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Omg, Dreamer just gave her memory of her feelings for John to Clarice so now anything between them from here on out is gonna be fabricated from that, based on a lie, and its def gonna implode one day and blow up in their faces



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Kacchako is a disgusting ship I can't believe you ship it, guess you love abusive ships

First of all my dude, if you’ve been following me for more than a hot minute and actually paid attention to the things I post you’d know that that is Not Correct. 

Now, moving on to Kacchako. 

- just cus I ship it doesn’t mean you have to! Look at all these beautiful characters, pick two you think have good chemistry and BAM you got yourself a ship. Congrats on just figuring out what 12 year olds already know when they watch tv and whisper ‘kiss’ when their faves stand next to each other.

- Just cus you hate it doesn’t mean I have to! While I agree on being wary about power dynamics and not romanticizing abuse, I highly doubt that’s the angle you’re coming in from, in which case I have a place for you to shove your unnecessary adjectives. 

- My dude if you think that this ship is abusive then you need to go outside. Meet people. Have relationships with them (and no that doesn’t mean romantic don’t be a doorknob). Is Bakugou a massive prickly dick? Hell yeah! Does the child have a shit ton of issues to work through? HELL YEAH! As the character is RIGHT NOW he is in no state to do anything more than have rocky friendships, and not to mention how OOC it’d be for him to be seeking a relationship. 

- If your reasoning for the ‘abusive’ nature of kacchako is that they fought at the showcase then my dude. Buddy. Wet canoe. It was a fighting tournament. They were supposed to fight, and fight their hardest at that. Also there’s like 20 metas to show how their battle actually helped grow their relationship so…

- If your reasoning that kacchako is abusive is bcus you Bakugou being a giant asshole with anger issues guess what! You can’t ship him with ANYONE EVER. Bcus the dude does Not change around people, and if it’s okay that he acts the way he does with Kirishima or Deku or Todoroki but not Uraraka then my dude that’s your own bias coming through

The fandom fully acknowledges that Bakugou needs to grow up? Like legit everything I’ve ever read has been set YEARS in the future so both characters could develop and grow their friendship first, which, you know, happens in healthy relationships. 

If the ships squicks you out then let me know and I’ll tag so you can black list! That’s perfectly fine, some things just rub people the wrong way! But don’t come into my inbox with this accusatory tone and soap box when you’re obviously just a troll looking for attention and trying to shove your opinion (which I didn’t ask for btws) down someone else's throat.

BTWS didn’t mention Uraraka in the reasoning for not shipping it bcus she is the embodiment of sunshine and I can’t fathom of a way in which she would be the abuser or source of abusive in this ship, if there were any the way it’s done. 

It makes me very uncomfortable to see people shipping Pike and Scanlan so hard especially after Scanlan’s return. Pike has always been uncomfortable with his flirtations even when she rolls with it and tries to be funny. I mean, this is a woman who fought in the nude no sweat, talks about going to brothels casually; she isn’t one to be uncomfortable, and Scanlan made her so. His apologizing for objectifying and harassing her was a pivotal moment in their friendship, and to see people reducing the seriousness of Pike’s feelings of betrayal after his leaving with “omg they just need to kiss and make up!!!” disturbs me, as a woman, in ways I could probably articulate but am too tired to at the moment.
It also does Scanlan a disservice in his character growth as he moves beyond his unhealthy infatuation with Pike. Yeah, he might always going to flirt with her because that’s who he is, but it won’t be exclusive and it will be much lighter. I hope both Ashley and Pike don’t ever feel pressured into dating Scanlan for whatever reasons. I think they could be great friends, but that frankly creepy chapter of the gnomes’ lives is hopefully behind them.

I'm gonna get up on a soap box a little here:


the girls in DEH need MORE RECOGNITION

the girls in DEH need more recognition


Do you see a pattern here?

I think that, for the most part the fandom can pretty much agree on that.

You might think Alana is annoying, or that what she did was wrong, but that doesn’t make her not important. She is an incredibly deep character and I’ve hashed some of that out in a previous post if you care about my opinion. Also can I get a “HELL YEAH” for Kristolyn Lloyd? That woman is a gd powerhouse.

You might dislike Zoe, I know I dislike some of the things she says, but that doesn’t make her any less of a strong, developed, wonderfully written and portrayed female character. Zoe is important. And can we talk about Laura Dreyfuss please? Talk about perfection personified.

I mean idk how you could hate Heidi that woman tried so damn hard. She isn’t perfect because who is? but she owns that fact, more so than any other character in the show. She knows she’s fail at times but that doesn’t mean she didn’t give her all. Heidi Hansen is important. Heidi Hansen is Supermom and you can fight me behind Denny’s at 3am if you disagree. Also I’ll fight you if you dare insult my mother Rachel Bay Jones.

Cynthia, oh Cynthia. She is a terrible mother. And you know what, that sucks. But you know what else? She lost her son. Okay, this woman lost her freaking son, and she has every right to lose her damn mind. But she exhibits characteristics of a kind and caring person, who is generous and thankful for her lot. Her failing Connor (and Zoe) doesn’t make her a bad person. No one gets handed a “how-to mother” book when they have kids. People make mistakes, some people make a lot of mistakes. She tried. That’s all you can do sometimes. Cynthia Murphy is important. Don’t you dare dispute it. Jennifer Laura Thompson puts nearly as much emotion into that show as Ben does. She’s on stage sobbing and playing a grieving mother every night and someone give her an award please.


•Evan Hansen is the main character. He’s gonna get attention.

•Connor Murphy is a mystery (and played by Michael Faist). He’s gonna get attention.

•Jared Kleinman is the comic relief and therefore easy to make jokes around. He’s gonna get attention.

•Larry sucks. No attention for you. (But yay Michael Park!)

•We don’t need to tear the other characters down, just boost these ladies up so they are on an even playing field as the others.

But there should be just as much Alana and Cynthia as there is Jared. Just as much Heidi as there is Connor. Just as much Zoe as there is Evan.

And this isn’t just one persons fault. It’s everyone’s fault. I know I’m guilty of posting more about Connor Murphy than any of the ladies. And the media does it too. (I NEED MORE LAURA INTERVIEWS ALSO KRISTOLYN). But it is something that we can all fix. It doesn’t take much to put a pause on our bathbomb memes and show these ladies some love.

And this isn’t just a DEH problem. It’s in every fandom out there for the most part.


queer aesthetics: harley and ivy


did that get your attention?

Hey guys! 

I want to do a 12 Days of Christmas in which I’d post a one shot a day from December 14-December 25. Why, you ask? Because 1) I think it’d be a super fun and festive thing to do, 2) I like a challenge and 3) I wanna be able to give gifts to you guys! 

So where does your help come in?

I need 12 prompts to fill. Of course, if I don’t get 12 I’ll just fill in what’s left with my own ideas, but I’d much rather be able to gift all 12 prompts to you guys.

I’ll take any prompts and any pairings, however I do not do extreme fetishes– here’s lookin at you, tentacle porn– and while I can write smut, I’m not as good at it as I am basically everything else. Other than that, pretty much everything is fair game. (I do retain the right to refuse any prompts that may make me uncomfortable though.) All prompts will be a minimum of 1k words.

You will be tagged and credited with the prompt since it will be a gift for you! I will also send you a digital copy all nice and pretty in a word document should you like. Of course, if you’d prefer to stay anonymous, that’s totally fine too you can just send an anon message.


  1. One prompt per person, the more detailed the better so I can give you exactly what you want, but please avoid saying something like “Literally anything as long as it’s *pairing here*”
  2. Doesn’t need to be holiday themed
  3. Can be any pairing but I am currently best versed in Gajevy and Sheith
  4. No underage 
  5. No extreme fetishes
  6. First come, first serve 
  7. Will send you a digital copy either via email or via Google Docs, whichever you’d prefer
  8. Please send all prompts to my ask or in a chat!

Prompt Due Date: 10/31

You can find all my work here on tumblr or on AO3 in case you want to check out what I’ve done before sending in a prompt!

Reblogs are welcome and greatly appreciated! Let’s get festive, y’all!

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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I have this problem where I can’t hate characters at all and at best I can get up to about a “mildly annoys me but it’s just a particular quirk of mine and I agree that they’re actually a good character.” In general - this applies to real life too, which is why I’ve decided to think so deeply about it - if a character is horrible I somehow try to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing and how they look sympathetic in their own eyes. Just by instinct my urge is to figure out how to understand someone and feel for their humanity at least a little (which in real life, by the way, where these inclinations can have severe consequences, isn’t at all incompatible with crucial activities like antifascist action or wanting a criminal to face justice) (why did a human being do that? How can we stop it from ever happening again?).

It has something to do with a belief of mine that if you understand someone you can’t help but love them at least a little bit. Maybe it’s all understanding and no love, but the concepts are close to identical for me. I do know I have a lot of pity for everyone…in healthcare professions I’d never like it if colleagues were coping with the job by complaining about or making fun of a difficult patient or something, they’re all in desperate situations (even if just psychologically and not in the “red streak on the pavement but somehow still screaming at you” sort of way) by the time they were seeing us. We signed up to take the lumps, didn’t we? Similarly, in fiction, a lot of characters I care about do a lot of violent and inexcusable things, and I think subconsciously I even try to care about them just for that reason.

Sometimes just because I feel like I should have characters I dislike I’ll pick a couple to pick on (usually with bad hair) but mostly I end up liking them anyway (except for their bad hair).

It’s not by choice, intellectually I’d prefer to be otherwise and have a lot of righteous anger (I suppose I do anyway - love the sinner, hate the sin). My mind just functions this way by instinct. This is probably a sign of a weak moral character.



vanessa + lily (penny dreadful)

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Any tips for creating a superhero name for a shapeshifter? She becomes a bit of a vigilante at the end. I'm thinking something gender-neutral since she can change her appearance at will, & doesn't want any of her colleagues for example finding out she's the hero if she saves them. I like the first name Chase, but that's just an idea.


I haven’t heard of any girls named Chace, so idk about how obviously gender neutral it is, but I also think Chace as a girl’s name would be badass. But I usually think of it as a boy’s name. Chase is a nickname for Charlie (I think) which is unisex though.

The two most overused unisex names: Max or Alex.
Unisex names that are less common: Riley, Bailey, Jamie, Taylor, Jordan.

Here is a list of (more or less) gender neutral names:

I personally like Ash because it could be Ashley, could be Ashton, could just be Ash, who knows?

I also like Ash because it could have meaning beyong being unisex. For example, it’s a good nickames for someone who likes fire.

Since this character chose the name for herself, I’d give some reasoning behind it. Why that name specifically? What makes it special?Why does it fit her? Is it like the above and has a deeper meaning? An old friend’s name perhaps?

I like the name Shadow or Shade too because it hints at a darker, unseen side.

@tall girls - ur beautiful keep doing u

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(+) he has a heart disease (he needs a transplant), so her sister wrote that song to say to him she can love him without any doubts.. and if you think that's just a song, girl go open your ears, thats was a masterpiece

…your point being?

I should have rooted for him for that?
How about Hungary? Whose song was also not in English and it was about racism and discrimination?

How about Italy? We also sung in our language and our song was catchy as hell and had a much deeper meaning about westerners lives and cultural appropriation?

How about Romania, whose song was the most original there has been in years and was a fucking masterpiece?

Listen, I didn’t dislike Portugal, I think the song is really nice and sweet. I just didn’t think his song deserved to win among so many much more beautiful songs and who frankly gave us a better show and deserved it more.

This is Eurovision pal, I want to be entertained. I don’t watch it to see another generic bland dude singing another ballad alone on stage with one instrument. I watch it for the fireworks.

That all special snowflake attitude once he won really upset me cause he could have just thanked the people who voted him and sung his song instead of dissing to all the other participants who gave us a great show, sounding like a pretentious fuck. Music has to make you feel stuff and it doesn’t need to be meaningful to do that. Besides this is eurovision, what’s he doing there if he didn’t understand the point of it? Way to go!

That said, congrats, see you next year in Portugal. Hopefully one of these years the best song will actually win!


Mercedes Jones+ sharing her success

so my friend and i are talking about stucky as dads and just hEAR ME OUT

Steve and Bucky adopting a little girl thats missing an arm just like Bucky and any time some shit at school makes fun of her for it Bucky shows the kid his metal arm and scares him off

Bucky being the really over protective dad that lets his daughter braid his hair and put flowers in it

Steve being the dad that always makes dad jokes and gives their daughter a thumbs-up after hearing she got into a fight because a couple of kids kept picking on her


We never know when she’s in town. She just kinda comes and goes, and no one really notices. But this time, it’s like the fucking Macy’s thanksgiving day parade.
—  A friend in Nashville, regarding Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston