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Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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RWBY characters as Undertale quotes
  • Ruby: "After all, you can't spell PREPARED without several letters from my name!"
  • Weiss: "Screaming is against the rules."
  • Blake: "Look, I gave up trying to go back a long time ago."
  • Yang: "Who needs arms with legs like these?"
  • Jaune: "I like to just lie on the floor and feel like garbage."
  • Nora: "You can't use the fire exit because you're not made of fire."
  • Pyrrah: "That's the expression of someone who's died thrice in a row. Hey, what comes after thrice, anyway? Wanna help me find out?"
  • Ren: "My puzzles are very fair, and my traps expertly cooked!"
  • Penny: "Being friends with everyone is EASY!"
  • Taiyang: "Knock 'em dead, darling!"
  • Qrow: "You're gonna have a bad time."
  • Roman: "RUN. INTO. THE. BULLETS. I MEAN--friendliness pellets!"
  • Cinder: "Down here... It's kill or be killed."
  • Emerald: "Like, SO totally hyped for the destruction of humanity!"
  • Mercury: "Leg so hot. Hot hot leg. Leg so hot you fry an egg."
  • Neo: "I can't go to hell, I'm already out of vacation days."
  • Tyrian: "This is a family show! Now stand still while I murder you!"
  • Whitley: "I have zero redeeming qualities."
  • (Bonus)
  • Winter: *at Qrow* "That's the trash can, feel free to visit it any time you like!"
Roman Music Reconstructed/Reimagined - YouTube
What music of the Roman Empire might have sounded like back in the day and what it could have sounded like, had it lasted into later eras. Contains a mix of film scores, video game soundtracks, modern reconstructions, and pieces inspired by Ancient Rome, as well as Ancient Greece and Byzantium.

a playlist assiduously curated by yours truly for your listening pleasure.

runtime: 3 hours, 50 minutes.

  • Rome: Do you know the punishment for a slave who strikes a Roman citizen?
  • Germania, Chibi Prussia, Chibitalia and Chibimano: *raise their hands*
  • Rome: OK, you, you had your hand up first.
  • Germania: Death by torture!
  • Rome: Nooo. You?
  • Prussia: Crucifixion!
  • Rome: Wrong! You?
  • Romano: They shove a living snake up your arse!
  • Rome: Whew, ahh. No, but that's very creative!
  • Germania: They send you to the lions!
  • Rome: Right!
  • Italy: No!
  • Rome: Whaddaya mean, no? He was right! They send you to the lions!
What is there to fear (Im safe in your arms)

I wrote a thing. Thanks to the people on the discord chat for the help (especially withthe title). My first ever fanfic (that ive put on the internet that is)

Anxiety quickly awoke at the loud crash of thunder and then heard the much quieter sound of Prince crying.
“Ro, are you okay?”
Prince shook his head. He was curled up in the corner of the room shaking with fear.
Anxiety got out of their bed and slowly moved towards him, gently reassuring him.
“Love, its gonna be okay. I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but it’ll be okay”
Prince reached out towards Anxiety, needing to know that he was safe, that anx was there for him. Anxiety knew what to do. He’d had to calm himself down from several anxiety attacks before and this was just like that. But not really.
“What do you need love?”
The only response was the thunder outside and Roman grabbing tighter on Anxietys wrist.
“Can I hold you?”
This time the royal whispered out a small “yes.”
Anxiety pulled the other towards him, so that Prince was on his lap with his head resting against Anxietys chest.
“Now, I know this is gonna be hard, but I just want you to focus on my breathing. Okay. And then I want you to try and breathe at the same time as me okay?”
Prince gently nodded and tried to, but with each thunderclap he broke down again.
“Okay, its okay. Now I’m going to,” he paused was he really going to. It will help Ro he thought to himself so i will. “I’m going to sing and what I want you to do is just focus on my voice okay. But still try with the breathing as well please love.”
Anxiety began to gently sing, his voice slightly shaky at first but he kept going, he had to. For his Prince. Prince slowly relaxed at the sound of Anxiety singing. He was singing one of Princes favourite songs - disney of course - in the most gentle voice ever. Soft, nice, distracting, soothing. Prince was slowly relaxin more and more until Anxiety realised that he’d fallen asleep. He didn’t dare move in case Prince woke and broke down again, as the storm was still raging on outside. He gently ran his fingers through the others hair, it was soft and it soothed Anxiety. He relaxed, Prince was fine and everything was fine and it was all going to be okay. Anxiety fell into a gentle sleep, one hand still in Romans hair.

Prince woke up. He had no idea where he was and he had a very slight headache. As he tried to move he realised that Anxiety was holding him. One hand was round his waist and one hand was in his hair. Prince reached up to kiss Anxietys cheek very gently and whispered “Wake up sweetheart, its morning.”
Anxiety grunted in response.
“Thats not a proper awnser.”
“S too urly.”
“Well at least lets get into bed.”
They clambered into the bed and Anxiety snuggled into Princes chest.
“Hey Anx,”
“Thank you.”
Anxiety didnt reply to that, he just tried to snuggle closer to Prince.
“Well then, sleep tight.”

banuan2kin replied to your post “call me stupid or whatever but why is jaebums name sometimes spelled…”

Because of confusion on romanization of hangul characters. JB’s last name = 임 directly translates to “IM” (eem) but there’s a hidden rule on some that there’s a silent L like if you spell last name “Lee”, in hangul its “이” which is directly read as “ee” (as in ee in jeep)

For his name, 재범 = romanization is Jaebeom. But it has been more popularly translated to Jaebum, so thats what I am using. 😊

thank you very much thats really helpful! <3


It all started out with The Principality of Moscow!! Later named Muscovy by Tsar Peter the Great around 1700! and people say Sealand doesn’t have a chance… Well we didn’t doubt Muscovy!! Also Moscow is the “heir” to the (Eastern Roman Empire) Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople! (Later named Istanbul when it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire aka modern day Turkey) The Byzantine Empire was the east half of the Roman Empire… so for all of you Hetalians out there… you could say that Russia is related to Italy, Romano and Seborga and (I think this is right) Rome would be his Grandpa too!! meaning that Byzantine Empire would be his father and I think the Italy brothers would be his cousins? I say this because as Rome started to fall they divided into east and west so lets say that our beloved grandpa Rome is the west and we know Byzantine is the east! Muscovy (Russia) wanted the lands to its south and east so they married Grand Prince Ivan the 3rd to the last niece of the Byzantine Empire thus is why I said that Moscow (Muscovy/Russia’s capital) is the “heir” to Constantinople! Sadly at this point in history the Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople was already captured and long gone turned into Istanbul… meaning that (If we want to think about this from a Hetalia standpoint) Russia grew up on his own… alone and Byzantine Empire was dead and probably either didn’t tell Russia/Muscovy who he was related to or if he did Russia was just never introduced/allowed to be introduced to the Italy brothers or (even sadder…) Italy and Romano were never introduced to Russia and were not told that they were related to him… or (The worst situation) Rome did not want the Italy brothers to know that they were related to Russia because he didn’t want to be associated with the defeat of Constantinople which was, besides Rome the Christian capital of the world at this time, but after its defeat by the Ottoman Empire the city was quickly converted to the Ottoman’s primary religion which was(possibly still is? I don’t know about the present religion of Istanbul) Sunni Islam. To Rome this would be a major disgrace to be associated with. I DO NOT mean that to be disrespectful to anyone but the fact is that the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire did NOT get along and certainly did not share the same religious views.

I was just reading through my college history book and I thought that I would take a crack at making a headcanon that is backed up by history!!! But if you have evidence that this IS wrong please inform me and I shall change this!!

This is the most in-depth headcanon I have ever created!! If you like it and would like more just ask and I’ll see what I can do!! Also I felt bad for leaving all of you for so long.. so I hope you enjoy!!


(I thought that I would add the notes that everyone added to this post because I thought they were really cool and everyone had great things to say!! Honestly I didn’t think anyone would respond and if they did I thought it would be negative or maybe someone liking it but this is great!!!! Also you all brought my attention to so many things I didn’t even know about Russia and various other nations so thank you to everyone and you can always keep adding things and I’ll try to add them to the post so they can be seen and not just hidden in the notes!!)

december-dragon added: I believe it was Peter the Great who named Russia an empire when he took power, rather than Muscovy which it had already been, because though it remained a tsardom Peter the Great wanted a title that was more European as he sought to westernize Russia.But aaahhh, it’s always so interesting to read about that early history- there really is such a close relationship between Russia and Byzantium, and the resulting relations are fascinating. Always great to read others spreading this history.

stautris added: I myself would recommend  reading about Russian and Scandinavian relationships at IX-X centuries.;)

(Thank you very much for the suggestion!! I shall see what I can find!! Right now my history book only told what I mentioned about Russia and Byzantine but I’m going to check into what you said!!)

thiscrazyhetalian added: Well wouldn’t he also be related to France (“Big Brother France” to N.Italy) and once it is canon and Moscow is the heir of the Eastern Roman empire , doesn’t this mean that he is related to Greece (and Possibly Cyprus ) too? This is really interesting and if you think about it, almost all nations have some kind of relation :) * the byzantine empire is mama Greece in canon i forgot to mention and now it doesn’t make sense But still if you think about it non-canon-icallly it still makes sense , like , i agree with the fact that Rome and the Byzantine empire could be brothers ,but in my headcanon the western and roman empire his sons and Romano is Byz.’s son while N.Italy is West’s son and thats how we got them calling the Roman empire “ Grandpa Rome” but anyway this is my HC they could possibly be brothers too. Also lets not forget that Spain might as well be a son of Rome , wow Russia has many relatives.

huggiebird added: I fully support this stuff. I do. But the person who wanted to Westernize Russia as well was Catherine the Second, of Russia.
She was very facinated by France and their ways~

(Indeed Catherine the Great was very influential in Russia’s history! you could say she greatly influenced Russia!! anyway thank you for adding Catherine because she was far to important for us to even think about forgetting!!) 

anonymous asked:

re: that gender thing, you read fairly feminine imo or at the very least femme leaning despite ur use of masc pronouns and vocab or wtvs thats not to invalidate your identity or anything bc tbh sometimes u read very midground ig i dont know how to describe it but sometimes it feels like u overcompensate a lil bit. idk Youre Just roman :I which is gr9 in doses

skfkskf overcompensate in which way/with what part… like the pronouns are trying too hard to balance out being fem or? another ask i got made it kinda sound like making crass jokes or whatever is like a tryhard masc thing but ive just honestly had crass humor my whole life, its not gender performance, when i AM trying to sound more masc bc of dysphoria 90% of it is just editing out ellipses and ‘like’s… i think im just kind of messy/contradictory/annoying in general. im a gemini

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Hey, i was wondering what your thoughts on religion were. Are you religious at all? Do you take part in organized religion? Of course only answer if you feel comfortable disclosing such. I ask because it's always been drilled into me that religion and astrology negate one another and i was just wondering what a knowledgable person like yourself thought about the matter. Can you believe in both?

…. i think this is hardest to explain because god and the spirit world are entirely inner conscious and soul engaged; so it is a feeling, it is a ‘feel’ not a ‘think’; its not ‘this’ or that, we dont have language to ascertain what the love is he pumps through you all the time, and especially more so when you are open to recieving it

i guess i see God as eternal light and love. God is in laughter, people you meet, nature, synchronicity, (astrology, numerology) he comes in many forms, we just dont recognize. just a universal existence. 

i see him as love. Thats the only word i can use to explain it, because thats what I feel… its pure divine love. Astrology is a motion of God. Without one the other doesnt exist. God devised the divine design with 12 archetypes in mind what shines above us shines within us. Only politically, dominating poltical religious agendas by the Roman Catholics dissociated a very natural link between God and astrology and banished it from practice. Esoteric astrology focuses mainly on soul consciousness and evolution; a concept that would be completely invalid without the concept of a universal source or godforce, whatever you want to call it..