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Do you have any rarepairs?

not too many and theyre mostly just lil jokeships

aradia/rose (morbid gals probs summoning a ghost)

meulin/feferi (excitement^2)

rufioh/dirk (mostly bc of the anime. thats the only reason. itd be hilarious)

jade/calliope (space cuties) 

roxy/latula (game girls)

aradia/vriska (come on theyre prefect in black)

jake/people treating him well (really rare)

my mad fat dairy is important because where else is there a show, and I mean a show that appeals to a major audience, that the big girl gets the guy just for being herself and making plenty of mistakes along the way and their entire road of strangers to friends to lovers is never because of a makeover or because she lost weight or because she changed herself in anyway. he ends up falling in love with her because of her and even when she brings up the fact of how other people might look at them BECAUSE they look like such an “unconventional couple” he tells her he will love who he loves and no one, not even her, can take that away from him and I just have so many feelings about this show I never want it to end


queer aesthetics: harley and ivy

Let’s talk about Dustin.

They could’ve easily made him the stereotypical “chubby friend” who just loves food, says dumb things for comedic effect, and is one who gets picked on by the rest of his friends.  This trope is so common in films about groups of young friends, guys or girls, mostly young and high school aged.  But they didn’t do that.

This kid is smart.  He has an imagination.  He’s open to all possibilities.  He’s observant - he’s the one who noticed the compasses.  

Yeah he brought food for their excursion, but not because he’s obsessed with it or he brought it all for himself.  He was being logical.  If they were gone for a while or doing anything strenuous, yeah they’d need energy.  Candy, chips, fruit, and trail mix.  

The only thing he gets made fun of for is his lack of front teeth, and it’s only by the two bullies at school.  His friends aren’t “pity friends”.  

tl;dr Dustin is the most beautiful little cinnamon roll

Human? Yeah, right

While the fandom at large was basking in the warm sapphic phosphorescence of Pearl’s unbridled gayness, I have spent the last 24 hours fixating on a number of weird mysteries surrounding Pearl’s nameless new girlfriend.

Now, it’s not exactly a spoiler to say this lady looks like rose, but I don’t think we as a fandom have addressed just how fucking weird this is. Mystery girl isn’t just tall, she’s about as tall as Rose was. Rose herself was pegged as being around 10 feet tall (by comparison, the tallest human on record was only 8′11″). 

In other words, Mystery Girl is taller than any human alive. Now, I was willing to brush this off, but thats only the start of the weirdness. Remember the discussion about her Pink hair and how Steven speculated that she dyed it? As plausible as it sounded, that claim was never actually confirmed. When Pearl actually asked her, she completely deflected the question and asked Pearl to tell her instead. And when Pearl said she was a hologram, what did mystery girl say?

“I know how that is”

Okay, these clearly aren’t just a bunch of circumstantial similarities. Something smells fucking icthyan in here willing to suggest that this mystery girl is ANOTHER Rose Quartz.

Yes, I just said there was a second Rose Quartz in play, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A lot of people assume Rose was some sort of unique gem, but Bismuth stated pretty damn clearly this was not the case

Bismuth: Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be.

There are other Roses out there, or at least there were before the rebellion. I don’t doubt that after Rose became the face of the rebellion the Diamonds would have gotten rid of any imitators, and when that happened the only option a non-rebel Rose Quartz would have would be to go into hiding among the local population, to take a human name and wear human clothing.

The only other way we could see another Rose Quartz is if they were a fugitive like her. A gem hiding in plain sight, a twist so huge that the crew can’t even let her speak if they want to preserve it, lest people notice that she has the same voice actress as an identical gem. What a coincidence then that our Mystery Girl doesn’t speak in the episode all about her

My Game, My Rules



“Will you just admit it Joe?! I don’t understand what the big deal is” you snapped at your boyfriend. 

“No Y/N because I’m not jealous.” He snapped back walking across from the room. 

“Yes Joe you are. Your scared that I can pull more people than you can.”

“Y/N its not that…” Joe’s voice shifted an octave as you rolled your eyes.

“Then what is it? Because as I do recall, before me you had a pretty hard time pulling girls” You cocked your head to the side as the boys sat behind you, cheering you on. 

“Fine then.” Joe said feeling rather annoyed about this conversation. “Lets play a little game, whatever one of us can get the most number tonight wins”

“What do I win?”

The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser…for a week”

You narrowed you eyes, complementing your boyfriend’s offer. Obviously you weren’t second guessing your chances of winning tonight, rather thinking of all the ways you could have your boyfriend for a whole week. 

“Deal.” You said sticking your hand out, Joe taking it firmly giving it a shake.

“Alright is that settled because I want to go, my buzz is wearing off” Jack said standing up from the couch. 

“Lets go over the rules once more…” You rolled your eyes at Joe’s words, already hearing the rules of his little games twice now. “The person with the most numbers win. You can’t ask for the number, they have to be given it. You may, however, do whatever it takes for them to give your their number. The only thing that is off limits sex, thats not the objective here.”

“Joe I’m going to have sex with someone just so I can get their number and win this stupid game”

As the night went on, Oli and Josh kept tally of each number you and Joe had brought back to the table. You were a head by only a couple and were determined to beat Joe in this stupid game but you were pleasantly surprised at how good he actually was with picking up girls. 

You watched as Joe handing Josh another piece of paper signally he had just gotten another number. Deciding that you were going to have to pick up the pace, you excused yourself from the man you were currently talking to who honestly, didn’t seem interested, and made you way over to a guy who had been eyeing you up and down all night. 

“Hi there” you said as you walked up to him. 

“I’ve been watching you nearly the whole night, you playing a game?” the man asked, a smirk sliding across his lips. 

“Yes, my idiot boyfriend doesn’t think I can get more number than he can” 

“Hmm well, I think I might be able to pull you ahead” He winked as he snaked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. 

Joe was back at the table when he looked in the direction where all the boys had been staring for quiet some time now. 

“Mate she’s good” 

“Yeah I didn’t know she had it in here” 

They were all watching you and the man as you whispered something in his ear, his grip around your waist tightening. 

Joe was unamused. He was a little mad even. He had watched you with the first couple of guys you had talked to and none of them were thing handsy. 

Something flooded over Joe as he watched the mans hand travel to your bum and he couldn’t just stand around watching anymore. 

“Hey!” Joe called out walking up to you and the stranger. “Thats my girlfriend you have your hands on”

“Hey mate, calm down, I was just helping her win the game. Here you go love” The man said handing you a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it. 

“She doesn’t need it” Joe said swatting the paper out of his hands and he pulls up away from the man. 

“Joe, what are you doing?” you asked confused at his sudden actions. 

“I hate this game.” He mumbled pulling you outside and flagging down a taxi. 

“You’re just mad, I was winning” You smirked getting into the back of the taxi.

Once you were back at your flat, Joe was quick to push you against the wall, his lips burning against your skin. His hands traveled down your back, unzipping your dress and pushing it down your body. 

“Hey hey hey,” You said pushing him away. “I do believe I won.” 

“I don’t care”

“Joe this isn’t fair”

“My game, my rules” he said before reattaching his lips to yours. 

He pulled away and you were quick to pull his shirt over his head. Joe pulled you into your room, pushing you to the bed removing his jeans and boxers. He was already hard and you were already dripping. Joe unclasped your bar and ripped your panties from your body, discarding them on the ground next to his own clothes.

Joe hovered above you, kissing your deeply as he eased into you without warning. 

“Shit Joe” You gasped as he filled you, your hands going to his back nails digging into his skin causing him to wince.

“You’re mine Y/N.” He said as he started to thrust into you quickly and harshly. 

Your hands fell from Joe’s back, gripping the sheets as Joe’s cock reached deeper inside of you. Moans were leaving your mouth so loudly that you were sure that your neighbours would call with a noise complaint but that was the last thing that was on your mind. 

Joe’s moans were loud too. The moans were more curse words mixed with your name as he picked up the pace even more. Your back arched off the bed pushing your chest into Joe’s as you felt yourself get closer and closer to your release. 

“Joe..m’close” You panted out trying to hold in the sensations that so desperately wanted to be set free. 

You’re attempt, however, failed as you felt a wave of euphoria wash over you as you clenched around Joe releasing onto him, his name leaving your throat as your body shuddered underneath him. Joe came right after you, only intensifying your oragasm as he continued to thrust into you.

Joe pulled out of you and laid next to you on the bed snuggling his head into the crook of your shoulder. 

“Well.” You said after catching your breath “I do believe, I won and that you were in fact jealous or else that wouldn’t have just happened.”

 You turned over so you were facing hims, pushing his fluffy hair out of his eyes. Joe’s eye were closed and you smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. 

“But you’re cute even when you are jealous”

“I’m not jealous” He said pulling you closer to him, then covering you both up with the duvet. 

“Whatever. But I still won!”

“Yeah yeah, we’ll discuss the logistics in the morning” Joe said squeezing your tighter. 

it’s just so important how you can see that maggie gave in this kiss everything she wanted to give in their first kiss but without guilt, without any other thoughts, just kissing the girl she wants to kiss as if the world was literally about to end because yeah maybe the world is about to end or maybe one of them will die the next day who knows? what she knows though is that she cant live with herself if she doesnt try the best she can to make things work with alex because she owes it to her and to herself as well so screw everyone, screw “lets be friends”, screw taking it slow because life is indeed too short specially in their world so yeah sure, it might not work but hell, it might also be the most wonderful story of her life and with the woman she loves so i guess, as cat grant would say, maggie just dived.

Zero isn't the only size

Dear Victoria Secret
As a customer, woman, feminist and curvy girl I want you to know that your customers come in different sizes. You guys probably know that, thats why you make sizes Xs-L. So why can’t any your models be different sizes? Your angels are gorgeous but not all woman have the resources nor the time to “train like an angel”. Women come in different shape and sizes and I think its time you embrace that. Just because we arent a size 0 doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be angels. After watching the 2016 Victoria Secret fashion show, I wondered why can’t we have equally as beautiful plus size or just different model that arent skinny and 5'10. Don’t get me wrong I still believe all of the models are beautiful but I also believe that a lot of thicker girls are beautiful as well. I think it’s time that you, Victoria Secret, one of the top selling lingerie compagny in the world, should portrait women of all shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful the way we are and I feel like we need to show it more because actions speak louder than words. Also, we need to show little girls that being a size 0 or a size 14 is equally as beautiful because the average jean size in the U.S.A is 12-14. We need to show the everyday woman that they can be represented in fashion. There are so many beautiful plus size-fit models, like Iskra Lawrence or Ashley Graham that are professinal and hard-working just like your angels. We’re in 2016, soon to be 2017, for god sakes, I think it’s time we make some major changes.

Princess Part 2 - Badboy!Calum

Part 1

Part 3



“Hey Princess,” Calum says, one arm leaning out of the car. You are just stepping out of your house, for your walk to school when you hear two quick pulses of the horn. You  instantly looked up, to see your acquaintance from school, the bad boy.

Calum has done some scary shit. And you know it. From drugs to rumors to being in gangs, he’s done everything. Although rumor is is that he’s gone clean. Some people speculate that it’s because he want’s girlfriend, but you know thats B.S. When a guy can get any girl he wants, why would he ever want to settle down. It wasn’t just Calum’s bad boy attitude that attracted girls, but the fact that he’s really attractive. With warm brown eyes, and a jawline that could kill, who wouldn’t be attracted to him?

“What are you doing here?” You asked shocked.

“It’s supposed to rain,” Calum says back, as an explanation. Your so confused, why the hell would he care if its supposed to rain? You give him a confused look, “Get in,” He says.

You are quick to shake your head. No way are you getting in a car with him! That would make you a madman! You defiantly begin to walk away from him and to the school. Then, just like in a movie it begins to pour. Calum, who was following you in his car gives a smirk, thinking that you were going to give in and go to his car. Defiantly you continue to walk to school. You will be damned if you go into that car.

You hear the car door slam and someone grab your hand. The car is left unattended and Calum spins you around. He doesn’t say anything, but puts you into a fireman’s carry and carries you back to his car, soaked. He sits you down in the passenger seat and buckles the seatbelt for you, like an attending father would do for his child. He then gets into the Driver’s side and drives the both of you to school. You are too shocked to do anything at the moment but sit quietly in his car.

“See you later Princess,” Calum says, after parking the car. He hops out and walks to the school. Leaving you in the Passenger’s side, alone.

When your class with Calum comes around you make sure to sit surrounded by people, thinking this might keep him away. When Calum walks into the room and spots you, you hear a low growl come from the back of his throat. He stalks over to you and give a menacing look to the person sitting next to you. They immediately leap out of the chair and move seats. Calum gives a satisfying grin and turns to look at you. “Hey Princess,” He greets like nothing happened.

“Why did you do that?” You ask, ignoring your rule to ignore him. His eyebrows shoot up, not expecting a response from you, but quickly lower back down.

“What?” He says, playing innocent

“Scare that poor boy away?” You asks, fiddling with you nails. Your head is bowed, not looking at him.

“Look at me,” Calum demands and you find your head shooting up to meet his eyes. His dark brown eyes are sparkling as he looks at you, “You really don’t get it do you?” Calum asks.

You shake your head, unsure what he is talking about. He give a big sigh before demanding, “I’m giving you a ride home today.”


  • bisexual eva!!!!!!!!! she loves girls and she loves boys and she just wants to kiss everyone all the time!!!!
  • lesbian vilde!!!! it took her a long-ass time to unlearn her internalized homophobia and impulsive heterosexuality!! to realize the only reason she was a “slut” and got with any boys who would pay attention to her was because she thought she was SUPPOSED to be attracted to them!! whose sexuality fluctuates and changes over time and the reason she was so fucking hung up on William was because she was trying to hard to convince herself thats who she should want to be with!!! who kisses eva for the first time and realized, oh shit, maybe this is what i want instead
  • pansexual chris!!! she doesn’t care enough to think about it she just falls in love with who she falls in love with, and is attracted to who she is attracted to!! guys i want her to do her Top Notch Flirting Skills with another girl so badly
  • pansexual noora!!!! she met eskild in a gay club and is a very strong member of the gay community!! it took her a while to realize it  but once she did it was just that moment of oh that makes sense and then moved on with her life!!!!
Criminal Minds: Wedding Ring

Morgan: He spends months looking for the perfect ring. He wants nothing but the best for his baby girl so its big and gorgeous. plus he wants it to be the first thing any man sees, so they know you’re VERY happily married

As for his ring, you guys choose it together. It sleek and simple, yet a bit flashy at the same time.

Reid: After weeks of contemplating between a few rings, he chooses one nothing less than perfect and unique, just like your relationship.

You surprise him one day after being out and seeing a ring thats gorgeous and unusual, the perfect combination thats undeniably Spencer.

Hotch: You and Hotch break tradition and choose the ring together. He still asks you to marry him in the perfect way, with a necklace until you find the right ring.  

Hotch is closed off and not at all a flashy guy, so he chooses a simple band.

Rossi: Davids a very classy and elegant person, and that reflects in the ring he chooses. Its very simple and timeless but stunning nonetheless.

His ring is classy and understated. It screams elegant yet powerful and its absolutely perfect for him.

(Jared Leto) Joker Imagine

Request: Can someone who writes joker imagines write one where during a robbery or something he sees a girl thats in a wheelchair and he is drawn to her please you can make it up how ever you want.. i myself am in a wheelchair and i haven’t seen any joker imagines like that i just think it would interesting how he would handle it.

Pairing: Joker x Reader 

Warnings: None 


A/N: So this is kind of lame and bad but I feel like the Joker would just take an avid interest in you. Idk I did my best but if there are any problems with this please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix them. 

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Hey guys, Mod Lauren here! We are having another fan art contest. And the winners will have their art featured on our blog!

The rules: must contain at least 75% characters of color. That means if you want to do 4 princesses, only one can be white. Or course, you dont have to include any white characters if you dont want to.

The characters arent limited to princesses, or even girls. You can include Aladdin, Kida, Kenai, Maui, Nakoma, Quasimodo, even Cobra Bubbles if you want!

IT MUST BE WINTER THEMED. We’d love to see some holiday themed submissions but if you dont celebrate any holidays, thats cool too.


Just submit to our blog or send us the link to the image if you host it on a different site.


Happy art-ing!


Thank god it’s weekend



vanessa + lily (penny dreadful)

sometimes I watch supercat or supercorp gif sets and I’m just so dumbfounded like what are these people thinking doing all those lingering looks and longing gazes. like I know the producers attempted establishing Kara’s heterosexuality from s01e01 but damn girl that’s not cutting it because who in their right, sensible minds will look at these gifs and think that kara danvers (or any of these women tbh) are the straightest people on the planet

sometimes you guys need to just realize some things Aren’t That Deep. as a Gay who is thirsty for any kind of representation obviously im going to prefer seeing two characters of the same gender together as opposed to a guy and a girl like….. thats literally all there is to it. anyway #TeamJJSeung

taurusversant replied to your post “what homestuck things are we thinking tonight”

I read that rosemary ao3 fic you reblogged the choice quotes from yesterday and now it’s on my mind all the time

Damn! I gotta read it; I’ve heard good things so IDK why I haven’t yet. 

Here’s the link for those interested.

Just imagine if you could reread your favorite manga as many times as you wanted but it still had the same magical effects as it did the first time through