that's not funny man

you’re like a stale, unsalted Saltine cracker surrounded by a fresh assortment of Frito-Lay products. nobody eats the Saltine, Chakotay


1x08 // 3x09


CS: People think we are dicks. But we’re not, we’re very nice guys. So I think that’s what people get wrong.

happy birthday, my darling @soundofyourlife

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: ok but how exactly did blink even shoot the music video for always? like it seems like a relatively basic concept until you break down the specifics of the video. obviously each member has their own frame at the beginning but the video is shot in a four-walled room that they walk around in with a camera crew in it and everything is precisely timed to fit because the video is only one take for the first two minutes and then they have tom in three different segments playing the guitar with different backgrounds but all matched up perfectly then they do that with mark and travis is too but then it gets to the end and the three frames MATCH UP INTO ONE FRAME HOW THE FUCK IS THIS VIDEO NOT APPRECIATED MORE

Love GNC girls who go by male (nick)names, hairy arms, legs, armpits, and a ‘stache, short-masculine haircuts, born with masculine features or purposefully pass as male, intentionally uses pronouns which aren’t she/her…?

Amazing honestly. We’re all angels 😇😇