that's not how language works or anything

  • Me, talking to terfys, truscumys and other shit ppl: okay guys remember how some people thought "maybe we should come up with names and terms for our experiences?"
  • Them: ahuh yeah
  • Me: you know how throughout time, people created words. And gave meanings to those words. Like not even talking about uh lgbtaqi+ shit or anything that's just how languages have been working for uh. Forever now
  • Them: go on
  • Me: and we can all agree many of these terms are important and many of them are still being used and have been accepted into common words among society.
  • Them: yes of course
  • Me: some of them might've seemed weird to the ppl at the time and yet they are still regarded as valid as they are now right
  • Them: yes
  • Me: what if... new genders... new orientation names, pronouns.... are the SAME thing but just right NOW and are just society, language and the human experience evolving and changing and-
  • me: you know I almost had something there but then I remember the human identity may evolve but assholes won't

ok hello a little tip this is like totally not art related or anything but BILINGUAL PEOPLE DONT JUST TURN ON AND OFF THEIR LANGUAGE??
like sometimes in fics i’ll see characters like “que pasa? o sorry i forget to switch back sometimes” like no??? you respond in the language you’re spoken to????
like its more like “can u hand me the….the liga…..the……the…..HAIR TIE” like the fuck
thats just not how being bilingual works,,,

THOUGHTS ON JUMIN’S ROUTE/MY HEADCANONS SO… ya know.  spoilers galore! 

  • okay one
  • in so many ways
  • like
  • what a little shit 
  • i know there are a lot of ppl out there who REALLY hate him tho
  • esp because of jaehee’s route 
  • and tbh i don’t really blame them because he was 
  • u kno

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someone: hey these terms are derogatory and harmful to this group of people

people: oh ok, cool ill stop using them then

disabled people: these words are ableist and used to target disabled people

people: lmao…. thats what youre worried about? really? dont you have anything better to talk about than how language is used against you? talking about the language wont solve the problem anyway. cant you find a better way to work against ableism?

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oh! also so sorry to ask you twice. How should INFPs like us get out of an fi si loop? And how do I utilise Ne? what does that feel like and how can I make it work? Thanks for your time!

Good question!
2 things are really great for developing Ne.
1. Writing, and 2. Travel.
Writing helps INFP’s get their thoughts out, and when an INFP can see their thought’s on paper they can build on them. Ne has an affinity for exponentiation. The “This… and then this… and then this! oh, and this, and THIS! OH, and THIS! THIS-THISTHISTHIS etc.” is kinda how Ne should work. However, when Ne is weak it sometimes has a hard time doing that process internally, thats why writing it down can give it the help it needs to train that process. Write about whatever, fantasy, theories, romance, anything, as long as it’s an idea. Because that trains your Ne to build spontaneously and creatively. Write for the sake of writing, let out your feelings, be detailed, use specific words, and try to use figurative language whenever possible. Figurative language is one of the most signature, magical and beloved features of a healthy INFP!
Travel isn’t just “go to Italy for a summer!”, sure that too, but mostly it’s just going to new places and trying new things. Go to a restaurant with a kind of food you’ve never tasted. Go to the beach for the first time in 5 years (or in forever). Read a book from a genre you’ve never seen. Watch a movie from a time period long past. Listen to music that is out of your comfort zone. Why? It’s not just to make you a more well-rounded person. Ne and Si are on an axis and operate inseparably from each other. To make Ne really shine, it needs a wealth of experiences, memories and knowledge as use as a jumping off point. Ne can’t make something from nothing like Ni can. Ne is the great synthesizer. It takes what it knows and hypothesizes about possibilities and potential energy. INFP’s need their Si to be full so their Ne can be healthy. So the more you know, have seen, and have experienced, the more ideas and possibilities you can create and see.  

The Signs as Classes
  • Aries: Gym// cause you're so freaking energetic and it's awesome
  • Taurus: History// you're careful in not making the same mistakes again, just like history
  • Gemini: Art// You're so freaking creative and inspiring
  • Cancer: Photography// Remembering everything in a photographic memory
  • Leo: Chemistry// You know when you kinda like blow stuff up in Chem? That's your specialty and it's amazing
  • Virgo: Honors English// Everything in your speech is perfect
  • Libra: Debate// You're able to get your point across because you know you're right
  • Scorpio: Music Class// How do you know everything about music?!?? And how do you make it so meaningful??
  • Sagittarius: Wood Shop// You're able to make almost anything with your hands and I can barely understand how my hands work
  • Capricorn: Psychics// Defying logic with every step you take
  • Aquarius: Dramatic Literature// The stories you tell that have so much more behind them
  • Pisces: Foreign Language// Beautiful and difficult all in one

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Hey :)i'm from germany and i loooove your tumblr acc. I learnt lots of new words in urdu shukriya :) Where did you learn urdu so well? Do you have some tipps about how i can improve my urdu even more? ( some books or something like that) pls answer

hello :) thank you and koi problem nae :) dude i was born and raised in pakistan , went to school here and have never left the country thats how my urdu is that good , just watch a lot of urdu dramas (pyaray afzal/humsafar/zindagi gulzar hai/ baraat series/alpha bravo charlie are some of my favourite dramas ) read books in urdu (anything by umaira ahmed / ashfaq ahmed / bano qudsia / mustanser husain tararh ) what else yeah learn at least 20 words daily if you want to improve your vocab and if you want to improve your writing skills write a journal on lang-8 i will gladly correct any mistakes and generally read how to learn a language guides and figure out what works for you :)

normally my new language learning routine is

  1. read about the language on wikipedia
  2. go through the alphabet couple of times , see if some letters look like something i already know
  3. search for a good show in that language
  4. watch it with subtitles
  5. find another show and watch it without subtitles
  6. start working on vocabulary
  7. try to talk with myself in that language
  8. start reading articles in that language and see the words i already know and try to make general sense of the sentence
  9. study basic grammar
  10. try to be friends with native speakers and talk to them about the language and culture

in my language learning im on this step lol i dont know what i will do after but mostly by this stage i get distracted and start another language