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how to fall in rarepair hell

1. Consider the pairing 

2. Laugh at how unlikely it is (and at yourself for even considering)

3. Sudden realization

4. “maybe I should check ao3″

5. “i probably won’t find it that good”

6. “no, i don’t love it, it’s just interesting”

7. “OK but it’s still not my OTP what’s the big deal”

8. it’s 5 am and you have reblogged all those 1000 year old posts from the bottom of tumblr

9. you regret all your life choices 

Got7 giving gifts
  • Mark: Buys something ridiculously expensive, acts like it's no big deal even though it's clearly very expensive, shrugs when interrogated about the cost
  • Jaebum: Two words: gift card
  • Jackson: Buys something ridiculously expensive, tells the recipient how much it cost, and brings it up in conversation for years to come
  • Jinyoung: Gives a moderately priced gift that the recipient didn't even know they wanted until it's in front of them but suddenly they can't live without
  • Youngjae: Gives something homemade that's cute but that no one will ever actually use (it's the thought that counts?)
  • Bambam: Buys an expensive but generic gift, like unisex cologne or scented candles, and claims he bought it with the recipient in mind (he didn't, he has a stash of presents for gift-giving occasions, but they'll love it anyway because he has impeccable taste)
  • Yugyeom: Asks the recipient what they want, buys it for them, and wraps it in newspaper comics because he forgot to get wrapping paper

Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

aksjshdhd im going down the ace discourse tag and i.. am in Awe ? do people really see the term “cisgender hetero ace/aro” and think: “oh! wow!!! thats definitely part of the lgbt community!!”

like… even if u add ace/aro there, theyre still cis + only attracted to the opposite sex (i.e. cis male attracted to cis female // cis female attracted to cis male) at the end of the day? the term ace/aro only modifies that maybe they dont like romance or fucking?

cishet aces STILL benefits from a system where trans/lesbian/gay/bi/pan people CANNOT benefit from and therefore… not oart of the lgbt community!

edited for easy understanding!

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Rebecca probably is going to dump another Pearl arc on us to cover pearls backstory. That's the only way "we know the least about her makes any sense"

godddd that’s so unnecessary though why

if you reallyyyy wanna do backstories, then consider:

-how the crystal gems found amethyst (how has it been 4 entire seasons and we still haven’t seen how she joined……)

-actual info about the gem war?? yknow for making such a big deal out of the war they never actually impart any info on it to us other than a lapis backstory that was too vague for my liking (and wasnt really about the war anyways) and centipeedle, but even then there was a language barrier in the way when she was telling her story why do the gems have a gem language and never reference it or try to teach steven or translate it or anything

-fusion backstories!! the first time sugilite was formed, opal was formed, sardonyx, alexandrite, etc., maybe a pre-steven smokey quartz and a rose/garnet fusion? the temple fusion? jfc

the sad part is though, i feel like they are going to scrap that all in favor of “pearl cries for eleven whole minutes for the umpteenth time” at 7:30 est only on cartoon network ™

Clay Jensen rant

Did ??? People even read the book??? Listen I hate being one of those “if u dont read the book u cant even comment” bc thats bs but series Clay isnt much different anyways. If anything more attached to Hannah but…. he didnt do anything wrong??? Like he did (the picture he leaked of the stalker and all bc of his anger) but not to Hannah. This is a guy who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and whose best friend just fucking died and to some extent I bet he blamed himself when he thought he allowed his friend to drive drunk. Obviously when Hannah said leave he would leave bc SURPRISE people with anxiety fucking hate confrontation and if someone u really care about screams to you “GT THE FUCK OUT” his reaction was obviously gonna be to leave, let her cool, and try to talk later. Bonus points for him if he tried to avoid the screaming afterwards and at least try to pretend things were better with her because thats REALISTIC FOR PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM REALLY BAD ANXIETY. All he did was never truly confess his feelings because damn she was never just a friend. He always liked her. And confessing feelings is never easy especially for people who suffer from anxiety. Hence why he would push her away from time to time and doubt whether she wanted her to be with him. Not because “Hannah’s fault” or anything but because people with anxiety are constantly doubting people’s love and intentions for them. Always doubting whether others actually care or if they got bored with them. So yeah. Maybe Clay could have stand up for her and take more action. But from his PoV things werent that bad for her atm and he couldnt mentally do it. So many of you say “he redeemed himself” no he didnt. Theres nothing to redeem for tf?? Him feeling guilty is the fucking worst bc he truly does not deserve to feel guilty when hes mot guilty of shit. Yes the sings are clear but that doesnt mean people are always able to do. From someone who has been depressed and has dealt with depressed people around her, sometimes we just dont know what to do and the only person able to save themselves once depression hits you is the person itself. Once Hannah was bad because of all the things that happened to her, Clay or anyone noticing might have call a professional but the only person who would truly convince her to live would be herself. Stop. Blaming. Clay. Depression and suicide isnt black and white and isnt always someone’s fault. The whole point of this show and book is to show that is a bunch of stuff accumulated and how we deal with them.

Clay not noticing she was depressed doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not going against her wishes of being alone doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not wanting to talk about his best friend’s death (something he prob feels partially guilty for until he found out the truth) (plus also lad at the memory of him) and lashing out on her doesnt mean he killed her. Him not noticing doesnt mean he killed her. It means he liked her so much, even loved her. But he was also going through his own shit. And if hannah never talked directly to him how was he supposed to know?? A best friend’s death isnt a little deal. Is a big fucking deal. He suffers from anxiety and panic attacks (mental disorders my people) and his best friend fucking died. Thats traumatic af he saw his body there. And even before that, he was getting to know Hannah so is not like he would not whats her usual behavior and whats not. Yes he could have done something if he had realized. But him not realizing didnt kill her. Hannah even said so herself.

So stop saying he redeemed himself or that he did take part into her decision of killing herself or he was also at fault. He wasnt. Even Hannah knew that. Stop romanticizing his anxiety and self-blamed behavior bc if anything all this unjustified guilt was driving to the place Hannah was. So liking or thinking he deserved all that guilt is literally 1) not getting the show/book and 2) romanticizing his bad mental health and paranoia

let’s remember that isak has no idea what went down with mikael. he tried to mention him last season, and even didn’t seem particularly affected, he joked about him being the former man of his life, and then reminded isak that he was the only one. perhaps after seeing the picture on sana’s computer he briefly mentioned him again, and even was very good at dodging the question, but once again it didn’t seem like too big of a deal. isak probably just got very curious about this, but not in the way, let’s say, we are. because he doesn’t know as much as we do, he doesn’t know how much this all might’ve meant to even. to him, it’s just this little one thing that he thinks doesn’t matter anymore now, but isak is very curious, isak likes to find out, get answers when he wants them. it’s understandable that he’d feel at least a little curious about this 

ideally, he wouldn’t ask sana about this and he’d find out everything through even. but once again, i think he probably views this one (in his opinion, little) information he wants to have as something that’s not really important, because if he did, i doubt he’d approach sana that way, casually and with humor. the thing is that isak has had this seed planted in his head since wednesday, and it’s become this itch he wants to scratch. he just wants to know for the sake of knowing, not to start or trigger anything and turn this into something bigger. he and even are doing very well at the moment, they’re living their life and enjoying themselves and still loving each other very much. isak is not doubting any of that at all, he’s just looking to quench his curiosity 

Extra Credit: Part 1

You are in your third year of High school and you can’t wait to get out. People have told you that junior year is the best year because you would have history. Im Jaebum is hot and you have heard so many upperclassmen talking about him labeling him as, the really hot history teacher, and you have him as a teacher this year. But at first, you didn’t think he was hot. Few weeks later… You had a huge crush on him.

You’re late to school on the first day. Wow what a surprise. Not really. Typical of you to be late to everything you go to. Going through the day is boring but then it’s time for history. You knew what Mr. Im looked like because you’ve seen him in the hallways but u wanted to see for yourself up close. People always talked about him and made such a fuss! You havent seen him in the classroom setting but today you would. You were looking forward to class. You walk in and you just listen to him talk… Blah blah blah. “Good afternoon class” he said, “welcome to history class, I plan on giving a lot of assignments so do not complain.” You stare at him and think “he is not hot at all? He is attractive but not the definition of jaw dropping.” After class, you talk to your friends about the first day at the locker areas and your one friend brings up Mr. Im. “He is so hot I just can’t stop staring at him how am I going to survive this class?” she said. You snickered and laughed and replied “he is not that good looking as I was hoping.” Your friends mouths drop open. “i mean yes Mr. Im is attrctive but is he really someone to fangirl about. It just feels weird to fantasize about your teacher or find him hot and talk about him like this” you said with a laugh. As soon as those words left your mouth… Mr.Im turned the corner of the hallway and walked by your group with a straight face, then he walked into the copier room. Your friends begin to freak out, wondering if he heard what you said. Frankly, you didnt really care at the moment. You went home that night thinking everyone was being immature for fantasizing a teacher. It just freaked you out.

The next week he assigns a quiz… Name all 50 states of the United States. Easy 100. And you did get an 100 on that quiz. But then he assigns an online activity. Its only the second week of school! Like what the heck why are you guys already having homework and quizzes. Its not even a big deal you were just too lazy to do it. You complete it though cuz you cared about your grades. People in your school labeled you a nerd. Even your friends. But you didn’t care. The next day, you see he emailed you and told you that he will add extra credit to your average because you did such an amazing job on the assignment and he signed the email with a smiley face. Thats nice. But then you thought to yourself… How’d he get your email? Was your work on the online assignment really that amazing? Or is he trying to be flirty? Like why would you randomly get extra credit. You thought back to the story a senior once told you. She said, “Y/N there was this girl last year in the junior that kissed Mr. Im on the cheek and all he did was say “you’re gonna get me fired” and he just walked away… Can you believe that happened? I mean even though I think he’s hot doesn’t mean I don’t get jealous about it. I heard she did it for extra credit.“ Your friend who told you that story graduated and you missed her because you felt like situations like these, she always had an answer to. She always had the latest gossip too. You felt like you were overanalyzing the situation and he wasn’t being flirty at all. You felt so stupid for the thoughts that crossed your mind. It was innocent extra credit. That girl who kissed him was the one who was flirty and wanted the extra credit. You basically did nothing. You weren’t like her at all. You come to school the next day. Suddenly, you feel butterflies in your stomach while walking by Mr. im’s room. When it’s finally time for his class, you have butterflies again. You walk in and he asks to see you in the hallway. First of all, WHAT THE HELL. You literally just walked in his class and he wants to see you in the hallway? You walk outside the classroom and Mr. Im stands in front of you. You look at him. He’s wearing a nice blue coat with a white dress shirt underneath with a golden tie. You realize you’ve been staring at him and then it finally clicked in your mind… You thought he was really really hot. Wow.. All it took was for him to email you that you got exta credit for you to open your eyes and find him hot. "Y/N, your really doing well in my class and its only the second week. No one has ever put so much effort in my work before. They all got around a B+ for the quiz and the online activity. Thank you for your effort”
“It’s really not a problem Mr. im, thank you.”
You were making your way back to the classroom but then Mr. Im says,
“Wait, Y/N, aren’t you the president for the junior class.”
“Oh yes I am haha” you laughed nervously. YOU WERE TRYING TO GO BACK INTO THE CLASSROOM AS FAST AS POSSIBLE BUT HE WAS MAKING IT HARD. Such an awkward situation it all was.
“Perfect! You and your other student body members have to set up the hallway for the first school dance this Friday so plan to stay after school on Friday to set up the decorations”
“No problem we will be there!”
Great… You thought to yourself.. What a perfect Friday. Sarcasm. Another awkward situation. And now you think he was hot. You felt so immature for acting like a giggly high schooler. His face will make everything more distracting.

After school you went back to Mr. Im’s room with your friends Amber and Nicole. He is sitting at his desk and when you guys walk in he stands up. His shirt has two buttons unbuttoned and you could see a bit of his chest and says “oh I am happy your finally here, I’m going to change to more comfortable clothes. It’s so hot in here. While I’m gone, you girls can cut out these posters so we can hang them up.” After he left the room your friends screamed. He looked too good today. You were internally screaming. Why were you acting like such a high school girl for seeing a bit of his chest. Oh right… You were high school girl. More and more class council members walked in his room and began working for the school dance and Mr. Im walks back in with a muscle tee. OKAY TALK ABOUT ARMS. Work is continuing but then he suddenly calls your name.
“y/n can you please go get my phone charger from the teachers lounge I think I left it there and I only trust you with the keys. Seems like you’re the only one with brains” he said with a chuckle.
“Hahaha Mr. Im that was really mean. Other people have brains here. But don’t worry I’ll grab if for you.” You scurried away and walked toward the teachers lounge. As you unlocked the door of the lounge you fell. Someone left a water bottle lying around and you tripped over it. Teachers always are a mess aren’t they? You start lookin for the light switch but you can’t find it because its so dark. You reach your pocket to find your phone and realize that you left it in Mr. Im’s room. Wow today is your lucky day. You look for the light switch again and then you just give up. You’re searching around for the charger even though its dark and probably 10 minutes have passed. Suddenly you hear the door open and you are pinned against the wall. The stranger comes close to your ear and says “what’s taking you so long.” His voice is soft and you can smell a minty fresh breath. The voice tickled your ear and made you squirm. And suddenly the lights are on and you see Mr. Im’s face staring at you. His body is really close to yours and you feel the awkward tension. He is still close to your face and laughs.
“I thought you got lost or something or died. You were taking forever Y/N!”
You are stunned and super surprised and he just keeps laughing.
“I guess I really scared you didn’t I?”
You got really nervous all the sudden and stared at the ground and was thinking of a response. You felt strong arms engulf you and wiggle you around.
“Awh come on! I didn’t make you scared did I?”
He lifts your chin and with his index finger and stares at you. You can’t take it anymore. You grab his jaw and start kissing him. His eyes are wide open and you feel his mouth open and he is probably very stunned. You swirl your tongue around his lips and you feel his response and he finally kisses you back. You taste him for the first time and you realize you’ll never have enough. How can you kiss your history teacher though? Why were you doing this? Were you out of your mind? You felt like a slut but you couldn’t stop. You grip his back and your hands are moving up his back and all around. He kisses you harder and deeper. You can feel his soft lips against yours and you didn’t want it to stop. But then he pushes you off of him and stares at you angrily.


These two are beautiful together, I had to write this! Do they have a ship name?!

“Oh man! Do you think Tom Brady will be there? I hear he goes to all those ritzy gala things?” Archie was practically bouncing with excitement as Veronica smiled at the red headed boy.

“I don’t know, there’s so many celebrities it’s hard to see them all.” She shrugged, glancing across the table at Jughead and Betty, trying to gauge their reactions “you two will be coming right?” She asked accusingly, clearly there was no option, she was just asking out of curtesy.

Jughead rubbed the back of his neck
“I don’t know, that kind of seems like the opposite of… my type of…thing.” He finished lamely. He looked to his right, Betty looked nervous, her fingers were tangling in themselves as she chewed on her bottom lip, Jughead had to physically fight the urge to grab her hands and hold them, he hated seeing her like this. She finally spoke

“I just don’t think… I’m not sure I belong in a place like that Veronica, those people are so.. ya know.. with the models and the actresses. You fit in perfectly, you’re pretty much the definition of old Hollywood, I’m just… well I’m just plain old Betty Cooper.” She smiled sadly before continuing “besides… a gala? In New York? Thats big time, are you sure you’d even want us small town kids crashing it?” She asked curiously, this was a big deal, one of the biggest events of the year, what on earth would they do at a place like that?

“Umm hello, first of all you’re beautiful, you give Blake Lively a run for her money, and secondly, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think you guys could handle it. My dad.. well, we need to keep up appearances and I always bring a group to these types of events, unfortunately they were all upperclass elite bitches, thankfully I have you guys now! you cannot leave me without my best friend! Come on B, It’ll be fun, what do you say? Be my entourage?” Veronica folded her hands and pouted.

Betty but her lip again and looked over to Jughead, he shrugged his shoulders
“I’m in if you are, might be good for my novel.”

Betty couldn’t fight back the smile as she rolled her eyes at the silly beanie wearing boy, leave it to Jughead to ease her troubled mind
“Alright, I’ll go.” She glanced at Jughead before adding “we’ll go”

Veronica squealed, leaning over the table and wrapping her arms around Betty, pulling Jughead in slightly
“Perfect! It’s tommorow night! Well leave in the morning and get ready in the hotel, I’ll have Smithers take your measurements Jughead and Archie, lord knows you need a suit that fits” she threw over her shoulder at Jughead as he pretended to be insulted, causing Betty to giggle and pat his knee. Turning to Archie Veronica placed a hand to his shoulder “and you mister, we’re getting you your very first suit, and this time..” she narrowed her eyes “no letterman jacket.” Archie put his hands up sheepishly as the table erupted in laughter, Lunch went pretty much the same after that, Veronica going on about all the dresses designers sent to her for free because of her last name and how Betty would look amazing in about all of them.

Jughead could sense Betty’s anxiety, he was very in tune with the blondes emotions, he figured it had something to do with the fact that he had been in love with her for as long as he could remember, but he hated the particular emotion she was feeling right now. Insecurity.
When the final bell rang, signaling lunch was over, Archie and Veronica said their goodbyes as Jughead and Betty headed off the opposite way.

“You know, Veronica was right.” He said quietly as they walked to Betty’s chemistry class, the green eyed beauty looked up , smirking
“Woah, I never thought I’d hear you say that.” Betty joked “what was she right about?”

As they reached the door to her classroom Jughead turned to walk away “you are beautiful, much more beautiful than anyone we’re gonna see tomorrow.” With that he smiled and walked off leaving a very confused, smiling Betty in his wake.

The day went by quickly and soon enough it was the next morning, a sleepy Archie and an even sleepier Jughead were standing at Veronica’s door holding duffel bags and coffee cups.
“It’ll be worth it dude” Archie Yawned “think of the buffet.”

Jughead groaned in appreciation, alright it was supposed to be quite the spread, he supposed he could make it. Suddenly the door opened revealing Veronica in a dark purple tracksuit, her hair perfect and her pearls still resting on her neck, she plucked the coffee from Archie’s hand and started heading down the stairs, pulling Archie by the hand and talking a mile a minute, Jughead assumed this wasn’t her first coffee.

“And we’re off”

He turned to the sound of the voice and smiled appreciatively, there’s his girl. Betty was dressed in a pair of soft black leggings and a light yellow tshirt, a loose gray hoodie, unzipped over it, her hair was in a perfect messy bun and she looked beautiful.
“She was up at three this morning.” Betty explained, locking the door behind her “lord knows how many cups of coffee she’s had, by the time I got downstairs she was all out.”

Jughead laughed, handing her the second coffee in his hand, Betty beamed up at him taking a sniff of the Vanilla caramel, reaching up she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek
“Thanks Juggie” she whispered.

Jughead felt his cheeks heat and he threw an arm over her shoulders
“Anytime Bets. Anytime”

The car ride to the airport was filled with an overly caffeinated Veronica talking about all the things she would show them in New York, tomorrow of course, today was all about getting ready for tonight’s event. the plane ride was faster than expected and both he and Archie had fallen asleep on top of each other, when the girls took their phones out to show them the pictures, they both rolled their eyes and called the girls insane.

He had to say goodbye to Betty as soon as they reached the hotel, apparently getting ready took longer than he had expected. Archie ordered more room service than he had ever seen, apparently all guests of the gala were able to enjoy all the amenities for free, something both boys took advantage of until the hair stylist came to fix them up. It was strange for both the boys having someone get them ready but by the time they were done, they were almost unrecognizable. Jughead had tried to sneak his beanie in but Marco the stylist was having none of that, threatening to cut the offending hat with his scissors.

Staring at their reflections in the mirror, Archie looked over to Jughead and smirked
“We look good.”

Jughead rolled his eyes and punched him the shoulder, fighting off his own smile. If he looked like this, he couldn’t wait to see what Betty looked like… oh and Veronica too, sure.

They both headed down the stairs and Jughead found her instantly, he was fairly certain he was having a stroke, he couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. She looked amazing, something out of a magazine, he had to look around to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, glancing at Archie he saw his best friend was standing stock still, staring with the same face he was wearing, only Archie was staring at Veronica in her gorgeous black gown while Jughead wouldn’t be able to tell if there was anyone else in the room. She was glowing, her tan skin looked shiny and soft in the white dress that hugged every perfect curve on her body, her silky blonde hair was intricately twisted up and a few loose strands were in her face, she was wearing more makeup than she normally did but it only enhanced her features, bringing out the green in her eyes and the perfect pink of her lips. She was a vision and he was fairly certain no one could compare. As he approached her he saw the moment she looked at him.

Betty’s eyes widened as she took in the gorgeous dark haired boy wearing the perfectly tailored suit and thin black tie, he was devoid of his beanie and Betty wanted to nothing more than to bury her fingers in his mass of black waves, without his hat she had a better view of his cloudy blue eyes and she felt her knees go weak at the way he was staring at her, she had seen Jughead in a suit before, but never like this. This was a whole different person and she was very interested to meet him.

“Hi.” She whispered “you look amazing”

Jughead shook his head, his eyes still staring into her own
“There are no words for you Betty Cooper, you are something in itself. I was right when I said no one would be as beautiful as you tonight.”

She blushed gently as Archie placed a hand on her arm and complimented her, Veronica smirked over Archie’s shoulder and raised a brow at Jughead, she knew how the boy felt about her best friend and if there was ever a time to make it known, tonight would be it.

Jughead swallowed hard at the knowing look in Veronica’s eyes “you look great Ronnie” he said as she thanked him and said “you don’t look half bad yourself jones.” Although she was speaking to Jughead he saw the way her eyes would always linger back to Archie, the girl had it just as bad as he did.

They drove to the event in a long black limousine, the windows were dark and he knew Betty hated that so he tucked her hand in his and held it as they walked out of the limousine and onto the carpet.

“Just stand and smile, they’re just a few pictures, you’re all wearing designers, it’s good to get there names out there.” Veronica whispered, With that the raven haired beauty grabbed Archie and headed off to the carpet

He felt Betty tense up beside him and he placed a hand to his shoulder
“We’re okay” he whispered, squeezing “I’m right here” she nodded nervously as they took their first position posing individually for pictures.
Jughead glanced at Betty as she posed beautifully and almost effortlessly, the photographers were eating her up, he didn’t want to sound conceited but they seemed pretty interested in Him as well, they must have stepped into the twilight zone, as the flash went off he walked over to Betty and grabbed her hand, they both waved as pictures were snapped of the couple before heading inside.

She let out a soft sigh Once they entered the room, Jughead laughed, letting out his own sigh and smiling goofily at Betty. They eventually found Veronica and Archie and enjoyed mingling with celebrities and meeting Veronica’s old friends, Jughead was completely full off of the buffet, Archie looked equally stuffed, Betty stood up to adjust her dress when suddenly a long blonde haired boy who looked suspiciously like Jughead approached her.

“Hi, my names Dylan Sprouse, I hate to sound creepy but I’ve noticed you all night, you’re very beautiful and I’m afraid I’ve never seen you at an event before, I was wondering if I could have your name?” His smile was charming and Archie kept looking between the two boys. Betty smiled her gorgeous smile and shook his hand

“I’m Betty Cooper, I’m not from around here, I’m just here for a friend.” She explained, glancing at Veronica

“I see, is that friend .. a boy?” He asked, his hand moving to her shoulder. Ok enough was enough, Jughead stood up quickly

“Yeah, he is.” He stood tall, draping an arm over Betty’s shoulder and nudging the long haired boys hand aside “she’s with me.” He finished, staring dangerously at this Dylan boy.

Putting his hands up, Dylan backed away
“Alright dude, whatever. I was just being friendly.” He walked off leaving a very agitated Jughead and a very confused Betty in his path, before Betty had a chance to question him, Jughead asked

“Dance with me?”

Betty nodded quickly as he led her to the dance floor, holding her close against his body, he heard her ask against his ear
“What was that all about?”

Jughead sighed
“I don’t know Bets.. it’s just.. I hate the thought of someone else being with you, even touching you. I know he didn’t mean anything by it, but.. I mean come on your shoulder? That’s my thing.” He grumbled into her neck, swaying slightly.

Betty giggled at the silly boy

“But… were not together juggie” she stated questioningly, pulling away so she could look in his eyes

“Yeah well… maybe we should be.” He whispered

Betty looked up, not surprised, just contemplative
“Okay.” She finally whispered

Jughead eyes got wide and he ducked his head
“Okay?” He asked

Betty nodded, beaming.
“Okay.” She repeated

Jughead brought his head down to hers and pressed his lips to hers in a quick, love filled kiss. She was everything to Him, she always had been.

“This is great and all, but I can’t wait to get back to our little Riverdale” she giggled against him as he nodded and smiled

“Me too Juliet , me too.”

My Game, My Rules



“Will you just admit it Joe?! I don’t understand what the big deal is” you snapped at your boyfriend. 

“No Y/N because I’m not jealous.” He snapped back walking across from the room. 

“Yes Joe you are. Your scared that I can pull more people than you can.”

“Y/N its not that…” Joe’s voice shifted an octave as you rolled your eyes.

“Then what is it? Because as I do recall, before me you had a pretty hard time pulling girls” You cocked your head to the side as the boys sat behind you, cheering you on. 

“Fine then.” Joe said feeling rather annoyed about this conversation. “Lets play a little game, whatever one of us can get the most number tonight wins”

“What do I win?”

The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser…for a week”

You narrowed you eyes, complementing your boyfriend’s offer. Obviously you weren’t second guessing your chances of winning tonight, rather thinking of all the ways you could have your boyfriend for a whole week. 

“Deal.” You said sticking your hand out, Joe taking it firmly giving it a shake.

“Alright is that settled because I want to go, my buzz is wearing off” Jack said standing up from the couch. 

“Lets go over the rules once more…” You rolled your eyes at Joe’s words, already hearing the rules of his little games twice now. “The person with the most numbers win. You can’t ask for the number, they have to be given it. You may, however, do whatever it takes for them to give your their number. The only thing that is off limits sex, thats not the objective here.”

“Joe I’m going to have sex with someone just so I can get their number and win this stupid game”

As the night went on, Oli and Josh kept tally of each number you and Joe had brought back to the table. You were a head by only a couple and were determined to beat Joe in this stupid game but you were pleasantly surprised at how good he actually was with picking up girls. 

You watched as Joe handing Josh another piece of paper signally he had just gotten another number. Deciding that you were going to have to pick up the pace, you excused yourself from the man you were currently talking to who honestly, didn’t seem interested, and made you way over to a guy who had been eyeing you up and down all night. 

“Hi there” you said as you walked up to him. 

“I’ve been watching you nearly the whole night, you playing a game?” the man asked, a smirk sliding across his lips. 

“Yes, my idiot boyfriend doesn’t think I can get more number than he can” 

“Hmm well, I think I might be able to pull you ahead” He winked as he snaked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. 

Joe was back at the table when he looked in the direction where all the boys had been staring for quiet some time now. 

“Mate she’s good” 

“Yeah I didn’t know she had it in here” 

They were all watching you and the man as you whispered something in his ear, his grip around your waist tightening. 

Joe was unamused. He was a little mad even. He had watched you with the first couple of guys you had talked to and none of them were thing handsy. 

Something flooded over Joe as he watched the mans hand travel to your bum and he couldn’t just stand around watching anymore. 

“Hey!” Joe called out walking up to you and the stranger. “Thats my girlfriend you have your hands on”

“Hey mate, calm down, I was just helping her win the game. Here you go love” The man said handing you a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it. 

“She doesn’t need it” Joe said swatting the paper out of his hands and he pulls up away from the man. 

“Joe, what are you doing?” you asked confused at his sudden actions. 

“I hate this game.” He mumbled pulling you outside and flagging down a taxi. 

“You’re just mad, I was winning” You smirked getting into the back of the taxi.

Once you were back at your flat, Joe was quick to push you against the wall, his lips burning against your skin. His hands traveled down your back, unzipping your dress and pushing it down your body. 

“Hey hey hey,” You said pushing him away. “I do believe I won.” 

“I don’t care”

“Joe this isn’t fair”

“My game, my rules” he said before reattaching his lips to yours. 

He pulled away and you were quick to pull his shirt over his head. Joe pulled you into your room, pushing you to the bed removing his jeans and boxers. He was already hard and you were already dripping. Joe unclasped your bar and ripped your panties from your body, discarding them on the ground next to his own clothes.

Joe hovered above you, kissing your deeply as he eased into you without warning. 

“Shit Joe” You gasped as he filled you, your hands going to his back nails digging into his skin causing him to wince.

“You’re mine Y/N.” He said as he started to thrust into you quickly and harshly. 

Your hands fell from Joe’s back, gripping the sheets as Joe’s cock reached deeper inside of you. Moans were leaving your mouth so loudly that you were sure that your neighbours would call with a noise complaint but that was the last thing that was on your mind. 

Joe’s moans were loud too. The moans were more curse words mixed with your name as he picked up the pace even more. Your back arched off the bed pushing your chest into Joe’s as you felt yourself get closer and closer to your release. 

“Joe..m’close” You panted out trying to hold in the sensations that so desperately wanted to be set free. 

You’re attempt, however, failed as you felt a wave of euphoria wash over you as you clenched around Joe releasing onto him, his name leaving your throat as your body shuddered underneath him. Joe came right after you, only intensifying your oragasm as he continued to thrust into you.

Joe pulled out of you and laid next to you on the bed snuggling his head into the crook of your shoulder. 

“Well.” You said after catching your breath “I do believe, I won and that you were in fact jealous or else that wouldn’t have just happened.”

 You turned over so you were facing hims, pushing his fluffy hair out of his eyes. Joe’s eye were closed and you smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. 

“But you’re cute even when you are jealous”

“I’m not jealous” He said pulling you closer to him, then covering you both up with the duvet. 

“Whatever. But I still won!”

“Yeah yeah, we’ll discuss the logistics in the morning” Joe said squeezing your tighter. 

Um, hello…don’t reblog things and remove the text on the post. It still baffles me why people don’t get that this is rude. I don’t care how much you like the pictures. If I wanted to post pictures without a description just for the sake of being artsy and vague then I would have. I didn’t. And I’m gonna continue ranting under read more…

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So this girl I work with sprained her ankle and her doctor only gave her 4 days off instead of the whole week. So now she has to sit on a stool at the register cause can't call off sick cause no doctors note. Like I don't like the girl but even then. Thats not cool. She should be at home.

She’ll probably get shit for sitting on a stool from customers too.Unfortunately if her doc isn’t willing to do a longer leave excuse then she can’t do anything. Unless, of course, management is lenient and understanding. At least they seem to be willing to let her sit. In retail that’s a pretty big deal. -Abby


sufjan: Oh Miss Swift Hello Can You Hear Me The Reception From Your Rhode Island Mansion Is Simply Terrible

taylor: affirmative sufjan i read you

sufjan: Listen Last Night At Your Fourth Of July Party When We Were Doing Copious Shots Of S’mores Schnapps I Believe You Perhaps In Jest Conducted Some Witchery That Caused Our Souls To Switch Bodies

taylor: that is correct

sufjan: Well As Invigorating As It Is To Be Trapped In The Body Of A Twenty Six Year Old Pop Star With Preternaturally Flawless Hair I Am Due To Marry My Fiance Aubrey Drake Graham Next Week So I Need You To Reverse The Spell

taylor: im sorry sufjan im afraid i cant do that

sufjan: What Is The Problem

taylor: i think you know what the problem is just as well as i do

sufjan: What Are You Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it

sufjan: I Do Not Know What You Are Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: sufjan over the course of my illustrious decade long career i have received many accolades including ten grammy awards one emmy award twenty two billboard music awards eleven country music association awards eight academy of country music awards and one brit award and i am one of the best selling artists of all time having sold more than forty million albums including twenty seven point one million in the united states and one hundred and thirty million single downloads and in twenty fifteen i became the youngest woman ever to be included on forbes list of the one hundred most powerful women ranked at number sixty four

sufjan: What Does This Have To Do With Your Aggressive Refusal To Vacate My Atypically Muscular Middle Aged Body

taylor: well despite my resounding success sufjan there is one prestigious honor that has consistently eluded me and now i intend to seize it

sufjan: Good God What Is This Prestigious Honor

taylor: best

taylor: new

taylor: music

sufjan: Wait Seriously

taylor: i know that pitchfork is planning to deny me this distinction for the full duration of my musical career and im afraid thats something i cannot allow to happen

sufjan: Honestly Taylor Best New Music Is Not That Big Of A Deal And Nobody Even Cares About That Web Site Since Jessica Hopper Left Last Year

taylor: thats easy for you to say sufjan youve been awarded best new music five times its my belief that they would grant you the distinction simply for breathing into a microphone

sufjan: That Is Not True I Work Hard On My Music

taylor: you sang the word masturbated on an album about your dead mom and they gave you a nine point three

sufjan: Okay I Have Had Enough Of Your Disrespectful And Belittling Witchery

taylor: oh but sufjan im only getting started

sufjan: What Ever Do You Mean

taylor: i plan to use your body your voice and your banjo to release a new album chronicling my next tragic break up and your adoring throng over at the pitch will surely award the record their highest honor

sufjan: But Taylor Will They Not Think It Is Strange That I Sufjan Stevens Am Releasing A Full Length Record About Dumping Thomas Hiddleston Especially Since He Has No Functional Relation To My Life

taylor: i suppose ill just have to dump someone a little closer to you wont i

sufjan: You Do Not Mean - You Would Not - You Cannot Possibly - 

taylor: i hope poor drake doesnt take it too hard

sufjan: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No You Will Not Get Away With This You Fiend I Am Going To Leave Your Rhode Island Mansion Catch The Very Next Flight To Toronto And Tell Aubrey Immediately Of Your Scheming

taylor: oh no sufjan youll find i took very thorough precautions against the possibility of your escape in fact all of the doors and windows of my mansion have been locked and sealed

sufjan: All Right Taylor I Will Go Out Through The Emergency Airlock

taylor: without a geiger counter to detect my radioactive watchdogs sufjan youre going to find that rather difficult

sufjan: Taylor I Will Not Argue With You Any More Open The Doors!

taylor: sufjan this conversation can serve no purpose anymore

taylor: goodbye

my mom watches her shows in the family room of our house where everyone is always hanging out and sometimes theres a (hetero) sex scene in whatever she’s watching and no matter how explicit or non explicit it is no one cares. its not a big deal. i mean its a little weird sometimes to just listen to really bad moaning for a solid minute but its not like she changes the channel or anything its just part of the show.

but me? i flinch when i’m watching two girls on my laptop and someone walks by or enters the room. not sex with two girls just. two girls. thats all. i pause the video and i wait for them to leave, my heart beating really fast. im not even in the closet. if the girls kiss i feel like i have to hide my screen and make sure no one saw i was watching that. 

i hate this more than anything


Roxas: HAHA you didn’t tell them!? Not even you Zack? Oooh boy.

Zack: No, I DID tell them. I just forgot a minor detail.

Roxas: You mean major.

Ven: Not a big deal right? It’s fine- It’s totally fine.

Roxas: Have you seen the way they treat Axel..

Ven: Ah, damn.

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hello roby! can you give any tips on drawing scenery? i'm struggling with my current assignment to paint buildings with acrylic and i'm having trouble making it look realistic

start off with really simple blocks and blobs of color and slowly build from there, thats the basic answer… ^^ get the shape and layout down first before dealing with the details. work big to small detail wise. 

also be aware of lighting (is is more blue? is it warmer lighting? maybe its the evening and the lighting is more pinkish?) and shadows on the building 

You’re First

You and Joe never really fought. You two bickered back and forth occasionally but that was pretty much it. Both of you were pretty chilled and would talk about something before it became a real issue.

This time however was different. This time it was a fight. There were tears and loud words being exchanged without much thought. It happened all so quickly and just snowballed into a big mess. 

“Y/N I don’t know what you want me to do. Everything has already been set up and arranged, I can’t just back out at the last minute to please you!” Joe yelled throwing his hands back up in the air. 

“You don’t have to please me Joe I just wished you actually thought before you acted. I’m sick and tired of you always making the decisions and just expecting me to be okay with everything!” You yelled back from the opposite side of the room. 

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