that's not how you fight


true love


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

Oh, you and I? Darling, we survived.
—  in another universe, softly, kindly, without question | p.d(via lostcap)

when people say Elsa was the hero of Frozen

  • Newt: Percy, how could you do this?!
  • Percival: Newt, it's not what you think-
  • Newt: You're keeping them captive against their will and making them fight! That's animal abuse! You know how I feel about that!
  • Percival: Babe, listen, it's not real, I-
  • Newt: No. I can't be with someone who plays Pokemon Go.

A hardworking man who even left his family for his dream AND THEN I SEE PEOPLE NOT LOVING HIM… HOW?! B*TCH 👏🏼FIGHT👏🏼 ME👏🏼

should you fight the foxes?
  • Dan: why would you fight dan. i mean, you can, but should you? she once kicked a raven in the nuts. she was probably even somewhat buzzed at that time? do you think this is a wise decision? proceed with caution.
  • Kevin: look at this tall, beefy boy. he has anxiety... Fight Him.
  • Andrew: he'll stab you. like, literally. but i mean, fight him anyway. if you get a punch in, that's good. i heard he doesn't know how to duck.
  • Matt: why would you fight matt. he could sit on you and you will literally be powerless. and i mean. does he deserve it? if so, i mean, good luck? the guy has a boxer for a mom and he's a back liner, okay, i don't fuck with that but good luck.
  • Aaron: he probably forgot who you were since he made you want to fight him but like. fight him anyway.
  • Seth: this is an urn. why would you punch an urn. i mean. okay, maybe. fight him.
  • Allison: a fair fighter. fight her. it's a 50/50 split, if you manage to avoid the fake nails. good luck!
  • Nicky: fight him. literally, he's so eager to fight. just do it. do it for him, maybe, if not for yourself. he just wants to fight.
  • Renee: G O O D L U C K
  • Neil: this boy's asking for a fight all the time, i think you have to wait in line for it

A lesson in conflict resolution, brought to  you by Bumblebee.

(Spray Bottles: For times when leading your team is like herding cats)

RFA + Minor Trio reacts to Otaku MC


-Okay listen, honEY

 -lowkey jealous of those anime boys in those animes and manga you look at


-He becomes the anime boy™ like hes not already

-Seriously, he buys a costume online and tries to seduce you with the power of cosplay, viktor nikiforov, inuyasha, he has got it.

-But, he’ll watch it with you because he cant escape it

-And will totally do the couple cosplay thing at cons if you wanna go w him
-people ask how he looks so handsome at them smh


-With being trapped in the world of LOLOL, he doesnt really watch anime that much


-He’ll try and watch the animes you bingewatch with you to have an excuse to be with you

-…gets addicted

-Cries with you when your faves die


-Struggles to balance addictions of LOLOL and anime to the point of doing both at same time


-A fellow… a fellow fan?!

-Never had time to watch anime or read the manga because of her job


-So when shE FINALLY HAS TIME ON HER HANDS WOO she watches anime with you after the cafe shift

-You guys get so invested into this one show, that you start yelling at this couple to just kiss already

-The tension is too thicc

-Lowkey gets a bookcase of manga,,, and becomes broke wow

-Thanks MC for getting her into this hell


-Is a closet otaku.

-he has a small collection of manga hidden behind the bookcase that he L O V E S

-So when you found out, you totally screamed



-You got him to watch a couple animes until

-He gets h o o k e d on this one anime


-Because cats. Cats are good and valid, don’t fight him on thiS CATS DESERVE MORE PROJECTS

-Stop this man before he starts a project with animators to make something about Elizabeth 3rd



-H O N E Y

-This man

-This man is the True Otaku.

-You wake up and he’s standing over you

-Dressed as Sailor Venus.

-“In the name of Love, I will severely tickle you!”

-“I dont think thats how it goe-”



-Seriously tho, yall watch anime a LOT and go to cons as your faves


-Scoffs and says he hates anime

-But you walked in on him one night doing whAT??


-But you end up dragging him to watch something

-You think he’ll like attack on titan but he’ll say that it’s not “gorey” and “cool” enough

-He’s just weirded out by the teeth and faces dont let him fool you



-He doesnt watch that much anime that much nor does he read manga, but will watch something with you because you’re there <3

-He’ll get so inspired by some of the backgrounds in some of them

-Lowkey sneaks a picture of you if you fall asleep the binge

-Worried about you staying up so late watching it

-“Its not healthy to stay up so late looking at a screen, MC”

-Worried bab


-You’ve got to be kidding me.

-Another person in their life who does nothing but obsess over this “anime stuff?!”

-Will tolerate the anime for you, his love

-But tazes Saeyoung if he recommends yET ANOTHER ANIME TO YOU

-You try dragging him to watch one, but he refuses over and over

-…one day.

my fav thing about rey and hux being siblings is on one hand you have rey as this beautiful, radiant, destructive goddess who looks good on planet Sand Hell while hux looks like someone who died behind a waffle house 

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BTS reaction where you are their stylist and that's how you meet?

Of course bb


He’d fight his way to be in your chair first and he’d be damned if he spent less that 20 minutes in it. He’d find himself purposely pushing his hair back so you would have to stand close so you could reach up and fix it. ‘Y/N I kind of did it again’ *whispers* ‘Can I take you for dinner after this?’


He’d be nervous to talk to you and when he was assigned your chair he’d sit there quietly just watching you work through the mirror. He’d find himself making you blush and the moment that clicked in his head he’d use it to his advantage, each day he sees you making you blush more and more until the two of you were constantly together.


Like Jin, the moment you caught his eye he’d be right there front and center and would even go as far as telling the other boys they were being called by someone they weren’t just so he could sit in your chair. He’d find himself lightly touching your hip a you stepped between his knees to get product through his hair and when you were off helping the others he’d stare at you intently making sure no one else was trying to flirt with you.


He’d do more than just sit in you chair a little too long. He’d always be dancing around and pulling you from what you were doing to spin you a few times. he’d love to hear you giggle so that would be his favorite thing to do while waiting to get on set. It would get to the point where you found yourself always around him, even when you weren’t working just because he made you smile so much. 


He’d be shy at first and you’d always catch him staring at you wether he was in your chair or not. When he’d start to actually hold a conversation with you he’d find himself smiling uncontrollably until he finally mustard up the courage to start actually spending time with you. You’d find yourself falling into a routine with him and after a while you two would sit there laughing not fully remembering how the two of you fell into a relationship. It just naturally happened. 


He’d let you know he was interested by the way he looked at you, always winking and licking his bottom lip before smiling at the blush that would creep onto your cheeks. He’d start doing little things like handing you your things and fixing your own hair if there was a piece you messed up from frustration. It would probably take him a little longer than most to actually start flirting with you straight to your face but once he did there would be no stopping the downward tumble it was cause you two to fall down.


He’d be so shy and although he would find himself talking to you alot more than the other boys did he’d still be to shy to actually take anything further. One day he would get fed up with himself and almost shout at you to go get coffee with him, which you would respond with tugging slightly at his hair and nodding, smiling at his bunny grin that would light up through the reflection of the mirror. 

You know what I think is hilarious

The constant shade being thrown between Onision and Ronnie Radke..

I mean, both men are about 30 or close.

Both men, have a child that is basically the same age as the other.

Both men, have almost exact reasons why majority of the internet hates them.

Both men, are friends with Andy Biersack.

And both men, absolutely hate eachother.

I’m sorry but that’s funny as hell