that's our crossover

        – SHORP. small psa on fighting threads ( seeing as how i think i’ll have to deal with a heap of ‘em in the future, given ‘kuzu’s personality )– i don’t want to play the ‘ my muse is op ‘ card but, imma lay it out for you that kakuzu is strong. maybe not the strongest out there, but most certainly not the weakest.

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Clark Gregg at ECCC
  • [Would he like to direct an episode of AoS? It would be difficult directing and acting, with all the stunts and effects.] "Maybe a very special episode where Coulson is frozen in a block of carbonite. Spoiler! I shouldn't have said that. That's our big Star Wars crossover now that Disney owns all of us."
  • [Asked by an adorable little girl, Emily, just how many secret agencies ARE there anyway?] "And then I found out there was another one calling themselves SHIELD, and they've got Adama! Olmos walks into the table read and I'm like, I'm not fighting him, I'm a huge Battlestar fan!"
  • [Originally the 'bambino' was called 'baby' in the script, but he petitioned to have it changed given that his wife is Jennifer Grey] "There would have immediately been thousands of memes of me putting the gun in the corner."
  • [Who would you want to play Coulson if not you?] "Is Gosling free?"
  • [Which of the Avengers would you date?] "I have to respect the fanfic, and Renner's so cute."