that's not ladylike

The Winchester boys reacting to Cas having sex
  • Sam: *smiles knowingly* *probably wants to say good for you in a friend way*
  • Dean: *splutters* *attempts to swallow drink* *fails to swallow drink* *is gonna spit it out* *but that's not ladylike* *wants to exorcise self* *finally swallows drink* *walks warily over to Cas* *tries not to sound jealous* You had sex with April? *shit I sounded jealous*

Tom and Sybbie play Poohsticks.

conjury: *accidentally smacks hand against corner of table* “ah - fuck that hurt.”
angelica, a million miles away: whAt d you DJUst SAY Youn g LADY


Visiting England is fun. He always pretends to be pissed whenever I pay him random visits, but he’s always let me in anyways, Haha! ~

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{text; La Dolcezza}; well, I’d say you’ve claimed all of me by now and just get the benefit if whatever I happen to own.

Race bit his lip, picking up his pace slightly, but not wanting to seem any too urgent.

{text; La Dolcezza}; Ti amo cara. But how’d you get lingerie past that brother if yours?

{text; La Dolcezza}; and damn… You could have just told me the goal was to have me hot and bothered in public.  

{text; Mí Amore}: I could say the same for you, love. You’re the one that gets to come over here and enjoy my queen sized bed and all of the things that come with it… also the food you can eat and the movies you can watch afterwards

{text; Mí Amore}: contrary to popular belief, Jack tends to stay away from my underwear drawer and all of the pink bags that hold the contents of Ms. Victoria’s secrets.

Violet laughed as she read his last text, her face flushing as a bout of shyness hit her. It wasn’t that she was unsure of what she was doing, just that she was starting to understand the weight of their game.

{text; Mí Amore}: Where would the fun be if I just up and told you the plan… surprises are fun, Racer, especially these kinds of surprises