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i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

when people say Elsa was the hero of Frozen

  • Newt: Percy, how could you do this?!
  • Percival: Newt, it's not what you think-
  • Newt: You're keeping them captive against their will and making them fight! That's animal abuse! You know how I feel about that!
  • Percival: Babe, listen, it's not real, I-
  • Newt: No. I can't be with someone who plays Pokemon Go.
Oh, you and I? Darling, we survived.
—  in another universe, softly, kindly, without question | p.d(via lostcap)
You know what I think is hilarious

The constant shade being thrown between Onision and Ronnie Radke..

I mean, both men are about 30 or close.

Both men, have a child that is basically the same age as the other.

Both men, have almost exact reasons why majority of the internet hates them.

Both men, are friends with Andy Biersack.

And both men, absolutely hate eachother.

I’m sorry but that’s funny as hell

Custom Bio: Section IV

IV. Where the Timelines Split

    Only so many successful defenses could protect her wards before word spread among thieves. No matter how she might have prepared when things around the her little corner stayed too quiet for too long, a large enough and coordinated enough group could just not be stopped by one person and a few booby traps. The oncoming attack would become a fixed point in fate, leaving a young woman lying unconscious in the very grasses she’d tried to save, and about to awaken to a whole new life.

    What life… varied.

1. Grima
[Original timeline]

     A vicious, valiant effort to fight off far too numerous bandits left her wounded, surrounded, disarmed, and disgraced. They were interested in loot, not lives, and were quite happy to leave her breathing to goad and watch her wallow in her own pitiful, defeated state. Bound in ropes and broken down, one last blow from the hilt of an axe to her already dizzy head knocked the last remnants of awareness from her brain. They ransacked while she lay senseless, chased the couple from their own house, plundered the place, and then burnt it down for sport. So too, did they steal away her home, her last hopes, any pride to even try and seek out another provider, and any heart she might have had left.

     She’d learned the extension of her original Grimleal lessons that day, she decided: Life is cruel, and no one can really make it better for very long. Everything is doomed to collapse in one way or another, sooner or later. All that mattered in the meantime was power. Enough power to destroy anyone and anything before it destroys you.

     She heard voices nearby, shouting at each other, shouting names. Chrom. Lissa. The royal siblings. The prince who’d failed a member of his kingdom for so long, who’d let her scrounge around and suffer the treatment of his supposed nobles and dignified countrymen. A convenient and perfect person to rid herself of and start taking better control of her life and this land. Still beaten and shaking from the attack several hours ago, the group ate her sob story right up. Offered her safe passage to the next town - the next town, which those bandits had deemed another target. With more bodies and weapons like pawns at her back, she’d take them down. How perfect that vengeance could buy her way into the prince’s favor and earn her a place in his Shepherds.

     Soon enough, those scouting out for an assassination attack would take home word of a strange Plegian girl fighting with an extension of Ylisse’s army, and Validar would contact his lost daughter with promises that she was far more amenable to (now so distanced from her late mother and disillusioned with half of her teachings). She would act as double agent, further earning the trust of the exalts, all the while sneaking people into Ylisstol and reconnaissance back to Plegia, working alongside her father’s instructions to ensure the great Grima’s plan could unfold, and biding her excitement until the day she could burn the heart of Naga’s chosen one and ascend to her rightful throne of godhood.

     She made no ties with the lessers who surrounded her; never loved and never married. While child minions sounded quite useful, she didn’t risk worthy blood being passed on; didn’t risk a successor who might steal Grima’s favor from her.

     (Plucking possible children from alternate timelines once Grima had already taken over, however… remained an option.)

     Grima the Fell Dragon brought about the apocalypse this world deserved.

2. Robin
[Game timeline - Neutral End (?) - Morgan’s timeline]

     Grima remembered the moment there was a change of heart which made it more powerful. In chasing Lucina into the past, he decided to meet his vessel there to merge. It didn’t go as planned.

     The hired sword and the bandits still rushed forward to meet in the farmer’s field, but as initial taunts were being tossed… the young woman passed out. With a few kicks and a hearty laugh at how much better they must be than the fools who’d called her a challenge, they passed right on. They ravaged the homestead just the same, but now… she never even found out. Never hurt or regretted, for it meant nothing to her.

     A man found her in the field, he matched the face of the vision he had woken her from. She remembered his name… and that is all.

     Someone asks for hers, and the only clouded image which came to mind

was the yellow-beaked dawn of a new day
and the warm array like a sunrise on the breast of a horizon
all shining bright to break through dreary browns and grays of fate that surround it
to mark the coming of spring after a cold, harsh winter

The answer that perched on the branch of her tongue
that stirred her soul as something appropriate
that formed more familiar from her lips
was not the forgotten name of a destined daughter

but a chosen identity:

     Robin became a loyal Shepherd. Learned what it meant to support, to love, to better one’s self… to look up to someone and earn their trust in return. Befriended her prince and his people, honestly and truly. Thwarted cultists and warlords as they rose. Fought for good and to change fate, and fought for her friends to help their dreams come true.

     Struggles and personal ties and further studies and long conversations taught her to open her heart to introspection. To emotion and intimacy.

     She even became a wife.

     When the final battle against her former self and the choice to bring Grima’s terror to a temporary halt or to total destruction was placed before her, everyone told her not to take the final blow. Told her that she was still needed and it would be best to take care of herself, and a different future could be safeguarded by a different group who would certainly also be successful. She wanted to be part of a future; she didn’t want to leave anyone behind or be the cause of their pain. So many voices made her promise not to leave, said that to keep her around was worth it.

     She loved them. So she listened to them. She let Chrom lay the fell dragon down to an indefinite sleep, and she went on living her life.

     A decision which would slowly eat away at every bit of her sanity from that day forward.

     Along the way, she became a mother, too.

     She thought she would be happy. With all the terrible calls and cruel decisions and juggling of people’s lives, she thought she could live with letting herself thrive for once. No. She felt nothing but guilt. She looked around and saw nothing but regret. Each day felt like one she’d stolen from someone else. Each word that came from another felt like more reassuring lies.  

     She started resenting those around her. Finally researched more of the religion she’d apparently been raised with, …and found it making far more sense than she’d ever thought. The solace of the damned. It wasn’t okay. It had never been okay. She shouldn’t have listened, she shouldn’t have opened herself. She believed so strongly in the invisible ties between people, but it had brought her nothing but misery in the end, anyway. It had changed nothing about future or fate. One day Grima would come again. It was inevitable. It would always be inevitable.

     And it would happen sooner than the several lifetimes everyone else thought they’d won.

     In her madness, Robin would begin the sacrifice - as always - with her own family. But in a brief moment of lucidity (the eyes of Morgan, the terrified, innocent eyes of her child), she would beg Naga for a second chance. One more chance to change fate. The other children were blessed with one, why not her own! Open the past again! Let her heart learn one more thing!

     It was granted, and by Naga’s power, once her son passed through the gate - all memories besides the mission given by a mother, all memories of terrible atrocities, would be erased, in the hopes that they could finally be undone.

3. Morgan
[Game timeline - Good End]

     One more traveler enters the past through a portal to the Ruins of Time. With Lucina. With Grima. To find a Robin who’d recently claimed her own identity.

     And he would help her envision what having a future really meant. Help her understand what it meant to love a child, and how to make and forgive even harder choices (which yet only really ever had one answer) which came with that responsibility. He would show her that in giving the love of a mother, there is nothing she would not or could not do to ensure that her life would be used to leave a better world for him and any other children.

     Even if the cost was death itself.


1x02 // 1x07

some of yall that claim to fight for social justice and all people really tick me sometimes

cause so many of you, SO MANY, will only talk about ableism when it fits you and your agenda. Youll talk about it and use disabled people and the discrimination they face only when it suits you, only when you can make it about you, your group, what you face or just in general abled bodied people, and its disgusting.

some of you will even look at a very obvious ableist situation, that is about ableism and do everything you can to make it about a different form of discrimination that affect a different group, the erasure is so disgusting, and yes, while.there is intersectionality in alot of cases, there are tons of times where it is just ableism, and even in a case where it isnt, a lot of you go out of your way to completely disregard the ableism in the situation.

and then theres just people who flat out believe ableism doesnt exist, and so many of yall really thinking that disabled people arent discriminated against or arent as badly discriminated against as other groups, and therefore they dont get to talk about ableism, as if thats how it works, as if, because you claim to fight for social justice and equality, you get to decide what disabled people do and dont face.

what im trying to say here is, if you do this shit, youre not for social justice or equality or any of that good shit

youre just an ableist asshole who needs a very serious reality check.


A lesson in conflict resolution, brought to  you by Bumblebee.

(Spray Bottles: For times when leading your team is like herding cats)


twitter art dump

all of these were for fe_69min prompts, which I wrote in the captions (along with comments)

what amazes me most is the fact that hets actually honest to god think that two people in a relationship cannot be happy if they’re together all the time like, yeah being glued at the hip can be annoying but most people aren’t like that? a mutually honest, loving, happy, healthy relationship comes from two people knowing when to back off and when to stick close and if you love someone you don’t “get sick of them” i’m so baffled by this



2. takes my breath away (with her art and as a person)


4. IS THE CUTEST GF IN THE WORLD, and i love her <3

5. makes me associate our relationship with kiribaku 

6. is too fuCKING GOOD!

7. is really supportive and sweet, wow \(0o0)/

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Omg ayyy yes fellow jimin stan hehe. At first I was sending as anon but when I sent another ask I 4got to press the anon button oh clumsy mehhh :"))) jimin wasn't my first bias though 👀👀

he wasn’t mine either hehe. i just couldn’t stop myself. he’s so captivating.

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he’s ethereal

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an angel (a super sinfully sexy angel omfg)

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his smile makes me smile

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mochi prince

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tbh screw any fake ‘stan’ who stans him only for his abs he is so much more than that he’s a dancer a singer he supports his members like crazy he works so hard he only wants to give us the best he is an angel he is perfect jUST THE WAY HE IS FIGHT ME

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I’m so tired of people using the interrogation scene in SNAFU as an argument about any of the male characters.   Whatever the men of the SSR thought about Peggy beforehand, at that point she is a hostile target for interrogation.  These men are good at their jobs, and they know her experience in the field makes her a hard target to interrogation.  Probably every step of their combined approach was planned before they even stepped in the room.  

TL; DR:  Um guys, these are spies and therefore not everything they say is rooted in truth… you have to take everything the characters say with a grain of salt, ESPECIALLY in interrogation.

Interrogation in general is really difficult–its hard to convince someone to tell you something when they have reasons against doing so.  Generally it’s accomplished by either finding leverage/ something the target wants and is willing to trade, or its about manipulating their emotions.  Keeping a target off balance makes that easier, and that’s clearly what they are trying to do to Peggy.

Dooley pays her compliments.  Whatever he thinks of her work until that point, or her ability as a woman to do it, he’s realized she wants to be of use, that she values her own skills.  So he gives her the approval she’s been looking for, trying to soften her up.  It doesn’t work because it’s too little too late.

Jack plays the good cop.  He goes soft.  Peggy doesn’t expect this – it isn’t his strong suit – she challenges him to go ahead and hit her.  He doesn’t do that.  he talks about how she saved his life, how he knows she’s a good person, absolves her of any guilt.  He tries to build rapport while she’s off balance.  It doesn’t work because Peggy interprets this as sexist: he won’t hit her because he’s a woman.  I don’t think he wants to hit her but that isn’t why he avoids it.

Daniel is the bad cop.  Why? Because she wouldn’t expect that from him either.  He did refuse to shoot her, watched her walk away with puppy dog eyes.  His insults are purposeful, not him working out his feelings but trying to push her off balance, provide a contrast to Jack’s good cop.  Yeah, he brings up Howard in a sexual context but he also brings up Krzeminski’s death.  Maybe he has a few personal feelings about these topics but he’s also realized something important about Peggy: she treasures her personal relationships.  He doesn’t accuse her of killing Krzeminski because he thinks she’s done it - he does it because knows accusing her of killing a coworker will insult her.  Just like he knows implying she’s only helping Howard because they’re screwing will also insult her.  He’s probably worried about it somewhere in the back of his head, but that’s not why he says it. Insulting someone is a classic interrogation technique to make them defend their actions, and spill something truthful in the process.

(Also he’s coming off a failed interrogation where he tried to build rapport with the bum and Jack swooped in and bribed him instead.  Of course Daniel would want to try something he sees as more effective.)

The pedestal/whore comment again is Peggy’s POV; her reaction to Daniel’s comments.  She has similar reactions for the other men.  There’s a bit of truth to all of them in her eyes but she’s also lashing out.  After all, she also accuses Daniel of turning her in because he wants the glory and the accomplishment and we know neither of those things are true – he’s doing it because he believes it to be the right thing.

The interrogation is successful to the point where they get her off balanced and angry; but it fails because they have no idea how much rage Peggy actually has.  She’s interrogated people - she should totally understand how they are trying to manipulate her - but they wind her up anyway, to the point where nothing productive comes out of the interrogation. Even though she wants to tell them about Dottie.  It’s not until she gets time to cool off and realizes something bad is imminent that she manages to tell them what they need to hear. 

Later, when Peggy spills her guts Sousa asks her why she didn’t tell them.  He means why didn’t you tell me? He is the most personally hurt but I think it’s because they were actually friends.  It’s not because he felt entitled to her interest or is mad that he didn’t get it: Sousa in S1 doesn’t actually believe he would get those either way.  She responds with the “no one looks at me” line, and he looks shocked at this.  You can see him replaying all their interactions in his head.

The really interesting thing is the parallel between the two of them.  They were both running their own investigation.  Sousa more openly - he shared much of it with Peggy - but it’s still a splinter from the main investigation.  I am sure her “no one looks at me” comment makes him reconsider why he didn’t notice sooner.  I just don’t know if he honestly 1) underestimated her for sexist or other reasons or 2) just assumed she would share because they’re friends, the way he does with her.

The fact that we’re still arguing about this scene a year later obviously means there was a lot of nuance in it; we’re all getting different things out of it too, which is interesting.  But c’mon, don’t forget these people are spies.  There are reasons above and beyond character that things go down the way they do, and those shouldn’t be ignored.