anybody???? she’s pretty polite and is super understanding, bows her head a lot whenever talking to anybody (THATS MY TRADITIONAL INDONESIAN/JAVANESE HERITAGE COMING OUT LMAOOO) i guess the only note worthy thing would be her ability to breathe in space bc she doesnt need oxygen??? and can insulate her own heat very well (irl i have extremely warm hands) BUT THATS JUST IT FMAKVFKAHDH

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NOTP: Fontcest (a.k.a Sans x Papyrus) I think I have come to loathe that ship more than any other NOTP I have, and that is saying something.

my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay | I ship it hard | OTP

nope it’s very rare that i would ever ever EVERRRR ship siblings. I can think of one brother ship I have, and it’s from Blazblue. Only because I can see Jin messed enough to actually love his brother in that way, and they heavily imply it in side stuff. It’s kind of a twisted thing that’s intriguing, but even then i ship Jin with Tsubaki more. (IM PRETTY SURE U DONT KNOW THESE CHARACTERS BUT THATS LIKE MY ONLY EXCEPTION LOL) It’s kind of a messed up thing, but W/E. 

healthy, loving, brotherly relationships i will never ever ship. I feel that familial bonds are extremely important and ppl erase that bond just for shipping and that makes me really sad. not to mention they tend to mak the characters horribly ooc to make it ‘work’.

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what is trickster anime? those gifs are so pretty (and u tagged it as guilty pleasures so im v curious what that includes hahaha) thx!!

i’m tagging it “trickster anime” because it’s actually called Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori but that is a mouthful (it’s also so hard to search for it on tumblr because everyone is tagging it so many different things aw jeeze)

trigger warnings: failed suicide attempts, limb dismemberment, and a dog dies in episode 1

there hasn’t been anything phenomenal about it yet but it’s got these guilty pleasures of mine:

  • detective club
  • snarky other main character that beat up a thug by breakdancing and is the exact opposite of the main protag and makes outrageous promises (spoiler)
  • troubled white haired anime protag who is Suffering Alone 
  • immortal who doesn’t want to live anymore and shows the different attempts that fail because He Is Immortal
  • trouble white haired immortal wears clothes that are Too Big For Him
  • a super damn cool ass way to explain the immortality and isolation as some weird barrier power that can’t be controlled forcing the poor kid to be a certain distance from anything or anyone lest they be sliced in half
  • and such extremely pretty starry night skies oh my goodness

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Good morning :) I hope this isn't rude, but what is your opinion on that whole Septiplier Shipping thing? I mean does it annoy you when ppl ship them since Jack is your boyfriend? Tbh- I was wondering if something is going on between them once but now I know it's just a normal bromance and that's great as well:)!! ALSO, I think you're extremely pretty and talented!! We love you xx

I don’t mind it at all!!
People will ship what they ship and i am in no position to raise my finger and say no haha, i wouldn’t even if i could.

The only thing i ask for is that people won’t send me hate because they see me as a hindrance for their ship. Y:

The Girl Behind RWBYmemes

so this is the person behind the RWBYmeme’s blog. Well…Me.

im never one for photos so the first photo you are looking at is a year old. but its more or less what i look like today. 

anyway i had thought to tell you a bit about myself as person. well for starters im not the best example of pretty, i have scars from acne not that you need to know that lol its a bit gross i know. im a lazy person by nature so that can probably tell you what my bedroom would look like, its not extremely messy where you cant see the floor that much i can assure you, i may be lazy but im not that lazy. 

my hair is naturally sandy blonde in colour and naturally wavy and reaches down just above my lower back, but when straightened it almost doubles its length. 

however i can be jaw dropping gorgeous if i tried i mean i was one vote off from getting best dress at my 11th grade formal pic below:

i remember how many heads i turned at formal because no one believed it was actually me, heck my maths teacher came up to me and asked if it was actually me, i think it was because i always had my hair tied back in a pony tail and never tried to be pretty because well truth be told i hate make-up and wasting so much time making yourself look good so i believe its more trouble than its worth but that’s just me.  i had so many compliments given to me that night and some people who hardly ever approached me when i was myself came up to me and talked to me. I guess some people only care about looks.

but that was 4 years ago and some of the people in high school have changed for better or worse. I have changed for the better because i was such a fatty in high school weighing 70kg (154.3lbs) but i am now 57.6kg (126.9lbs) meaning i have lost 12.4kg since high school which frankly isn’t a lot. but i am happy with my current weight despite the “you’re becoming anorexic” comments from my family.

but in a way they are correct, i don’t eat a lot and by that i mean i eat one meal a day and that’s dinner which even then sometimes isn’t much like last night all i had was 7 nuggets on their own. no fries or anything. just the nuggets and i wasn’t even hungry when i ate them but i knew i had to eat something or else i would faint from hunger (which has happened 3 times before) but on to better facts about me :p

the first time i cosplayed was last year as Yang Xiao Long at Avcon 2015 (there aren’t many anime conventions in my state sadly)

while the outfit itself was store bought (which apparently some view as not real cosplaying, which i tend to disagree because some people don’t have time to make an entire outfit) i made the gauntlets which was my first prop i have made and they turned out really well. though i do have a small gut protruding there as well as some love handles but i was happy on how big my boobs looked hahahaha XD

the second time i cosplayed was July 2016 (Avcon again) and that time i cosplayed as a gender-bent adam taurus (i know how dare i cosplay as the character that chopped my fav chracter’s arm off?) mainly because i started to see more gender-bent art of hi floating around so i decided to cosplay him as a gender-bent.

now this time the outfit wasn’t entirely store bought. I found the base clothing like the jacket, pants, boots and the gloves at Salvation army, St. Vincent de pauls society and Savers. the red design on the jacket i cut out from red cloth and put on the jacket myself. the horns, the mask i hand painted and the sword were all done by hand. most of it made of EVA foam. I didn’t use a wig that time because i did not want to suffer the itchiness and pain of the hairnet again. 

for next year’s cosplay though i will be doing a Yang Xiao Long V4 with her robotic arm during her “training with Dad but still suffering PTSD” stage. i already have the tank top, shoes and wig all i need is the pants and im pretty much done. as for the robotic arm i will be hand painting my own arm with water-resistant body paint or if i cant find that i will probably try face paint……

now for some other facts about me

my star sign is a Libra, which most astrologists claim that we are great lovers. however i don’t know because i’ve been single for my entire existence. so yeah.

i love my RPG fantasy games. my fav games so far are Skyrim, Witcher 3 the wild hunt, Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Inqusition (Dragon age 2 was really bad in my personal opinion). other games i play include Fallout 4, assassins creed 2 and assassins creed syndicate, Far Cry Primal, Dishonoured, Elder Scrolls Online. I rarely play games that have guns in them like call of duty for example. idk why i just prefer bows and arrows compared to guns and bullets, fallout 4 was the first game i have played that had guns (i didnt even use the gun option in AC:2 or Syndicate).

i occasionally collect Dragon statuettes or anything with a dragon (except the ones that have fairies and dragons together) 

I have one tattoo on the back of my neck which is in fact Blake’s symbol, the reason behind that is because my best friend’s favourite RWBY character is Blake so i got it for her. i plan on getting a second tattoo across my shoulders of two nightingales back to back, something i designed myself sort of :/

when it comes to drinking alcohol im an extreme light weight 3 drinks and im gone pretty much, however im the cuddly affectionate drunk which is both good and bad i guess.

as for family well my parents split up a day before my 16th birthday (literally they told me the day before). i have an older sister who is 25 and i hardly see her which even though this may sound terrible of me but i really dont care if i see her much. not after the way she treated my mother but thats another story. currently both my mum and dad have moved on and both are happy with their partners, i live with my mother but i pay $50 a week in board which is pretty cheap. 

Now when i was around 16-17 i was obsessed with anime, but these days now i hardly watch any because none seem to catch my interest. but there were a few that i liked and some im still currently watching such as: Hibiki Euphonium S2, Kiss Him, Not Me (watching this one mainly for a certain ship), Shuumatsu no Izetta (finished). the anime’s i liked were Psycho-Pass, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sakura Trick (if you are into fluffy yuri), Angel Beats, Steins;Gate and Elfen Lied. then there was my childhood anime’s such as sailor moon and pokemon.

well this post is getting rather long so i better end it here. but if you are curious to know more about me (and before you ask I will not tell you my bra size if you want to know how big my boobs are, because that’s too personal) just send an ask :p

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I know you're probably sick of getting asks about that body positivity post but, I think the people upset over the chubby guy is not because they think he's a "neck beard" because he's chubby and hairy, it's the fedora that he was clearly wearing that came off. I liked your post anyway, it's just that an extremely common thing for guys in that category of anti-feminists wear and that's where people are upset. I believe that was the assumption, that even I had.

Haha. If I was gonna get sick over being asked about it, I wouldn’t have drawn it. It’s ok. Appreciate that you liked it. 

Anyway, the response to the “fedora” was exactly the reason I included it. It’s a pretty arbitrary stereotype to me for a number of reasons.  First off, I follow A LOT of different people online from just about every viewpoint and political perspective. Very few of the predominant voices in the “anti-feminist” camp fits the stereotype I presented in that piece (in fact, most are the exact opposite in physical appearance.) And it’s also very interesting to me that when they describe “feminist men” it’s usually using the same stereotype that feminists use to describe “anti-feminist men.”  

So if you’re a guy who looks like that, and happens to have a fondness for a certain type of hat, you’re assailed from BOTH camps.  It’s like they took what they’ve decided is the most repulsive kind of human being and assigned that to their enemies.  And what breaks my heart (especially since I could be described that way at times in my life) is that guys that look like that have more than likely been bullied and terrorized all their lives for it. And now, they’re getting it as adults from places they thought would be safe refuge. I can’t begin to count the number of asks I’ve gotten from not only those guys but WOMEN whose boyfriends fit that stereotype. All of them tell me they’ve been trying for YEARS to get the men they love to stop hating themselves because of almost constant abuse they’ve received, indirectly or otherwise.  

From my personal experience, every man I’ve ever met who could be described as a “fedora-wearing neckbeard” have been some of the most generous, kind-hearted, understanding guys I know.  They’re are ALSO the most put down, and frankly that shit needs to stop. We can’t stereotype the attitudes, beliefs, and personality we find repulsive by giving them this generic physical appearance that so many innocent and decent people fall into. It’s no better than the horrible physical stereotypes that hateful people assign to militant feminists.  You wanna go after ideas, great, but leave physical appearance out of it. It’s irrelevant and harmful to the conversation.

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Just read WetBellamyBlake comment and yes, we know Bellamy cared deeply about Clarke in S1, protected and supported her in S2, so Yes, he's definitely into her! but what about Clarke? As long as Lexa is in the scene I really don't know who is more important to Clarke and I fear there's always going to be someone else who will get in Clarke's way and, somehow, will become more important to her than Bellamy. Sadly, that's the Bellarke dynamic for me.

Really? See, I didn’t see any interest from Clarke in Lexa romantically until Lexa revealed that she cared for her. And even then, to me at least, it seemed like Clarke used that to her advantage to make sure Lexa wasn’t going to kill Octavia.That she MIGHT consider being interested, but she just wasn’t in the place to even consider it at that point. With anyone.

I mean, yeah, we know that Clarke would pretty much go to extremes to save anyone but I don’t think she was lying when Pauna was around and she said she was saving Lexa because she needed her. And it wasn’t in a romantic way that she needed her. Or even a personal one. 

To me, in spite of them being separated most of the season, Clarke cared so much more about Bellamy than Lexa. She HAD to work with Lexa. She CHOSE to work with Bellamy. I mean, she didn’t WANT him to go into the mountain. Her relief when she heard his voice on the radio was REAL. Her worry when he was late contacting them was REAL. Her belief in him that he would get the job done had just as much to do with her trust in him, how important he’d become to her, as it did the need for him to do what had to be done to save their friends. 

Whenever Clarke looked at Bellamy, there was vulnerability in her eyes. The walls were down. At least, more down than they were with anyone else. 

When Clarke looked at Lexa, it was with respect (and occasional disgust/anger) and wariness. The only time I saw Clarke look with vulnerability (and panic) at Lexa was when Lexa walked away at the mountain. 

None of that, to me, says that Lexa was/is more important to Clarke than Bellamy. To me, it just means that Clarke has taken a step up on the leadership scale. They may not be co-leaders anymore, but she still cares about him. More than anyone. Except her mom. At least, that’s the way it looks to me.

Because I like to help, I have put together some prototypes for some other kinds of shirts that DD can have as concert merch, depicting things that are relevant to his life. Since I know David and his likes and dislikes so well, I’m pretty sure these are 100% home runs, so let’s get them into production! Kickstarter anyone! Lol

Designs include:



Healthy vegetarian foods


Being curmudgeonly

New York City



Literary critic Harold Bloom



Fox Mulder

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