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Title: That’s Not Us
Year: 2015
Language: US (English)

Plot: Three couples (lesbian, gay and straight) spend the last few days of summer away at a beach house. Although it was meant to be a relaxing trip, all three couples discover they are fighting the same battles to keep their relationships strong, healthy and at times alive. 

Basic Review:

  • The main characters are three sexually diverse couples and I love the way the film compares and contrasts their relationships and behaviours. 
  • The constant use of natural light, outdoor sounds and scenic landscapes create the feeling of exposure and isolation in the summer glare.
  • The couples aren’t shown in specifically positive or negative light. The lesbian, gay and straight couples each share moments of love, romance, and turmoil but these changes give the characters an enjoyable depth.
  • The discussion of relationships, communication, sex and love is so wonderful to see navigated on screen. So rarely are these diverse representations in the same place at the same time.
  • In my opinion, the best thing about this film is the depiction of our generation. The 20 somethings in their mixed sexuality friendship groups all trying to work our shit out at the same time.

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I started reading homestuck a month AFFER it ended so I've really missed the whole fandom and it's progression. I'm glad you still make homestuck content consistently. You're a great artist and all your lines are so smooth! I love it! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

buddy my pal lemme tell you a thing
i only started reading homestuck a few months after act 7 blew up my dash and revealed to me that the blogs i followed were secret homestucks and since i didnt want to be left clueless and spammed with illegible nonsense and i didnt want to unfollow any of them i resorted to reading it and thats how i slammed my face into the giant pie of complicated plots complex characters and obtuse narratives 

ive literally only been in this fandom for about a year and im not stopping anytime soon because im still sitting in that fandom car ride and im too lazy to get off so its absolutely no problem at all and thank you for that compliment i cry trying to not have sketchy lines and im not the best artist out there but im glad you enjoy it and i hope you have the raddest day our there too


Happy Birthday, Jack.

Sorry it took so long, but the above requests (from 2 anons and @super-magical-wizard, @boopymooplier and @antiisepticeye) all seemed like a good plot for a short comic, so I thought why not. Sorry this is late, but happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye :) I hope you and @wiishu had a great time <3

holmes interacts with irene for a grand total of… maybe an hour? he helps her marry her husband, and he rests in her sitting room for a few minutes

that’s it. that’s the entirety of their “relationship”

and yet somehow, here we are, with 126 years’ worth of he loves her he loves her he loves her!

you know what man,, you know what. i fucking love sebastian. he not making drama, he fair play he was only there for da single soul and now look this poor motherfucker,, hes the real victim here. did he signed up???bithc, did he?? he didnt and now look what he has, two lodos, two earls not one TWO OF THEM, problems with underbaker, queen stuff also agni?? and lizzy too and you know whos gotta take care of all this sh*t later?? he. him. he did not deserved this, hes a freaking fair man, he no fake, he no doll, he no secret evil plan to destroy the plot. protect him, sebastion michaelis everyone, the only one left pure out there

[Everyone asks me “Will you ever evolve into a Silvally?”

I’ve learned something about myself, being free in the wild.
I’ve seen the beauty of patience, i’ve seen flowers born from saplings, 
flourishing into beautiful flowers, and eventually dying.Being wild gives you true freedom, one that I have never experienced before.

It taught me that to accept who I am, who i was and who i may end up being.
If that future includes a place for me to be free from my shackles, this helmet - then i welcome it.

However, even if i no longer can carry the burden of this steel, i am happy with that also.I may never be released from my steel confinements but…I’ve learned to accept and adapt.

It’s not…so bad.]


ok but concept: AU where kravitz acts as a mailman sometimes and passes notes between magnus and julia 

plot twist: they all fall for each other 

i’d like to thank not only god but also @prinxe for this ship that was truly a team effort between the two of us

A thread of everything you need to know about BIFL. 

going through the kpop smut tag lately as been
- complaining about underage smut
- a meme
- a fluff with no smut
- someone else complaining about underage smut
- another meme
- fluffs, angsts, series
- no actual smuts
- a decent smut plot appears
- but it’s a bts smut
- of course

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So, y'know how Red always barges through trying to get to Keith when he's physically hurt? I like to think Blue does the same for Lance, but when he's emotionally heart. Badly hurt. So, like: "Lance, you're a crappy pilot and you don't deserve to be on Team Voltron- you disappoint your fami--" "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON???" and that's the last we heard from the insultee.

some galra, trying to be evil or whatever idk what’s the plot of most langst fics: you will never be as good as anyone on team voltron. you are pathetic. you-

the blue lion, sticking her head through the hull of the ship: what the actual fuck did you just say about lance

Honestly why do people not talk about Sense8 more??? It tackles so many many problems while being the most badass, most beautifully shot and edited tv show i have ever seen.

4 main characters that are POCs, a trans character played BY a trans character, a gay man who doesn’t have a tragic ending, the most badass Korean woman who is a) not a nerdy side character and b) can take down men twice her size, an african man who is not a side character, 2 gay relationship, an interracial relationship, and thats just about the main 8. Don’t even get me started on their individual stories and the side characters.

And all of this with the most interesting plot thats not just about some love triangle or some nonsense action scenes (i mean there are fight scenes that are the BOMB but they happen for a reason)

Its so amazing @netflix keep going with this show its so goddamn good 🙌🏼

give me fucking royal!aus

🍊 muse a is betrothed to muse b’s sibling bUT GUESS WHAT MUSE A IS A GAY AND FALLS FOR MUSE B
🍊 servant and royal falling in love???? muse a is next in line for the throne but muse b their best friend and personal servant has been with them since childhood and they share everything together anD MAYBE MUSE A IS HARBORING A CRUSH FOR THEIR SERVANT AND SO IS MUSE B
🍊 bickering ass royals who are forced to get married because their countries are about to go to war and so their parents are like FUCK OK WE DONT WANT WAR MARRY and muses are constantly bickering bUT OK MAYBE THIS OTHER ROYAL IS FUCKIN HOT cue angsty hot makeout sessions
🍊 lANGUAGE BARRIER MUSES muse a is betrothed to muse b but muse a is pissed about this and refuses to learn muse b’s language and so awkward interactions and broken languages but the effort muse b puts into learning muse a’s language makes muse a maybe sort of like muse b
🍊 muse a is known as the playboy royal and bangs everyone thats willing and then muse b comes along and is muse a’s tutor in like fencing or something and muse a is like IM GONNA GET IN UR PANTS and muse b is like what the fuck no focus on your fucking sword

also just nice ass fucking dresses and shit i’m such a hoe for royal aus like pLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE ROYAL AUS

I just get so so annoyed by people who come for the Celaena in the first ToG book. People always accuse her of Mary Sueing and not actually being as lethal as she claims and I am like have you considered the following:

-she has spent a year as a slave in Endovier

-she has had to fight every day of that year to remain sane 

-she was whipped. a lot. she was malnourished and weakened when she left the mines.

-it takes her a while to get back into shape after being a slave. like, duh. did you expect her to be killing ppl left and right as soon as she was free?? idk that would unrealistic and isn’t being unrealistic one the things that mary sues get criticized for?? hmmm? like idk u cant have it both ways. 

-the plot of the first book is not about her being an assassin. like, lol, thats part of her past and that is made explicitly clear. can u ppl even read i mean come on

-the plot it literally set up to give us a main character who has an intricate and painful backstory, i mean, her backstory is not completely clear in ToG1, but we do know that Arobyn is a dickhead and Sam is dead and that there is something else horrible lurking in her past. 

-so why are you all surprised when a 16 year old girl is happy to lounge in bed and read and flirt with the crown prince and go to balls

-she has literally been a slave for a year and before that she was an assassin like 

-so like same. fucking same. think about how u would act in her situation. u would flirt with dorian too. and chaol. and u would love nehemia. we all would. 

-can we stop expecting characters who are teenagers to act like they aren’t teenagers

-can u cut teenage girls irl slack as well

-and im sorry was Celaena’s participation in the competition to be the king’s champion not gory enough for you

-i mean is it not enough that she is supposed to kill like 20 other men

-i just…what else is she supposed to do?? she starts to learn about wyrds marks??? she is doing her part to begin the Hero’s Journey™ like ya gotta start somewhere

-again like the plot of tog1 is that she used to be an assassin as in past tense, as in, her assassinating people happened before the beginning of the book not during the book so stop complaining that she doesnt kill enough ppl?? 

-why is whether or not the main character kills anyone a legitimate complaint

-hint: it isn’t.

-there is literally a book called the assassin’s blade that makes her work as an assassin explicitly clear. and she does kill a lot of people. and at this point in time you can read the AB before Tog1 if youd like.

-please dont use the term mary sue to describe female characters. its pretty sexist tbh because we get tons of male characters in fantasy novels written by men who are idealized without ever proving their worth but i only ever see the term applied to teenage girls. like?? have u ever read the name of the wind. it is a bomb book but if u wanna talk about wish fulfillment and mary suing, Kvothe (yes his name is that pretentious) is ur fucking guy. 

-also an integral part of the mary sue trope is that the character is idealized and perfect and uh, Celaena is not perfect. Her flaws are what make her believable. I mean she has had this horrible past and she comes out of it being fairly selfish and a bit cowardly and vain. and thats just…so realistic? I mean that is how you would react if you woke up in a pool of your parents’ blood, were drowned in a river, raised from the age of 8 to be an assassin by an abusive dick wipe who claimed to love you but really just had a creepy crush on you, conditioned to mistrust everyone, had the one person you actually loved in the world be murdered, and then were sold out by your abusive assassin dad to the king who was responsible for your entire family’s death and ended up in the fucking mines as a slave. 

-I see a lot of people say that Celaena is a mary sue and then criticize her for all her flaws and im like…but the mary sue is an idealized character who has no substance to back up their perfection. Celaena cannot be a mary sue and also have all the flaws you claim she has??? that is just false logic?? in fact, Celaena has all of the substance and flaws and life experience to back up her actions and like, none of the perfection. 

-idk what to tell u other than that u have to allow female characters, especially teenage ones, the space to grow? and idk about you but i dont want to read about characters who have zero flaws? I’d rather read about celaena, queen bitchness herself, because hey you know who else is a bitch and immature a lot of the time? Me!!!! Myself!!! 

-But I’ve grown a lot and so does Celaena and idk about you but I am so here for extreme character growth over the course of 6 books like….that is so great…so many authors have flat character growth or no character growth and SJM avoids that completely by giving us a character who has so many issues and ways she could be improving herself.

-stop shitting on celaena for not being the perfect character u want her to be.


"why don't you like frozen?"
  • what i mean: It's a film that, essentially suffers from an existential crisis throughout the entire two hours it runs. There's no world building whatsoever, leaving too many unanswered questions the audience in regards to the magic and lore of the land. It's inferred the trolls know everything there is to know about magic, but it does not explain how Elsa recieved her powers in the first place, leaving a pretty big unanswered question. Also, the decision to take a fantasy race usually isolated from magicks as the main sage magicians was an ...interesting choice, and would have worked out a bit better if the world was built up more. The plot is all over the place, with there being no clear antagonist until the final arc of the movie. Is the Duke of Weaselton supposed to be the antagonist? No, and he honestly doesn't even belong in the movie: in what way does this character move forward the plot? He doesn't, so why is he given such emphasis? Is Elsa supposed to be the antagonist? Through the film the audience is constantly being given conflicting views as to whether or not we are supposed to sympathsize with her or hate her, and we're never given our answer until the final arc of the movie, which is, ironically, when the real antagonist show his face: Hans. Since he is introduced as he antagonist in the final arc, it makes Hans' development as a villain feel rushed and unnatural. Such a sudden heel-face turn from charming benevolent prince to cold-blooded killer feels wrong, and considering there was no foreshadowing or dramatic irony leading up the reveal, it comes as a shock to even the most watchful moviegoers. Beyond the shock response, there is no reason for the audience to hate Hans, making him an ineffective villain all in all. The audience only hates him because he betrayed the trust that was willingly given in the first half of the film. Yes, he wants to usurp the throne and kill everyone off, but wouldn't that incentive be more effective if it were presented as such from the beginning of the movie? Give the viewers hints and clues that he is not what he seems, making the reveal of his plan much more suspenseful. Additionally, if it were addressed from the beginning, a large amount of the aimless plotless wandering that plagued most of the first three-quarters of the movie would be practically non-existant. In addition, the shock factor response wears off eventually; the impact of his betrayal means less and less to the audience each time they watch it. Part of the reason of the weakness and confusion in the beginning also stems from the fact that the movie is trying to juggle too many characters. Many named characters are completely unneeded and did not need to steal screentime (and by extension, valuble character development) from the main characters (Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and I guess Hans). And the lack of character development is bad. Really bad. Anna doesn't feel like a real person, even by Disney standards. Elsa is a bit more believable, but her "development" is rushed and inferred instead of shown to the audience as it should be. Why was there such an emphasis on the parents in the beginning if they were only going to be killed off for plot fuel? And as an audience member, I did not feel any sadness for their death or for how Anna and Elsa were grieving. Having Elsa locked in her room for upmost of ten years was just...weird. There was absolutely nothing that justified it, making the isolation feel like a cheap way out for the writers to transition from childhood to adulthood. And beyond that, Arendelle is shown to be a peaceful kingdom, so it makes no sense that Anna would not be allowed to leave the castle and walk amongst the city. If magic exists in this world, why was Elsa locked away? Why was it a secret? All of these questions stem from weak worldbuilding that justifies very little of the events of the movie. There are so many unanswered questions that rise up from what happens inbetween childhood and adulthood. Is there a puppet monarch? Was magic seen as something negative or unknown? Why the trolls. Why the trolls. I'm sorry I just do not understand the trolls. The romantic subplot again ties into making the trolls feel even more forced and unneeded and the Hans reveal stale, I don't need to go into this. From a technically standpoint, the animation is subpar compared to its contempararies. Rise of the Guardians, a movie made a year before Frozen, had better ice effects. The particle effects and textures were nothing to write home about and the numerous clipping issues are clear evidence that the final product was rushed. The character design is the biggest complaint everyone has heard the most, but, Jesus Christ, oh my god it's bad. There's virtually no variation in character design. The facial structure of all the women are practically identical. Elsa, Anna, their mother, even Rapunzel all look 100% identical. Perhaps that wouldn't be such a problem if their body types were the same as well. There's no power of silouette in the film, something that is absolutely crucial to animated film, making Anna and Elsa blend together not only in the film, but in the industry itself. They do not stand out. They are blank and bland. The music is the only good thing, and that's only considering some songs. "Let it Go" and "First Time in Forever" are strong, powerhouse showtunes that actually move the plot forward, as songs in a musical should, but "Fixer-Upper" and "Love is an Open Door," while good, solid songs, do relatively nothing for the plot can could be omitted without sacrificing anything. "In Summer" is a total joke song that literally fades into nothing--I could not recall the tune if I tried, and "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" has a lot of potential but is, esentially, the same chorus repeated with little to no transition three times. It doesn't help that the song is also the most awkward contrived timeskip in the history of awkward contrived timeskips, again because it is never explained why Elsa is locked in her room at all. And the trolls and the--oh god. Please, all artists and writers, do NOT overlook the importance of worldbuilding. Even the dialogue is mediocre and does nothing to immerse the characters into the world around them. The resulting product is nothing but two hours of mediocrity masquerading as the best film of the decade in commercialization and ticket sales, but ultimately does nothing but leave a bad taste in the audience's mouth and will encourage Disney to continue making mediocre movies because they know they will sell and sell well.
  • what i say: because it's a bad movie

What Skam Does Right: an essay by me because i’ve lost all chill

so there’s an infinate number of “““teen””” shows and films that deal with “““teen””” problems that are aimed at The Youths to try and tell us how to deal with our own lives. and there’s some obvious issues that we all know and love like when it’s written by 40-somethings who think the way they experienced highschool in 1979 is how it works now and generally have no clue about modern teen culture, slang, fashion, life, everything, etc.

that said, there’s still a lot of media that manages to avoid being like that. but i still think skam takes it to another level, like yeah, by how it’s marketed and the use of social media and everything the fandom has already discussed at length, but also the way the narrative structures ignorance as a concept.

often a narrative focused on Teaching Life Lessons has a clear character representing the Bad Ideas and a clear character representing the Good Ideas. makes sense, we want these troubled teens to know right from wrong, and they’re not smart enough to understand anything thats not a totally black-and-white plot filled with two-dimensional sterotypes right?? right. so say in a typical coming out narrative we have the Highschool Bully or the Shitty Parent or Religious Zealot or someone similar, and they spurt ALL the bad ideas, all the homophobia and ignorance, and the audience knows they’re wrong because they’re framed to be Evil and their beliefs Evil and everything they do is Evil. then we have the character, often a protagonist, who is Gay and Struggling and has Never Done Anything Wrong Ever. in the end, good overcomes evil and yay teenagers learn that queers are like people or something. then switch ‘gay’ for literally any other minority, make a different Teen Movie about sexism or racism or ableism, rinse, repeat.

like there isn’t anything really wrong with this formula it’s just wildly overdone and insanely simplistic, more of a fable than a representation of how life actually works. real life is messy and grey. there is no definitive light and dark side of the force kinda bullshit….. which finally brings me to skam.

in skam, everyone has a purposfully acknowledged percentage of sheer ignorance, things they understand and things they reeeeally don’t. think about magnus being a bit of a dunce about isak’s sexuality, but then turning around to school him on bipolar (this post explains it very well). this is how real life works. nobody is the ideologically flawless character, teaching the ideologically backwards character that they are Wrong About Everything. everyone is pulling everyone up, everyone is making an idiot of themselves, everyone is learning.

i feel the dichotomous narrative often Specifically Tells the audience which are the good ideas and which are the bad based on what character says them - the issue is this lesson can’t expand outward to anything that the narrative doesn’t directly deal with. a story saying “homophobia is bad” limits itself, it doesn’t leave the door open for people to consider maybe racism or transphobia is also bad unless those issues are directly acknowledged.

with skam, over and over again, communication is highlighted as the best way to solve any issue. it gives a range of examples, yeah, but in the end it teaches HOW to deal with new issues, not simply a list of behaviours not to emulate. it’s never “don’t be That Guy”, it’s “everyone can be That Guy sometimes, it’s gonna happen, you’re gonna be ignorant about something, but here is how you overcome and deal with it…” and i just really fucking love and respect that.

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The post about aliens being freaked out by human sports made me wonder how they'd react to the Winter Olympics. Where people RUN IN KNIFE SHOES. ON ICE. (That's just SKATING. Ice hockey is a completely different level of scary fish.) And then there's ski jumping. And luge. And God help us all, biathlons.

Story time! Once upon a time this Kayt took martial arts classes and eventually learned to do a hook kick. Then a spinning hook kick. They are very fun to do.

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And the thing that Kayt kept thinking, for years, was how lethal could this be if performed while wearing ice skates?

(Reader will undoubtedly cry, that is a plot point in 2007′s Blades of Glory! And Kayt will reply, Yes! It was vindicating to watch that movie and realize at least one other person on this planet considered the same thing, regardless of how many strange looks they undoubtedly received when hypothesizing aloud.)

Fast-forward many years and there are no Blades of Glory gifs to use on Tumblr, and sadness reigns.

So the moral of the story is knife shoes are a thing that exists and spinning people around while precariously perched on said knife shoes is also a thing that happens and then the aliens learn these are not considered extreme sports.

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I uh… I’m derailing here I won’t lie… WHO WANTS TO SEE HOW IT ENDS?? PART 1!
PART 2!!
PART 3!!!