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33 + boyf riends for the ilu prompts!!

[The way you said “I love you.“ + 33. On a post-it note]

(Wherein sometimes you can say “I love you” without saying those exact words; a study in selected post its)

(inside one of Jeremy’s notebooks)

YOU LEFT THIS AT MY PLACE YOU FORGETFUL NERD!!! how do you even read your notes holy shit??? your handwriting looks like dancing snakes

P.S. flip through bottom right corner to watch a flippy animation thingy i made of a dinosaur putting sunglasses on


(inside the pocket of Michael’s hoodie)

Who’s the forgetful nerd now :P

You also forgot like eight of your pens but all of my pens disappeared idk so these are mine now. You’ll have to kill me if you want them back.

P.S. I almost did not return this. It’s very soft. Feel free to forget more often haha.


(passed to Michael during class)

I’m dying. I’m so bored.


(passed back to Jeremy during class, now with various doodles)

this here is gwendolyn and shes a lizard that fights with a war hammer thats on fire. you have til the end of the class to create a worthy opponent. GO!!


(stuck onto Jeremy’s phone. on the back is a shaky game of hangman)

dear sober jeremy,

yes, u got hammered last night. no, u didnt do anything that will require you to jump into the nearest sewer to live with bootlegged mutant ninja turtles. yes, you tried to dance on a table, but only for three seconds because rich pushed you off and proceeded to teach us how to dougie. yes, i drove you home, and no, you werent a bother. HYDRATE!! TAKE A SHOWER AND A PAINKILLER!! EAT AN EGG!!! hope u feel less hangover-y soon

P.S. drunk you is SHIT at hangman. you started suggesting emojis


(found crushed in the passenger’s seat of Michael’s car written in barely legible scrawl)

hangman is hard but thats ok cuz youre gorgeeo beatu CUTE

-J J J J J J J J

(on Jeremy’s wall)

what a great morning to remember that youre wonderful

(on Jeremy’s bathroom mirror)

looking pretty handsome, if i do say so myself

(on Jeremy’s backpack)

this backpack is so lucky to be lugged around by a RAD DUDE LIKE YOU

(given to Michael, folded up as a crane)

Thank you.


(folded up in Jeremy’s wallet. never posted anywhere)

I think

 Please don’t be 

It’s okay if you want to stop being fri

I’m in love with you


(in a tin container along with a Magic The Gathering Card and a ticket stub to Weird Al. never posted anywhere. this post it has been here for a while.)

im falling in love with you.


(slipped into Michael’s locker)

Lunch? Just the two of us?


Ballroom Night

Daredevil Imagine
Character: Matthew Murdock
Reader: Female
Word Count: 2,382
Warning: Smut, extremely hot waltzing, swearing, very fluffy ending.

Author’s Note: I know it’s long but I hope you like it!!!!! Hope you wanted fluff, smut, and fun! toratoratoramikey

“To Nelson and Murdock!” Foggy says as he holds up his glass.

“AND,” Matt starts,“both of our beautiful assistants.” I know he can’t see, but I swear he could sense my blush.

“I’m glad we decided to hire you Y/n. One assistant for each of us, because god knows just one of you can’t handle us both. This past year wouldn’t have been the same without you. Either of you. You two are special.” Foggy says.

“You’re just glad you finally have Karen to yourself Foggy.” Matt retorted.

We all took a drink and laughed a little. Foggy got up and grabbed another bottle from Josie. While he was gone Karen got up and went to the bathroom. Leaving me alone with Matt.

It was a secret I only shared with Karen. I had the biggest crush on Matt. Honestly, I might just be in love with him.

He’s just sitting there and smiling and knowing smile. I feel as though my heart is going to beat out of my chest. Damn that smile.

“Y/n…” he looks at me and smiles.

“Yes Matt?” I say looking up from my drink.


“Here we are with a new bottle. Starting over but drunker than before,” he laughed holding the bottle as though it was handed down from God.

"Pour me another glass Mr. Nelson.” I smile.

“Oh, come on. I told you Y/n, call me Foggy.” He said with a mock sternness.

“Leave the poor girl alone. I mean she has it bad enough,” Karen pinches my cheek. “It’s ballroom night and she’s got no one to dance with.” She stuck her lip out and gave me the puppy eyes as sympathy.

“I’ll dance with you Y/n.” Foggy smiles. I look across the table and see Matt visibly tense.

“No offense Foggy, but you can dance. Like at all.” Karen laughs and will all join in.

“How about you Matthew? Will you salsa with me?” I ask feeling my liquid courage kick in.

“MATT? Ha! Thats a good one Y/n. Matt is just as bad as I am. He can’t dance.” Foggy laughs.

Immediately Matt gets up and walks around to my side of the table. Grabbing my hand he plants a light kiss on the back sending my heart fluttering.

“May I have this dance Ms. Y/l/n?” he says as he bows.

“Why yes you certainly may Mr. Murdock,” I smile. I catch Karen’s wink as I stand. Grabbing my drink I take one last swig and lead Matt out to the dance floor.

"I won’t make you look bad.” Matt whispers in my ear. “I hope.”

“Wait one moment.” I walk up to the DJ and ask for one of Tchaikovsky’s Waltzes. He nods and I turn and walk back to Matt.

“A simple waltz shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner, right?” I say as he puts his hand on my waist. My breathing hitched, and he smiled as if he noticed. His hands are so large the practically reach my spine. Those long fingers. I silently thank god that I wore an open back dress tonight.

“Right,” he laughs.

The music begins to play. Matt and I sway back and forth. I rest one hand on his shoulder and slide the other into his larger one. I feel the roughness of calluses against my fingers and palm. He grips my hand lightly.

Suddenly he pulls me flush against his chest. The hand on my lower back practically lifting me to him. He smiles and places a soft kiss to my cheek.

“The thing is honey, I am no beginner.” He pulled away and lead me into the most professional waltz I’ve dance since graduating from Cromwell Academy of the Arts. Each stride was as if we have been dancing together for years. We dance perfectly insync. We dance like leaves floating in the autumn wind. I don’t even have to think. I can’t think.

Matt’s hand grips tighter on my back. If it were possible we are now closer than we were before. He leaned in and his lips brushed my ear.

“You only dance like this with me from now on. Do we have an understanding Y/n?” He gives me one of those devilish grins, and slips his hand lower on my back. I just nod in fear that if I spoke it would just come out as a moan. God those hands. What those hands could do is driving me insane!

“Your heart rate is off the charts Y/n. You aren’t thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you?”

He spins me and pulls me pack into his very inviting arms. I put one palm to his chest and slowly push him backwards. His right hand captures mine over his heart. Pulling my hand from his chest he spins me, then pulls me in so his chest is flush against my back. I can fell his heart beat against my back. Steady and strong. We sway back and forth. Back and forth. He spins me out and pulls me in only this time we are face to face as we resume our waltz.

As the song comes to an end Matt dips me. When I come back up he holds me flush against him. I’m almost afraid to move, so I just stay still. The feeling of our chest heaving together trying to get our breath back is dizzying. He leans in slowly, and my breathing hitches. Both of his hands are on my back. One between my shoulder blades, and the other just above my butt. My hands snake their way around his neck, and tangle themselves in his hair. Our faces are just inches apart.

“Goddamn it Murdock! Could you just let me win for one night?!” Foggy yells from across the room.

I brake away from Matthew’s embrace, and finally see the crowd that had assembled to watch us dance. The other dancers must have vacated the floor just for us. Aww. What a romantic notion. I grab Matt’s hand and lead him back to our seats.

“Murdock what was that? Huh? I thought you told me you were a hopeless dancer. Why didn’t you tell me?” Foggy says in mock offense.

“Remember in college when I told you I was taking ‘Intro to British Literature’?” Matt asks.


“I took dancing lessons instead.” Matt smiles.

“That’s fantastic Matt. What dances do you know how to do?” Karen asks smiling.

“All of them.” I answer. Everyone looks at me, and I try to hide the colour rising to my cheeks. The corners of Matt’s mouth curl up slightly at the silence.

“If he can dance the waltz THAT well, he can dance any dance he sets his mind to.” I shrug trying to hide my insecurity.

“Yeah! You! How did you learn to dance like that? Plus why didn’t you tell us about it. We could have company dance parties.” Foggy almost yells.

“I went to 'Cromwell Academy of the Arts’. I have a Masters in dance. Majoring in dance and minority’s in law. Cool huh?” Foggy nods excitedly. “I could go pro, but I like sticking around with you two avocados, and this peach.” I jerk my thumb towards Karen. We all laugh and have another round.

“Y/n, why don’t I take you back home? Foggy, will you take Karen home?” Foggy mutters a yep and I nod.

“She just nodded.” Foggy smiles.

“Oh, shot. Sorry Matt I forgot.” I apologize sheepishly.

“Remember I’m not made of glass Y/n.”

“Well, you’re not made of steel either.” I touch one of the cuts on his brow. He doesn’t wince in pain, but he takes off his glasses and closes his eyes. For some reason I feel honored that Matt finally trusts me enough to show me his most vulnerable side. Usually he only shows this to Foggy and sometimes Karen. I didn’t notice but they had left why I was staring at Matt.

“Let go Y/n.” Matt says offering his arm.

We get out of Josie’s and walk four or fave blocks south. Matthew taps his cane as we walk. Sometimes he taps a trash can, and I can’t help but giggle when he jumps in surprise.

“I thought you were a badass avocado at law Murdock. Now you got little trash cans scaring you.” I laugh and we ascend two flights of stairs. We come to a stop at a thick green door, and Matt begins fishing for highs keys.

“This isn’t my place, right?” I shouldn’t have drank that much.

“No. This is my place. You are staying here with me tonight.” He ushered me in with his hand dangerously low on my back.

I set my bag, coat and shoes down on the bench in the front hallway. Matthew pulls me into the main room pointing out the rooms and things in his beautiful big ass apartment. Unable to control myself further, I turn around to face him. He looks at me as though he could see me. I crash my lips into his. He is surprised at first, but finally gets the memo. We move in sync just as we had in the dance floor. Our lips pressed firmly together, and only breaking apart so we can remove our shirts. They’re thrown across the room along with our pants.

Matt’s hands rake over my entire body as if committing it to memory. My hands tangle themselves in his hair as I main against his lips. I break the kiss and turn my neck, and Matt starts kissing and biting my collar bone.

“Your skin tastes like honey Y/n,” he mumbles. His left hand slides up my inner thigh making me arch my back. Matt takes this opportunity to expertly u clasp my bra and slide it from me. He wastes no time in mapping out the newly exposed skin with his tongue. He kisses his way down to the waist band of my panties. He raises his head.

“Are you sure you want to do this Y/n?”

I feel the answer erupting in my chest, and I almost forget to answer.

“Yes! God yes Matt. Have to since I met you.” I breathe.

“Same here sweetheart.” In one swift motion he removes your underwear.


“Ready.” I smile and pull him back up to kiss him passionately. His tongue slides across my bottom lip and I gasp at the sensation. Matt takes advantage and maps out my mouth with his tongue. He lines himself up and slowly thrusts into me. His thrusts are agonizingly slow.

“Matt… faster… please!” I moan. He picks up his pace as if he eager to please. With each blinding thrust he hits my sweet spot. Soon his thrusts fall out of rhythm, and I know we both are close. I tighten around him and he groans thrusting faster.

“Y/n!” he groans as he releases, and that’s all it takes to throw me over the edge.

“Matthew!” My vision goes white as we ride out our highs together.

When we finally come down he pulls out of my and lays down next to me pulling me to his chest. I hear his steady heart beat as he wraps one arm around me and strokes my back. I lay one of my hands on his stomach, and he covers it with his own.

“That was amazing!” Matthew whispers into my ear. “Even better than your dancing!”

“I was just about to say the same thing!” I plant a kiss to his chest.

“Let’s go to sleep Y/n.” I nod against his chest and driest of to the steady beat of his heart.


The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon and kisses being planted all over my face. My eyes open to see Matt with two plates of bacon and eggs. I sit up and grab one of Matt’s white shirts and button it up a little. He sits down cross-legged at the end of the bed.

“Good morning beautiful,” he says handing me a plate and then a cup of coffee.

“Hmm. Morning handsome.” I lean in and give his a heated kiss.He smiles and begins to giggle into the kiss. He pulls away taking a drink of coffee.

“I have something to say Y/n.” He puts his cup and pate down.


“You might be mine at the office Y/n, but I want to make you all mine. Everyday, I want it to be you and me. I want to sing you to sleep at night. I want to wake up every morning and feel your heart beat against my chest. I want to kiss you awake on Sunday mornings. Make you breakfast in bed. I want to be the only one to comfort you.“ Matt says, his voice getting louder and more excited.

"I want you to be the one I come home to. Honestly, I’m so in love with you that I’ve dreamed about a perfect life for you and me. I want to be the father of your children. God, I want to be with you so bad. I know this is probably forsaking you out because we only just had sex last night, and we haven’t even been seeing each other. I just had to tell you, or I thought I might just explode. After the way we danced last night I knew it was now or never.” He takes a deep breath.

Matthew opens his mouth to talk again, but I shut him up with a kiss. Passionate, deep, and meaningful kiss that would last a lifetime.

“Will you marry me Y/n Y/l/n?”

“Well that escalated quickly!” I laughed. “Yes of course I’ll marry you.”

He pounces on me, and peppers my face and neck with sweet kisses. “How. Many. Kids?” he asks kissing me after each word.

“How about we start out with one mini Daredevil and go from there?” His kisses answer my question. We stay like that. Our brake fast completely forgotten.

Two Prompt Tuesday #30

Prompt: Hard to be this close to you and not kiss you. 
ALSO: Folkin’ Around by Panic! At The Disco which is the song I was assigned as part of Ashley’s Birthday Fic Challenge!
Word Count: 1150
Warnings: Feels. Mention of loss of virginity, no details.

Two Prompt Tuesday Masterlist

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*chanting* DRV3 PROM HC's DRV3 PROM HC's DRV3 PROM HC's

they dont have prom in japan!? oh well. were still doing it

  • of course. theres dates and there are groups. the dates and groups are ouma/amami , maki/kaede, yumeno/angie , iruma/tenko/tsumigi, and gonta/shinguuji/hoshi , saihara/toujou/kaito/keebo
  • names are links to what their dresses/outfits would look like lol
  • maki and kaede they go for the red blue lesbian look
  • tsumigi and  tenko and iruma 
  •  hoshi and gonta and shinguuji 
  • ouma and amami 
  • yumeno and angie
  • keebo(just imagine him wearing a bowtie) and kaito and toujou and saihara 
  • that took a long ass time
  • they rent a party bus and have a really fun time. like a really fun time. its good. theres a stripper pole and guess what iruma does
  • they go out to dinner at some fancy resturant. ouma, hoshi, angie, and kaito are not allowed to order anything that might mess up their clothing. hoshi orders french fries and STILL makes a mess
  • tenko spills water on her dress and thinks its such a disaster. kaede has to help her clean up
  • amami almost fights the waiter
  • saihara DOES fight the waiter
  • they go to the park to take pictures. maki and kaede are the most photogenic
  • angie and yumeno want to sit in a tree to take pics. gonta puts them up there and makes sure they dont fall. angie falls and gonta catches her
  • amami DOES NOT. KNOW HOW TO SMILE FOR PICTURES. he and oumas prom pictures go like this
  • you can only see the top of hoshis head in most of the pictures
  • toujou and saihara take REALLY INTENSE PICTURES. make everyone feel awkward
  • gonta and shiguuji opt out of pictures because eh. except the group ones
  • they all head to prom and get inside
  • maki and kaede basically make sure none of their friends dance inappropriately
  • toujou doesnt know how to dance she just sways back and forth
  • hoshi gonta shinguuji just chill out by the food and have fun
  • iruma tries to grind on saihara and he nearly faints
  • iruma also tries to table top dance
  • yumeno and angie do the fun activities. you know like the arcade and games and stuff. theyre cute gfs
  • toujou wins prom queen. thats it. she doesnt need a king
  • after prom is over they all go out for a second meal
  • they almost ALL fall asleep waiting for it. they basically have a gr8 time tho
  • they dont get home until like 2 am and its grand


  • Luke: "Sweetie, did you decide what you want?", your mom look at you; face hidden behind your menu. "Yes, I think I'll have the pasta", you replied. "Good choice", you jumped in your seat, not having noticed the extremely cute waiter taking your order. "Oh, thanks", you smiled, meeting his blue eyes. You bit your lip, watching him run his tongue through his black lip piercing as he scribbled down your order; "I'll come back with everything soon", he smiled at you. "thanks", you blushed lightly, smiling back. The rest of dinner went on with you and Luke glancing at each other and your mom pretending not to notice it. "You know what?", she said once you had ordered the bill, "Your dad is probably at home complaining about how we're taking so long to go back - and I'm old. You stay here, pay the bill and go out with your friends or something afterwards", she stood up before you could debate. "Where's she going?", Luke asked, four eyes watching as she walked away. "Home", you replied, "And I guess she forgot she was my ride". "Hm," Luke said, nibbling at his bottom lip and putting your check on the table - wondering whether he should take this chance or not. "You know", he cautiously said, "My shift's over in five… We could go out, and I can take you home… If you'd like". "Sure", you smiled, taking your wallet.
  • Ashton: You were at a family dinner in one of your father's favorite restaurant - which meant he knew every single one of the people that worked there. "(Y/N)", he woke you from your thoughts, "This is Ashton, that new waiter I was telling you about". Next to him stood the hottest guy you had ever seen wearing a button up white t-shirt and a black bow tie - he made it look the newest trend. "Hi", you smiled at him, re-adjusting your little cousin on your lap. "Hey", he flashed you a dimpled smile, "Nice to meet you". Whenever Ashton came to your table, he would make sure he smiled at you, or flexed his muscles, or played with your little cousins - who were all drooling for him. "Ashton", one of them said when he brought over your check. "Yes?", he kneeled down so he could be eye level with her. "We're playing play pretend, and (Y/N) is our princess. But, she doesn't have a prince!", he eyed you quickly, turning his attention back to your cousin and pouting. "Is that so?". "Yes! But she said she thought you were hot", your other cousin chimed in - not understanding how embarrassing what she had just said was to you. Ashton glanced at your blushing self, a smirk attached to his lips and eyebrows raised: "Oh, really?", she simply nodded. "So, will you b ever prince?". "Well, of course", he said, "But, right now I can't play. Maybe, if (Y/N) wouldn't mind waiting here, my shift's over soon and we can play pretend for you guys". "Yay", your cousin squealed, "You wouldn't mind. Would you, (Y/N)?". "I guess I wouldn't", you blushed, avoiding Ashton's gaze. "Okay, then. Just wait here and I'll come and get you once I'm done", he smiled widely.
  • Michael: "That waiter is totally checking you out", your friend told you. "What? Who?", you asked, looking around. "The one with green hair behind the counter", your eyes spot a colorful head. His green eyes seemed to be staring into your soul while he smirked at you. "What do I do?", you turned back to your friend. "Go over there and say something", she told you. "Like what?", you asked, biting your lip in anxiety. "Like anything!", she urged you, "Ask for some water". "Water. Okay", you mumbled to yourself, standing up and walking towards him. "Oh, hello there", he smiled at you. "Hi", you smiled back. "Can I offer you anything?", he smirked, eyes roaming lower and lower on your body. "Yes, I'd like a water please", and your body, you finished in your mind. "A water for…?", he waited for your name. "(Y/N)", you told him. "A water for (Y/N). Of course", he said, "I'm Michael, by the way". "Nice to meet you", you told him. You waited with him for everyone to leave, and that's how you ended laid down on the counter, hands grabbing furiously at his hair. While his hands were at your waist, grinding his crotch against yours, tongues in a never-ending dance.
  • Calum: "And for the pretty girl?", you blushed, looking up from your menu and avoiding your parents stare. "I'll just have a water, please", you looked at your cute waiter's brown eyes. "Water for the pretty girl", he read out loud, "I'll be right back with your drinks", he winked at you. "I think I'm gonna use the bathroom", you excused yourself from the table in order to avoid the award silence, or your mom's unnecessary remarks about how the waiter was flirting with you. "Well, well, well. If it's not the pretty girl", Calum smiled at you, closing the kitchen door, "Missed me already?". "I'm just going to the bathroom", you rolled your eyes, pointing to the door that was a few steps away from you. "Mind if I join you, (Y/N)?", he winked at you. "How do you know my name?", you ignored his dirty mind and sexual look he was giving you - but the blush growing on your cheeks showed you had fully understood his intentions. "I heard your parents talking to you", he shrugged. "And you are?", you asked. "Calum", he said, "The hottest waiter in the house". "Sure, sure", you giggled. "And I think that the hottest waiter and the prettiest girl should go on a date", he stated. You opened your lips to tell him a direct 'no', but were interrupted by him: "And if you say 'no', which I know you will, I'll just have to ask you again in front of your parents". "What time is your shift over?", you bit your lip, rolling your eyes at his smirk.

I need Nora to be the one to knock some sense into Jaune at the dance, but in a very calm in serene way. Ren’s gone to request a song or something and they’re just sitting at the table, her eyes following him as she explains what it means to be “together together” with someone. She’s got this sad little smile because it’s not like Ren’s oblivious (“Like a certain leader of mine.”) it’s just timing. “Don’t you have someone who enjoys you’re presence no matter how you act or mess up ?” kind of thing