that's not the plot at all

As much as this storyline isn’t that great and it was all plot to create a shitty cheating drama for them, it’s really not fair people are deciding to forget all the good emmerdale/iain had done:

  1. The Ashley storyline is with no doubt one of my favourite storylines. Its really emotional and as far as i know, it’s really playing reallity as it’s form. I can’t wait for the end and we all know it’s going to be played brillaintly by John and I’m going to be an emotional wreck after this.
  2. The Holly drug addiction and her death. It was a major twist, nobody knew that would happen and it was so dramatic and well writting. Also big credits do Nat and Adam for playing their grieve so well done. 
  3. Belle’s storyline: finding out she has schizophrenia, it was very touchy and emotional and eden is playing belle really well done.
  4. Aaron’s abuse storyline was one of the massive storylines they had and it was so well played by Danny. 
  5. David’s testicle cancer, it was also a massive storyline (not well shown) but still really important. 
  6. Last but not least, super soap week. One of the best stunts I saw on a soap. Very emotional and stressing and so well written. Let’s not forget from that week, we got the first character out as bisexual men and that brought a lot of recognition and representation.

So, please folks, don’t overshadow all the good they done over this plotty storyline - that still don’t know exacly what’s going to happen.

hello everyone im annie and im playing my absolute fave (right behind the glorious kol mikaelson), miss davina claire. im always open for plotting, espesually with characters who davina hasn’t espesually interacted with on screen because I love coming up with headcanons and connections. So below is a bit about what she’s been up to for the past 15 years:

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ok but concept: AU where kravitz acts as a mailman sometimes and passes notes between magnus and julia 

plot twist: they all fall for each other 

i’d like to thank not only god but also @prinxe for this ship that was truly a team effort between the two of us


he’s just looking out for your wellbeing, yurio, really. there’s more to life than skating (and plotting to undermine yuuri) and viktor wants you to experience that, he’s not trying to win a bet with the rest of the russian team or anything

(i saw something like this going around in script form and i couldn’t resist)

When I get too wrapped up in theories and the anxiety of moving the plot forward, I take a deep breath and the Sherlock Gang appears to me in a big shining ball of gay light and they say, “BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY!” and, “IT’S TELEVISION HISTORY!” and “INSANE WISH FUFILLMENT!” and, “GROUNDBREAKING!” and “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” and I emerge powerful and confident and even gayer than before.

What if the name Jacquelyn is just an alias? And she really is Kit Snicket? All this time I haven’t really considered the popular fan theories, because I thought she was simply just a new character, but the more I think about it… why would her role be so secretive if she was just a new addition? And the name Jacquelyn is so similar to Jacques… what if that’s how Kit came up with the alias? And plus it’s another J.S. name (see: Zombies in the Snow poster), which only adds more to its meaning. And it seems like Jacquelyn’s role is very similar to Kit’s - follow the Baudelaire’s, guide them, send them on missions. I don’t know - I really want her to be Kit now.

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@majamy03 OKAY (spoiler warning???)

FIRST OF ALL, the Joker was written in a way that made him so obviously a gay character, at least if you ask me, and the hero/villain relationship between Batman and the Joker was treated like they were a couple

The entire plot happens because it’s all Joker trying to make Batman acknowledge their relationship and admit there’s something special between them

Literally all of Joker’s motivation to do what he does is to make Batman think of him the same way he thinks of him

He literally “breaks up” with Batman at one part because Batman wouldn’t say “I hate you too” when Joker said “I hate you, now, you say it”.

Istg Batman made him cry like, 3 times because he kept rejecting him

Theres a really gay, sunset scene with them at the end too tho where Batman finally admits he feels the same way. As this sun is setting dramatically they have this entire “I hate you” “I hate you more” “I hate you most” “I hate you forever~” thing.
(Since its a hero/villain dynamic they say I hate you instead of I love you but it’s still said in this stupid, loving tone that murders my soul)

just good golly man.

Batman lovingly tapping Joker’s chin and saying something like “I’ll see you around” almost killed me?

Also Robin, before he knew Bruce Wayne and Batman were the same person, thought he had TWO dad’s and was super excited about it which was precious as hell

the flowey collection

(undertale spoilers)

understanding flowey/asriel is key to understanding some of the most important events in undertale. however, the game must be played again and again in order to see everything he has to say. to save you the trouble, here is collection of imgur albums filled with screenshots of all dialogue relevant to flowey.

important note: if flowey is killed at the end of the photoshop flowey fight, he will not appear again in subsequent neutral routes, until the very end where he destroys asgore’s soul and steals the humans souls. he will appear again as usual in the neutral route after a true reset or genocide erase.

ruins intro

everytime the game is reset, flowey will greet frisk in the ruins. since he can remember resets, his comments will change according to what has been done in previous routes. the only time he will not remember is after the pacifist route or the genocide route

ruins exit

if toriel’s battle is repeatedly reloaded, flowey will comment depending who lives or dies.

flowey stalking

when backtracking, sometimes flowey can be spotted popping back into the ground.

echo flower

flowey leaves a message on an echo flower impersonating toriel, presumably to unnerve frisk. in the “toriel is alive” message, flowey may be admitting that he thinks toriel has forgotten about him.


further information about flowey/asriel can be found in the sepia art and in certain scenes that include papyrus. the library books in particular are critical to understanding how asriel came to wake up as flowey.

monster tale

the monsters tell the story of asriel and chara’s demise. this is only one side of the story, missing key details that are later filled in by flowey/asriel.

photoshop flowey

flowey taunts frisk (or chara) with dialogue before, during, and after the battle. if frisk dies enough at flowey’s hands, flowey will even accused frisk of dying on purpose and accuse them of being a “sicko.” flowey also taunts frisk about running away if the game is closed before dying.

neutral ends

flowey must be spared in order to trigger these dialogues. “no kills” 2 - 6 can be gotten by repeatedly defeating (and sparing) asgore in a route with no kills. while repeatedly finishing the game is labour intensive, it reveals some of the most important information on flowey and his world view.

true lab

the information on asriel found in the true lab fills in the missing pieces about asriel and chara’s deaths as well as how flowey was brought into existence. considering that flowey manipulates frisk into getting to the true lab in the first place (requesting frisk make friends with undyne and alphys) it seems that flowey was trying to show “chara” what happened to him.

pacifist end

flowey becomes asriel dreemurr, the absolute god of hyperdeath. here he taunts and threatens, but eventually breaks down, admitting all of this was orchestrated because he wasn’t ready to let go of chara.

genocide route

the genocide route provides the last bit of information needed to piece together flowey’s story as well as his motivations. it also reveals flowey’s attachment to chara.

no save file

(these links are in the lists above, but here they are together.)

there are some minor variants if no save file has been created.

neutral: abort genocide

(these links are in the lists above, but here they are together.)

if a genocide route is triggered, but aborted and reset, flowey will refer to frisk as “chara” from then on.

You and Carlisle on His Days Off; Drabble #2

Scenario: Carlisle cooking fancy meals for you, the air occupied with the smell of spices; you sitting on the counter watching him cook and listening to him talk, scrunching your face up when he dabs your nose with flour (WC: 452 words)

Based off this post. Also read: drabble #1, drabble #3

Warnings: Fluff, my dudes. A lot of fluff.

You smiled fondly from where you were perched on the counter, Carlisle’s sweet humming occupying the kitchen air along with the mouthwatering scent of herbs and spices. Your eyes followed the mastery motions of Carlisle’s hands as they spread sauce and grated cheese, the ease of his cooking process astonishing you.

“For someone who doesn’t eat, you sure do know how to cook,” you commented, noticing the halt of his humming and the soft laugh that took its place.

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Some Thoughts On Sherlock

because I am annoyed. ((SPOILERS.))

- Moriarty explicitly said things that were queer. Eurus explicitly said things that were queer. No one else did so. This is called queercoding. It is insidious. It should not have happened.

- The plot holes were gaping all over the place. John climbs out of a well, somehow managing to escape his chains with a rope. Sherlock has water-related trauma, but he didn’t even know about the well until John told him he was trapped in one, so he couldn’t have even had repressed traumatic memories about it. John is a doctor but can’t identify a bone beyond “small”, even though it’s human.

- Characterisation was all over the place throughout the episode, most notably and frustratingly with Eurus. Her ‘fear factor’ was amped up by her inability to feel - or rather, demonstrate the emotions she was feeling - and she’s played as a quasi-deity throughout, omnipotent and emotionless. But at the end of the episode she snaps into being an emotional wreck. There was no lead-up or foreshadowing of this moment. It could have worked, but written as it was, it felt jarring and stupid. She felt suddenly stupid. The idea that Sherlock would hug her as anything more than a ploy to get John back is OOC. The idea that she wouldn’t see through any such ploy and despise it is OOC. It was lame and rushed and badly done.

- References were made to Freddie Mercury, to Oscar Wilde - queer icons, both. Given the aforementioned queercoding, this just felt like being laughed at, like a bully taking a favourite book and reading out your favourite lines in a silly mocking voice. Hands off.

- The Three Garridebs, the men dangling outside the window. This is the Holmes story which, in the Doylian canon, contains these lines from Watson, after he’s been shot and Holmes rushes to his side: “It was worth a wound — it was worth many wounds — to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.” This is well-known as one of the most explicitly queer moments in the original literary canon. The show literally dangled the possibility of this story in front of the viewers - dangled it, visible through glass but untouchable, there but not there - and then dropped it into the sea. For queercoded villains, glass disappears. For potential queer stories, the glass stays firmly in place. Three hooks were baited with the potential for queerness, and then the bait fell to a pointless death, not coming to mean anything more than just a little experimentation, a little shock value. Symbolically, for those who would understand the significance, it was just cruel.

- What infuriates me is that all of these slights and digs are in the tiny details; in the subtext. In short, in the places where queer people are used to looking: where the queer viewership finds its hope. The writers knew queer watchers would have their eyes on the references and on the details, and they twisted so many of those details into a decidedly upraised middle finger. 

- “P.S. I know you two, and if I’m gone, I know what you could become.” This - this was the moment that could have changed everything. I admit I felt a little shocked leap of hope. I could even possibly have forgotten it all - the queercoding, the mocking references - if this final message from Mary had gone the way that I initially thought it would. But no. The message devolved into some overstated silliness about Holmes and Watson, the bros who solve crimes. I can’t remember a word of it. It was, frankly, some typically Moffat-esque self-insert self-love, and it only seems darkly appropriate that he was using a dead female character as his rhapsodising mouthpiece. “What a good job we’ve done with this story. How excellent these characters are. Look at this set. Look at them running. My god. We are good.” Enough. Give me something real and unpretentious or else leave Mary the hell alone.

Overall, I’m more than a little disgusted.

fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

liSTEN … newly single mom who just moved to a new town after a nasty divorce & gaining custody of their 4 year old kid goes to meet their new kindergarten teacher cause idk thats the kinda shit that schools do & BAM!! she meets this amazingly adventurous, creative & good looking guy who looks too young to be a teacher so shes all “LOL wheres my kids real teach at” & he just smiles & sticks his hand out to shake like “yes hello dat me” … iM?? ? pls someone do this w/ me!! literally just shoot me a mssg ok?? first come first serve!

consider this

Saphael AU where Simon and Raphael are husbands and work at the same company (Raphael like high level management and Simon mid-range accountant or something) but plot twist no one realises they’re married to each other

imagine Simon chilling with his accounting staff at lunch and they’re all gossiping about how hot Mr. Santiago from chairmans office is, and they’re like Simon he’s hot right? and Simons like meh he’s aight I suppose

cue Raphael walking in like well thats not a very nice thing to say about your husband. and Simon is like well you’re not a very nice husband - and cue cute banter and PG13 making out and the whole department is just gaping at them like what who how when what how what what

And they just head out together leaving a shell shocked staff putting back together the pieces of their blown minds