that's one fun character to draw

30 multipurpose prompts, open to interpretation

to write, draw, or whatever. have people choose a number and perhaps a character, or proceed however you wish and invent it all. 

  1. The 11th. 
  2. Lost at the creek. 
  3. Above, there is an attic.
  4. The tree is very old. 
  5. A figure at the edge of the woods.
  6. Horses anticipating a storm. 
  7. One foot in another world. 
  8. Face on the other side of a dark window. 
  9. Driving for many hours through mountains. 
  10. The photograph. 
  11. In search of sea life. 
  12. A blue tin kettle. 
  13. Wanderer on a scorched path. 
  14. It had no eyes. 
  15. Please, let’s go home. 
  16. Small birds, dry grass. 
  17. A hero in the wrong. 
  18. Unearthed bones. 
  19. The sensation of falling as experienced in a dream. 
  20. How far can you carry this?
  21. Conversations with the crows. 
  22. A book infested with ghosts. 
  23. Forgetting why it mattered. 
  24. The protection of laughter. 
  25. Each time we climb the stairs, something changes. 
  26. Wildness on the loose. 
  27. The passage of time as it varies by season. 
  28. Sunlight on rumpled sheets and the smell of pine.
  29. I love you, they said. I love you. 
  30. Submersion in cool water. 
PD FAQ 2-14-17

Q1) Favorite pages you’ve done in comic so far?

this took a longgggg while to decide but here’s the top three! all based on how fun they were to draw and the event that happens

  1. page 10
  2. page 66
  3. page 104

Q2) How tall are the characters?

of the revealed ones so far……

  • Aaron and Sadie: 5′7″, however Aaron’s hair makes him look 6′0″
  • Pond: 5′4″
  • Mallory: 4′10″, but it doesnt really matter bc she floats
  • Melanie: 4′11″, but it doesnt really matter bc she shapeshifts often
  • Chiave: 5′6″
  • Troi: 6′0″
  • Ike and Bianca: 6′5″
  • Mahogany: 5′11″
  • Vendett: 6′4″
  • Arley: 5′5″

Q3) How were the Jabez twins/Ike and Bianca killed?

;3c no spoilers shhh 

Q4) Are Pond and Arley a couple, because *inserts something that was a super small event/detail or just the fact that they’re complete assholes so far in the comic*?

Q5) How long does it take to do each page?

a long time buddy. i’m a distracted Dude but Thankfully at this time i manage to churn out updates on fridays as promised 

Q6) Is it okay to be kin with your characters?

OFC :O !!!!!! i’d feel flattered :3

Q7) Is Sadie suicidal?

well she did commit suicide so…..
unless u mean even as she continues on with her afterlife? then yes. Very

Q) Can Mallory do the same abilities (or cool stuff, as another person called it) as Melanie? ((not a frequently asked question but i got it more than once and it needs an answer))

yep! and a LOT LOT MORE! she’s satan after all

I finally FINALLY drew fanart from one of my favorite fanfictions from my favorite fanfic author author in general. :) 

@thelastpilot I hope I can draw more stuff for all of your fanfictions, I love every single one of them, they’re incredible! The stories are always written in perfect character, the ideas are clever and new, and you have an amazing talent for developing characters in your fics so that they learn and grow while still maintaining who they are. And with all of that, you make me laugh really hard. You have a pretty fantastic humor. XD 

Thanks for all the amazing stories you share with us, they’re wonderful! <3

I hope someday you can publish some books, I know I’ll be one of the first people to buy them! <3


This is from (well okay, this scene hasn’t EXACTLY happened yet, but this ship is appearing) The Weight of Jade, which is a sequel to Won’t Tell a Soul.

And you all need to read it ASAP.

  • Sans: *does something mildly suspicious*
  • Fandom: Draws 1200 fanart, makes it into five Gaster theory videos, play through reaction video, writes ten paragraph essay about how it proves his inner turmoil, fanfiction favorite, data-mines all the fun values
  • Other UT Character: *does something blatantly out of the ordinary hinting towards huge plot development.
  • Fandom:
  • Fandom: that's just their character thing

working on revamping ademus’ design since she’s… supposed to be one of the characters that skirts between a main and an important secondary ((she’s one of bianca’s friends even before story start and she gets involved with the protag group fairly often)) but i never draw her whoops

but once i update her design and such she should be more fun to draw for me. i made her lankier, and for colorscheme, i’m leaning heavily towards the red/blue ((which really stands out compared to the more muted colors a lot of the main gang has)) and the brown/green

             OK BUT GASTERTALE

[ art/WIP by @skeledxd and thats right welcome to the best AU this fandom has produced. One where Gaster fragments are everyone.

It spawned from some skype bullshit between @judgehund @skeledxd and myself and we’ve talked about stuff like @gasteritis‘ Salty being Flowey, as illustrated here and here. Some other muses have been assigned or suggested too but I figured this post could function as a roll call of sorts for the other Gs who want in on the shenanigans? This is entirely for fun and I encourage anyone who wants in on it to suggest a character, and even draw their muse in the role :)


Kindness/Dings as Toriel aka Heartache!Gaster (pictured above)
Salty as Flowey
Wings as Alphys
Void as Undyne (this and the one above as confirmed by Ziz)
Reset as…. Burgerpants (I’m not sorry)

unofficial (aka not confirmed by the mun) suggestions so far are asterxles as Asgore and bewarethehands as Temmie (thanks blue) any maybe some others but I forget.

Any G’s who want in on this should do the thing!
edit: Also, hmu to be added to the list!

oh wow i actually finished somethin’ today. heres me and my perfect wifey suspicious banana smile!! we are in guinness world record for most yellow couple look us up.

there were many candidates to choose from for self-insert day, and shes the silliest character ive ever loved, but i just had to draw her today because shes so so important to me and shipping myself with her is the only thing that gets me through 15 hour work days and makes me feel good when im ready to give up. who knows how she does it but she just DOES. i love her veeeery very much and if im ever made fun of for it i wont care one bit!!! i love u banana smiiiileee<333333333

wait banan thats not an appropriate gesture for a picture tHATS THE FOURTH NICE FAMILY PHOTO YOUVE RUI-