that's one of my fav. animes~


@xladymali-rp seemed a bit desapointed last day, when i talked about this duck stuff. “teal” word mean in french “sarcelle”, wich is a sort of duck. But thats was a compliment: ducks are birds full of a naturally grace and are a part of my fav animals. Teals are ones of the prettiest with their makup-facial-feather 💞

Anyway, here a mini comic just to show how much ducks are amazing and beautiful!

I deny all sort of canonism. Just take this as a suggestion. Teal belong to @xladymali-rp .


And done~

Sorry for my impudence… and my backgrounds… and my awful proportions TT…

If @xladymali-rp , dear and venerated godness of draws, enjoin me to delete this, i will do it… later…


chipgaming  asked:

Love your art! You're really awesome. Do you like any other fandoms? The nsfw/sinday is just 👌

if anyone thinks these are cringey than 👌, i see the humor in everything so I’ll probably agree

-Undertale (i love the whole thing, skelly bros frisk and asgore are my faves, undynes theme in genocide is killer, sans’ theme is killer, and asgores theme is so fucking cool like you feel so much during his fight, the true lab portion and the date with papyrus and them undyne are one of my fav moments)

-MLP:FIM (stopped watching after season 3)

-Wander over Yonder (stopped watching after 1-2nd season?? i loved lord hater and peepers)
-Invader Zim (zadr is just yes, plus the show is hilarious)
-Breaking Bad (i love jesse and walt- i love their dynamic and i analyze the shit out of that show, i love the “bitch” quality of skylar)
-Ozarks (cant wait for season 2)
-OHSHC (one of my fav animes, tamaki is fuckin hilarious)
-Lucky Star (one of my fav animes, hilarious and just great to lounge to)
-Steven Universe (im slow to watch new episodes because of the long wait and i just wanna know the plot and each episode is pretty short)
-Animal Crossing (fucking catch these hands if you dont like animal crossing)
-Life is Strange (rachel is putting me on a rollercoaster- rather the games are cringe or not i like the ideas, story elements, and symbolism)

-LoZ (Link is fun to draw)

if anyone wants to roast me thats okay too

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you know why haikyuu is my fav anime? its because literally every character has its own personality. literally every single one, right down to the most minor of characters. they all have their own experiences and emotions and opinions and drives, unlike so many other animes out there. honestly, haikyuu is 99% amazing writing, above all else and thats what makes it so incredible. i think thats the reason i dont dislike any character. i love all my babies TTuTT

THIS ^^^^^^

Originally posted by whatabigpairofgifs

I feel like I couldn’t have said it better myself dude!!!!! I can totally understand some people not liking some characters, it’s inevitable and not everyone is the same. But for me, I just love them all!!!!!!

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hi! sorry for bothering you but i was wondering if you could recommend me some good shoujo animes pls? (or just your fav animes) <333

Hi !!! ahh im so sorry for the late reply… i hope you will see this ??? anyway I LOVE SHOUJO ANIME AND MANGA SO IM GLAD YOU ASKED ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯ i will only list anime here but if you want manga (which i know more) pls send another ask ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧ so here’s some of my favorite shoujo anime:

and my favorite anime (that aren’t particularly shoujo):

and some anime that i think are great and would recommend to anyone:

(&u can always ask me for more i never get tired of recommending stuff for people)

katanawieldingfool  asked:

what are your top 5 fav songs? what's ur zodiac,? what's ur lucky number, ur favorite tv show? fav band, and movie, fav color?

ahhh percy hi

5 fav songs rn: 911 / Mr.Lonely by tyler, the creator ; cocoa hooves by the glass animals ; Her Life by two feet ; Normal Girl by SZA ; segfried by Frank Ocean 

i actually dont know anything about zodiac but my mom told me i was a gemini :^) i want to know more but i dont know where to start !!

my fav bands are like most of the ones from the songs i listed above but i have had a long time love for gorillaz since i was in middle school 

i dont have 1 favorite movie but i really love my mad max double feature dvd thats double sided and it has road warrior on one side and beyond thunderdome on the other, i love this dvd with my whole heart i watch it every 2 days 

i dunno what my favorite color is but thank u percy ur always here for me and im so glad were mutuals !!!!!!!! ahhh  💌 🐊