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My friend's freaking out because he identifies as bi but he notices hot guys more than he does girls and it's really confusing him. I've tried helping but do you have any advice?

Many bisexuals have a preference and very few are exactly 50/50 split. Take me for example, i am bisexual and very proudly so and very outspoken about it, but my attraction is more towards girls than guys. That doesnt make me any less bisexual. It also didnt use to be that way, when i was younger and still coming to terms with my sexuality i preferred guys. And thats okay too. Your sexuality may fluctuate to certain degrees and thats okay. Have your friend read up on many bisexuals personal experiences and he’ll find that they mirror his own more often than not. He’s perfectly bisexual and he will be fine! Tell him I wish him the best of luck!

Begging You To Stay
  • Begging You To Stay
  • Jamie Brown

A song from Bellamy to Clarke!

I’ll forgive you,
If that’s what you need.
But I’m begging don’t go,
But I’m begging don’t leave.
We did this together,
We massacred mount weather.
Don’t bare this on your own,
Please know you’re notalone.
Cause this is my fault as much as yours.
We both pulled the lever to open the doors.
And this is your home,
Return to your throne,
And I’ll fight the ghosts away,
But I’m begging you please stay.
We did it for our community,
My sister, my responsibility.
And what we done will cause us strive,
But what we done saved hundred lives.
And this is my fault as much as yours,
We both pulled the lever to open the doors.
And this is your home,
Return to your throne.
And I will fight the ghosts away,
And I’m begging you, please stay.
I will live with it forever,
The guilt will eat me alive.
But I will wipe away your nightmares,
If you promise to wipe away mine.
And I will wipe away your nightmares,
If you promise to wipe away mine.
Cause this is your home,
Return to your throne.
And I will fight the ghosts away.
And I’m begging you to stay.

Every year, Aunt Cass gets the Hamadorks themed sweaters for Xmas. Tadashi was usually Santa and Hiro ended up being the elf or reindeer. So, this year, after a ton of pleading prior, Tadashi let him have the role of Santa Claus.


Merry X-mas! ^o^/ /// 

I know it’s a lame cliche trope, but I am still disappointed in the lack of Sex!Operator!Cas fics out there. And I don’t mean a one shot pwp.

I want a 80k+ fic of a bored Dean curiously calling up a sex line just to see if it’s as horribly cringe worthy and awful as he thought it to be, but not expecting to become so enthralled and admittedly attracted to the deep gravelly voice who goes by the name of ‘Jimmy’ on the other end of the line.

I want Cas, a lonely man who works this job because it pays well and he grew up being told that he couldn’t do anything worthwhile, so he settled for something he thought he would be good at instead, going by what some people had told him in any case. And despite the nerves and rushing thoughts of self-doubt telling him that he will make a fool of himself before he takes each call, he does exceptionally well in making people believe he’s a confident man that wants nothing more then to get them off.

To some extent, Cas wants the intimacy he brings to life with his callers, but a different kind that doesn’t involve grunts and moans over a staticky line. And as a virgin that has no clue how to get the love that he seeks, he again, settles for his job and his empty apartment.

And then he receives a caller, Dean, that soon becomes a regular, and Cas slowly notices that over time, his persona fades away as their once sex-only conversations become more of a tentative friendship. It should be strange to find a friend in someone who use to call you for pleasure. But somehow it works. To Dean, Jimmy soon becomes Cas, and as he’d been mocked before in the past, Cas finds himself unable to allow Dean to further their friendship in fear of Deans reaction to his virginity.

Because how could a 32 year old sex operator still be a virgin?

Imagine Harry wondering how many years he would have to spend with Eggsy before he died.

Imagine him trying to make the most out of every moment because he knows, just knows, that someone younger who can live out their life with Eggsy is going to take him away someday.

Imagine him ignoring every sign that he’s aging because he doesn’t want it to be happening and maybe he should be paying that limp a little more attention, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge that he just can’t do as much as he used to.

Imagine him keeping all of this to himself, never telling Eggsy because he’s afraid he wouldn’t understand.

Then imagine him finding out how much worse it is when Eggsy dies before him, backed into a corner on a mission gone terribly, terribly wrong. He’d never considered that possibility because it couldn’t happen, Eggsy was so young and talented, and Harry can’t outlive him, that just wouldn’t be fair.

But life doesn’t care much about fair.

Also, I just want to confess this now. I’ve been really afraid to talk about Kanae or even post in the “Kanae” tag. I hate being frightened on my own blog. That said, I do see Kanae as a female. I don’t mind trans headcanons, or I don’t mind when people use masculine pronouns. When I see people attacking others, or reblogging offensive posts about the whole subject from people who have harassed me, it makes me uncomfortable. Conflict in general does. That said, from now on, I’m going to be using female pronouns for Kanae on my blog. I’m not gonna tell anyone how they should see Kanae, or view her. This is just how I see her. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but you should know that I will be using female pronouns for her now. If it offend you and you want me to tag my Kanae post differently, please just tell me on anon.

List of actual good things the Cursed Child gave us

-professor McGonagall is still alive and kicking despite being old af
-and everyone still 100% fears and loves and respects her all at once. She can even reprimand the golden trio and they still hang their heads and mumble ‘yes McGonagall’ and it is GREAT
-madams pince, promfey, and hooch and are still serving the next generation. Honestly these women are the backbones of that school bless them
-hermione and rose look exactly alike ! Albus and Scorpius literally could not tell school age Hermione from current age rose ahhhh!!!
-nice cover art

Budgeting in Hollywood U

I have tried so many ways to budget my cash in this damn game and so far only one thing seems to be working. I need to upgrade my Screenwriter dorm but god forbid it’s cheaper than the cash I saved so far.

I practically put a pause on all quests (which I’m slowly getting antsy because I left myself at cliff hangers) and I’m trying to level all of the students to Level 25. So when my very last student reaches Level 25 then I should have enough money for the next few quests.

I was wondering if anyone else had any other budgeting mechanisms for this game? My process is very tedious.

Maybe we could collectively make a list of ways to budget in HWU?