that's not my girlfriend


🍹🍮🍸🍧🍹🍮🍸🍧Take a look at my girlfriend @candiikismet y'all!! Cause she about to act a foooool. Happy Birthday Babes 🎂🍻🍰🍦🍾🎂🍻🍰🍦🍾

anonymous asked:

not a kinnie, dont have kins, just hate jane and her ugly ass

thats my? girlfriend youre talking about though and she hates your rat ass too shut have fun sweaty

- mod dazai

5 hours into my spring break and im already spending it drawing cute girls smh

when gentle sweet girl falls in love with even sweeter shy girl 🌺❤️🌼

Imagine Trini and Zack sparring in school and then kids stop and watch so they put on a show and start full on knocking the shit out of each other and everyone’s jaws drops because how they’re both not k.o’d is a mystery and Kim gets into it and screaming to cheer Trini on. Then Jason starts recording it and Billy tries to stop Kim from joining in.