that's only half right

I'm so tired rn

If you say that shallura and/or klance are abusive based on:

1) Lance throwing jabs and bickering at Keith in their “rivalry” stage

2) Allura throwing Shiro into an escape pod when his dumbass wanted to stay in a place where he wouldn’t be able to do a fucking thing (and calling that “manhandled”)

Then congratulations!! You just outed yourself as a racist (or the least, colorist cause poc do this too)!!

You take the brown character out of the ship with your white (skin color wise not race wise) fav and call them abusive and demonize then for doing something that

a) Keith did as well, he’s not your perfect little angel. He’s a childish piece of shit who contributed in the arguing and retorts too.

b) saved Shiro’s life cause are you HONESTLY going to look me in the eye and tell me that Shiro would have been perfectly fine in a scenario where he was surrounded by the thing that triggers him the most?

You, calling any of those scenarios abusive is a kick in the face of ACTUAL abuse survivors and victims. You’re telling me that relationships built on trust, teamwork, and genuine care for one another is abusive but ONLY cause of one thing a brown character does (that’s not abusive in the slightest) while you put your pale fav on a pedestal.

That’s bullshit and you (hopefully) know it.

I really really fucking hate SM but at the same time they produce some good ass groups, like damn that is some good shit right there if I say so myself

other idols: chase the same girl

myname: two girls for me, two girls for you, here’s one for you, here’s one for your friend and one for your friend’s friend…