that's not what your body said

club penguin bans sentence starters
  • "i'm a fucking piece of pizza,"
  • "holy shit toto, we sure as fuck ain't in kansas anymore,"
  • "i ain't fucking with these christmas lights anymore,"
  • "why is the only angry one black?"
  • "get in loser, we're going sledding,"
  • "jesus fucking christ, that cookie hot as shit,"
  • "ah yes, my meth lab is ready,"
  • "i need this life vest 'cos i'm drowning in the pussy,"
  • "i could kill you right now, no one would wear you scream,"
  • "i could go back and pretend to be you,"
  • "fashion police, you're definitely under arrest,"
  • "you're tearing this family apart, ___"
  • "what do you mean you're being murdered? that's illegal, people can't do that,"
  • "i'm wanted for stealing yo girl/boy,"
  • "wanna hear a joke? your future,"
  • "i would like to order all the money,"
  • "when i see stars i think of you. because you're only beautiful from a distance,"
  • "do it for the vine,"
  • "you dress like an idiot,"
  • "girl/boy, are you because i want to take you out,"
  • "hey you forgot something. your social life,"
  • "help me hide this body in here,"
  • "did you just propose, using emojis?"
  • "do drugs they said. it will be fun they said,"
  • "it's called capitalism,"
  • "thank you for helping me commit cannibalism,"
  • "shit, we on national television,"
  • "bitch, throw one more snowball at me,"
  • "can you leave my house please?"
  • "i'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch,"
  • "can i pay you in swag?"
  • "excuse me, do you know where i can find the booty?"
  • "what the flipper?"
  • "santa isn't real,"
  • "what do penguins do in a race? they peng-win,"
  • "a milkshake ain't a goddamn pizza,"
  • "locked up because my eyebrow game was too strong,"
  • "man, look at all this fuckin' dope,"
  • "fuck it, i ain't running,"
  • "hey, do you wanna join my gang?"
  • "i'll ask my mom,"
  • "smooth as butter,"
  • Jinjin: Whose idea was it for you three to get drunk and then let Moonbin dive naked into the Han River?
  • MJ: I didn't tell him to take off his clothes and jump in the river.
  • Eunwoo: That's exactly what you did! You literally said, "Moonbin I dare you to go skinny dipping in the river."
  • Moonbin: [Dripping wet, wrapped in a towel] It doesn't matter, I'm fine now.
  • Eunwoo: Don't you understand!! By flinging your naked self into the nearest body of water you've compromised the integrity of our entire group, and doomed Astro's image until the end of time.
  • Jinjin: [Points to Eunwoo] You, lighten up.
  • Jinjin: [Points to Moonbin] You, big trouble.
  • Jinjin: [Points to MJ] You, get in the car.
  • Ally: Whose idea was it for you three to get drunk and then let Camila dive naked into the river?
  • Dinah: I didn't tell her to take off her clothes and jump in the river.
  • Normani: That's exactly what you did! You literally said, "Camila I dare you to go skinny dipping in the river."
  • Camila: [Dripping wet, wrapped in a towel] It doesn't matter, I'm fine now.
  • Normani: Don't you understand!! By flinging your naked self into the nearest body of water you've compromised the integrity of our entire group, and doomed Fifth Harmony's image until the end of time.
  • Ally: [Points to Normani] You, lighten up.
  • Ally: [Points to Camila] You, big trouble.
  • Ally: [Points to Dinah] You, get in the car.
  • Jihyo: Whose idea was it for you three to get drunk and then let Sana dive naked into the Han River?
  • Momo: I didn't tell her to take off her clothes and jump in the river.
  • Mina: That's exactly what you did! You literally said, "Sana I dare you to go skinny dipping in the river."
  • Sana: [Dripping wet, wrapped in a towel] It doesn't matter, I'm fine now.
  • Mina: Don't you understand!! By flinging your naked self into the nearest body of water you've compromised the integrity of our entire group, and doomed Twice's image until the end of time.
  • Jihyo: [Points to Mina] You, lighten up.
  • Jihyo: [Points to Sana] You, big trouble.
  • Jihyo: [Points to Momo] You, get in the car.
Colours (Barry Allen)

BLURB: every person you love leaves a colour on your skin. Some people are stained everywhere with colour, some with none at all. But there is always one simple rule, once you find your soulmate they wash away all the other colours. 


 The soulmate colour AU with Barry cause lets be real, everyone needs this in their lives.  

 Also I apologize, I wrote this at three AM.


The waiter that handed me my coffee had hands stained with blue, bright blue standing out against their dark skin. Guess they got lucky, found someone to wash away the rest. Or perhaps they never had any to wash away, their hairline is stained too. Signs of gentle touches. 

 Yeah I know most people use words like ‘painted’ or ‘caressed’ to describe the colours. I use ‘stained’, because thats what they are. Stupid marks that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard you tried. Marks that show everyone your personal life. Stains that show if you love too much or not at all.

 You see I hate the orange stains that lace my body, the constant reminder that my only love left me. Ran away with someone who could mark them with deep purple, wash away my pitiful gold. 

 Most people think gold is an amazing colour to leave behind, not him. He hated it, said it reminded him of all the medals he should have won. 

 Oh well, at least I’m not stained with white 

 That’s the worst, white means you’ve fallen in love. But they don’t love you back, so every time that person touches you your skin is bleached. A constant reminder that they don’t love you back 

 Most of the time those people find another soulmate, someone to wash away the bleach. To give them colour again 

 There’s one person in this city that I know of with skin bleached. 

 A CSI, I don’t know his name. But it’s obvious, I always see him interviewing patients at the hospital I work at.

 See their sympathetic looks as their eyes trail along his bleached body. 

 I’ve never spoken to him though; hell I’ve never even looked him in the eyes. I’m too scared I’ll see myself in them, see the same hopeless look all people left by their colour match do. 

 Yeah I get that there’s still hope. That by some miracle you might find a real match. Someone to wash away the other colours. Or paint over the bleach. It had happened before. 

But then I look at the bleached CSI, and I lose all hope. 


 As I walk to the hospital I see him again, running in. He’s always late, that much is obvious by the annoyed scowl of the police captain as he arrives.

 The annoyed scowl stained with yellow. 

 I went to my next patient, trying to ignore the bleached soul behind me as much as I tried to pretend my hands aren’t stained with orange. 

 “Y/N?” one of the nurses called. 


 “The CSI has to question your patient.” 

 “Alright, send him in,” I replied as I carried on taking my patient’s vitals.

 There was nothing I wouldn’t have done to not be in that room.

 To not see my own fate reflected in his eyes. 

 I could ignore him, I thought. I could carry on my duties and pretend I didn’t see the other person in the room, I could just make sure the patient was stable and handle the rest once he leaves.

 Easy. Until he enters. 

 He’s much taller than I expected, about half a head taller than me (yeah I’m tall urgh). He walked in and tried to introduce himself. Tried to shake my hand.

 I ignored him, I couldn’t possibly address him. That would mean addressing all of him. 

 I try not to notice the sad looks my patient is giving him.

 I did my full exam without even looking at him, and then practically ran from the room. 

 Thankfully the rest of the day went fine, a couple patients commented on how happy I must be of course. Because that was the only option when a colour stains your body as much as it stains mine, no one presumes that person could have left. 

Because somehow everything revolves around this stupid colours.


 As I was walking home that day I heard running behind me, as I turned around I saw the CSI running towards me. 

 No. No. No. 

 This cannot be happening, I thought. There was no way he could about to reach me, none at all. I avoid him as much as possible. This isn’t happening.

 “Hey! Wait,” he called, running up to me.

 When I turned to look at him I saw just how bad off he was, his hairline, his cheeks, the outline of his lips. All bleached, like every bit of colour was drained from him. 

His pain painted on his face by some cruel artist. 

 He held something in colourless hands, “This fell of your neck while you were examining that guy, thought you might want it back.” In his hands he held my gold necklace that my brother gave me, I hadn’t even noticed it had gone. 

 “Oh my god, thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost this!” He smiled, he was different when he smiled.

 Almost like a trace of his former self somewhere in there, fighting to resurface.

 “No problem,” he said as he handed it back to me. 

 As he gave it to me our hands touched, I almost screamed. 

 Where he touched me, the orange had changed to a deep maroon. I looked at his hand and saw gold, the bleached had been painted over. 

 “Hi,” he whispered, a broken smile on his face.

 “Hey,” I laughed back, tracing his face with my hand, watching as the bleach there changed to gold.

 It’s been five months since that day and I’ve got to own up to something, maybe soulmates weren’t so bad after all. I’ve learned his name is Barry, I’ve he’s the Flash (his colour is maroon for god’s sake). 

He’s in and out of the hospital all the time now.

 Only I don’t avoid him now, I watch with pride. As the patient’s smiles change from sympathetic to hopeful as their eyes trail down the gold paint strokes that lace his body.


Thanks for reading what happens in my brain at three AM…

I’m actually rather proud of this one, please let me know what you think.

requests are open :)

Glory Days sentence starters
  • "Heard he in love with some other chick."
  • "That hurt me, I'll admit."
  • "Forget that boy, I'm over it."
  • "I hope she gettin' better sex. Hope she ain't fakin' it like I did."
  • "Took four long years to call it quits."
  • "Guess I should say thank you."
  • "Ain't sure I loved you anyway."
  • "You're really quite the man."
  • "You made my heart break and that made me who I am."
  • "I swear you'll never bring me down."
  • "I deleted all your pics then blocked your number from my phone."
  • "You ain't getting this love no more."
  • "I feel like for the first time I am not faking."
  • "Don't you keep it all to yourself."
  • "Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week."
  • "Why you making me wait so long?"
  • "I promise to keep this a secret, I'll never tell."
  • "I know that this could be something real."
  • "All damn night I was here waiting."
  • "I know you were with her, I know that you kissed her."
  • "I was so mad, had my break-up speech ready."
  • "You're dirty, disgusting, but I can't get enough of your loving."
  • "Boy, I hate you, really hate you."
  • "My mama said I shouldn't date you."
  • "You're cheatin', you're lyin', I know that you're hiding."
  • "Why am I such a fool when it comes to you?"
  • "All my friends say I'm a sucker."
  • "I wish you were dead 'til you take me to bed."
  • "You lead on my love."
  • "Oh, them brown eyes and that body..."
  • "I'll get my revenge, take my key to your Benz."
  • "Then you smile, that's my killer."
  • "We broke up, we're better off as friends."
  • "We broke up... Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do."
  • "I messed around and got caught up with you."
  • "I don't know how long I can wait."
  • "This could be my greatest mistake."
  • "We had a good run."
  • "We messed around and had some good fun."
  • "Guess it turns out I lost a good one."
  • "I accidentally know that you're in love with me, too."
  • "So can we try again?"
  • "We're official, more than friends."
  • "Is that what you call flirtin'?"
  • "When you wanna start growin' up, we can maybe fall in love."
  • "I need a man who can act like a man."
  • "Everybody warned me."
  • "But you're kinda hot, so I thought, why not?"
  • "I need a man."
  • "I'm tasty, delicious, I'm rough around the edges."
  • "My mind is obsessive, my flex is aggressive."
  • "Glad I didn't listen to my teachers."
  • "I don't mind offending, I ain't 'bout pretending."
  • "Them haters be hating, my fashion be trending."
  • "Get down and dirty."
  • "I don't ask the mirror, I know I'm the fairest."
  • "They wanna know who I'm sneakin' into my place, they don't need to know, no one's business how I play."
  • "Baby, you're the man, but I got the power."
  • "You make rain, but I'll make it shower."
  • "You should know, I'm the one who's in control."
  • "I got the power."
  • "Got you thinking that I'm all innocent, but wait 'till I get you home."
  • "If I ain't got nothin', least I got you."
  • "Come and kiss me like the first time."
  • "Let's pack up and run away, just me and you."
  • "There ain't no heartache you can't undo."
  • "You're the one that I need."
  • "Take my hand baby, please."
  • "I'm alive, if living's just a beating heart."
  • "We won't admit we've taken it too far."
  • "I know it's love cause I will always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts."
  • "I'm alone again and all I want is to feel again."
  • "There's nobody like you."
  • "I'm screaming "I don't want you" but you know that I do."
  • "I only like myself when I'm with you."
  • "I'm alone again."
  • "All you left me with was scars."
  • "I keep trying to put this behind me."
  • "I still wanna know who's taking you home."
  • "For tonight, I'm going to get my mind off it."
  • "No more sad songs."
  • "Don't care where I go, just can't be alone."
  • "They'll never know me like you used to know me."
  • "I will only hurt myself, tryna hurt you."
  • "You got my adrenaline pumping when you stand so close."
  • "You had me at hello."
  • "You're the only one that's taking me home."
  • "If you want to touch it then baby you should."
  • "You got my permission to do what you like."
  • "No matter what the deal, babe, you know that I'll be there."
  • "We've come so far, baby."
  • "Nothing else matters like us."
  • "I don't wanna fight, not tonight."
  • "I don't really care about nothing else."
  • "I told you don't let me down, I know you never did."
  • "Look at us now, still you and me."
  • "I don't want nobody else."
  • "I got you all to myself."
  • "I give it all to you, so baby don't let me down."
  • "We got it all, babe, right where we want it to be."
  • "My leather jacket smells like your aftershave."
  • "All I wanna do is get your hands up on my booty."
  • "The thought of you is driving me wild."
  • "I love, love, love making love to you."
  • "You don't get these kisses for free."
  • "Don't make it worse lying to me."
  • "You'll be sleeping in the bed alone."
  • "Little boy, you better run along."
  • "I ain't playing games no more.
  • "Get your story straight."
  • "I won't forgive you for your mistakes."
  • "Don't try to turn this 'round boy, it's too late."
  • "Go 'head, boy, live your dream, don't come crawling back to me."
  • "I've got two sides of me, boy; the one you want your mother to meet and the one that's a freak."
  • Damon: Okay, I admit it. Maybe I wasn't as nice as I should have been. But, Stefan, do you really want to kill me?
  • Ripper Stefan: Just think of it as you're being let go. That your life's moving in a different direction, that your body's part of a permanent outplacement.
  • Klaus: Hey, that's kinda like what he said to you a while ago!
  • Ripper Stefan: I know. It's called a "cruel irony", like my dependence on you.
Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain. (Part 3)

Work IV

Part I:
Part II:

Summary: After three months of heartbreak you go back to Kattegat only to find Ivar in a terrible stage of rage what almost costs you your life. Luckily love overcomes everything.
Words: 1454

It was three months now … three months since you last saw Ivar, since you last felt his lips against your skin, since you last saw those gorgeous bleu eyes. He asked you then to come back as soon as possible but you couldn’t. You were two weeks home when your father showed signs of sickness. He didn’t get better and you couldn’t spare one moment to go to Kattegat, to see Ivar. Every minute away from your father could mean a minute less spend with him. The first month Ivar was permanent on your mind. But you forgot him a little bit when you fathers gets more sick every day. His memory just faded away while you took care of your father. Half the time you sat in tears besides his bed, praying to the gods he would get throught this. But he didn’t, he died after nine weeks of intensive sickness and you were left alone with a farm and nothing left to live for. That day was the first day you thought of Ivar again. You imaged Ivar sitting beside you on the bed, rocking you to sleep, wispering comfort words in your ear. But when you opened your eyes he wasn’t there. He never looked for you, visited you and you began to wonder if that one week with him was just a imagination.

Two weeks after the dead of your father you just began to wonder what to do with your life. You  couldn’t stay here, not with all the memories and  the heartbreak. Even if you would, what should you do? Live a lonely life far from any village? So you decided to travel back to Kattegat, to sell the farm of your fahter and to look for something else. It wasn’t a happy future you thought of but anything was better than staying in the farm, even becoming a slavegirl sounded good enough. But the closer you get to Kattegat, the more tenser you felt. What if you saw Ivar again? You were scared, scared of what he would say or do when you paths crossed each other. For that reason you left the horse in the woods and did the rest of the road on foot. With spring nearby it was harder to cover your face from al the familiar faces you saw. Kattegat chanched since you last were here. It was busier. More people, and more lookout points. You saw some shield maidens in you walk through the village. The great Hall was still as imposing as you recalled it to be. You looked from behind a wooden pallet to the builing. Ubbe sat on the steps before, staring in the distant. But that was not the only thing you saw. The great Hall had shield maidens in front of it, on each side of Ubbe. Some part of you wanted to talk to him, explain your abscent so he could prepare Ivar for it. But you were scared, even for what Ubbe would say about it. All the confidence Ivar gave you had vanished, you were that scared insecure girl again. So you left you possition, did the things you came for and then went to the beach to watch the sunset.

At some point you must have fallen asleep cause when you waked up it was dark … and Ivar sat right beside you. You startled and moved you body as slowly as possible until you sat right in the sand.
“Y/n.” He said with clenched teeth. You heard the certain rage in his tone and held you eyes on the sea, to scared to look at him. Would he understand if you explained? You swallowed and let you head rest on your knees.
“I can explain.” You began after a couple minutes of silence.
“Sure you can, how is life y/n, have kids already?” The sarcasm in his voice maked you a little angry.
“It’s not like that, I was,”
“My father died, murded by king Aella. My mother is killed by Lagertha.” He spat the words in the sand and you looked in the other direction. Thats why there were al those shield maidens, that was also maybe the reason he didn’t came looking for you.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” You reacted. What else could you said? You felt his gaze on you but it took you several moments to look back. And when you looked back you saw those blue eyes almost spitting fire. His reaction on those words came so fast you had hardly the time to pull back. His hand clutched your throat and he pressed you back in the sand. His face hardly inches removed from yours.
“I asked you to come back, I warned you for what I could do.” His fingers didn’t lost grip. He wasn’t suffocating you … yet. The tears rolled over your cheeks while your hand looked for some grip on his. “I needed you.” He wispered angry against your cheek.
“Please, Ivar, let me explain.” You squeaked, looking for some air.
“Why should I?”
“My father died to.” You threw out. He squeezed his eyes and lost his grip a little bit. You gasped for air and rolled on you side while coughing. Why did he do this? Was it anger, sadness? He almost killed you and yet you didn’t ran away.

You lay with you back towards him while you try to take control over your crying body. It came all at once, the loss of your father, the love you felt for Ivar, what he just  did to you …
“Y/n.” He said softly. He laid his hand on your arm and slowly rolled you over to your back again. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” He asked. You had your eyes closed and opened them carefull to look at him. His anger was gone, in fact there was only sadness in his eyes now. “Please y/n, I couldn’t bare to lose you to.” He pulled a loose strand of hair behind your ear and strokes your cheek with his fingertips.
“Don’t do that again.” You replied while you wraped you arms around his neck and hides you head against it. He pulled you as close as possible and embraced you for as long as necesary. “I missed you Ivar, if I had a change to come I would but,” Your words get lost for a moment. He pulled his head back en cupped your face with one hand.
“What happend?” He asked tenderly.
“My father became ill, for nine weeks and then he died.” You wispered through your tears. He wiped them carefull away with his thumb before kissing you. On that moment you knew that you never forgot him, that you missed him with all of your heart. You fingers locked themselves in his hair, pressing your body so close you could to his. It was the most intensive kiss you shared with him and it felt like everything was on his place again.
“I need you y/n.” He murmured against your lips.
“I’m not leaving again.” You reassured him.
“Never?” He asked while kissing you again.
“I leave next week for Engeland, will you come?” It was typical Ivar to ruin sush a moment. You just said you wouldn’t leave him again, never, so your options were limited.
“If thats what you want.” You nodded. He smiled, a small insecure smile.
“I need to avenge my fathers dead.”
“Than I will be there to take care of you when you come back from battle.” You smiled a little shyly.
“Do you forgive me?” He asked, his eyes hurt by the idea of almost killing you. You nodded, planted a kiss on his lips and nodded again.
“I forgive you.” You replied. He wraped an arm around you shoulder as you let your head rest on his chest. You stared at the sea, the stars, enjoying the moment. You had so much questions for him but didn’t want to ruin the moment of peace between you.
“When my father died I pretended you were there to comfort me.” You wispered while looking back at him.
“When my mother died I pretended the same thing.”
“There in Valhalla now, celebrating with good food, laughing and telling stories.” You pussed yourself up on your elbows and looked down at Ivar. “You will avenge your fathers dead Ivar, you will concure, I’m sure of that.” You said with a strong voice, you believed in him. He maybe was a cripple but not in his mind.
“With you by my side I can overcome everything.” He said sofly, with a loving voice.

So … the end? Do you guys need more? Requests? I’m all ears. Hope you liked it, leave a comment if you do.

Camping** Version 2



Camping. It would be quite romantic if it had been just you and your boyfriend but it wasn’t. You had basically intruded on a boys weekend in the woods and the more you watched the more confused you got as to way the boys had decided to go camping.

You sat on a log watching Jack and Conor struggle to pitch their tent. Theirs was the last one that needed to be set up and they insisted that they could do it themselves. You let out a quite laugh as you watched Jack trip over a stick, him and the tent falling to the ground. 

“Oi what are you laughing about over there?” He said turning his head to smirk at you. 

“Do you need some help?” You said standing up and walking over to the two boys. 

“No love we’re fine…we just need the instructions.” Conor said looking around the ground for the pieces of paper.

You helped jack up off the ground before turning and headed back over to the other boys who were huddled around the picnic tables.

“They didn’t want any help?” Joe asked as you approached him and the boys. 

“Nope, they seem to have it all under control” you said sitting on his lap, leaning your head back against this shoulder as he kissed the side of your head. 

Evening had quickly approached and after everyone had eaten, you all sat around the fire talking and laughing. You had wrapped yourself in a blanket and were staring blankly at the fire when someone sat down next to you. 

“You look cold.” Jack said watching as you hugged the blanket tighter around your body. 

“M’fine Jack” you said with a smile. 

“Well you know if you get cold at all in the night, I have plenty of blankets in my tent we could share.” you raised an eyebrow at Jack’s comment and went to open your mouth to comment back but were interrupt by someone clearing their throat. 

You and Jack both looked up to find Joe making his way back to the fire and sitting down next to you. 

“Whats up mate?” Jack asked.

“Just wanted to come sit with my girlfriend thats all” Joe said putting an arm over your shoulder and pulling you closer to him. “How about you?”

“Oh it just seemed like Y/N was cold so I offered her another blanket for tonight” Jack said standing and walking away to grab another beer. 


“I’m fine” Joe lied.

Joe was always pretty jealous when his mates would flirt with you because before you started dating, all the boys were commenting on how fit you were and apparently Joe thought they still did. Well Jack did but it was only because he liked to piss off Joe. 

The tiredness had hit you pretty hard later on in the evening and you and a few of the other boys decided to call it an early night. You had tossed and turned for a few hours until Joe had decided to call it a night as well. 

“Thought you’d be sleeping” He said seeing you sat up in the tent. 

“Me too” You said rubbing your tired eyes. 

Joe pulled off his shirt and laid down besides you. 

“You know Jack does it just to piss you off right.” you asked quietly as you continued to lay awake. 

“He’s a dick”

“But it works and thats why he keeps doing it. Either that or I tell him to.” 

“You what?” Joe questioned as he turned over to face you. 

“You’re so cute when your jealous and you don’t how that side of you much so I may have Jack help me out with that.” You laughed watching as Joe’s eyes widened. “Babe I’m joking. Jack’s just an ass.”

“You better be” Joe said rolling completely over so he was not straddling your waist.

He leaned down to kiss you deeply as his fingers snuck themselves under the waistband on your bottoms and teasing your core. 

“Joe” You said pushing him away. “The boys…”

“Are sleep just a few feet away so you better be quiet love.” He said as he started moving his fingers deeper inside of you. 

You are growing increasingly wet with the thought of you and Joe having sex in a tent with his mates sleeping only and ears distance away. You let out a whine as Joe removed his fingers from you and stuck them in his mouth. 

You helped Joe remove your shorts and panties before removing his own and pumping his cock a few times. 

Joe teased your soaked entrance with his tip before slowly pushing into you. You let out a moan that was quickly muffled by Joe’s hand but not soon enough. All you could do was hope that the boys were in fact all sleeping. 

Joe continued to thrust into you and a quick pace, his hand still muffling your moans but he quickly realized that that wasn’t working. He removed him hand and replaced it his mouth, kissing you as deeply as he had earlier. You moaned into his mouth as his thrust were hitting g spot without fail. 

“Shhhh babe” He said as he moved his mouth to your neck, nipping at it slightly. 

You bit down on your lower lip hard enough to draw blood but it was the only attempt that had so far quieted your moans. That was until Joe moaned out your name rather loudly into your neck, sending goosebumps down your body. 

“Joe..” You whispered but was all your could get out before your mouth was taken over by moans once again.

Moments later you and Joe came, muffled moans filling the tent. The two of you laid catching your breaths for as your limbs tangled together as you drifted asleep.

The sun poured into the thin lining of the tent making you squint your eyes. You rolled over into Joe’s chest shielding your eyes from the sun. 

“Good morning love” Joe said squeezing you a bit.

“Morning” You said leaning up to kiss his lips. 

“OH JOE!” you and Joe froze as you heard Joe’s name being moaned. 

“YOU GOTTA BE QUIET LOVE!” another voice came from outside the tent along with a few more moans and laughter.

Joe unzipped the tent and stuck his head out seeing a few of the boys sitting at the picnic table laughing. 

“Have fun last night Sugg?” Jack asked causing the rest of the boys to laugh. 

“Piss off” Joe said before he stuck his head back into the tent looking over at you. 

“Oh my god” You laughed, pulling the blanket over your face, hiding your blush. 


Words: 1.8k

Summary: You are married to Misha and someone breaks into your home.

Warnings: Serious angst;blood, violence, fear, and death. (Do not read if this is triggering to you.)

A/N: I had a nightmare and needed to share my pain; I’m sorry. Constructive feedback is always appreciated and send me an ask or DM id you’d like to be added to my tag list. Also, obviously no hate for Vicki. ❤


Blood; everywhere. “Why is there so much blood?” you thought frantically to yourself.

“Sweetie, just stay with me.” you said shakily. “They’re on their way; just hold on.”

Misha looked up at you with pained eyes and blood between his gritted teeth. “I’m sorry, honey. I lo…”

His jaw relaxed, shoulders slumped, and the hand holding his bloodied stomach dropped slightly. You cupped his face, slapping his cheek lightly trying to rouse him. “Misha? Come on Babe, stay with me.”

When he didn’t respond you began shaking him slightly and yelling his name louder until they became unintelligible screams and sobs as you held his lifeless body close to you. You heard the sirens in the distance getting closer, but figured it didn’t matter; he was gone already anyways.

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How would Reiji, Laito, Subaru, Kou, and Yuma (I love that big teddy bear so freakin' much) react to having a very short (5'1 and under) and very heavyset (not curvy) significant other (I'm talking 220+) who was incredibly insecure about their body figure or had body dysmorphia as a result? What would the boys do or say to comfort them? If that's ok?

I’ve said this before, the boys don’t care what you look like but if you are insecure they will gladly help you. Also I feel you babe, being heavyset myself nvn.

Reiji - “Do not question my choices in choosing you as my significant other, but if it helps I suppose we can start a health regimen that will help your metabolism… now drink this.” He starts to work on potions and other medicines to help you lose weight and doctor visits are in order.

Laito - “Mmmm I don’t think you’re ugly Little Bitch, in fact your figure gives me more to hold on to~” He may tease but all you have to do is say the word and he’s on board with helping you feel better about yourself.

Subaru - “Tch why are you worried about what other people think? I like you as you are if that counts, but I guess we can always start working out together.” He’s willing to help you feel better about yourself just don’t say anything about the blush he sports when he offers.

Kou - “Oh Masokitty’s feeling ugly? Okay then let’s call up my dance coaches they’ll get you into shape… oh and by the way, I’m the only one you should be worried about.” Dancing is very good exercise, just don’t forget he’s the only person you need to focus on impressing.

Yuma - “Insecure? What are you talking about Sow? I’m the only one you should be worrying about, not them, and I like you as you are!” Yuma loves that you have meat on your bones, you don’t make him feel like he’s gonna crush you, but if it makes you stop whining he’ll help you out.

From Father to Son Pt. 1

Being a father is difficult. I have only ever wanted the best for my son, Tyler. The problem is, he just won’t listen to me. He defies me every chance he gets. Just like every other 17 year old, he just thinks he knows everything. In fact, we had just had an argument over another one of his foolish decisions and he stormed off to his bedroom. I just don’t know what to do with him anymore. I guess, worst case scenario, he turns 18 in two months…then he won’t be my problem anymore. I was so frustrated, I am just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

It happened when I was in the shower. I was letting the warm water run down my chest when my vision began to blur. I braced myself against the wall, when I began feeling nauseous. I blinked a few times and then, all of the sudden, I was laying on the floor. Nausea gone. Vision fine. But something was wrong. I was laying on carpet….last I checked, theres no carpet in my shower. When I sat up and looked around, I noticed I was in Tyler’s room. How did I even get here? I could hear the shower still running two rooms over. I was about to head back to my bedroom, but then I caught a glimpse of what I was wearing.

A Nike shirt and jeans? I was wearing exactly what Tyler was wearing, when we were arguing. Why would I be wearing his clothes? They shouldn’t even fit my larger body. I needed to find Tyler. I walked out of the bedroom, then I saw it. I saw my reflection in the hallway mirror. Except, it wasn’t my reflection….it was Tyler’s! I ran back into Tyler’s room and slammed the door shut. Breathing heavily, I started to catch on. I looked down. The reason Tyler’s clothes fit me, is because I was no longer in my larger body. I was in Tyler’s slim athletic body. Holy Shit. How did this even happen?? I had switched bodies with my son. I cautiously put my (his?) hands on the chest I now possessed. It was’t quite as large, but much more firm. And these arms, also firm. I didn’t realize Tyler was in such good shape. I went into his bathroom and looked in the mirror. Damn, I raised a pretty good looking son. I smiled and rubbed my face. Without even thinking, I took of the shirt Tyler was wearing when we swapped. I gotta say, his body is pretty nice. Everything from his shoulders to the v-lines on his hips.

I cupped my pec with my hand, then slid my hand down to my new belly button. So smooth. I always envied guys with smooth chests. Mine was so harry. I went lower and unbuttoned the jeans. Then I stopped. What was I doing?? This is my son! I can’t just strip him. Aren’t there laws against that kind of thing? Then the guilt quickly passed…..technically I am stripping myself….I mean I am currently in control. This is probably some sick dream anyway. I dropped the jeans to the floor. I was wearing a pair of black under armour underwear. I slid my finger across the waistline. Still feeling the guilt I didn’t look right away. But I could see the bulge. A very healthy bulge. I cupped it with my hand. I could feel it getting hard, the moment I touched it. I gave off a brief moan. I forgot what is was like being this young and hormonal. And hearing Tyler’s voice made it more erotic.

I slid my hand in, passing his neatly trimmed pubes, and grabbed ahold of my borrowed dick. It felt amazing. I dropped the underwear, so I could get a better look. How in the hell is his dick bigger than mine?! Not much bigger. But bigger none the less. I slid my finger along the shaft, letting out another moan. I began stroking it. I kept sliding my hand along my new equipment. Going faster and faster, until I blew my load in the bathroom sink. I haven came like that in years! I saw down on the edge of the bath tub. Sweating and panting. Thats when I saw my body in the door way.

“Just moving right in, aren’t you?” I heard my voice say.

“Tyler?!” I shouted. I didn’t even know what to say.

“For future reference, theres lube in the drawer to your left” He said with a smile.

“Tyler, I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I just woke up like this, I shouldn’t have touched your-”

“Don’t even worry about it dad. I have jercked off twice already.”

“What?!” I shouted. Then remembered that he caught me with his dick in my hands. “I guess you would have woken up in the shower….How was it?” I asked, while pulling the underwear back on.

“Better than I expected actually. You have a pretty nice tool.” Tyler cupped my former crotch.

“Thanks, your’s is pretty nice too. Wait! Why would you be expecting to jerk off in my body??”

“Because I was the one that switched us. I figured you would have guessed that by now. You seem so hell bent on controlling my life, so I am letting you control it. While I get to be the adult.”

“So you are giving me your body?” I asked.

“Yep, for now at least. So do what you want. Jerk off again, go screw some girls….or guys. Whatever. I am going to go do the same.” With that, he walked out of the room. I was stunned. Why would he give me his youthful body? Then, I stopped caring about the why. I get to do whatever I want! But first I thought, I reached into the drawer next to me and grabbed the lube. I smiled, and pulled my new dick back out.


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Request: Smut Imagine where Juice gets Jealous over his wifes boss.

Contains Smut

As you pulled into the driveway to your home you saw Juices bike in the drive, a grin spreading across your cheeks. You couldn’t wait to see him.
Grabbing the cartons of Chinese takeout, you rushed to the front door.
“Babe!” You called out as you pushed the door open, swinging it shut behind you.
You placed the boxes on the dining table and walked into the lounge, where Juice was sitting on the sofa, controller in his hand as he bit his lip, eyes focused on the tv screen.
“Hey baby.” He said, smiling and flicking his eyes at you before turning back to the screen.
“How was your day, Juicy?”
“Die bitch!” Juice yelled, standing now and fingers moving rapidly as he stared at the screen.
You sighed and crossed your arms over your chest.
Juice stayed focused on the screen, concentration on his face. You watched him, eyeing his sculpted body in his white t-shirt and black trackpants.
“Yes!” He yelled, grinning cheerily at you as he defeated the enemy in his game.
You arched an eyebrow at him, leaning back against the wall.
He saw your posture and blushed slightly, putting the controller on the coffee table and walking towards you.
His arms reached towards you and his fingers traced along your sides, warm and gentle, before he pulled you into his arms.
“Sorry babe. How was work?” His voice was soft, his lips pressed against your forehead and his fingers stroking your back.
You wrapped your arms around him loosely, leaning into the comfort of his chest.
“It was okay. Busy.” You said, your voice muffled by his body. “Theres chinese in the kitchen.”
Juice pulled back, grinning down at you, his hands shifting to your waist. “Lets eat.”

After dinner you sat across the sofa, head on the arm rest and your legs across Juices lap as he played his game, you scrolling through the internet on your laptop.
You were looking at clothes online, clothes you couldn’t afford to buy, but you liked looking at them and getting inspiration, then you’d go to local thrift stores and tailor bits and pieces you found there, creating your own unique style.
You were looking at a collection of denim jackets when you heard your instant message alert, and you moved your fingers across the pad, clicking on the icon.
It was from your boss, and it was a photo of the office clown, throwing up in a trash can and your boss in the corner of the photo, a huge grin on his face with his thumbs up.
You laughed, looking at the photo.
You began typing back, not noticing Juice watching you out of the corner of his eye.
He watched you closely, anger burning inside him as he watched you smiling at your screen, typing back and forth.
“Who are you talking to?” He asked, leaning back against the couch and tossing the controller on the table.
You heard the annoyed town in his voice and met his gaze.
“Andrew.” You said, shrugging your shoulders and typing once more.
“Your boss?” Juice asked, his voice raised slightly.
You rolled your eyes as you typed.
“Yes, Juice. Andrew, my boss.”
Juice stared at you, his eyes narrowed and a frown on his face.
“Thats all you’re gonna say?” His voice was harsh and you pulled your legs back from his lap. shifting your body so you could look at him.
“What do you want me to say, Juice?” Your voice was cold, bored. You were tired of having the same argument.
You loved Juice, you had been married for two years now, and he knew that. But he was insecure, you understood that, and you were constantly reassuring him that you weren’t going to leave. But every time you mentioned your work, or your boss, Juice would freeze up, jealousy coursing through him and you’d have to talk him down.
“Why the fuck are you talking to him (y/n)? He’s your boss, its unprofessional.”
You raised an eyebrow, taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm.
“Hes my boss, babe. He’s my boss, and he’s my friend. We talk, thats it, You know this.”
Just as you spoke your laptop alert went off,  signalling a new message.
You looked at Juice, his brown eyes filled with jealousy and anger as he stared at you.
Before you could move, his hand reached out, slamming your laptop shut and pulled it from you, placing it on the ground.

“Juice, what the fuck!” You yelled, throwing your hands in the air.
His hands grabbed your legs and he pulled, dragging your body down the couch closer to him.
He knelt over you, his lips hovering inches above yours.
You looked into his eyes, filled with lust and a sudden urgency.
“Youd rather hang out with your boss than me?” He asked, anger in his voice as he held his body over yours.
You bit your lip, enjoying this side of him.
You shook your head, never taking your eyes off his.
“Whos your boss?” His voice was low, almost a whisper.
“Andr-“ He pressed a finger to your lips, hushing you.
“No. Who’s your boss (y/n)?” He growled.
“You are.” You said, gulping at the fierceness burning inside him.
The moment the words left your mouth his lips were on yours, his tongue licking along your lip gently.
Your hands wrapped around his head, holding him close too you as his hands crept under your shirt.
You moaned into his kiss, his taste filling your mouth. His body pressed against yours, his hardness pressing into your thigh.
“Tell me.” Juice growled, his lips sucking at your neck, leaving his mark. You moaned as his hand began to massage your breast through your bra.
“Tell me babe. Tell me who you belong to.”
“You, Juice. I belong to you.” You said breathlessly, raising your hips to create more friction.
Juice pulled back from you, sitting on the sofa and pulling you as he moved til you were straddling him.
You raised your arms and he pulled your shirt over your shoulders, tossing it to the floor.
You inhaled sharply as he grasped your bra, ripping the fabric and throwing it away.
His head lent back as he stared at your bare chest, admiring your curves.
He ran his hands up your sides and cupped your breasts, groaning lowly as he squeezed them in his hands.
You watched him, biting you lip and felt yourself get wetter. He met your gaze and smirked at you.
“These are mine.” He rasped.
“They are yours, Juan.” He moaned when he heard you use his real name and his lips clasped around your nipple, sucking roughly as he massaged your other breast.
His tongue twirled around your nipple and you moaned, grinding your hips against him.
You held his head to your breast, your head tilting back as you moved your hips back and forth, rolling them against his hardness.
He held your nibble between his teeth gently, his hands moving to your hips and guiding your movements.
Your hands ran down his body, grasping desperately at his shirt and yanking it up over his head.
Your hands held his neck and  you pressed your lips to his, massaging his tongue with yours.
You sucked at his bottom lip and he growled,his hands squeezing your ass as you moved your body against his.
You could feel how hard he was and it only turned you on more, your panties becoming wetter as you rubbed against him.
“Your mine.” Juice said against your lips and you nodded.
“Im yours.” You whispered breathlessly.
You pulled away from him and moved your body back, sinking to your knees in front of him.
His eyes watched you hungrily as you pulled his pants down his thighs, biting your lip.
You tugged his pants off and reached for his boxers, kissing him through the fabric before pulling them down, and you smirked to yourself when you heard him gasp.
His cock stood tall, and you wrapped your hand around the base as you looked up at him.
“Im yours.” You repeated as you moved your head closer, licking around the head.
His hands reached into your hair, pulling it back and you smiled up at him before placing sweet kisses on the tip of him.
“Babe.” He whispered breathlessly. You knew he loved watching you work on him and you liked showing him, you looked into his eyes as you licked your lips and wrapped them around him.
You slid your mouth down, taking half his length in and pulled back slowly, sucking gently as swirling your tongue around his head.
You heard him groan and you moved your lips further down him, taking more of him into your mouth. His fingers grasped your hair tighter as he hit the back of your throat and you pulled back, sucking gently and making a popping sound as you left him.
You wrapped your lips around him again, moving your hand with your mouth as you took him in your mouth. He watched you, watched your hollowed cheeks as you sucked him and your eyes water as you took his whole length inside your mouth. You looked into his eyes as you swirled your tongue around him, your lips red and swollen.
“Fuck, babe.” He moaned breathlessly and raised his hips. You moved your hand to his balls, squeezing them gently in your hand as he fucked your mouth, his hands tightening in your hair as he pounded into your mouth gently.
Your eyes watered but you never broke eye contact, watching him bite his lip as you swallowed around him and sucking.
He pulled out of your mouth and you caught your breath. licking your lips.

He released your hair and you stood, his hands moving desperately to your jeans and tugging them down your thighs.
His fingers dipped into the waistband of your panties, and you heard the fabric rip as he tore it off you.
You stood,hands resting on his shoulders as he sat on the edge of the sofa, pressing soft kisses to around your stomach as his hands ran up your thighs.
You pushed his shoulders back and he lent against the sofa. You straddled him again, this time lowering yourself onto his hard member.
You both groaned in sync as he entered you, filling you slowly as you sunk down around him.
His fingers dug into your hips and you laid one hand on his shoulder, the other resting on his thigh for support as you raised your body.
“Fuck your so wet for me baby.” He husked as you lowered your body around him again, sinking slowly.
You moaned at his words, moving both your hands to his neck and pressing your lips to his hungrily.
You moved your hips, rolling against him as you kissed him deeply.
His cock was buried deep inside you and every move you made, every grind sent electricity through your body.
He pulled your hips down harder and you threw your head back as he took control, raising your hips and thrusting into you.
You were dripping wet for him and the sound of him slapping into you filled the room and you moaned, loving the feel of him inside you.
“Fuck, Juan.” You purred, your nails digging into his shoulders.
“You are mine, (y/n).” He growled as he thrust into you harder.
“This tight little pussy is all mine.” He said and lent his head forward, sucking at your breast as he pounded inside you.
You walls began to pulsate around him and you moaned as your orgasm sent waves of fire through you.
“Good girl.” He cooed and lent his head back, watching your tits bounce as he pounded you, your juices flowing down his length.
His rhythm was steady and fast, and you knew he was close too.
Your fingers traced around his shoulders, scratching him lightly.

“Juan.” You moaned, making him growl.
He moved his hand and you felt his fingers at your clit, rubbing circles gently as he thrusted.
“Cum with me baby.” You purred, leaning forward and biting at his neck gently.
“Make me.” He growled in your ear and thrusted into you harder, his cock reaching deep inside you, his thumb still tubbing circles over your clit.
You bit back a moan and licked at his ear lobe.
“This pussy is yours, Juan.” You purred into his ear, and sucked gently at his skin.
He growled, his thrusts becoming harder.
“Your the only one that gets this pussy.” You said and bit back a moan, his full length inside you.
“Your the only one that makes my pussy wet, Juan.” You whispered, his thumb moved faster around your clit and you moaned.
“Your the only one that makes me cum.” You murmured, leaning your head and letting your hair fall down your back.
He watched your body outstretched, his eyes running over your bouncing breasts and down your curves.
“Make me cum, baby.” You moaned at him and he thrusted harder still.
“Juan!” You screamed out as your walls tightened and your legs began to shake.
“Fuck babe!” Juice grunted and he thrusted into you once more,his seed releasing inside you.
His hotness sent your orgasm rippling through you and you both moaned together as you rode out your orgasms, his thumb still moving gently around your clit.
Your movements slowed as you came down from your high.
Juice watched your face and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“God i love you.” He smiled, his eyes studying your body.
“I love you too Juicy.” You smiled at him, loving the feel of his eyes on your body.
“And i love it when your jealous.” You smirked and stood, turning around and heading to the bathroom.
“Im not jealous!” Juice exclaimed and leapt up, chasing you.
You squealed as he lifted you, holding your back against him.
“Im not jealous, (y/n). You just forget who you belong to.”

Promise me - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Okay so I decided to add some fluff to this one :3 Enjoy!

NOTES/WARNINGS: None that I can think of.

Before you opened your eyes, you knew who held you. You could feel the coolness of his metal arm through your shirt. You opened your eyes to see the bottom of Bucky’s chin. His long brown hair blew behind him as he ran and the determined look on his face pulled his eye brows down into a hard line.

 “James,” You said hoarsely. Your throat burned from trying to speak.

 “Hang on, we’re almost there.” He spoke with out looking down at you, his eyes locked on something ahead of him.

 Almost where? You turned your head slightly to try and see what it was he was looking at but he stopped you. His smooth metal fingers pushed gently on your cheek, forcing you to look back at him.

 “Eyes on me, doll.” He glanced down at you this time, his face still hard and focused. “I’ve got you, okay. You trust me, right?”

 You could feel your face contort into a worried expression but you nodded your head. You did trust him, there was no doubting that. He pulled you tight to his chest and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Suddenly, your heart seemed to stop as the sensation of falling consumed you. You couldn’t breathe as the wind rushed up from beneath you.

 The next thing you knew you were underwater and Bucky had been ripped from you. Then, the world went dark.


 The beeping woke you up. You covered your eyes as the florescent lights aggrivated the pounding headache you had. You moaned and rolled over pulling your pillow over your eyes.

 “(Y/N)?” A rough voice called from beside you.

 You lifted the pillow just enough to see Bucky looking down at you, his eyes heavy with worry.

 “Hi.” You whispered.

 “How are feeling?” He rested his elbows on his knees so he could see you better from under the pillow. His long hair fell into his face and he gave you a weak smile.

 “My head feels like it’s going to explode.” You grunted.

 He leaned over and flicked a switch, turning the lights off. “Better?”

 “Yeah.” You repositioned the pillow back under your head and melted into the matress. “What happened?”

 Bucky sighed and leaned back in his chair. “You took a hit. A big, ugly, green one. The Hulk ran into you, backhanded you into a tree. One of Hydra’s soldiers forced you right into his path.”

 “I think I remember that. Well, most of it.”

 “You screamed so loud and then, nothing.” Bucky shook his head as if the rapid movement would get rid of the sound that haunted him. “You were out cold. I had to get you out of there.”

 Your mind started to register the pain from everywhere else on your body. Your throat was sore, must be from screaming. And your arm was killing you. You lifted it and examined your forearm. There were red streaks scratched into your skin.

 “Thats my fault.” Bucky hung his head as he watched you wince from touching the tender flesh. “When we hit the water, the force pushed you away from me and I tried to hold onto you. I must have grabbed too hard. I’m sorry.”

 “No,” You said slowly as you began to recall what happened. “Its fine. We were falling. I remember falling.”

 “The only way out was a cliff nearby. The jet couldn’t get close enough because of the trees so, I had to jump.” He looked at you ruefully.

 “I’m not mad, I swear. Under different circumstances, cliff jumping sounds fun. Thank you, James.” You smiled.

 He pulled his lips into a tight smile. “Why do you call me that?”

 “Because that’s your name.” You grinned.

 “No one else calls me that.”

 “Well, I’m not just anyone, am I?” You gave him a smirk and a wink.

 His cheeks felt hot. “No, you aren’t.”

 Bruce burst into the room. “(Y/N), I am so sorry! I didn’t- I mean, the other guy, he didn’t see you! It was an accident, I swear! I-”

 “Dr. Banner!” You had to shout to get him to stop rambling. “It’s not your fault or the other guy’s. Hydra pushed me into your way. I should have been paying more attention.”

 Bruce tightened his jaw and rubbed the back of his neck. He nodded and sighed.

 “Only you would blame yourself for something like this.” Natasha chuckled from the door frame. “Why is it dark in here?”

 “I’ve got a killer headache.” You explained. “I think I’m gonna take a few days off, if you don’t mind.”

 “Take all the time you need.” Bruce smiled timidly. “We’ll let you rest.”

 “Good to see you’re okay, (Y/N).” Nat smiled before following Bruce out the door.

 Bucky stood to leave but you sat up and reached out to grab his hand. He looked down at you and waited for whatever it was you were going to say.

 You sat there with your mouth half open, ransacking your brain trying to find the words to speak. But in reality you just didn’t want him to leave. You snapped your jaw shut and smiled. “I just- I wanted to say thank you, again. You saved my life, James. I owe you.”

 His eyes softened and he sat down on the bed. He looked you square in the eyes, making sure he had your full attention.

 “You don’t owe me anything, ever. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” He kissed your forehead. You closed your eyes, trying to absorb every sensation of this moment.

  His lips hovered above your brows and you could feel the warmth from his breath everytime he exhaled. He slipped his fingers under your hair and gently rested his hand at the back of your neck, rubbing his thumb on your jaw. He tiled his head down and kissed your cheek, pressing his lips to your blushing skin. He pulled back, just slightly and moved to kiss your cheek again but this time you turned and his lips met yours.

 It shocked both of you, how bold your action was, but neither of you rejected it. You sighed and leaned into the kiss and he inhaled and squeezed his eyes shut as he allowed himself this moment of indulgence. You had only been with the Avengers for a few months but it didn’t take him long to fall for you, or you him. He kissed you over and over and you let him. His metal hand found your waist and he pushed himself back, forcing himself to have some control.

 “(Y/N),” He exhaled and rested his forehead against yours.  “Promise me you’ll be careful. Please, I know I can’t keep you out of the feild but just…I can’t lose you.” He spoke with his eyes closed. His warm hand held tight to the back of your head as he kept you close to him.

 You smiled. “I promise, if you promise.”

 “I promise.” He whispered and grinned as he crashed his lips back onto yours.

Josh on Jen

On Jen’s kissing:

“I’d say there’s a natural stirring that happens in your body,” he said. “If you’re in the moment and you’re in the scene, then naturally whatever naturally happens is what’s supposed to happen.”  (x)

“If we were at all sexually attracted to each other, it would be the most intense relationship in the world.”

Good thing Josh has never felt that way about Jen.

Gifs not mine!

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Hearts still beating"

An imagine about the midseason finale of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 ist about 7x07 “Sing me a song”

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The sun was shining, birds sang happily their songs and the wind rustled softly through the trees standing in Alexandria.
Without looking at the circumstances Alexandria seemed right now like a one of the most peaceful places on earth.
Well, that wasn’t the case.
You were sitting on the porch with Negan, Judith on his lap and Carl next to him.
Negan had taken you with him after the line up and since then you lived in the sanctuary knowing that somewhere there they would torture your brother Daryl.
And now you were here again only short after you had seen this place at the first visit of the saviors.
It wasn’t the same, but you still felt better being here. 
You liked it here.
You had seen Negan somehow soft while he had Judith on his lap or even when he saw Carl crying, the way you guessed before that he wasn’t even able to be that way, what had surprised you, but anyway it was still Negan and with that also the cruel killer you had experienced in this one night…
“You know what? I got an idea”, you heard Negan suddenly say chuckling.
Great one of his amazing ideas again.

As you were standing in the bathroom you looked questioning at Negan while he rummaged a cupboard, Judith was sitting on Carl’s lap on the corner of the bathtub, who looked the same way at Negan as you did.
“There it is!”, said Negan triumphant holding a razor up.
“You, my dear Sweetheart, gotta help me fucking shave”, he said grinning placing the razor in your hand.
You huffed annoyed while he began lathering his beard. He turned around to you, half of his face covered in soap.
You had problems hiding a grin, to be honest he just looked ridiculous.
“Alright lets go”, Negan said chuckling before you finally put the blade on his skin and began shaving sighing annoyed.
You felt how he put his hands on your waist winking at you before he earned a glare.
“Gentle… and always against the grain, that’s important Kid, you better listen”, chuckled Negan while you kept going.
Negan hummed some song, chuckling here and there and obviously enjoying what happened.
“Now look at us, don’t we look like some oldass couple, kid?”, Negan chuckled as Carl just glared at him, what lead to Negan chuckling even more.
“I’m done”, you mumbled as Negan smirked at you and turned around eying his face chuckling.
“Good Job Sweetheart”, he said smirking before he cleaned his face with a towel, turned around to Judith and Carl And picked Judith up.
“Lets make us some fucking Food!”, he called chuckling teetering Judith slightly. 

You found yourself standing in Ricks kitchen.
“Kid youre gonna make the fucking dough. Thats some big task so feel fucking honored that I fucking give that to you”, Negan said grinning looking at the glaring Carl.
“Well kid, you have to get the stuff”, Negan continued and had to repeat it before Carl went getting it.
Olivia was in another room with Judith, what meant that you were alone with Negan in the kitchen who looked smirking at you.
“Been a fucking while since we were alone, huh?”, he asked smirking as he stood close before you, his hands again on your waist a shiver running immediately through your body and you could see that Negan had somehow noticed that.
“Yeah”, you just muttered with an annoyed undertone hearing Negan chuckle. 
His intense stare was back again, what made a weird feeling you couldnt define come up in your stomach area staying there next to the shiver.
“Too bad that Carls gonna come back so quick…”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you.
“You’re still the one thats hard to get, right?”, asked Negan smirking as you swallowed and kept looking at him.
“I’m not gonna be your puppet”, you muttered staring into his eyes.
Negan chuckled and came even closer to you as you felt how another shiver run through your body wondering what he would respond.
“And you know what, Sweetheart? I fucking like that”, you heard him whisper in your ear while you could hear his smirk through his voice.
You felt how he pressed his lips slightly on your neck before backed away still chuckling, while inside you didn’t know what to do with the weird feeling his touch had left.
And you were relieved as just moments later Carl finally entered the room keeping you company again, breaking the weird atmosphere that had created in the room.

“It needs some some herbs. Where do you keep them?”, asked Negan Olivia after a while after he tried the sauce.
“They stand in the garden…”, answered Olivia looking slightly frightened while teetering the sleeping Judith in her arm.
“So would you fucking get us some”, asked Negan grinning stepping closer to Olivia.
“Uhm…yeah”, She answered while searching for a solution what she could do with the toddler on her arm.
“I can get some, if she moves Judith around now, she’ll wake up again”, you said walking closer to them.
Negan turned around to you grinning.
“Alright”, he said smirking before he looked over to Carl who was finally done with the dough.
“Why don’t you help her, Kid?”, Negan asked smirking.
You walked together with Carl outside, a bit relieved that you got a pause of Negan.
“Don’t know what he wants to achieve with that shit”, Carl muttered as he began ripping some herbs off.
“They are taking even more…I saw them at the gates…”, added Carl upset.
“As if they didn’t already have enough…”, you growled before you raised your voice again.
“You know…We have to keep on fighting…but on a way that won’t get anyone else hurt or killed and without giving him even more power than he already has…you saw what he did with all the guns…I want us to grow stronger not weaker..”, you mumbled.
“Yea-”, answered Carl but couldn’t finish because of Negans voice that sounded outside.
“Where are my herbs?”, he asked chuckling.
“We’re coming”, you answered sighing before going inside again, where Negan finished his sauce proudly with the herbs you got him
He placed it on the table and sat down on the head of it.
You took the bread and went over placing it on it on the table while you felt Negans stare on you.
“Sweetheart why don’t you take a seat, I guess Carl and Olivia can fucking do it themselves”, he said chuckling while you eyed him hesitating.
“Come on, I mean… if you want to you can take my lap as a fucking seat. I’d be more than fine with that”, he added grinning.
“I actually prefer a chair”, you said back glancing in his eyes as you let yourself fall on the chair next to him.
Negan shook his head slightly while he chuckled as he told Carl to put one more pair of fork and knife on the table in case Rick would arrive.
It was just weird how you sat there, at the table eating spaghetti with Negan.
Like…a family.
While you ate you thought about Daryl.
What he had to go through right now, back again in the dark small cell.
You couldnt even speak a whole sentence with him after this one horrific night and all you wished that you could finally do that again.
You just wanted to give him a hug and talk to him.
But not even that seemed realistic right now.

You finished the meal while Negan leaned chuckling back in his chair until something outside got his attention.
”Whats going on there?”, asked Negan standing up walking over to the door opening it.
”Don’t be an asshole, Arat, Let the man in”, you heard Negan chuckling say while you saw Spencer walking up the porch.
He was dressed up like he was going to a sundays brunch and held a bottle of liquor in his hands.
Whatever he was planning you assumed he had planned it without any other person knowing because you saw how confused Olivia and Carl looked.
”Sweetheart, why don’t you come outside”, you suddenly heard Negans voice ask as he opened the door again looking smirking at you while you hesitated.
”Come on. Its fucking beautiful out there. Not as beautiful as you but still..”, he added chuckling.
Thinking about that you could get to know what Spencer was doing there you finally walked to Negan outside.
He sat down in the Rocker, in another one sat Spencer who poured some liquor in the glasses.
”Sit down and enjoy”, said Negan grinning to you patting the rocker next to you.
You huffed slightly and sat down listening to Negan who talked about how much he liked Alexandria.
”The only thing missing is a fucking pool table”, said Negan sipping on his liquor.
”Theres actually one in the garage in the house there”, said Spencer pointing at the house towards you.
”Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best fucking friend”, you heard Negan euphoric say.

The Saviors began carrying out the pool table as you stood next to Spencer in the Garage.
You didn’t trust him.
“What’s your intention with that?”, you asked as you watched how a few men placed the pool table on the street trying to get it into the right position.
“What do you mean?”, he said while you turned around to Spencer looking annoyed in his eyes.
“What are you trying to achieve with this game?”, you repeated.
“Gonna get close to him so we can strike up against him”, Spencer answered not really persuading.
He was lying, he was definitely lying.
“I meant the truth”, you said a little bit more urging.
If he would fuck this up he could get others killed and you knew that he was against Rick and probably the most of your group in general.
Spencer took a deep breath and looked at you, anger in his eyes.
“Since you all are here, since Rick is here…everything is going downhill. My mother died, my father died, a whole bunch of people died and its Ricks fault”, he said quiet but upset.
“Spencer are you kidding me? Rick…we all saved your damn asses more than once! Your mom was a good leader but it’s not Ricks fault that she’s dead, same with your father. I won’t say everything Rick did was right but he’s trying his very best to help and he’s doing a good job here”, you said angry.
“Rick is the goddamn hell”, Spencer spatted.
“You know what the hell would have been? If we and Rick wouldn’t have been here when the wolves attacked, same with the herd of walkers. You would be all fucking dead if we and Rick wouldn’t have been here with you to fight together! In this times we have to stand together and not work against each other!”, you growled glaring at him.
Spencer looked at you shaking his head.
“I’d be a better leader than Rick”, he growled.
“Really? So why did your mom put Rick in charge?”, you asked, Spencer glaring hatefully at you.
“If you wanna get more power that way Spencer, then you’re a deceitful coward. And if you get anyone killed just because you can’t get enough, I promise you, that I’m gonna make you pay for that”, you growled before you heared heavy footsteps sounding through the garage.
“Any problems?”, you heard Negans deep voice say as he walked over to you.
”No everything is perfect, is the pool table ready to play?”, asked Spencer suddenly again with an innocent smile on his lips.
”It is, and Sweetheart? You okay, you look a little upset?”, Negan asked grinning.
You turned to Spencer looking warning at him.
”Yeah, I’m fine”, you answered then.
”Great, then we can finally fucking play”, Negan said grinning clapping his hands.

You walked outside while the saviors placed themselves around the pool table, their guns ready.
You decided to walk up the stairs and watch whatever would happen now together with Carl and Olivia.
You looked down to Negan who just noticed that you were up there.
“You wanna watch that game so far away from me? Wow Sweetheart, that’s really hurting my feelings”, said Negan chuckling, placing his hand dramatically on his chest.
You answered with an uninterested glance and saw how Negan smirked to himself. “Could have taught you some shit about that”, Negan added grinning before Spencer slightly cleared his throat.
And you hoped for him that he wouldn’t mess this up.
“Oh of course. Thank her for that delay, she destracted me once again”, Negan said winking up to you before he turned completely to Spencer and the pool table.
”I could never do that with Rick. He would just stand there giving me that fucking annoying side eye he’s always giving me”, Negan said smirking while Spencer bought the balls into the right order.
”Thats actually what I came to see you about”, answered Spencer while your glance turned into a glare.
Fuck you, Spencer.
“I get what you’re trying to do here, what you’re trying to build. I’m not saying I agree with your methods, but I get it. You’re building a network. You’re making people contribute for the greater good. It makes sense. But you should know that Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others”, said Spencer.
Now you also saw the disbelief in Carl’s glance.
“Is that so?”, asked Negan sipping on his liquor.
“Rick wasn’t the original leader here. My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. Then she died, not long after Rick showed up…same with my brother, same with my dad”, explained Spencer walking around the Pool Table.
He really said that, he really did.
“So, everything was fucking peachy here? for what? years? And then fucking Rick shows up, and suddenly, you’re an orphan? That is the saddest fucking story I’ve ever heard”, Negan said, the grin off his face while he looked eyed Spencer warily.
“Good thing for you he’s not in charge anymore”, Negan added sipping on his liquor once again.
“Doesn’t matter. His ego’s out of control. He’ll find a way to screw things up, to try and do things his way, to take over. That’s what he did with my mom. That’s what he’ll do again”, Spencer said and you first thought that you couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
He was straight up betraying and you weren’t sure if Negan saw what Spencer was trying to do there.
“What exactly do you want to be done about that?”, asked Negan stepping closer to Spencer.
“I am my mother’s son. I can be the leader she was. That’s what this place needs. That’s what you need”, said Spencer.
No Spencer, you can’t be a leader you can be a little lying bitchy asshole not more and not less, you thought to yourself.
“So I should put you in charge…that’s what you’re saying?”, Negan asked testing.
“We’d be much better off”, answered Spencer.
From the outside you probably looked completely calm, just glaring.
But on the inside you were furious.
He was risking the peace between the people in Alexandria, probably also their life’s with such a move just to get his way.
Like some toddler crying because it wanted the toy another kid had.
“I’m thinking how Rick fucking threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts. But he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t fucking hurt any of the fine people that live here”, Negan said grinning walking closer to Spencer.
“He is swallowing his hate and is getting shit done. That takes guts”, added Negan chuckling.
“And then there’s you The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could fucking sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s fucking place”, Negan said chuckling pointing at Spencer.
You were sure now that he had seen what wrong game Spencer played, but you asked yourself what he would do now.
“So I got to ask …if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?”, Chuckled Negan stepping even closer to Spencer whose glance got even more shocked.
…he played himself.
“…uhm”, stuttered Spencer looking frightened at Negan.
”You know what I am thinking? Cause I have a fucking guess”, said Negan his face moving even closer to Spencers.
”Its because you got no fucking guts”, you heard Negan say and suddenly saw how he took his knife and burried it in Spencers stomach.
Spencer stumbled as you looked unbelieving down to the scene that was playing there.
You felt yourself jolt up and gasp as you saw how Negan ripped Spencers stomach with his knife open, his guts treading out of his body.
”How fucking embarrassing! There they are! They were inside you the whole fucking time! You did have guts! I’ve never been so wrong in my whole fucking life!”, called Negan as Spencer sunk to his knees holding his gut in his hands, his blood pouring outside him.
Of course you couldnt stand Spencer but that still shocked you and let a shiver run down your back. 
You looked over to Carl and Olivia.
They were as shocked as you and you could even see their bodies tremble.
Your glance stayed on them until you heard Negans voice again.
”So someone has to clean that shit up”, said Negan grinning leaning against the pool table.
Deadly silence.
”No one?”, Negan asked chuckling.
Again no one answered.
”Alright anyone wanna finish the game? I was winning”, Negan asked grinning looking into the crowd where no one answered from.
They just stared shocked and disgusted at him, before he turned around in your direction.
”Sweetheart! Come on! We two can play together how about that?”, Negan asked grinning. 
You shook slightly your had as your shocked glance turned into a glare.
”Turning me down again. What a shame! That would have been so much fun!”, Negan chuckled before he looked back to the crowd.
”Now anyone? Don’t let yourself be distracted by Spencer over here. He finally has his guts he’s more than fucking alright!”, chuckled Negan before you saw how Rosita stepped forward, took her gun and a blood freezing  shoot called trough the air.

“Shit! What the fuck?! Did you try to fucking shoot me?!” Negan screamed, your heart making another step while he uncontrollably stamped towards Rosita while Arat wrestled her down.
He looked upset at Lucille, the thing Rosita had hit instead of Negan.
Negan took a step back breathing heavily obviously trying to control himself as he saw something on the ground.
“What is this? What the fucking fuck is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those fucking crimps….This was fucking homemade”, Negan said still angry but more calm holding a bullet in his hand.
“You may be fucking stupid, darling, but you showed some real ingenuity here", he said walking closer Arat and Rosita
“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face” ordered Negan while you gasped hearing Carl and Olivia doing the same.
“Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the fucking same, so why should yours?! Unless…Unless you fucking tell me who made this
“It was me. I made it”, you heard Rosita spatt.
“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. Arat’s gonna have to fucking cut up that pretty face”, Negan said grinning Rosita trying to assure that she made the bullet while Arat cut the first line into her face.
You didn’t have to think a lot about it to know that Eugene must have made it…and of course Rosita wouldn’t extradite him.
You listened up again as you heard Negans voice.
“Good have it your way”, said Negan and you felt how a cold shiver run down your back. 
You knew what that meant.
“Arat, kill someone”, Negan said as you felt yourself gasp.
Not again.
The woman looked up, pointed in your direction and a loud shot sounded through the air.
You felt something brushing against your arm and pain and adrenaline shooting through your body.
The pressure let you stumble a few steps back.
You saw how Negan hit the pistol out of the woman’s hand, his face even angrier than before.
“Fuck! Arat are you fucking kidding me?! Who the fuck shat in your fucking brain that you get the fucking idea to fucking shoot her?!”, screamed Negan.
The woman that seemed so tough looked now shocked up to Negan, her lips trembling.
“I’m s-sorry…But…you said someone”, she said almost unhearable for you.
“God fucking damnit! You are so fucking lucky that you didn’t fucking hit worse…”, Negan yelled.
“(Y/N),…are you okay?”, you heard Olivia’s voice. You looked at her as she glanced concerned at you. Behind her Carl looking the same way. “She didn’t hit me. I’m okay…I’m okay”, your shocked voice said as you looked down on the wound the bullet that had brushed you had left.
It was just a small wound, it wasnt even really bleeding.
But only a few centimeters more and you would have been dead.
You had goddamn luck.
The shock was still stuck in your body, leaving you trembling while you heard Negan still growling at Arat.
Olivia handed you a tissue that you pressed on the wound and looked again over to the scene.
You realized that this all wouldn’t be over, Arat didn’t hit you but that didn’t mean that no one else would die.
You’d lose someone again and it could be anyone.
And that made your heart pump faster than it already was.
“Sweetheart come over here”, Negan said as looked at you waving you over. You first stood there, not moving an inch.
“Come on”, he said in a more urging serious tone.
You breathed out, and began walking down the stairs…who knew if he’d kill not just one but two when you would resist.
You glared at him as he pulled you next to him in the puddle of Spencer’s blood he was standing in. 
The smell of the blood travelled up your nose and let another shiver ran down your back.
“So Arat, once again. Now. Shoot. Someone. And don’t fucking fuck it up”, Negan growled.
He was standing now with his back to you but you just kept glaring.
The one who would die would be completely innocent and again you could do nothing against it.
You just felt so helpless.
As helpless as in the night you lost Glenn and Abraham.
Rosita screamed again on the ground that it was her.
You looked over to Carl and Olivia seeing the fear and shock in their eyes as another shot sounded and you felt your body cramping immediately as you saw who sank to their knees.
“No”, came cracking out of your mouth.
Why Olivia?
That just seemed unreal, she was one of the most innocent people you knew and now it was her who had to pay for it.
You saw Carl looking up over to you, shock and disbelief in his glance.
You heard some loud panting as you suddenly heard Ricks voice.
“We had a deal!”, he shouted.
”Rick! Oh look everyone fucking Rick is here again! …Ah, your people are making me lose my fucking voice doing all this yelling”, Negan said chuckling at Rick.
You looked behind Rick and saw Aaron standing propped by Eric looking like he was beaten up.
God, what the heck did they do to him?
Why became this situaton even worse and worse?
“Rick how about a “thank you”? I mean, look, I know we started this fucking relationship with me beating the holy fucking shit out of your friends, and because of that, we’re probably never gonna fucking sit around and braid each other’s hair or share our deepest, darkest secrets, but how about a little fucking credit? I just bent over backwards to show you how fucking reasonable I am”, Negan chuckled.
“Your fucking kid”, he pointed at Carl “he hid in one of my trucks and fucking machine-gunned a bunch of my men down, and I brought him home, safe and sound…. and I fed him some fucking spaghetti!”, Negan said grinning.
“Another one of your people. Well, he wanted me to fucking kill you and put him in charge. I took him for you!”, Negan continued and talked about Rositas try to shoot him.
“Now you have one fucking mouth less to feed and I mean I guess that mouth did some fucking damage…I personally wouldn’t have chosen her but Arat”, he stopped while chuckling “she just didn’t trust her, you know.”
“What did you do to her?”, asked Rick looking concerned and angry at the now blood soaked tissue on your arm. “A damn fucking mistake of Arat over here”, Negan said glaring at Arat.
You mouthed an “I’m okay” to Rick trying to calm him down.
Your wound wasnt bad, it would heal itself pretty fast and Rick had already enough sorrow and problems, your wound shouldn’t be one of it.
“Don’t worry Ricky boy, she’s gonna be alright”, Negan said smirking.
“I’m gonna take fucking care of her”, he said grinning walking over to you slinging his arms around your waist.
You shifted slightly away as you felt his touch turning to him and glaring in his eyes. Negan looked chuckling at you before Rick raised his voice.
“Your shit is waiting for you at the gate….just go”, growled Rick.
“Sure thing I just gotta know who made this fucking bullet”, said Negan holding up the self made bullet.
You heard Tara scream but your glance just laid on Eugene who stood sniffling there. “It was was me..”, sobbed Eugene as you hold your breath seeing how Negan turned to him.
It made you feel horrible seeing how Eugene desperately tried to explain how he build it, sobbing and sniffing uncontrollably until Negan stopped him. “Shut up, I believe you…listen Rick I’m gonna relieve you of your bullet maker and whatever is waiting for me at the gate”, said Negan grinning before he laid his hand on your lower back pushing you with him.
You looked back to your friends, the glance in their eyes reminding you of the one you had seen in the night Glenn and Abraham got killed.
And that made your heart cramp.
You hated that every time you got to see them again it was connected with them suffering or someone getting hurt or killed.
You just wanted them to be safe.

As you came to the gates of Alexandria the saviors began loading up the stuff they had collected and pushed the still sobbing Eugene into one truck as Negan suddenly stopped.
He looked at you, his glance turned into a little bit softer a somehow concerned one while it wandered from your face to your arm where you still pressed the tissue on your wound.
“Let me see”, he mumbled taking the tissue of the wound eying it.
“Shes gonna have to work her fucking ass off to make just roughly up for that”, he muttered serious and more quiet but still hearable.
The same guy who had just minutes ago first ripped someones body open and then let someone else who was innocent get killed as punishment looked actually somehow concerned about a small wound on your arm.
You sighed while Negans glance wandered up again to your face, his glance mixed between his signature smirk and this slight softness you didn’t know how to interpret and that seemed so unfitting for him.
“Boss we’re ready”, some man shouted out of one of the trucks.
“We’re coming”, growled Negan just.
You looked back at Alexandria, not knowing when you’d come back and what would happen if you did…
But who knew what the future held for you?
For Alexandria?
For your group?
For your brother?
And for that weird thing, whatever the heck it was, that seemed to evolve  slowly between you and Negan…?

part 10 (all other parts)

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flatsound sentence starters
  • "Tonight I walked through a field that used to scare me more than I scared myself."
  • "I wish I had known you then."
  • "It was never death that interested me; it was the idea of an opportunity to follow a cold breeze that promised to take me anywhere but here."
  • "I’m sorry you thought this couldn’t work, because I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life than to prove that it could."
  • "You were not my world, you were my universe."
  • "And I wonder if that’s what it feels like to die."
  • "Why do I wait, wondering how long it’ll take you to admit it?"
  • "I’d rather keep my mouth shut then start to say what I can’t finish."
  • "I sit here wondering if anything you said was true."
  • "We both noticed something had changed."
  • "I called you up again today and you didn't pick up."
  • "I didn't expect it to happen this quickly, you know?"
  • "I sit here and I worry about myself so much."
  • "I wanted you to care, I wanted you to be nosy, I wanted you to be there."
  • "I know it's stupid of me to say that you don't care, I mean, of course you do, but I want you to care so much more."
  • "I can't be around all these people who all my life have tried to change me."
  • "I can't hide who I am."
  • "I will be happy for the first time in my whole life."
  • "It makes me feel good, makes me feel pretty."
  • "I will go to sleep; just know you’ll be in my dreams."
  • "If I cry, it won’t be because of you."
  • "You don’t have to wait or pretend that he’s just your friend."
  • "It scares me more than I'd like to admit."
  • "My only problem lately is I've got too much time so all I'm left with is that what's on my mind."
  • "I left out everyone and all I have at the end of the day is that what's on my mind."
  • "Say I came back today, would I have a spot in your heart?"
  • "I cheated with your ex best friend."
  • "You can't stand in my doorway for long."
  • "It's eleven o'clock, he's expecting you home."
  • "I'll walk you up the hill to your car."
  • "No, don't let go, don't let this die."
  • "I just need to know what I did to ruin this and turn your body cold."
  • "If you walk through that door there will be no us."
  • "I thought you were being distant."
  • "I did not mean to make this the worst night of your life."
  • "I need you to know what happened."
  • "I saw you walking by, you didn't say hi, you didn't even smile."
  • "You're not the only one who's feeling anxious toward the bullshit that's attached to growin' up."
  • "You said things would stay the same; well, have they?"
  • "I know you're scared, but you'll never get better if you keep running away."
  • "Sometimes you need to be self centered to understand yourself better."
  • "I'm not in the mood to stick around."
  • "Every day I think about you and why you had to turn into my enemy, when all I need's my friend."
  • "Look at me and see how much I've changed since you left."
  • "Well, is this what you wanted, for me to admit that this fucking hurts?"
  • "I was never good at talking smoothly."
  • "Now I don't remember how you speak; I mean, it comes to me in dreams, but by morning, I lose everything you ever said."
  • "I'm not perfect, I think I'm quite the opposite, I'm nothing to adore."
  • "Perfection is opinion and nothing more."
  • "I'll be here waiting when your plane lands."
  • "Hi, my name is none of your concern."
  • "I like the way you make me feel at home."
  • "It wasn’t a mistake - so please dont think it was."
  • "I didn’t have a lot to drink, I just needed a bit for confidence."
  • "They won't find out, no one cares enough about it to run their mouths."
  • "Just please, when you’re ready to go, try not to make it so painful."
  • "Will you write another sad, sad song?"
  • "It's obnoxious and it's useless to fight a war you're losing."
  • "This might be your only chance."
  • "Is it you who calls the shots?"
  • "I don't know why they're choosing to confide in someone who will talk about anything."
  • "There are people who miss me and I don't know why they're investing all their time into someone with my history."
  • "Why did you say that I was one in a million? Because I believed it."
  • "I thought I had something that you were too scared to lose."
  • "I also saw how often you say goodbye."
  • "Things were never supposed to be this good."
  • "Nothing I can say now would justify a thing, just know I'm sorry."
  • "I just wanted to say I hope you're okay."
  • "You're already hurt, I'm scared that if you put your trust in me, I'll make it worse."
  • "You're still so young, you have room to grow into something amazing."
  • "You won't remember who I am."
  • "I can't live with the chance that this feeling's ever coming back."
  • "I don't hate you, but honey, this still hurts."
  • "I'm not dumb, I know everything."
  • "That liquid he consumes makes him speak the truth."
  • "Look at me, because I exist."
  • "It's a shame that we're not soulmates because if I didn't know better, I'd say this feels pretty good."
  • "You've been gone for too long, why'd you go?"
  • "Is this what you think it means to be responsible?"
  • "I went to class, you didn't show up."
  • "I thought we said that we'd keep in touch."
  • "So live up to the name you’ve been making for yourself."
  • "Last night you had that dream again, the one where you try and run from your fears but you can’t because you’re wearing fabulous stilettos."
  • "If I were the sun, I'd shine my light on you and leave the people that hurt you cold."
  • "We’re fighting again, more than usual."
  • "I’m sorry about being me."
  • "I'll sleep on the couch."
  • "Bring me a cat to be my best friend."
  • "It isn’t like you ever said that you were committed to the thought of me and only me."
  • "I can’t believe I spent all morning trying to tell you I’m sorry about yesterday."
  • "You smell like the devil but you feel like the lord."
  • "I didn’t dodge all your bullets, I just denied that they hit me."
  • "If I told you I loved you would you reach out and touch me?"
  • "I wish we had just gone to bed."
  • "This could have worked."
  • "The best part of that whole song was skipping ahead to Nicki Minaj."
  • "I will not make the same mistake twice."
  • "I know you never really liked people, I didn't mean to make that worse."
  • "I still know the roads that take me to your street."
  • "I know I promised that we'd talk more it's just, I'm surprised you even want to talk at all."
  • "I'm so scared that you still think I'm the one who gave up."
  • "The plans we made were never mistakes, they just didn't work for us."
  • "You always knew the deal that we made and what this was worth."
  • "I'll go to sleep at a decent time when I find something worth waking up for."
  • "I keep checking my phone to see you haven’t called at all."
  • "I thought I was the best part of your life, now I’m pretty sure that I was wrong."
  • "You’re impossible to read so if you love me, come clean."
  • "I’ll refer to you as my special love, the one that set me free."
  • "I’m feeling lost in towns that were my home."
  • "It's my own body, I did what I wanted."
  • "It’s not that I don’t have words to say, I just don’t want to be the one that speaks them."
  • "Your only flaw is that you’re flawless.”
  • "I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it."
  • "Well congratulations, I didn’t know you two had made things so official."
  • "Don’t call me when it fizzles; in fact, don’t call me at all."
  • "What a beautiful sight to see you alive."
  • "I can't hold you responsible anymore."
  • "I'm lost now in the thrill of it."
  • "I just want to lay in bed with you."
  • "I'll throw everything I have into the flames just to make it last."
  • "There are reasons that I can't stay."
  • "I built my life around watching everything you do."
  • "I wonder if you're having fun."
  • "You said you were done; well, how done?"
  • "I want to believe that I really don't need him."
  • "I can't wait until I see your face and my brain feels nothing."
  • "I would never want you to stop your life."
  • "You were always a shitty friend."

Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok smut

AN: I got sooo many messages for another part, so here is the first of (another) 3! ;) x

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

‘A very sexual Russian Roulette’

It had turned into a game for them.

Every day you’d end up receiving at least 15 messages asking to ‘hang out’, to 'watch a movie’ or in Hoseok’s case just a blunt 'Lets have sex’. It had only been 3 days since Jimin had caught you with Yoongi and Jin, but clearly all of the boys were desperate, with even Namjoon calling you once in that time for a 'chat’ which had turned dirty very quickly, and you’d ended up hanging up on him with his dark laugh echoing down the phone before going to take a cold shower.

You knew trying to resist it was futile and you knew you’d most probably end up breaking before the end of the week, but at this point you felt like it was getting slightly out of hand, and by the time you’d finished replying to all the messages that had been sent to you that day, you decided enough was enough- from now on, you just wouldn’t answer them.

Big Mistake.

Its the next night, after spending a whole day ignoring their messages and their calls, that a knock sounds at your door, and given that you’d ordered pizza only half an hour ago, you figured it was probably just that.

You open the door casually to find a lanky looking boy with a pizza company cap on his head, facing away from you as he looks out into the rain.

'Hey, is that-’

'Pizza for Miss Y/N?’

The voice reveals who it is before he even turns towards you, but of all the boys you’d thought might turn up on your doorstep, you most definitely didn’t expect it to be him.

'Namjoon, what are you doing here?' 

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Inside Out

Originally posted by geezerwench

Request: Jax Imagine based on ‘Inside Out’ by the Chainsmokers
Request: Imagine when you come home to find Jax on the floor mid panic attack cause he thinks he’s making a mistake.

NOTE: I wrote this where Tara had died, but it was the Chinese that killed her, and everything else never happened lol. I hope thats okayyyyy xo.


Wind blew your hair out behind you from beneath the helmet, and the streets blurred as the bike sped along.
Your arms wrapped around his waist and your cheek pressed against the leather, the strong scent filling your lungs.
The night was cool and the street lights shone down on you and the bike roared beneath you as it moved down the street.
It had been a long day, waiting for the boys to return and the lockdown to be lifted.
The second the boys had rode back into the lot you knew something was wrong.
Jax’s face was hard and your heart had filled with worry.
But the friends and family of SAMCRO had flowed out of the clubhouse and you had put on a brave face and walked towards the row of bikes.
Jax sat on his bike while his brothers got off, embracing their friends and family. You walked slowly towards him as he puffed on a cigarette.
“Hey.” You said quietly.
He had lifted his head and looked at you, his eyes filled with sadness and you frowned as you moved closer ad wrapped your hands around his neck.
He tilted his head up and you kissed him deeply, running your hands through his blonde hair.
You could taste the cigarette on his tongue and you breathed him in deeply, hoping that whatever was bothering you could both handle together.
Your lips had parted and you had stared into those blue eyes, deeper than any ocean and more distant than the sky. You had been dating him for a few months now, and you had learnt that no matter how close you got to the president of SAMCRO, he was too damaged, too broken, too distant to love you the way you deserved. He had seen too much, felt too much, but that didn’t stop you from falling in love with Jackson Teller.
And so you had swung your leg over the bike and he had handed you his helmet before he brought the bike to life. Your arms had wrapped around his waist and he had turned to look at you before he moved the bike out of the lot.
You had watched as you rode past the rest of the club, all of them taking notice in the sudden departure of their president but you had only squeezed him tighter, and pressed your cheek to his back.
And now here you were, speeding along the streets of Charming, the wind cool on your skin, and you couldn’t help but think Jax was taking the corners a little faster than normal, driving a little more dangerous, as if he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

The rest of the week he had been silent, barely speaking and you rarely saw him. He had left the house by the time you woke up and despite waiting up for him you fell asleep with an empty space next to you everynight.
You knew things with the club weren’t great, but you thought after lockdown being lifted things would be better. Yet Jax was more distant than ever before and you couldn’t help but wonder if you were losing the man you loved.
Gemma was worried too, and she was constantly asking you questions you couldn’t answer.
And so you did the only thing you could do, you carried on.
You looked after the boys and cleaned the house. You helped Gemma whenever she needed it and you made sure the cupboards were fully stocked.
It was midday when you sat at the table in the kitchen, twiddling your thumbs and chewing at your lip.
Gemma had taken the boys for the afternoon, figuring you needed a break from looking after them alone.
You weren’t sure what to do, but you knew you had to talk to him.
You sighed and stood, grabbing your keys off the bench and heading to your car.
The drive to TM was a blur, and you didn’t even remember pulling into the lot or getting out of the car.
You marched across the pavement and stormed into the clubhouse, determined to find him and get answers.
Chibs had seen you come in and you walked straight to him.
“Where is he?” You asked.
Chibs paused before pointing to the dorm and you stormed down the hallway.
Images flashed before your eyes, imagining what would be on the other side of that door.
You imagined him with another girl, with a crow eater, but nothing could have prepared you for the reality.
You swung the door open and stood frozen in your tracks, your eyes widening.
Jax sat on the floor, his back leant against the bed and tears streaming down his face.

Your heart sunk and you closed the door quietly behind you.
He had lifted his head to look at you, only to lower it again as sobs took over his body.
You moved silently across the room and sunk down next to him.
Your arms wrapped around him and he leant into you, letting you comfort him and run your hands through his hair.
His body shook and you fought back your own tears, determined to stay strong for him.
“Shhh, baby, its okay.” You cooed.
Your heart broke, seeing him so fragile, so broken. He had been born with tragedy in his bones and he had always done a good job of hiding his pain and putting on a brave face that you had almost forgotten all the pain he had seen in his life.
You rocked him gently, pressing soft kisses to his head as you stroked his back.
Slowly, his sobs began to fade and he lifted his head and looked at the ceiling, rubbing his hands over his face.
“Im sorry, (y/n).” He said quietly,his voice shaking.
You ran your hands through his hair soothingly.
“Dont apologise, Jackson.” You whispered.
He turned to look at you and your heart ached when you looked into his blue eyes, still sparkling with tears.
“I dont know what Im doing.” He told you.
You didn’t answer, you knew he needed to speak his mind.
“My father wrote a manuscript, he wanted the club to change. I wanted the club to change, to move away from guns.”
You stroked his hair and squeezed his hand with your free hand, rubbing your thumb across the cool metal of his rings.
“I dont know how to direct this club. All the choices Ive made, have been selfish. I have led the club the wrong way for my own revenge. Everything I do is leading us further and further into a hole that I don’t know how to get us out of.”
You squeezed his hand and he leant against your chest as he spoke.
“Every move i make, people get hurt. My brothers get hurt. Everything with Donna, Opie, everything with Clay and my father. Everything with Tara. All of it is just.. inside me. And I cant get away from it. I see them all. They don’t leave me.” His voice began to shake.
“I dont know where to go from here.” He said.
His body began to shake as he began to sob again and you clutched him to you, rocking him gently side to side.

“You wanna know what I think?” You said quietly.
Jax nodded and you wiped tears of his cheeks.
“Those guys love you, Jackson. They would follow you to hell if you led them there. Thats why you should tell them, tell them how your feeling.” You said slowly.
“You’ve been strong for long enough, Jax. Its time to let people in.”
Jax nodded slowly but you continued.
“The things you’ve seen, the things you’ve been through, its more than anyone should ever have to go through. And you are so strong, baby, but you need to let us help you.”
“Things are settled with the Chinese. Chibs can handle the rest. You cant do it all yourself, Jax.”
“But you’ve got to let go. The things that have happened to you don’t make you a bad person, its how you move on from them. You can let go, Jax, I know you can, you just have to let me help you.”
You finally stopped and looked at him.
His blue eyes were on you, studying you closely.
“Why do you want to help me, (y/n)?” He asked softly.
You smiled warmly at him.
“Because I love you, Jackson. I love every part of you, inside and out. And i love your dark side as well as the bright. The things that have happened to you don’t make you who you are, but it shows me how much you care, how much you love, for everyone around you. Your a good person Jax. Im gonna love you, no matter what.”
Jax watched you speak.
“You know I love you, (y/n).” He whispered.
“I know.” You said and kissed his lips softly.
You didn’t need him to say it, you already knew. He loved you, with all that was left of his shattered heart. But you would never be her, and after all the pain he had felt you both knew he could never love you the way you loved him.
But that was okay. It was enough.
“Plus, Im kinda stuck with you now.” You said lightly.
Jax looked at you questioningly and you took a deep breath before speaking.
“Im pregnant.”
Jax looked at you, his eyes wide.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
You nodded, beginning to wonder if maybe this was the wrong time to tell him.
But his face broke into a smile and he pressed his hands to your tummy, even though there was no bump yet.
“Im gonna love you. Im gonna love you so much.” He whispered and a tear escaped your eye.
And slowly, Jax’s heart began to heal, and he began to love you more than either of you thought possible.

What if the Ancients Could Posses their Children's Body for a Day? Part 1
  • China: Aiyyahhhh... why am I so early for this meeting-aru? Nobody's here yet... was I the only one who received the text to come early from England? This is weird-aru...
  • Italy: Chinaaaaaaaaa~ *hugs China*
  • China: W-What??? I-Italy what are you doing?
  • Italy: not Italy, China, my best buddy! It's me, Rome!
  • China: ... WHAT???
  • Italy: we learned that we could posses our children's body! Isn't that so cool?
  • China: wait... 'WE'????
  • England: Hiya China!
  • France: Yo China! It's cool to see you again! Gaul is in da house!
  • Prussia: hm.
  • Iceland: WOW! This room is so bigggg! Right Aestii- I mean... Lithuania?
  • Lithuania: uuwwaahhhh, such a cute room~
  • Spain: the flowers here are so pretty~
  • China: w-w-wait... EVERYONE CAME???
  • England: nope! Greece, Egypt, and Carthage said that they're going to watch from above... I don't know why though...
  • China: B-Britannia??
  • England: Yup! I never knew England is so small and thin! And it's great to be in a guy's body for once! I can finally do hand stands without Rome nagging me just because I was wearing a dress!
  • China: w-wait... I don't think England's body could do that...
  • France: that's true, since we're in their body, it doesn't mean that we can do what we usually do.
  • China: w-wait... Gaul- I mean, France... what's wrong with your hair-aru??? It's all bushy!!
  • France: oh... I don't really know... maybe I used the wrong thing to clean it with.
  • Italy: this dumbass used dish soap.
  • China: oh... but I think it's weirder for me to hear Italy swear...
  • Spain: China, when are the other's coming~?
  • China: I-Iberia...? Erm... soon, I think... B-but you guys should act like your children-aru! Or not they'll be suspicious!
  • Prussia: true...
  • China: Germania- I mean, Prussia... t-this may be hard for you...
  • Iceland: bro, why did you choose Prussia? That's one hell of a personality change!
  • China: And you Scandia, why did you choose Iceland out of all the Nordics-aru????
  • Iceland: huh? Cuz I've always wondered what it'll be like to be small!
  • China: ...that's your reasoning?
  • Lithuania: hehe~ oh, I think I hear footsteps~
  • Germany: hm? China, Italy, England, France, Spain, Iceland, and Lithuania? You're all unusual early... and together... that's an odd group...
  • China: y-yeah... we just happen to meet... right everyone?
  • Italy: yup!
  • Germany: oh, okay... let's wait a couple of minutes then until everyone reaches.
  • China, whispering to the ancients: remember to get into character! If not, I don't know what they'll suspect-aru!
  • Ancients: sure!
  • China, in his head: t-this is not going to end well...
  • (To be continued.... ;)