that's okay i didn't want them anyway

Okay but….I really can’t believe that Luke still kinda keeps April’s life somewhat separate from his and Lorelai’s life and Lorelai is just…fine with it?

And am I really supposed to believe that not once in 9 years did the topic of kids come up? Really. There was not one time in 3,285 days that the subject was broached? How is that possible? After the hints and discussion in the original series - forgiveness & stuff, the dance marathon, the Twickum house, “what about the kids,” “kids would be good,” “I want another kid,” etc. - neither one of them ever brought it up?

Furthermore, they’re still keeping big secrets from each other? After everything? Really?


  • intj: I probably shouldn't tell you this, enfj, but some of your other friends said something kind of mean about you behind your back
  • enfj: oh, really? well, you can tell me, I'll be fine
  • intj: well... they were talking about how they were glad they wouldn't be rooming with you next year anyway, because all you talk about is "stupid mbti"
  • enfj: oh? :) really? :) well... that's okay. I didn't really want to room with them anyways. :) even though that's not all I talk about, haha, that's ridiculous but whatever, I'm not hurt
  • enfj: (don't take it personally)
  • enfj: (don't take it personally)
  • enfj: (don't take it personally)
  • enfj: what would be the best response here, me never talking about mbti around them again or me only talking about mbti around them, always? what's the best way to get back at them?
Second Chance Part 3 - Requested (Ashton)

Hello, so you guys seemed to like the first two and i had a couple of requests for a part three from these lovely people independenthemmings 5sos-is-lifexoxo smalltownfavourites pernillemarkvart so thanks for that, if you havent read the other parts then do!! Part 1 and Part 2, ENJOY!!!!

You look up hearing the bell above the door ring and smile as soon as you see Ashton’s mop of curls, walking in followed by the others, he smiles giving you a small wave before sitting at a booth by the window. You notice Henry pick up a pen when he sees them.

‘I got this one’ you tell him as you pick up the pad and take the pen from his hand, he nods.

'Hey guys’ you smile at the four boys and they all smile up to you, Luke’s eye quickly falling back in his phone.

'Hello, how’s it going?’ Ashton asks.

'It’s good, I really like it’ you explain 'do you guys have much planned for today?’

'We gotta go work but that’s about all’ Calum tells you, you nod. 'So what do you want?’ You ask, scribbling the table number at the top even though you would remember who it’s for. They don’t take long in deciding and you jot it down. 'Okay’ you spin in your heel.

'Actually could I change?’ Michael calls; you turn again and smile biding as you scribble out his order. And wrote his new one down only he can’t decide and keeps saying things then changing his mind.

'Michael if you don’t pick, you will be the reason for me getting fired in my first day’ you smile sweetly through the half joke threat and you notice Ashton, Calum and Luke smirking as Michaels eyes widen and he closes the menu 'okay I will take what I ask for first’ he nods and you scrunch your face trying to be a little sweet as you turn. You pass the slip through the kitchen hatch.

'You get half an hour break now’ Henry tells you, 'Oh great, I’m okay to take it out here right?’ You asks and he nods 'Yep take it where ever you like’ he throws you a quick wink over his shoulder as he makes a pot of coffee. You turn and start to walk over to the guys 'Wait up are you not eating?’ Henry asks, turning to you fully this time. 'I didn’t bring anything’ you put as you tell him and he laughs, but uses his finger to wiggle you closer.

'Someone hasn’t been told of the extras you get working here’ he tells you, changing his voice to sound a little more mysterious. 'When you’re working you can get anything for lunch, breakfast or whatever’ he explains 'so, what can I get you?’ He asks. You tell him what you want and head over to the boys who already have their food, another waiter must have delivered it while you were talking.

'I’m on break mine if I join?’ You ask, they shake their heads and you slide in next to Calum. 'You’re living with Ashton you can have lunch with us’ Calum jokes and you smile a little. 'Yeah I guess’.

'So I was thinking, by the end of the week I will have the money to stay in a B&B or something, so I will be able to get out of your hair’ you explain to Ashton, he puts his wrap in the plate and just stares at you as he chews, his eyes soft as they lock with yours.

'You don’t have to do that; I like you staying with me.’ He tells you then looking over to the boys and shaking his head a little 'it’s nice to have someone around that isn’t these idiots’ he jokes and you smile.

'As long as you’re sure, I promise I will be out of your way soon’ you explain but he shakes his head. 'No rush’ he tells you and you can’t stop the smile that breaks across your face.

'Shit lads we’re late, John is calling’ Luke suddenly speaks up, Ashton shoves the last of his wrap in his mouth, Calum doing the same and Michael takes his in his hand, you stand up to let them out. 'Do you all work together?’ You ask and Ashton nods. 'Yeah, erm see you later yeah, have a good first day’ he tells you waving before rushing out following the others.

A girl slides into the booth seat opposite you and smiles 'How do you know them?’ She asks making you frown a little 'Who? Ashton?’ You ask as she nods quickly 'Oh erm’ you don’t want to tell her you’re a homeless stranger that Ashton picked up off the street. 'Ashton, yeah erm Ash is an old friend, I’m staying with him for a couple of weeks’ you tell him, her eyes widen even more. 'Weird never see you before’ she mutters more to herself which confuses you a little 'Your one lucky girl’ she tells you 'I have to call Jess’ she squeals rushing out if the booth and nearly knocking the plate out of Henry’s hand, he shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he watches her rush out without a apology.


'Hey (Y/N), I’m back, just wondering how long your gonna be’ you just about hear Ashton’s voice over the shower; you turn it off and step out grabbing a towel and opening the door. 'All done’ you smile.

'Oh shit, no, you didn’t have to get out, I didn’t mean that’ he rushes, eyes wide and you laugh sliding past him. 'No I was about to get out anyway, how was your day?’ You ask him when he follows you into the kitchen, you flick on the kettle.

'Erm yeah it was good you know, same old I guess’ he explains.

'Oh Ash, a girl asks how I knew you and the guys, I told her I’m an old friends staying with you for a while, I hope that’s okay, I didn’t want to tell them everything you know’ you explain, he nods taking two mugs from the cupboard.

'Yeah that’s fine, I better let my mum know though, just encase’ he speaks out but it’s more to himself. 'Your mum? Why?’ You asks.

'Erm it’s nothing, I’m gonna jump in the shower’ he tells you 'Okay, erm Ash could a lend your laptop?’ You ask and he nods punting to his laptop in the coffee table. 'Help yourself, what’s mine is yours’ he tells you before disappearing into the bathroom.


'Whatcha looking at?’ Ashton sings as he flops into the sofa next to you, you smile and a little as you continue to read and turn the screen for him to see. 'College courses? Accounting and business?’ He asks and you nod but close the laptop down when he doesn’t really respond. 'Doesn’t matter, it was a stupid idea’ you mutter putting the laptop in the coffee table and tucking your knees under your chin watching the TV.

'Hey, no, no it’s not a stupid idea, I meant yeah it’s gonna be hard work but if it’s what you want I’m sure you will tough through it’ he tries to reassure you, 'You don’t strike me as the type of person to give up, I’m guessing you don’t have any qualifications, but that doesn’t matter you can always do them now and then do the business course, I will support you one hundred percent’ he tells you, his hand rubbing your knee slightly as his soft eyes meet yours.

'Now come in smile, I’m feeling pizza, what do you think?’ He asks and cheeky smile growling across his lips and you laugh a little. 'I’ll eat whatever you get’ you tell him, 'BBQ Chicken or Pepperoni?’ He asks wiggling his eyebrows and you shrug 'I honestly don’t mind’ you tell him, he nods jumping up 'I’ll get both’ and you laugh as he skips over to the kitchen and pulls out his phone.


’(Y/N)?’ Ashton’s hushed tone pulls you from your flaming into sleep state, your eyes open a little to see his figure in your door way, you push yourself up a little. 'Yeah’ your voice is groggy and you do a small cough to clear your throat. 'Did I wake you?’ He asks still standing in the door. 'No, what’s up?’ You lye not wanting him to feel bad, 'Can’t sleep, just fancied a chat’ he tells you , you lift the covers on the empty side of the bed as you flop back down and you hear the door closeting and Ashton’s feet shuffling against the floor before the bed dips.

'Your such a liar, I woke you didn’t I?’ He is so close when he speaks you can feel his breath against your cheek, you open your eyes to see him facing you, you smile tiredly at him. 'Its fine, I don’t mind’ you tell him and he nods a little, and you both fall silent.

'Can I say something? It’s a little weird’ he asks, you nod opening your eyes, he only looks at you for a second before lying in his back and staring up at the ceiling and you take the opportunity to look over his features.

'I know we haven’t known each other for long, but I think meeting you was the best thing that’s has happened to me. I don’t want you to think I’ve come in here to get sex for helping you because that’s not it, that’s not it at all. I don’t know what it is about you but there is something, I dunno, I sound crazy.’ He rambles; you can tell he is getting embarrassed.

'It’s okay, I know what you’re saying…I mean I don’t know what you’re saying but I do cause I feel like that too but it makes no sense right? I dunno but I get it, and I don’t think your weird or trying to get sex’ you explain? He shuffles into his side and smile brightly at you. 'Yeah?’ He asks and you nod a little 'Yeah’ he takes a second before nodding and throwing the covers off himself and sliding his legs out if the bed.

'Wait Ash’ you sit up as he goes to leave the bed 'Stay…please’ you asks, he nods slowly and lies back down, you turn your back to him like the night before and he wraps his arms around you, holding you to his chest, your fingers entwining with his as you let your eyes close. He quickly moves up and presses his lips to your cheek, 'Good Night’ he whispers as he moves back to the previous position. And you sigh before falling asleep in his safe, warm arms.

Part 4

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