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guys i’m sorry, i know i have a ton of unanswered prompts in my inbox and i really do intend to respond to all of them, it’s just that i haven’t really had the inspiration/confidence to write anything worthwhile lately

but i promise i will get to them as soon as i’m able to

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You could start with maybe how to construct a face from different angles, or perhaps facial features?

oh boi,,,, i’m really not the best to ask about faces i struggle a lot myself, you honestly want Loomis for face construction/perspective/planes (the content you want starts at page 165) here’s a summary of that method:

i don’t typically work like this myself anymore but thats how i learned the basics and got to understand volume a little better, ofc studying photos, muscles and skulls doesn’t hurt either!


i kind of fell in love with mirror selfies

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chyba bym się porzygała gdybym miała je używać do simsów

translation: I think I would throw up if I had to use them on sims
(my guess they’re talking about my bangs acc)

First off: I’m gonna answer you in english because I don’t think you deserve more attention than any other hate spreading person.
So yeah, at first I though you were being funny, but now it’s starting to get boring and making me feel uncomfortable. I don’t mind criticism, but CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not the things you’ve been saying. I don’t want plain hate on my blog. So from now on, I won’t be posting your asks. I won’t be giving you the attention you desperatly seek. If you want to talk to me, do it off anon and we will talk in private. This whole situation is just starting to get really weird.

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It's really embarrassing how entitled people act towards sapphic centric posts. Like god forbid for one moment the focus isn't all about them. They need to get over themselves.

EXACTLYYY!!!!! thats why i have no tolerance for these folks anymore. how tf can u feel entitled to a damn tumblr post like!! what!


she had the world || panic! at the disco

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing