that's not linguistics

I want to ask people to please quit using “learn how to write,” “learn how to speak English,” or any such language-centric comment as an insult. All you are doing is equating someone’s linguistic ability of one random language with intelligence, and that is not cool. There are so many reasons a person’s English might not be “perfect,” INCLUDING the fact they might be speaking in their second or third or fourth or even fifth or sixth or seventh language! A person’s ideas can be brilliant even if their grammar and spelling is not “perfect”. Furthermore, the idea of formal grammar and spelling is a set of arbitrarily-defined rules defined by historical upper class tradition and is only taught in specific academic settings, which not everyone has the same educational access to. This causes major dialect erasure problems because you might not understand the completely correct and equally valid grammar of another dialect. By insulting the language mechanics of someone’s comment, you suggest they are stupid because they can’t write perfectly, when in fact that is probably the result of a lot of circumstances in their lives. Let’s also point out that calling people stupid is not cool, either. So please, friends. Quit making someone’s “perfect” or “imperfect” grammar an insult. You are perpetuating a lot of bad and incorrect ideas about linguistic competence through those comments.

50 Follower Extravaganza!!!

HEY GUYS! So i just realized that I’m nearly at 50 followers??? which is????? amazing???? holy hell who are you all?? how are you? Are you still glad you’re following me?? I hope you’re having a great day!!

Anyway. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what I should do to celebrate??? I’m not sure the reason for everyone following me so…i could write i little drabble, or draw a little sketch, or do something more inclusive to followers? If anyone has suggestions please let me know! I’m very new to this..

Thanks in advance and thank you all for finding something worth keeping track of on my blog I hope you’ll all stay for more yoi nerdiness!!

Croatian swear words

Jebiga (ye-bee-gah) - fuck
Jebi se (ye-bee se) - fuck yourself/go fuck yourself
Sranje (sra-nj-eh (idk how spell the pronounciation of nj)) (plural is sranja)
Kurva (koo-ruh-vah) - whore (plural is kurve)

The “not really swear words but inappropriate” words

Kurac (koo-rah-cuh) - dick (plural is kurci)
Sisa (see-sah) - boob (plural is sise)
Grudi (groo-dih) - breast (singular is grud)
Pička (pee-(rough)ch-kuh-ah) - pussy